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Days: 36.2
Mean Score: 9.29
  • Total Entries168
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  • Episodes2,138
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Kimi to Boku.
Kimi to Boku.
Nov 30, 7:05 AM
Watching 5/13 · Scored -
Donten ni Warau Gaiden: Ketsubetsu, Yamainu no Chikai
Donten ni Warau Gaiden: Ketsubetsu, Yamainu no Chikai
Nov 11, 8:49 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 10
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Oct 25, 9:01 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 10
Manga Stats
Days: 11.9
Mean Score: 8.69
  • Total Entries79
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,301
  • Volumes237
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Ben-Hasai Nov 30, 4:15 AM
Yeah, I still have classes and the following weeks are kinda "full" with exams.^^"

So far I manage to "survive".

What did you liked from "Donten ni Warau"? I mean story,graphics,etc.

I just finished Danmachi 2, I can't wait for season 3.^^
Ben-Hasai Nov 8, 9:30 AM
I won't say really "well", but even.^^"
Thanks for reviews.
How have you been these days?^^
Ben-Hasai Oct 24, 9:49 AM
Well, I don't think I'll find that kind of busy.

How is Dumbbell? About Jojo I heard and saw lot of things, but still didn't got me.

Well, so far, things are good, but I try to survive everyday, it's pretty annoying that is a lot to learn,but I guess, it will help me soon.^^

No, they only let some companies to show us some trips to other countries but it's not that interesting.^^"
Ben-Hasai Oct 8, 5:49 AM
Thanks. ^^
Oh, how is that "good busy"? ^^" I only know that busy is something pretty annoying.^^

Yup that's good that you are felling better.What animes did u started so far?^^
Ben-Hasai Sep 19, 8:06 AM
Thanks for understanding.^^
I'll start university in couple of days, so probably I'll respond from a week to another, but I'll try to respond faster.^^"

Hmm, tell me how is the anime if u start it, I have other animes in my plan for the moment so I won't start that anime soon.

How have u been these days?^^
Ben-Hasai Sep 9, 2:11 AM
Something around that numbers, there are some animes that looks interesting or just are the sequel to others that I loved like Danmachi.^^

Which one do you recognize?^^

I feel bad anytime when I respond late, because other persons like you, respond very fast to messages, but I respond in couple of days or even weeks.^^"
Ben-Hasai Aug 28, 4:41 PM
It was less funny than the first one.I mean, I don't like that how they made this one, it was interesting and had couple of good and funny moments, but it could be better.

I don't know, I hope I'll manage at least 30 animes, maybe is pretty much tho.

Well have fun watching them.^^

Hmm, let's see : "Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II","Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou"."Isekai Cheat Magician". "Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka?". "Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?" , "Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai."(this one sounds interesting, not sure if I'm really waiting for its end), "Kimetsu no Yaiba"(this one has a lots of memes with some characters, but looks very interesting).

Sorry for such a long time to reply.^^"
Ben-Hasai Aug 15, 6:42 AM
I've started to watch One Punch Man 2 and climbing in league of legends, in rest just sleeping and enjoying summer.^^
I still wait for some shows, that started this season, to finish so I can watch them.^^

I probably want to have 150 animes this year, maybe.
Maybe I'll reduce the number of "Plan to Watch" animes this year.^^"

What about you? How have you been this week?
Ben-Hasai Aug 5, 8:53 AM
Well, I wish you good luck with the exams, I'm sure you can pass them easy.^^

I can't set goals because I don't pretty follow my "watching" numbers.^^"

What are your goals for this year?^^ Talking about animes or others.
Kimmy83 Aug 2, 9:26 AM
You’re more than welcome my lovely ^_^
I do enjoy window shopping at the weekend ^_^
Kimmy83 Aug 1, 11:54 PM
Good luck! I wish you all the best with your upcoming exams! I hope you pass them! ^_^
Apart from the usual expected house chores, nothing much else for me really this weekend ^_^
I may not lead a super active and exciting life for a woman of my age, it’s just quietly enjoyable ^_^
Kimmy83 Aug 1, 12:36 AM
It sure is going by so fast though! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! ^^
Kimmy83 Jul 30, 11:56 PM
I hope that you had a good weekend ^_^
And that your week is also going well so far ^_^
Kimmy83 Jul 27, 11:49 AM
It was absolutely nothing you were doing personally to me whatsoever hun, so you can forget that straight away ^_^
It only seems to happen occasionally, not all of the time, but is still very annoying when it does all the same >_<
But otherwise, apart from that, I’m happy to say that I am doing super duper well so far this weekend ^_^
Ben-Hasai Jul 27, 8:44 AM
Thanks! I passed everything now, it's time to do nothing.^^

Hope you did well with your exams.^^

I didn't even thought about something like that.^^" I just watch what looks interesting or I know its good.

I didn't even noticed that I passed 100 , only at the 108 animes.So I don't know exactly which anime was the 100th and I don't how to find it, but I have one that I think it's the 100th.

What about you?^^(Sorry for late reply)