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Mahoutsukai no Yome
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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Mar 19, 9:09 PM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jan 19, 10:39 PM
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Konohana Kitan
Konohana Kitan
Jan 19, 10:39 PM
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ZettaiRyouiki Today, 2:09 AM
I concur thus boo Oonuma being terrible xD. Agreed for finishing things, sucks most animes nowadays lack endings! Kirito was terrible period and will take Haruyuki the balloon over any trap xD. The show making it bad just makes the review ever worse! Sorry about the terrible fail joke but nothing reegarding breasts ends well xD. Indeed! Fair but you still saw the series unlike Topaz and others xD.

Cool for the blog coming back! Nice joke about time thought 30 minutes are less than 100 taks and such xD. Nice for Yamcha random cameo and hope Tooru Furuya will appear in the last Pop Team Epic with Shuuichi Ikeda for comedy! Anyway agreed about voice mattering and boo the terrible Kuroko the negative example xD. Nice jabs at Ayase not being Kirino and others! Cool for the Shigatsu pianist though still oughta watch that xD. Nice remembering Yanagi the bare ass wonder! Agreed for her awesome personality, and cool for Shinoa appearing too for sounds great xD. True for PA Works liking the girl power thing and go horsing around! True for Vegeta's pride too xD. I liked the series but doubt will be blogging about the girls! Also was expecting the spank scene to get mentioned again xD. Fair conclusion and cool for the decent score that would fit Fate much better! And lo and behold she comes next xD.
SPARTAN_119 Yesterday, 11:40 PM
I see for the later Monogatari being horrible and not worth my time. I see with regard to HanaKana also doing a song in Inu x Boku, which I have not seen, but are aware of thanks to Topaz's blogs. I have heard about Shinobu getting better in later seasons, and yeah, probably a good idea to keep Senjougahara away from the office supplies regardless XD!

As for the Euphonium movie pics, figured you'd agree with regard to the original looking better. True for the backstory seeming like some kind of Okada melodrama, though I'm not sure what you meant by Minko's Omelette Rice.

Also, cool for finally completing your blog, and fair for more filler coming up.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 2:29 AM
I kinda like female feet but asses are far better xD. Fair for spanking! True for Shana's original anime stuff having problems, but overall ended not too bad compared with others xD. Boo again Endless Eight which were from some JC Staff show would get roasted! Frankly never got what criterion people use with fanservice shows, seems like "having female ass and fair balance" somehow makes a show poor xD.

Boo that indeed! Figured you'd agree for Kiritrap being terrible xD. True for Kana Hanazawa debuting with imoutos and Mikan was the best for obvious reasons <3. Also boo that Mahoutsukai no Yome dumb review, boo getting hung up with the age of fictional characters hailing from fantasy anime since reminds me how the only negative reviews for Maidragon were because straight shota. Also nice Titania form but now would get called Ania only presumably xD.

Presumably because Triangle Heart was a visual novel and those give more info generally. Boo the ass grab tag being ruined but somehow still better than looking the anilingus tag and only seeing guys receiving that xD. True for Tonegawa since think you're the only friend aware from that guy! And awesome the Akagi match ended, reminds me from the jokes about Guts finallly getting off the boat xD.
SPARTAN_119 Mar 20, 10:13 PM
I see for the whole show getting worse as it progresses, and I see about that being a general pattern of fanservice degradation unfortunately. As for Tsubasa, I've heard about some of that in Zettai's blog about her. As for the trap, while I have not seen that far of the series, I am aware of Ougi the possible trap. So yeah, doubt I'll be watching much further. Fair for Kanbaru not having that much depth and Nadeko making an impression mainly for that song and her jacket, hat, and seiyuu.

As for Shinobu, only ever saw the first season, and have only seen random clips of later stuff, so I never got to known Shinobu as anything other than a background character. As for Senjougahara's actions, I'm not saying she wouldn't be charged, just that she's only guilty of assault, not attempted murder (thus far) XD! True for Nisio Isin's weird fetishes, and the show not really being my thing either.

But now, on to the Euphonium movie with Nozomi and Mizore, I don't know about the new art style either. I can't judge fully having only seen two scenes, but I think I like the old style of the TV series better, of course, part of it could be bias towards the TV series style as I am more familiar with it. The color seems more vivid and less watered down- that i think can be blamed on KyoAni trying to be artsy and give it a more subdued palette to suit the mood somehow. In addition to the whole color palette, in the two images I've seen for the movie, both of them look like the proportions of the characters have the changed to make their overall body taller and arms and legs thinner. To me the proportions almost looks like what you'd get if you used the stretch tool in Photoshop on the original Nozomi and Mizore. So yeah, first impression is that I think I prefer the original art.

As for Nozomi and Mizore themselves, they never made as much of an impact on me, even considering they were secondary characters. Natsuki and Yuko were a lot more memorable in my opinion.
SPARTAN_119 Mar 20, 1:40 AM
True for Tsubasa not being too bad at the beginning, as most of the stuff that Zettai complained about in her blog happened in later seasons. True for compilations probably being a better idea- I'm probably going to blog Kuroneko just based on the parts of the anime I've seen and maybe some compilations.

As for Nadeko, I mainly remember her as the loli that knows too much XD! Apparently Zettai likes her as she gets quite dominant in later seasons at least according to his blog on her. As for my thoughts on her, she was entertaining to watch and pretty good character, bit I don't perv on her. As for blogging one of the Monogatari girls, I'm not sure if I'll do one or which- admittedly Kanbaru would be easier to do with regard to fanservice related gags (insert "spanking the monkey" joke here XD). I was under the impression Zettai didn't like her because of a combination of short hair and implied masochism (the former of which is bad even in my opinion, and as for the latter, I am not above taking the lead in any sort of perverted activities, so I wouldn't mind a much), though she does have what could be seen as dominant moment, even if it does show she has issues too (even if not as bad as Senjougahara):

As for Senjougahara, nice clip with regard to her sarcastic jabs. As for her misuse of staplers, I doubt that would actually kill Araragi even if he was a normal human (at least as far as I can remember)- a staple to the cheek would hurt like hell, but is not lethal. I don't remember her literally stabbing him in the eye, either, still, your point about her having issues remains. Also, not impossible that did happen at some point as Araragi seems to get the shit beaten out of him all the time. As for stuff that should have killed him, that's more like what Kanbaru or Shinobu did to him. Still, regardless of technicalities, I think she will get points both for Chiwa Saito as her voice, and for her ass, but I doubt it will help what with her being an unstable tsundere.
SPARTAN_119 Mar 19, 7:59 AM
I see for the rest of the episode being rather bad even if Suruga did get a nice ass shot. Guess I probably won't watch the rest of the series, save for perhaps blog research if I decide to do one of the girls for some reason. Then again, we have already established in discussions about Kuroneko and Fate that viewing an entire series for one character is not necessary, and, in the case of blogging, might actually reduce their score XD! No argument about the whole toothbrushing scene being ridiculous. In fact, I'd say it's so ridiculous that it confounds me how anyone can actually praise it.

As for your discussion with Zettai from a couple days ago, I remember the scene with Hitagi and the self-spanking thing as pretty much the only appearance of that particular fetish in the anime, though Suruga's ass does look very spankable, and she seems like she'd probably enjoy it, even if Zettai isn't to keen on her other fetishes XD!

As for Hitagi, at the risk of offending Zettai, I didn't find her that bad at least from the first season, though maybe she gets worse in later seasons. I mean, she wasn't among the greatest characters I'd ever seen, but not one of the worst. For the most part, I found her and Araragi to mostly be the type of character that "bounce off" each other, a bit like Yuko and Natsuki from Euphonium (although perhaps that's not the best comparison). That being said, I understand why Zettai doesn't like her because of the whole bickering couple thing. Also, she is a bit too much of a "violent tsundere" for my tastes (though there are far worse examples of those *cough* Kugimiya *cough*)- definitely keep her far away from the staplers, especially considering I've had the misfortune of seeing some fanart based on that scene that can only be described as nightmare fuel.... I won't subject you to it, though. Either way, suppose we'll see what Zettai thinks of the girl with the crab problem next week XD!
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 17, 1:59 AM
I agree about the terrible everything ruining the fanservice xD. Boo for Hitagi's bad personality! She spanks her own ass though, but that does not count xD. Boo series that drag on much like the Hayate no Gotoku manga that spent most of the last 5 years running in circles and just being bad! Technically speaking Haruhi has more series with the Haruhi-chan and the Churuya short series xD. Boo defending awful horrible things yet somehow Queen's Blade just gets hate! Boo for Tumblr though that site actually has loads of hentai and stuff xD.

That too, shame stuff became tamer over time! Fair for not giving chances xD. Kirito looks like himself in the first arc for plot reasons and not too different in the second, but the third makes him look vaguely trap-ish thus boo. Agreed for bait and switch sisters being common albeit thankfully here they say the truth right off the bat xD. True for Ayana Taketatsu since from her three other actual little sisters one was yet another bait and switch one, another is the little sister from the main heroine instead, and the third is kinda weird. And boo again xD.

Boo lopsided cows! Other than Cutie Honey's opening saying small asses are popular sure, but let's not complain about girls with big asses for obvious reasons xD. And boo thinking not liking breasts means liking little girls as that has dumb implications! Nanoha has birthday only since that comes from Triangle Heart and not from Lyrical Nanoha which explains Fate having none. Also while Vivid Strike did have that random beach episode it was from the DVDs and such and not part of the main series xD.
SPARTAN_119 Mar 16, 12:49 AM
Noticed you and Zettai were chatting about Monogatari and the fanservice within. Personally, I only watched the first season of it, but was never impressed enough to watch the second, though I have seen the Kanbaru ass service scene in Niseimonogatari, which was pretty nice view in isolation. I'm guessing context would screw that one up as well XD. I am also unfortunately aware of the infamous toothbrush scene.

True for Nisio Isin being almost on the level of KyoAni as far as fanboyism, though.
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 15, 2:22 AM
I almost forgot, but happy birthday Nanoha and all that xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 15, 2:08 AM
I meant justr charging her without plans, sorry it came out lewd since Monogatari lewd just sucks xD. Honestly all Nisio Isin works are like that with starting okay and getting worse and worse, and while Katanagatari quit while it was ahead and Medaka Box only lost a quarter the show against the crappy Monogatari kept going and going and beating the dead horse until it was just dust. Boo people defending the toothbrush rape scene just because Nisio Isin wrote that! And now I wanna see a Nisio Isin written and KyoAni animated show just to find out what peak fanboyism looks like; just add Kajiura music for more fail xD.

That too so boo losing against the naughty 80s OVAs and such! Fair for Franxx since honestly your opinion about it would help given against most people think Prison School praised ass xD. Also speaking ass I indeed prefer Sinon for obvious reasons but Shino looks good too with superior hair. Also for the record Suguha was raised as Kirito's younger sister but was his cousin instead, because cousincest fine for about every country except the US for some reason xD.

Not sure for DEEN but true Silver Link often does that thus boo! And like said he likes best Suguha but think Shino comes second and the rest are okay xD. Unfortunate for Emilia but better than being a cow without ass like some girls! Anime has ocasionally said smaller asses are better but luckily Mikakunin set the record straight xD. Kinda wish I could give examples for that but nope! And boo bad adaptations again xD.
emperortopaz Mar 14, 11:55 AM
I think it's a little of them and also how the novels were written (as her assy side tends to be the game versions). That's fair, but right about Suguha being Kirito's curvy not-quite sister.
emperortopaz Mar 13, 7:19 AM
No worries as the comment isn't pointless xD. It is a shame that Sinon doesn't both show ass and have glasses, but I did take a liking to her. I do prefer Suguha though (Zettai likes Sinon more, for the likely obvious reasons xD). Fair about not having finished SAO and being curious too.
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 12, 2:13 AM
I belive that indeed was mentioned, how Nadeko would kill everyone with a frontal approach xD. Fair for the series becoming worse over time though even Nisetc did that! And boo Hitagi like said xD.

Then again that's another problem with fanservice, how panties and the like are constantly talked about yet never show. Unlike breasts that are talked about AND shown because cowfuckers xD. Though boo that :/. Aye which makes me wonder where Franxx falls into xD.

Most people think showing male ass is fine and funny even on shows about female nudity, boo that crap! Boo the ASSuna nonsense for that was dumb too xD. Sad considering anime has chest expansion every now and then but no ass expansion, and pretty sure the exceptions would end male :/. Not sure what nonhuman characters mean, hopefully you mean elves and angels and not like furries xD.

Fair for Shimakaze ass never hurts <3. And boo Sena and boo that director xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 10, 1:03 AM
I wish that Arararagi got screwed out too, preferably with Tsubasa following the same path xD. And boo people thinking the series was good and worthy of ending well! Thankfully it's all over xD.

True for Fate and Nanoha becoming mothers with Vivio but only a decade later! Kuroko wearing thongs is useless when not shown and that was the main reason Failgun failed hard at being fanservice xD. Boo catering to nobody but cowfuckers, since pretty sure the only reason people defend crap like Keijo is the lack of real ass focus anime! Same goes for yuri but at least that has better casual pandering xD.

Forgot that Kana Ueda did both, good point! And true about Nanoha and Fate being the ambigously lesbian duo of mommies somehow xD.

Boo crushing feelings! The problem with sexuality equaling breasts is that feeling is too entrenched, just look at all the times people say ecchi anime shows "tits" and nothing else even if it shows ass tons; the opposite never happens because bias xD. Pixiv has lots of artists that like drawing huge ass girls! Somehow not surprised MURICA caused everything despite that dumb chart claiming the US likes asses better and hence proving a colorblind person did that. And indeed "better than the imouto show" was basically Two Car's whole summary xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Mar 8, 2:35 AM
I heard Prison School ends with
which sounds awesome, hooray for karma xD.