Sep 11, 2019
weeabootakbankai (All reviews)
To start out my review for this manga. I'm a big fan of SAO(collecting all the light novel/manga), and you can see this on my profile that I'm a huge fanboy. This adaptation of Progressive from the light novel into manga format was absolutely dreadful.

For the positive, The art style resemble like abec illustrator, which is a plus one for me.
But, the story as whole, divergence from it original source material in the early chapter. Asuna in the original was 10x better than the manga. I know that manga adaptation allow numerous perspective to be added in and allow original content. I personally unwilling to consider Asuna in this version canon. You know what, I loathe how the writer make her a jerk toward Kirito. Another things I dislike is the fanservice in this manga(is feel like the mangaka who is adapting this arc, like shoving fanservice in your face). I hate this term, but, Asuna in this version is a mary sue(*insert shocking face emoji*). If you compare Asuna in the book( the definitive version) and the manga, you will see day and night comparison. I know I'm being harsh toward her, but, this is how I feel about her in the manga version. Other version of Asuna in the different manga is tolerable.

Kirito in this version is okay-ish( resemble like your typical anime character, very pervert).

At the end of the day, I highly recommend checking out the light novel(alot of characterization and monologue, which are very essential).