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Sakura Quest
Sakura Quest
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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Oct 15, 12:24 PM
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Oct 14, 8:29 PM
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Jan 28, 2015 12:38 PM
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Fate/stay night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Fate/stay night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Mar 12, 2012 2:35 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Mar 12, 2012 2:35 AM
Completed 27/31 · Scored 6


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ZettaiRyouiki 3 hours ago
I just saw that happen in the latest Himouto episode too xD. But still means giving breasts attention, that kinda sucks! Boo becoming terrible but pretty sure Italy likes slender girls and not fat cows xD. Boo poor Sasami lacking voice and Riki being cheaply voiced! Actually sequels generally have the problem of not using words, but exclamation signs and dashes and crap. Meant the Darkness from KonoSuba case unclear xD.

Right for Saruyama was utterly worthless in every other season and the manga! But somehow Xebec saw him relevant and Mikan like some crap that matters not xD. Tails have blocked asses in this show, but only slightly and they still showed plenty ass. Indeed for Lala's tail being actually not bad! Indeed since he got the decent Mayoi Neko Overrun and gave Mikan small cameos xD.
emperortopaz 10 hours ago
Good to hear that, I had heard that from others xD. I suppose that's fair, I had known about most of the characters coming into the series so I might have missed some of the mystery in the series (though I do agree the character dynamics and references were good). Indeed, which is awful of course. Glad I'm not missing too much (about the only thing I do pay attention to is fanart xD).

Fair but you never know sometimes. Good plan about asking Zettai, he'll have a better answer I think xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 3:04 PM
I noticed that, but only the back because vaginas and even pubic hair are more fetishized than asses xD. Boo bra bias! Funny since actually the earlier shows from KyoAni had some ass, then zero fanservice, then became awful mamocentric garbage xD. Hooray for breaking trends with nice ass! Aye xD. Being fair making alternate ending for fans isn't bad but boo milking things! Agreed since the Darkness without the golden actually sucks xD.

True and agreed! The sad part is they actually put effort in Darkness most of the time, just with asses they were lazy xD. Boo hating awesome lolis and the first anime actually favored Saki and bizarrely Saruyama the male friend nobody likes! Lala was indeed unfairly hated for actually being likable. Indeed for downhill! Also case curious Konohana Kitan has decent fanservice, the asses could use more focus but least are not entirely forgotten; that said be warned the latest episode had a really obvious trap xD.
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:56 AM
I suppose that might be fair, I guess I was distracted by their looks early on and that feeling has faded somewhat. Good point about the lead being awful. Possibly, I've only seen the first season but even then it was getting somewhat repetitive so I don't know that the "twists" were anything that surprising. That just sounds worse about growing hair just to cut it again. True about the internet making it harder to stay quiet, but I more mean that I don't get caught up in discussions or fandoms or similar things.

It's pretty cute, but I can't say it's deep or anything. I do enjoy watching it though. It does have a fair amount of comedy without going overboard and the characters are quite nice to look at (there's also a good amount of fanservice, if that matters to you).
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 17, 12:51 AM
I blame pantyshots being the devil now and more censored than bare asses because reasons xD. Boo male asses! Fate alone saves the day for miracle ass, and being fair measurements aside Mai looks average for breasts too xD. I remember that, mostly for Haruyuki became the thong and showed great taste! Better than the same voiced DxD dumbass lead anyhow xD. That sounds terrible, boo Hanyuu dying because and people favoring that! That said I think the edginess is something from US and to a lesser extent Western people since Japan likes far more happier stuff xD.

Right for that, and could be even worse! Figured but thought was relevant, boo denying us best girl ass and adding Rito manass since people doing storyboards were dumb and copied the manga shots exactly minus the speech balloons not realizing Rito was covered with that since nobody wanted his freaking nudity xD. Being fair S2 avoided that, but still boo censoring asses in the DVD release and nobody minding for people hate asses :/. Actually the reason is simply put Xebec fucking hates Mikan and nothing else, the Prisma Illya OVA had the younger heroines show off asses and nipples just fine so Mikan should have at least that in the OVAs but did not! And indeed that asshole ended indirectly creating the term Pulling a Tasogare meaning scenes that should show ass but show breasts, fuck him with rusty rakes xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 16, 1:25 AM
I suppose that does help xD. True for Peach's hip attacks and Zelda's new pants, and there's also Twintelle from ARMS showing off awesome pants ass too. Women get shirtless Mario and Link seems like xD. Awesome for warriors meaning ass, that explains Queen's Blade for all the thong female warriors! More breasts just mean more chances of back pain, and you don't want back pain xD. Cool for ASS doing that since sounds funny! Fair for Nisio Isin not being edgy really but Monogatari sure loves its dumb twists. Boo for Lucia getting sacked! Boo for the comparisons though I'd like thinking the Hitagi ones are VA and studio jokes. Especially considering my club banner xD.

True for long words fitting better! That sounds terrible, boo this season aside from Love Live being mamocentric which explains why this season just happen to be watching few things xD. The camera escaping sounds like Dorkness changing one scene with Mikan and Yami naked for the duo were changing clothes and one had her back turned to the camera showing ass the other the opposite, then the camera angle switched around thus letting us see both girls fully; the anime changed this to have both girls face the front with no camera switch thus boo denying showing ass :/. The worst part is that otherwise Dorkness anime was stupidly faithful to the source material, which makes this one instance especially insulting. Though sounds like Imouto whatever did something very similar, boo removing ass but keeping tumors because naked behinds are the devil! Especially because Yuuki Yuuna prequel did something very similar, censor bare ass but have lots of chest crap included fucking calling breasts PEACHES when even the biggest idiot knows peaches are asses; boo the third anime that calls breasts peaches for seems not only breasts get everything but they must also get the few things asses have :/. Boo for Aldnoah being dumb! And speaking dumb boo idiots asking for more Failgun when everything Failgun has been awful unlike Windex the underrated far better series xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 15, 2:57 PM
I was reminded of Lara Croft when you said "edgy breasts" for some reason xD. Indeed for that! Death by flashback always sucks and sadly can get pretty common xD. Then again think it aired too early, boo bad moves! Boo dumb twists since that sounds like Nisio Isin came with something like that xD. Boo resembling Ririchiyo but being awful! Though speaking lookalikes Rika was great there xD.

Right for that, boo dumb fuckery! Also wonder what they did this time, guess Imouto whatever was awful xD. Boo stereotyping the poor woman into doing cows, aside from the Cure role mentioned before! Though remember she did Chiyo from GochiUsa and the show and the girl were all good luckily xD. Then again the Index teacher was the same thing! Good plan there xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 13, 12:51 AM
I concur for KyonyuuAni favoring the dragon cow nobody liked xD. Boo not being edgy either! Nice cute Shimakanade but aye xD. Fair since were not that important in the OVAs after all! Fair for Tomoyo's flashback otouto xD. For that I blame the US staring halfway into the series for those reveals are old hat nowadays! I just remember Masuzu being terrible, though now I want Yukarin voicing some JoJo character for comedy xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 10, 12:23 AM
I can see that being problematic indeed xD. True for that, boo LNs having horrible characters! Indeed for the exceptions being good unlike awful and terrible Ayase and Sena for example xD. Boo edgelord anime! That sounds like a silly adaptation, cool for that xD. Unfortunate lacking the best meme yet! Also cool since think that is the artist making Kanade cosplay monthly xD.

True for that, hooray for Kissxsis making the older sisters flat! Shame the bland meganekko gets chest praise though xD. Being fair for both the cases the older sister has less screentime! One must be Fate but dunno the other one xD. Actually the thing about DB siblings is that the jerks are often hiding, even back then we got the reveals Taopaipai and the Turtle Hermit had sibilings! The latest episode was good though also included the insert song and the new ending xD. Right for Masuzu the mean JoJo fangirl being worse! I prefer mooning girls rising xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 9, 1:16 AM
I saw that thing before, looks really awesome xD. Actually seeing reviews of old bad anime sounds fun. I remember that, shilling horrible characters never works xD. I forgot the Angel Butts moment actually, must be from the game. Fair for Riko was the best xD. True for Ako being better despite being there an older sister! I thought Kanako was okay xD. I can agree, this season does that too much :/. Boo for A-1 having one braincell for all the shows! Boo for hentai going bad xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 5, 1:02 AM
I see for Mexico also saying that xD. Indeed for A-1 being basically the LJN from anime! Indeed for Force being terrible, other than one from the new girls being sorta cute xD. True for Kou likely coming back! Think that Kirino stays away longer in the novels, the anime forced the bad sister back because bias. Indeed for that, boo for Otonashi deserving beter xD. Great name there! Sounds cool for the two Mio voices and indeed about giving Satomi Arai actual serious roles xD.

Right for Rewrite's first anime was dumb and the less the awful mamocentric ending from the games get talked the better! Probably but never doubt the ability for Japan to shoehorn mamocentrism xD. Think both are about the same, meaning not good, just Kirino got more memetic somehow too. Being fair Kirigaya can also be Suguha and she has Kirino's voice after all! Fair for that xD.
emperortopaz Oct 3, 7:28 AM
That's a great way to describe it indeed xD. I see for True Tears still being good then. I agree that the characters are getting worse (which isn't good considering how character-driven the series is) and I don't just mean the haircuts either xD. Fair for the director being at fault too. I agree with that, and good point about those that have read the source material to give "hints" (though I suppose warnings are fine). But indeed, that's one reason I don't tend to talk about it too much xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Oct 3, 2:00 AM
I noticed that happening too, another friend mentioned Super Gokuh has turned into Luffy with all his dumb moments xD. Indeed for being new and not a bad copy of old material! Just ask New Game about that, boo girls named Nene being my bane last season xD. Keijo was never good but the beginning sorta tried, somewhere along the line it became really dumb. Boo stereotyping Kamiya into traitors! Agreed with characters that exist just for busty crap, these girls I call PAC meaning Poorly Added Cow and boy are they oddly common xD. Minase does the lovely midseason joined Cure this year meaning a flat girl! Ageed for Mio and Sora getting better xD.

True which is kinda sad too. Then again they went full mamocentric with Rewrite and others thus watch me care for that xD. Surprising for more stuff being announced, and more Kud is not bad! Hopefully will be J-Culo Staff and not J-Cup Staff this time xD. Indeed! Technically the imouto sorta counts as the Kirino clone being a secretly otaku middle school imouto, but she's far better than Kirino ever was. Also not sure what the deal was with the hentai stuff xD.
emperortopaz Oct 2, 7:24 AM
That it does, at least a little bit (the fox ears do make it stand out a little xD). I see for True Tears and it becoming kooky then. Fair that you don't think highly of the Monogatari series either, I've only seen the original and Nekomonogatari (as I like Tsubasa) and I haven't been back either. I agree that it's been going on for too long.

I suppose that's fair, but while extreme opinions are bad I wouldn't want to get spoiled about something major either (but I agree that I wouldn't want my impression to be ruined). Thanks for understanding.
ZettaiRyouiki Sep 27, 2:14 AM
I sorta remember that too xD. True for Western stuff having individual episodes and people changing tastes wildly, anime usually avoids that but even then it can happen. I think Homer gets stupider every year xD. Being fair the bullies revenge was like the best part. And boo for fans time and time again missing the point of the scene, much like people miss the point Keijo thinks asses are funny stuff you make comedy from and not something worth treating as sexy and desirable xD. Indeed for Yamato being better! Boo for Koyomi being like Issei and ruining forever every character the VAs get too! And poor Saori Hayami for that xD. Agreed for Nene being a big nono! Thanks for imouto ass too xD.

Right for Key being mamocentric despite their flat girls being more popular! I remember Mai and Sayuri's yuri time xD. Aye for Yosuga and too for the similar Amagami that aired about that time! Poor Kazusa being screwed out. I love how KyoAni both hates sex and favors it but poorly since why not xD. Indeed for Snow Black though Sinon had a nice ass too! True for Kuroneko being the best, hence why her Eromanga clone for the show was the only inferior clone xD.