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Oct 2, 2021
Edens Zero (Anime) add
To start out my review, I haven't seen/or touch any Hiro Mashima works. Edens Zero is my first.

Story(8/10): Shiki is your usual shounen protagonist who like going on a adventure. Throughout the whole shows we stop at planets that have their own uniqueness. Even though it not groundbreaking, this shows offer nonstop hype moment & tearjerker. Imo, I preferred the 2nd half over the 1st cour.

Characters(8/10): The characters are the best aspect of Edens Zero. Longtime anime fans will try to undermine their significance, but, they give me a vibe of early 2000s shows. Shiki is fun to watch on screen. Rebecca(B-cuber) is the best ...
Mar 21, 2021
With Winter comes to a close, one shows stand out & kept my attention throughout it airing. The shows I'm talking about is, Mushoku Tensei.

From the poster alone, you probably thinking, "meh, it your typical isekai with waifubait. borrringgg". The animation alone, will make you drool.

In a nutshell: the plot is not that complicated, but, it mostly about the journey with our MC and his companions. The first few episodes already make me hooked into the story.
Why yes, our MC personality is quite creepy, due to his age in his previous life. However, it doesn't make me gag and wanting to drop ...
Dec 12, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (6/17 chp)
SAO don't need no further explanation. With it popularity still booming in Japan, SAO become well known franchise(*right behind Fate/Naruto/Bleach/One Piece*). On the opposite side of the spectrum, this series is hated among the anime community.

Back to the review: this adaptation adapted the 3rd volume of Progressive, aka Barcarolle of Froth.

As a hardcore fans of SAO, Progressive have been a let-down(*mostly the manga version*). The adaptation water-down some characters, who were meant to be serious. For instance, Asuna/Kirito were hitted the hardest. Asuna become your typical "violent tsundere", plus fanservice galore. Kirito become your pervert character.

Overall, my attitude toward the adaptation is at ...
May 3, 2020
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
As you can see from my score, this shows absolutely deserved a 10/10. One of many recommendation from my sister, this series managed to stay fresh and the gag are original. There aren't any negative aspect that I can think of. The student council still have some decent chemistry.

However, the highlight of this season is Shinomiya x Shirogane moment. Since this season is underwhelming due to COVID-19 postponing some major known shows(Such as, Re:Zero, SAO and Oregairu), Kaguya-Sama should be under everybody radar.

Animation: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Character: 10/10

Mini-rant: The way how A1 Pictures are handling Kaguya-Sama, is making me jealous. Other series in their portfolio don't ...
Apr 6, 2020
As you can see from my score, the series deserve a 10. For the past few day, I been reading the manga that my sister recommended.

This series started out very basic, particularly due to setting up the mechanic and the cast. the first volume did a great job on hooking the reader off the bat. Later on, the story become more complex due to the circumstance. I don't want to go in detail because it require the audience to pay attention to the dialogue. Also, don't expect alot of action in it.

Future arc lead to a rabbit hole(*in a good way*).

My favorite character in this ...
Feb 10, 2020
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
Ah Urobuchi, your writing never disappoint me. Fate franchise is commonly known for it battle-royale with historical figure in our human history. Anyway, this installment is quite popular within the anime community for it complex message and it dark tone than other predecessor.

This reviews will cover both season by the way.

the shows POV will shift around master to see their motivation on winning the holy grail.
Our Protagonist, Kiritsugu, is a complex character who will do anything to become a "hero". Also, his ideology crashed with other master because of his method on dealing with situation. Saber, our heroine, will spent most of her time arguing ...
Sep 11, 2019
Mixed Feelings
To start out my review for this manga. I'm a big fan of SAO(collecting all the light novel/manga), and you can see this on my profile that I'm a huge fanboy. This adaptation of Progressive from the light novel into manga format was absolutely dreadful.

For the positive, The art style resemble like abec illustrator, which is a plus one for me.
But, the story as whole, divergence from it original source material in the early chapter. Asuna in the original was 10x better than the manga. I know that manga adaptation allow numerous perspective to be added in and allow original content. I personally unwilling ...
Jun 2, 2019
Preliminary (6/10 eps)
As a manga reader, Wit studio manage to capture the atmosphere and the tone for this season( kudo to them). This arc was considered to be the best among the AOT fandom, which I completely agree. By now, anime-only watcher have witnessed the greatness of this series.
Now, on to the review.

Story 10/10: With the ever growing expansion of the universe within the AOT, anime-only watcher are invested on what in the basement since season 1( Manga reader are still divided within the community over the revelation. Personally, I love it). In this season, we see the three main MC return back to their homeland, ...
Feb 1, 2019
SAO, one of the most hated anime of all time( even though it not the worst) and one of the loved franchise who saw this anime as a gateway to whole different anime. In the nutshell, there are no middle-ground on this biopolar show.

Now on to my review,
SAO was my first major anime I watch(by myself), after my sister introduce me into watching Re:zero and this lead to spark of interest in anime. Ever since I watch Re:zero, I watch anime around that time such as Kabaneri of the Iron fortress being my first anime. SAO didn't got me interest because of the hate ...
Jan 2, 2019
Preliminary (12/24 eps)
This season of Sao so far is on par with the first half of the first season and its fix problem that people have with the previous season such as lacking world-building(I heard from the light reader that the world building is present in some arc).My complaint so far for this season is that the studio who are adapting this arc didn't include some character monologue such as Asuna, and it was her who solve where Kirito is in book 10. I really hate how the studio included anime-original scene during episode 5-6 subplot where they have every girl in kirito harem there having a ...

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