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Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Sep 14, 10:37 PM
Watching 10/24 · Scored -
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou
Aug 31, 1:24 AM
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Wasureenu Majo no Monogatari
Wasureenu Majo no Monogatari
Aug 14, 11:40 PM
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Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai
Mar 19, 2018 9:09 PM
Completed 306/306 · Scored 9
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jan 19, 2018 10:39 PM
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emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:04 AM
I agree with that, both about people hating females for no good reason but there still being some none of us can stand xD.

That's a good way to describe how Sotsu's been, I also like "Higurashi Ball Z" or "Indianipa Jones and the Last Straw" too xD. Getting to the blog I see for Subaru and Rem getting things ready for Emilia's birthday, and nice joke about Rem being the one to put all the pictures of him on the site xD. Shame that Emilia's lap was being used by Rika though, but I can understand about Passione being awful! Sounds like Subaru has had similar experiences to Rika and nice patting xD. Nice line by Rem as well. I see for the story told by Mimori too, and I like the joke about Yuuki Yuuna the passenger xD. Nice advice from Fuu there, makes sense that Mimori would be distracted by the carrier Nagato too xD (not for long though). True that Zettai is a nice guy and cool he inspired you to blog (as well as mentioned my blog too xD). Glad that I wasn't knifed thanks to the actions of the Hero Club and other girls, even if Hikari wasn't the best one to give advice xD. Seems they sneaked into her bedroom and Reina gave advice too, true Yuuna shouldn't try to beat herself up xD. My bad for confusing Sonoko with Fuu as they look similar but seems she got on the train too! Glad that the truth came out, even if the villains lead them to a hellish landscape full of previously beaten villains. Shame that Satoko is continuing to cause problems and not letting people know about Yuuna's series, and I don't get how Tawawa got a second season either! Nice Iruru appearance even if she hasn't been a villain yet and sadly Mimori's attack didn't work, but go Yuuna transforming and the other girls from her show coming forth to! Nice joke about Itsuki's singing too xD. True that the battle at least makes more sense than Higurashi currently, and watch your language Rika xD. Great blog too!
emperortopaz Sep 3, 7:02 AM
That is indeed a funny parody of Yuuki Yuuna, true that it isn't far off from what actually happened and that's what makes it funnier xD.

I see for Rei being emotionless but not actually shy, true that some kuuderes aren't but that varying heavily. Nice examples with Mimori and Sumi having differences as well.

True that I've heard about Western Fans also disliking shows that are dominated by females, a shame that a lot of places have that problem.
emperortopaz Aug 24, 7:08 AM
True that referencing it would be funny. Fair that you'd suggest watching the main series, as it helped to shape modern anime as I've heard about that (and fair that the movies are varied in quality). Fair that it's harder for newer viewers to appreciate how much Eva shaped anime, and I see for Rebuild reabsorbing a lot of the new things.

Don't worry, I understand that it occasionally makes the costumes randomly change and I agree that MAL is very unbalanced, with some characters having the same expression while other characters barely have any pictures. Fair that you don't know too much about Hestia, I think a lot of her popularity waned when Re:Zero came out due to the similarities between her and Rem (though I do prefer the goddess more).

I see for Rei's questionable taste in men, and a shame she never actually wears them (and I think I've seen some of her successors like Tabitha from ZnT wear them, if you've seen that series). True about the short hair which is unfortunate and fair point about Rem making it look a little different (nice comparison to Ishigami's bangs too xD). Fair though I think that most series are like that after the creator goes crazy xD.

I'm not sure but I can understand if that was the intent, and fair that people find that cute even if she ends up subverting expectation (and fair that Anno got mad otaku wewere being shallow).

Fair about Nana and Mami being prone to screwing things up, and cool that you saw Mimori doing something similar (and I see for Hikari and Mimori being similar xD). Fair that you could make a joke about Mimori's gun being called Shirogane too.
emperortopaz Aug 21, 7:01 AM
I'm excited over it being animated, and I agree it will be nice to watch the animated (hopefully she doesn't use up the hair budget though xD).

Right about the last Evangelion movie coming out and while I haven't seen the series I still know a bit about Rei. Like you said her influence is felt through all of anime after all xD (plus Zettai did a blog on her some time past).

Nice title and Rem teaching Reina to be mysterious as well as showing a hint of emotion like in Rem's picture too xD (seems you had a lot of fun changing their expressions too xD). Makes sense Reina would want to confess to the teacher and not Kumiko, and fair that you were convinced to put the black hair thing on hold. Fair for the Chinese meme about Rem and that's funny about her high self-esteem and Rika coming in to prove her wrong with an accurate comparison xD. Shame for there still being more seasons of Railgun, and nice comparison to all the roles Inorian Minase had gotten xD. Fair for her movie role but I think Hestia helped out too xD. Seems Vivy's here to prove dominance and her "starting" a trend herself, and seems Rika will give them a lesson. Nice name calling Rei the patron saint of kuudere girls too as I can agree with that. Nice intro too, even if she's not sure which version she is xD. Seems Reina likes Rei's taste in guys too, and nice summary of the plot and it's various styles (and I've heard about Hideki Anno's insanity as well). Nice comparison between Madoka and Eva as I've seen that, and true Gundam can become even sillier though I've stayed away from most of the edgier series. Nice joke about the flying tires even if I don't get that, and true about taking tropes to their natural conclusion, even if they didn't turn out like they expected (especially Rei's popularity). Fair for waifu fans too xD. Nice jokes about Satoko's current predicament, and her search for artifacts due to Rika being busy with the blog. Sounds funny about the pictures and the invitation to the hero club even if Satoko doesn't take it seriously xD. Seems Satoko is doing some replacing though I'm not sure the new girl, with Satoko doing it personally it seems. True that Satoko's fate is certain, seems the Revue Starlight gils are having lessons as well (even if Nana needs it the most xD). Seems Mami and Mai are there too, and nice voice actress joke too xD. Seems Yuuna and Mimori are going after Satoko now, and Mimori can teleport like Reina due to the powers of yuri or something xD. Sounds good for the reasons that she joined Yuuna too, but good that the hero club will protect people from harm and that she's friends with Zettai too xD. Shame about the blog spells your name wrong but nice Japan focus for her as fits with her, and nice joke that it's nothing that a punch can't solve as that's Yuuna's answer to everything (though she's not the only magical girl who probably thinks that xD).
emperortopaz Aug 20, 7:03 AM
True that I appreciate the news on Komi-san, cool about having more characters announced as well as the ending song.

That would have been a funny gag indeed but no worries, but nice joke about Sumi just being Umi plus an S xD.
emperortopaz Aug 13, 7:01 AM
Cool you finished the first season of YuYuYu and nice group of Suzuko Mimori girls there xD (and true about Mimori's younger version using a bow like Umi being a funny coincidence).

Shame that the picture is gone and we don't know who it could be, but that's funny about the argument about whether the girl was Maika or Ririchiyo (with some Kuroneko in there too xD).
LunarStarGirl345 Aug 4, 4:52 PM
Hello. ^^
How are you doing?
emperortopaz Aug 2, 6:58 AM
Figured you'd understand, and true that it's sort of a mixed bag. Fair that you're not completely against it, especially with that sort of wrestling I imagine xD. Fair that you weren't expecting much with the plot.

That's a funny coincidence about Maika's VA being a waitress in Aquatope, though a regular one.
emperortopaz Jul 30, 7:00 AM
That happens sometimes, but they do say truth is stranger than fiction xD.

Indeed for watching Megami-Ryou and that picture is of the token tomboy girl wrestling with the young lead (she grew up in a family of brothers and as such when the other characters were trying to be a good older sister to him this occured).

Other than that it's a fanservice series like To Love-ru or something, where the lead has to take care of a women's dorm. There's a lot of sexy scenes, but the plot hasn't really kicked off either (if there is much of a plot, at least).
emperortopaz Jul 24, 6:59 AM
Nice find there, shame that you didn't know about Steins and Revue Starlight collaborating as that would have made the combination in your blog more likely xD.
emperortopaz Jul 23, 7:00 AM
Likely not, both due to the worst girl winning and the lack of KDEGs (at least in the main harem).

True about Reina and the hair budget, and no worries as I only saw Kumiko's hair being talked about xD. Shame that her longer hair was shortened, though nice comparison to Ohana, and indeed about the ahoge that Sapphire got as well as the heart-decorations and other changes made.
emperortopaz Jul 17, 6:59 AM
I don't know if they've completely died off (sadly) but fair that Kirino might have had a hand in getting them to change (and fair you haven't seen Nisekoi either). Agreed that Satoko doesn't need her defenders due to her destroying perfect worlds just because she's greedy.

Fair that sex in general is bad because people are boring, though it's a funny way to look at that xD.
emperortopaz Jul 16, 7:03 AM
I'm not so sure about tsunderes (Chitoge might have had something to do with that, maybe) but Kirino certainly destroyed imoutos and they have never been the same since. Good point about there being better choices for people to defend.

Agreed, not to mention giving the hero some powerful ability as well, and good joke about the Youth Romantic Comedy not being funny either xD.

Fair about that requiring season 2 spoilers as I can understand that. Would be nice if Okabe helps defeat Satoko, especially since he's apparently canon in the Higurashi game xD.

That dead expression does look a lot like Reina, and fair that even if Hanabi's series has far more sex even if most of it is terrible.
emperortopaz Jul 14, 7:03 AM
True that it just drives that point home, and true that characters can be subjective due to personal tastes though I can understand your confusion about Kirino as I'm the same way xD. True that the problem is more when KyoAni stops trying but fans continue to defend it, and fair that the source might have been the problem (nice joke about Phantom World being troublesome in the opposite way).

Shame about Osanmake being boring though I'm not surprised, and true that the series that try to show off how smart they are for making fun of this trope often have nothing else and devolve into the thing they were making fun of (nice comparison to Haganai, not to mention the numerous Isekai series popping up lately). I see about it being low budget, and that sounds funny about even the food looking terrible xD.

I can understand that her being straight with that depends on the person, and I understand not knowing how to rate villains due to them not being made to be liked.

Fair as I had forgotten that, and didn't know Rem had the sleeping princess name either. True that Sotsu is likely going to be Satoko failing, all while retelling episodes we've seen already it seems xD.

My mistake once again and nice comparison to Juuna, but fair that you have someone else that can fill a similar role. Good point that the movie was long enough already xD.

I think I remember you bringing up Akane and that may have been what confused me, didn't realize that Hanabi has the same VA as Reina as that is a good joke xD.
emperortopaz Jul 10, 7:02 AM
Fair that Naoka isn't completely bad, but shame that people still defend Naoka (as well as the second season of Maid Dragon, I don't get KyoAni fans either xD). Speaking of the problems with that a surprise that Silent Voice lacks mamocentrism but I guess it might be due to time constraints xD. Fair that Reina made a kid cry while she was young, but not intentionally, and fair that people were quite rude in Hibiki. Makes sense for the sympathy between Hazuki and Sayaka, and they'd help one another out. Fair that Vivy and Reina do better, and fair that Kumiko fainted in the blog xD.

Fair that both beach episodes being lame, both with the terrible swimsuit Kuroha and and the other girl causing the guy to only to notice her chest (with it getting even worse I can see why I should avoid it xD).

Seems you're working hard on the blogs, and fair that Satoko has something that Rika doesn't recognize. Fair that you're going to finish with Naoka and fair for Yuuki Kaneko not being in much else. I see about being straightforward, but ending up joining the other bullies to not be pushed aside. Fair that she's smart too and can push people's buttons (nice joke about Naoka lacking tact too xD). Fair that Naoka is quick to resort to violence as Asuka soon found out, even if she is capable of keeping her word and Kyoani knew what they were doing with her.

Fair that her role is a little shaky with Naoka still having the mindset of a child, including bullying Shouko and being selfish with Shouya. Seems that both her and Satoko are fighting for love, even if it might only drive the ones they want further away, and a shame she doesn't get any comeuppance for her fight (at least in the anime as the manga sounds different). Nice joke about her screentime and seems she did alright villain-wise as I understand. True that Naoka shouldn't kill the one she loves too, and seems Satoko has a gem as well (nice joke with fixing time travel with more of it xD). Glad Vivy's song isn't going to beat them up either xD. Vivy saved the day with her hair budget it seems with Reina saving Kumiko, and seems that it's a powerful foe with cold powers too. Shame the school exploded but at least they didn't look at it (shame Satoko and Naoka are still around though). Nice sleeping princess there, and a shame she was forced to wake up. Nice use of her grenade when told she couldn't sleep, as well as the super-fast punch as well xD. Seems Naoka was trying to get Syalis to attack the heroes, but she got to her and punched out all her hair budget xD. Fair that she can't sleep on the hard destroyed building but Sayaka offers her cape. The teddy bear and Vivy's song were good ideas too, and nice summary of it too xD. Shame Shu can't join in but I suppose that's no surprise, and that Sayaka will join as well. Fair for Rena taking them all home, and glad no one died either! Nice reference to that one Kaguya episode where they blow up the school and I'd blame Fujiwara as well xD. And fair for paying future Ai too. Sounds good about Rika getting her revenge next time, and future Reina returns to where she was. Cute response by Shouko and seems everyone is enjoying their best girl status.

Fair about the use of cliffhangers, and I see for the meganekko traitor teacher. That does sound like a good description there, though a shame that KyoAni downplayed her villainy (it is possible that they like glasses girls too). Fair for it likely still being a waste too.