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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3
6 hours ago
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Feb 8, 12:02 PM
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16bit Sensation: Another Layer
16bit Sensation: Another Layer
Dec 27, 2023 3:57 PM
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Wasureenu Majo no Monogatari
Wasureenu Majo no Monogatari
Aug 14, 2021 11:40 PM
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Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Mar 19, 2018 9:09 PM
Completed 306/306 · Scored 9
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jan 19, 2018 10:39 PM
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Akito_Kinomoto Dec 28, 2023 9:01 AM
o this anime. I've been meaning to see it. Eventually

also holy crap I don't visit MAL enough
Akito_Kinomoto Jul 26, 2023 1:42 PM
that awkward moment when learning Tsukihime's best girl predates Homura by 11 years
emperortopaz Oct 3, 2022 7:04 AM
I have no idea, but it is true that it's probably either mamocentric fanboys or the (non)controversy giving it too much attention. Still dumb though.

Glad you liked it, and true about the name combination leading to the LycoReco Takina even if Reina's VA does Chisato instead xD.

Unfortunate about Kanon 2002 forgetting about Makoto for most of the show and have her return just to "disappear" or whatever she does. True about a glasses fetish being better than some other things they like, and nice point about the Eupho endcard as I had forgotten about that (it's been a while since Eupho after all xD).

True about the French dub causing a lot of other European dubs, including the UK and Spanish ones, that were based on it to have problems. Though I hadn't heard about the Polish version as that just sounds silly xD. And true that American dubs tend to inspire other ones, reminds me of when game companies would use our scripts for their own translations. True about adding more swearing to sound cool, that reminds me of what some fansubs would do too, and I hadn't heard of Dub Chika but I've been out of it as far as dubs go anyway xD (and true that it fits her a bit too).
emperortopaz Sep 23, 2022 7:00 AM
That's a fair point, there's been a lot of issues and true we shouldn't think too hard about Uzaki being born in August too xD.

That does make a lot more sense, especially if Reina is mostly a bigger deal due to KyoAni (and true that it doesn't stop people if they're popular enough xD). And I see about Rena being similar to Reina, she must have used the "I" to become an I-dol xD.

I see about the writer of Higurashi saying that Kanon in particular was an influence as I hadn't heard about that, and good point about writing Lucia in Rewrite as I hadn't thought of htatt similarity. True about Mai and Rika having the same VA likely due to a coincidence and true about the 2002 version of Kanon as I've only seen the '06 version. I did hear about Mai and Sayuri being yuri in that version/OVA though, even if that doesn't make sense. Speaking of Mai true about her sexuality depending on the version and great joke about Reina too xD. I see about KyoAni having a thing for glasses, I don't blame them and I see for Taki not wearing glasses in the original as I noticed that xD.

True about Toei putting yuri in magical girl series, I've certainly noticed with how many I've seen, and that KyoAni probably won't go further than just baiting those that are expecting further.

I can understand being annoyed as those two traps are far too famous and deserve to stop being so famous. And I hadn't heard directly how terrible the French dub is other than what Zettai has told me (as the Spanish dub was based on the French one, causing a lot of oddly-named characters). Glad the Higurashi French dub isn't quite that bad though xD.
emperortopaz Sep 20, 2022 7:05 AM
Don't worry, but glad you're not having issues any longer. And no worries as it's been a few months (and figured Osanmake was terrible xD).

Great joke about the delay causing the blog to be delayed and Shaft with their delays as well xD. True my birthday is in the month (Zettai's as well, even if Reina isn't as sure about his likes) and true Asuka is more my type xD. Great jokes about the popular long dark haired girls getting movies, as well as her examples, and a shame you don't have her as a favorite xD. Nice idea about her becoming an idol though I'm not sure who Rena is, but she also has a similar messy haired friend like Reina does xD. I see for the time travel connection (which causes Rika to show up), and great Fate reference too xD. Seems Mai got a new picture and nice comparisons to Rika and Yuuichi being Kyon xD. True about not talking about Rewrite and seems Rem showed up for the discussion too (nice impatience joke xD). True that dying is pretty bad, and seems Komi showed up as well. Makes sense that Rika would gag at Komi's fanart as she deserves better, and Najimi fanart is awful (and nice joke about the French dub of Higurashi xD). If only Najimi would indeed die and be forgotten about, and nice joke about the name of the special room though the consequences are acceptible xD. Glad he won't be able to steal Komi's popularity any longer, and seems Hanyuu is going to spend time with Mai and Aya insead xD. A shame Wakaba didn't have those tools, even if Rika only got drunk inside the chamber, and a shame King Kai still isn't revived yet xD. Poor guy and if only there were another place to dump traps indeed xD. Shame Homura won't revive him either, and nice opposite of Houto Shinken joke too xD. Najimi deserved that shot even if King Kai deserves better, and nice response from Rika too xD. A shame Reina's question was never answered either xD.
xm0123 Aug 19, 2022 3:34 PM
(I know I'm late. Just roll with it.) It seems you arrived to a similar opinion I have of the PMMM spinoffs. I recently completed the Wraith Arc. It doesn't add anything that wasn't already in the original anime. It does have good scenes with Mami and Kyouko....and yeah, this is the exact same opinion I have for The Different Story manga. So basically, yay for Mami and Kyouko fanservice, boo not disrupting the status quo.

As for Magia Record, seeing Homura with glasses and riding in a car like that feels too cute to be real, again, like it's just fanservice. (I just noticed I seem to be quoting myself based on my last post here.) No matter. The hardcore fans say the original MR game is the best version anyway.

Oh yeah, quick update, some time ago, I was talking about shounen action series, and somewhere, I said something like, "oh my GOD, My Hero Academia is a Naruto clone." Further reiteration after reading a little bit of the MHA manga, yeah, it's a Naruto clone....that beats out its inspiration. It was crazy. MHA is a version of Naruto...where the main hero is actually likable! And his mentor is not a drunken pervert! And the rival character is...certainly not a role model, but is a more effective rival than Sasuke was to Naruto. Here's hoping it doesn't completely fall apart after 30 chapters like Bleach and One Piece did.
xm0123 Jul 29, 2022 7:47 PM
Indeed, PMMM does count as a proper deconstruction of magical girl tropes. Unlike prior mahou shoujo shows I know of, in this one, Newton's 3rd law of physics governs everything. Madoka becomes hope because of witches, so Homura becomes a devil for the reasons I stated in my review. Sayaka wanted to become a heroic white knight, but that would require her to fight for scraps that could save other magical girls. (Also, speaking of 3rd law, Kyousuke became happy while Sayaka drowns in anguish.) As for Kyouko, in my most recent rewatch, it seemed like she too wanted to be a white knight at first, with her dad spreading a new gospel and her fighting witches. Unfortunately, like I said, in this world, the 3rd law is God. True to Uro's messages, you save what you can, not what you want. As for Mami, I'm suddenly reminded of a scene from Austin Powers. XD Regardless, Mami survived what should have been a fatal accident, only to live in a world without her family. If you want memes, much of PMMM is basically, "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

But I think that's why PMMM works when many other "deconstructions" don't. There are hard and fast rules present. It's not just there to be gritty. Kyubey seems evil, but it was through his contract that the witches vanished. From what I know, Magia Record doesn't seem to warrant the same level of discussion. I have been talking to Topaz about it as I have sampled a few scenes of its anime. I found a -crazy- scene involving Mami and Sayaka, for example, but MR, based on what I know, just seems to be fanservice. A proper deconstruction can stand on its own. Watchmen is considered a deconstruction. I love it. I wasn't overly familiar with superhero comics when I first read it and I understood it, same with a RL friend of mine. I also have seen user reviews for PMMM say, "I've never seen any magical girl animes. I was just told this was good, I watched it, and I love it." I don't know where I'm going with this, other than I guess no MR for me.
xm0123 Jul 27, 2022 7:20 PM
That's actually a good description of the major PMMM characters. Maybe the reason Rebellion touched a nerve, beyond maybe just fans not accepting that Homura could be like that, was her character arc (I'm paraphrasing a YouTube video I saw) wasn't really finished until Rebellion. All the other girls had an arc (sort of for Mami) in the TV series, but Homura just keeps fighting on. It's not until Rebellion that we finally see her logical conclusion. And yes, especially since I re-experienced Higurashi and Umineko not too long ago, I can see the Rika and Homura comparison. I can also see a comparison between Bernkastel and Devil Homura.

I know the quote, even though it's not used in the VN and manga. As for Shaft and schedules, I know it's been a while, but weren't the Kizumonogatari movies delayed for like forever? It seemed like those only came out long after the hype died. Here's hoping that doesn't happen again.
emperortopaz Jul 27, 2022 7:05 AM
I can see that not being a favorable comparison, though perhaps it doesn't deserve one from what I've heard xD. Sounds like Osanmake was sub-par and mediocre, glad that I enjoyed it. Fair that people are entertained by trainwrecks like that, I think that people are also ino edgy things that don't make a lot of sense (look at Monogatari being so popular). Fair that even with the premise it turned out dull. Perhaps the script writer is the reason with some of those on his resume (though YuYuYu was pretty good).

True for her silly antics, and nice joke about it feeling like Homura arguing with herself (even if there's a lot of "characters similar to Homura" jokes xD). And I see about Hikari taking more after Reina even with the superficial resemblances (including Mimori's VA).
xm0123 Jul 23, 2022 7:32 PM
I updated my favorite anime list again. I also posted another review here on MAL. Want to see a sample?

"Homura, like Madoka and Sayaka, is one of the greatest, most nuanced fictional characters I’ve ever seen, and Rebellion would’ve been a lesser feature if it ended differently, as NOT having Homura taking on the role of a devil would’ve been out of character for her."

Now why would I, of all people, be going to bat for Homerun-chan? Simple. I love her. I LOVE HOMURA! She is delightful in the same way Beatrice the Golden Witch is delightful!

Oh yeah, I should change my score of the Madoka TV series to a 10, but that would contradict my old review of it. So I just rendered yet another old review of mine obsolete tonight. But hey, I watched Madoka Magica again! It gets better the more times you watch it! I am SO looking forward to the new movie.
emperortopaz Jul 17, 2022 7:05 AM
Figured that would sound like something that would appeal you xD. True about accepting that Maika has black hair and that things get weird when adapted, I wonder if there's some reason behind it but true about hair colors being so strange.

Somehow I'm not surprised that it's a trainwreck, it seems that most modern romcoms are having that issue (I blame Nisekoi perhaps). I haven't seen Scum's Wish though I do remember the villain from your blog, and it's a shame that pretentious series get as much attention as they do.

I see about Motoyasu and nice School Days reference, and fair that he's a good deconstruction of harem leads. Fair that Mami is better than Sena, no that it's hard to be better than Meat, and true about pink ones often getting bias these days too. And speaking of Mami nice poiint about her drinking fancy tea xD.

I see about the Shield Hero villains mostly being assholes, including Malty who fits in with the other villains in your blog then xD.

Fair that there's some with Mahiru then, and nice joke about her and Hikari being Homura split in two with Mahiru taking the stalker/yandere side xD.
emperortopaz Jul 12, 2022 7:03 AM
Figured you might be interested, and from what I've seen it's more about fighting terrorists opposed to zombies but nice joke. True that one of the girls is somewhat like Maika, though probably closer to Reina from Euphonium, and true that the manga made Maika's hair more purple. Nice joke about mistaking her for Ririchiyo xD. Figured that was the case for Hikari and nice gif there, and indeed for the cue cards even if they ran out.

I see about the new Mami coming from Rental Girlfriend, I don't get its popularity and sounds terrible about that Mami being undeservingly popular as I know what that's like. Nice comparison to Yamai from Komi too, and good point about the others of the trio returning when they shouldn't. Which includes Akane being the worst indeed. Nice joke about the new Mami, and that she has Madoka's VA too xD.

I see about Motoyasu's obsession, even if it should be ignored, and true about YuYuYu having its fair share of blondes. Even if blonde magical girls are better than other blonds xD. And that's a good point about all the dudes named Itsuki in anime were such big headaches xD.

True that might just be an anime thing but I understand wanting to bring it up and that her abilities revolve around stealth and surprise (and considering some series I can see the villains just being really dumb). Fair that the anime makes her seem more innocent while the source material was more edgy (including Naofumi).

I can see the resemblance, especially if they use the same VA, and that no one will remember his actual name xD.

I can't be sure if she is or isn't, I blame her curly hair, and true the Taisha makes more senses.

I'm not sure which it is either, but it is a funy coincidence. Even if there's no yuri involving Hikari in Revue Starlight xD (depending on how you look at it, at least).
emperortopaz Jul 11, 2022 8:33 AM
True that we haven't talked in a while, and fair that you haven't had time to watch anything. Not sure what kind of thing to suggest though, depends on the sort of mood you're in I suppose. If you're looking for possibly yuri actiony series there's Tsubaki last season and LycoReco this one (though as it's airing I don't know what will come in the future). There's also Cue which is pretty much an idol anime but with Seiyuu instead.

Cool for another blog and Mimori being concerned about the lack of titles, and seems a lot of characters are having problems with time loops and time travel (including the AI from the future, even if not the same one which is confusing indeed). Nice Mimori reading poetry from another character, and nice joke about Mami losing her head if not this time at least. Seems Malty is here to fight with the terrible NT(eache)R if I remember right, and that there's another girl here that I don't recognize either. Shame MAL has such poor tastes and I have no idea why this new Mami would have more favorites either. Nice point about the fanbase of idiots and nice joke about the shows of the magical girls not having a male presence and they had to bring their own xD. Seems he's very distracted by blondes and nice zombie joke, and seems the Shield Hero characters have came to save the day (or at least cause the villains to leave). Raphtalia's attack was very effective in knocking out the opponent it seems, and nice introduction to the Shield Hero cast though I really should watch the show. Poor Itsuki being insulted, but glad it wasn't the Yuuna one at least xD. Nice joke about that guy looking like Kirito, and boo Crimvael showing up as he really is an abomination. And Astolfo is even worse, glad they're getting punished and nice joke about Filo being hangry and eating them xD (but shouldn't as she'd be weakened by that). Seems Fu may have had a hand in it with all the riches people around her have, and seems like Glass has arrived as well. True that you love tall girls with long dark hair and good point about usually having some sort of yuri too. Seems Nanoha was called and made destroyed all the enemies in the way of the portal, and unfortunate about her VA and the poor roles she's had (and nice meeting between her and Yuuno too). Seems Fate was brought too, and nice sign joke again xD. It make sense Nanoha would know about Rika's suffering and good plan beating the studying into Satoko xD. Fair that they need something to travel through, using Mimori's spaceship as I like that description, as well as Nanoha blasting them to make sure they arrive in time with a Starlight Breaker. Shame there weren't enough signs left for more advice, both for Itsuki and Ralphalia, and great blog too xD. Apologies for the long summary perhaps xD.
Akito_Kinomoto Jul 7, 2022 1:40 AM
quick q. Name me some video games you legit like that have no tutorial
xm0123 Jun 6, 2022 5:48 PM
There's a fallacy to that line of thinking from amateur critics. How can we really know what it's like to be in an anime? I mean, have YOU been transported to a medieval fantasy world after going to a convenience store? If not, shut up, you have no firsthand experience. XD

As for self-inserts, they are usually what the author WANTS the world to see them as, not what they truly are. That's why they get such a bad rep.

Sometimes, I feel like my favorite authors such as 07 can read my mind, like they somehow know exactly what and when I want their content. Don't know how they do it, but they do it. That thing you mentioned about not shoving messages in the reader's face is sometimes known as applicability. It means the audience can come to their own conclusions, form their own allegories, etc. It's something I like.

Oh, and speaking of Umineko, there's a character that embodies that last sentence you printed. She doesn't appear in the anime, but in the VN and manga, a witch named Erika Furudo goes around with a similar attitude. She calls herself an "intellectual rapist." She always insists she is right about EVERYTHING, facts be damned. She's horrible, and I love her.
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