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Sep 19, 9:36 PM
Watching 12/13 · Scored -
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Sep 15, 11:48 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Aug 5, 10:04 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Mar 19, 2018 9:09 PM
Completed 306/306 · Scored 9
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jan 19, 2018 10:39 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Konohana Kitan
Konohana Kitan
Jan 19, 2018 10:39 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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emperortopaz Aug 9, 7:01 AM
Too bad that she was a terrible person in the manga, especially as the anime cut it out (though I don't mind their bias towards glasses xD). Still I agree it's unfortunate.
emperortopaz Aug 7, 7:03 AM
I see about there being a cute glasses girl in A Silent Voice, I agree that she looks cute but that's unfortunate that she's spends so much time with a bad makeover xD.

Fair that there's going to be one more useless character you'll be blogging about after the current one.
emperortopaz Jul 19, 6:58 AM
Makes sense, I have no idea either xD.

True about a lot of people sadly focusing on bad characters, usually busty ones like you said. Fair that there's examples of characters that aren't too vital to the plot, and I think I remember hearing about Asuka being involved in the yuri in Eupho too xD.

I figured that was the case, shame that they don't wear them more than once or twice but I do appreciate Ririchiyo adjusting her glasses nicely xD.
emperortopaz Jul 13, 7:21 AM
That is a fair point and true that there's a lot of half assed titles which lead to half ass work, good comparison to "K" as I remember how awful it was too xD.

That's understandable, I agree with you and it's not like they get a lot of focus due to only being side characters. And Railgun really does sound awful xD. I suppose that Youtube users like making all kinds of videos, but sounds funny about a Yuuko-only cut (I suppose it's done by her fan xD). That's true for the true yuri characters being a surprise and being out of left field (and fair that KyoAni did hint at it slightly, though I suppose they'd have to with all the yuri they implied xD).
emperortopaz Jul 10, 7:03 AM
Figured it was quite awful, but seems that it's worse than I expected. Indeed, I blame the "Peter G" portion of the name xD.

Fair that it's intentionally flashy and close to idol anime then. That sounds like a lot of work, I understand wanting people to see their favorites but just shoving them in isn't the way to do it. Not outright at least, and indeed I probably wouldn't suggest something terrible on purpose xD. Figured you'd agree, and I see for Euphonium's Yuuko being the one that you intended (true that she got a little better but just added fluff and yuribait). I agree that Natsuki is a little better, I imagine her casual laid-back attitude helped (at least for me).
emperortopaz Jul 8, 7:09 AM
Sounds awful, especially if even the uncensored version is just slightly less censored. I see for the art but I agree that it sounds generic even if it could be worse. I hadn't heard that World's End Harem was being adapted, I am a little familiar with it but not too much (still sounds terrible though), and fair that you don't know too much about Peter Grill as I agree that's a stupid name (for some reason I always think of Family Guy xD). Shame that they took over for Dorkness and have a similar fanbase, sucks that there's such a large fanbase of idiots xD.

True about Karuta being better at consuming things as that makes sense, and fair about Ririchiyo's smaller size.

I see about Nana's gags and arcs, I've seen series who aren't very subtle either xD. I had heard, so congratulations to her. Figured you'd agree about the Nanoha cast being stretched too thin and agreed that some characters just came on to remind you that they exist. I see for the Eupho movie being similar. Figured that was the case, and sorry to make you watch terrible shows xD.

True about the many similarities, and great jokes about the Annoying Girls, possibly from Railgun as that's what made me think of first xD.
emperortopaz Jul 5, 7:05 AM
Fair about that, I imagine that it was just fantasy because they needed a way to end things and everythign will be back to normal if there's a third season xD. Good point about the trio of pervy shows coming up, outside that one "HxEros" one I'm not sure which the other two are (granted that does have light beams, so boo!). But agreed that the idea behind it is awful, and hopefully it's not too popular xD.

Makes perfect sense xD. I suppose that's fair about Rika being the shrine maiden, and fair that Karuta might be able to hold her liquor (especially better than Ririchiyo).

I suppose that makes sense as she doesn't seem to be one to enjoy you being sidetracked like that xD. I see about the two series sharing a screenwriter, that would explain a lot. I suppose that the gag might be that Nana has gags about ba-"Nana"s, but that might be reaching, and I see about being nice to everyone. Sounds like this show was made by Seven Arcs, being a magical girl show with too many characters (joking, of course xD). It's unfortunate that anime tosses around the glasses moe thing in such a poor way, and fair that most shows revealing a busty character are done in the worst way (makes me think of the OreSuki meganekko too).

Fair that Juuna is the closest to Asuka across shows, I imagine their glasses help xD. True that in this type of show that the girls don't understand like that xD. True, poor girl!
emperortopaz Jul 4, 10:04 AM
Indeed it's been a while, and true that Kaguya-sama ended up good even if most other shows (including fanservice ones) stopped airing.

Cool that you did a blog, and great joke about Railgun being delayed due to Kuroko not following social distancing xD. Nice joke about Rika being there the whole time though I imagine Hanyuu doesn't want wine xD. Good plan bringing in Ririchiyo due to her experiences with meganekkos, even if she only wore them the once (I agree she needed to wear them more xD). Fair for the reasons that you hadn't talked about a girl in glasses, both examples need to change indeed! Especially that certain series as well xD. Good to see Ririchiyo living up to her family's name and great Godzilla joke too xD. Nice introduction by Juuna there, and seems she's here early too. Nice summary of Revue Starlight even if it's not quite a magical girl anime, and fair for the title being quite long xD (and true that if you put too much effort just in the title you won't have enough for the blog xD). Sounds cute about sharing muffins and seems Riri has noticed the yuri between them (as well as the muffins). Shame the Euphonium girls came and took her muffin though xD. Nice joke about Reina understanding yuribait xD. Glad that everyone got muffins, including Karuta it seems and bet she gave the girl a hug xD. Nice summary of the plot, even if you had talked about it before, though a shame that Juuna didn't do much in the main plot (fair that there's a lot of characters and not a lot of time, so much one is forgettable xD). That's great that Juuna isn't a fujoshi or nerdy and just enjoys wearing glasses as that's always great, and seems Homura glared at you. Fair for the tropes though I have nothing against girls that are secretly busty xD. Shame that Juuna won't tell Reina though seems she wants to talk about glasses due to Asuka perhaps. Hopefully no one evil shows up, even if you have preparations, and seems Hikari made a deal with the devil to have Karen remain safe even if she won't have this blog. Sounds like she needs to deal with the main character even if she mostly cares about Karen, and seems that Hayasaki is doing something for Homura as well. Nice joke about the school being destroyed in the second season finale xD. Seems that she really cares about Kaguya, and seems that this is to be continued!
emperortopaz Apr 24, 7:04 AM
True that aspect of her isn't revealed until she starts killing everyone off (though true about everybody had gone crazy by that point). Somewhat at least, in most battles Vegeta had some sort of power-up outside his control (be it Babidi or Baby xD). True that she doesn't have a point other than have some relation to the previous series, hopefully the reason she's there will be explained later. Fair that Revue Starlight is just that strange then xD. Cool that there will be a meganekko next blog, even if it's not the villainous one right now. Indeed.
emperortopaz Apr 22, 7:20 AM
Seems like Mami's victory over Tsubasa was short-lived, and a shame Hanyuu wasn't able to narrate but hopefully someday xD. Nice joke about social distancing, and poor Sayaka and seems that her reaction was underwhelming xD. Nice joke with Piccolo and Sayaka needing a hand xD. Great lesbian joke with Kyouko eating out with Sayaka and Rika being worried for Hanyuu xD. Glad to see the magical girls working together, and nice summary of Mami's personalityand outwitting Homura but not being the best at being understanding. I remember Mami shooting the other girls too xD. And fair for Mami being easily manipulated, maybe we'll find out more about Magia Record when it comes back xD. Great joke with Saiyans and blond hair, shame Tsubasas keep coming though! Glad that Rika's barrier holds from Tsubasa's beam attacks, and seems it's to be a stalemate. Fair about her lack of character development and true for the hasty wish and trauma as well. True that she's calmer in Rebellion, if I remember right. Good to see Hikari helping out even if Kyouko is confused, and nice reasoning from Hanyuu too xD. Seems like the dialogue is quite silly and Rika calls you on it even if it's taken from the series xD. Seems that the Tsubasa army is defeated mostly, and Mami's line makes me think of the main arc in this show xD. Great use of Mami's memes to attack Tsubasa and I like how the memes are fighting in a far more interesting way xD. Good to see the blog finish even if Mami didn't enjoy the final score, and true for the absurd plot filling the space but nothing wrong with that xD. True for containing this epidemic, and seems Mami is leaving alive so a win indeed xD. Seems Homura is going to punish Hikari, and Kyouko and Sayaka are going to dinner (and nice appearance by Yachiyo to spoil the details of the lesson too xD). Good to see Yachiyo bring Madoka to Homura too, and nice joke about stranger's houses xD. Seems Rika and Hanyuu are bringing Madoka to her place without ulterior motives, and nice joke about Rika's connections too xD. Nice invention about the PAC charm and explaining how it works even if Hanyuu gives a good reason it wouldn't work on Tsubasa but nothing wrong with that, and seems that a certain meganekko villain is coming up too xD.

True that Railgun is still going and you're going to bash it with the next blog (whenever it comes), and agreed that Kaguya-sama s2 is great as always xD.
emperortopaz Apr 5, 7:02 AM
Aye and hopefully the Rina Hidaka meganekko from the new season of Kaguya is good xD.

That's fair as I'm basically the same xD. Unfortunate that Mami is so infectious and has appeared everywhere, even if it's not as bad as some other characters like Tsubasa. I'm not sure how we got to Railgun T, but great point about them running out of letters xD.

Fair that there's not much for Mami's VA, and that she's a role filler for Vivio as well. I think they're mostly playing dirty-type attacks but fair that you haven't played since Gold/Silver, not too much changed but I don't know how they explain that Dark is super effective against Ghost either other than just shrugging and saying it just works xD. That is a good point about Monogatari characters starting good but getting progressively worse, it's why I gave up on the franchise xD. Don't worry, these things happen and at least they were able to unlock the door (even if there's things we shouldn't talk about xD).
emperortopaz Apr 3, 7:04 AM
Don't worry as I'm doing quite well, though the blog certainly surprised me! True that there's not many reasons to go outside these days. Good plan bringing the antidote to Zettai and the others, and nice DBZA joke with the grape flavor too xD. Nice joke with Sayaka though unfortunate about the fighters having disease as that's quite unfortunate for everyone involved. Nice dig at Mami appearing in the spin off more than the other girls too. Nice five minutes joke with the blogs being so far apart xD. Good to see Yachiyo saved Madoka, even if she thought she was Iroha instead. Fair that you mainly know Kaori Mizuhashi due to Yuuno (and also Vivio if you've seen the seasons with her) and fair that she's mostly decent as Mami. Good thing Hanyuu is basically a ghost-type and avoided Tsubasa's attack! Though a shame that Feint Attack is super effective, but seems Mami cleaned up Tsubasa otherwise. Good plan with the medicine and hand sanitizer, shame that Tsubasa is back with various versions of herself (meaning the many inferior ones and the meganekko one xD). Nice yuri shipping with Kumiko and Reina, and good to see Homura escaped the basement due to the Mahiru's lust I think xD.
emperortopaz Jan 8, 7:36 AM
That I did, and true that it seems that Madoka had worked hard to make a very attractive meganekko teacher xD.
emperortopaz Dec 25, 2019 6:59 AM
Cute Asuka picture, and Merry Christmas to you too xD.
emperortopaz Dec 3, 2019 7:06 AM
True about that xD. Fair that it might not be Kyubey's intent, even if it turns out that way. Indeed, and as far as I know they've sold out as well. Fair that the spinoff might not have a lot of content, but hopefully it will. True, though I don't think Americans drink much tea in anime (that's more a British thing), but true that at least they aren't always evil like in older shows xD. Fair that Rika's an alcoholic and nice joke about Hanyuu learning hyper beam xD.

Fair that Juuna is the only resident meganekko and that Mahiru wears a costume (and fair that you linked it since someone showed it to you, but nice picture still). Fair, as I figure not having a proper name might show.