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Anime Stats
Days: 620.6
Mean Score: 8.36
  • Total Entries1,001
  • Rewatched454
  • Episodes838,218
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Watching 82/? · Scored 10
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Nov 1, 9:25 PM
Watching 4/? · Scored 9
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Oct 31, 2:21 AM
Watching 4/26 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 878.2
Mean Score: 8.75
  • Total Entries228
  • Reread863
  • Chapters9,690
  • Volumes853
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nov 13, 9:08 AM
Reading 289/? · Scored 10
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Nov 5, 1:51 PM
Reading 110/? · Scored 10
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Nov 1, 1:19 PM
Reading 11/? · Scored 9


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winddevil1 Nov 11, 4:02 PM
happy birthday =)

TheImmortalOne50 Nov 11, 8:39 AM
Happy birthday Aiko!!!!! :)
kyoudai Jul 22, 7:33 AM
Yeah, those are my two favorites for sure. Not sure which I prefer though... Kanata is pretty shy, and Narumi is kinda intense, personality-wise, but they're both totally cute.
kyoudai Jul 21, 11:37 AM
It would definitely suck if you spend that much and don't get Illya! At least I got Nitocris in the previous banner, and she's a real killer in battle, lol. I think I will actually like her as a battle-worthy caster even more than Blavatsky once I get her leveled up to about 70+.

As for Harukana, I selected a few screenshots to share with you so you can get a feel for the art. Both girls are HS 2nd year (I think?): Kanata (short hair in one-piece) in the 2nd ep wears the same bikini she wore in elem school. Narumi (longer hair, dark skin) isn't one of the main main characters, but we'll see her again before long. Of course there are and will be more other girls, but these are the two I'm most interested in and probably you will be too.
kyoudai Jul 20, 11:44 PM
Are watching/planning to watch Harukana Receive? Not exactly loli, tho Kana and Narumi both have some excellent loli-like features. And there's just the right amount of semi-subtle service here and there, so there's that too. :) Wanted to mention it in case it wasn't in your plans.

I spent something like 210 quartz and the only thing I managed to get was a single Gawain. My friend got Tristan on her first 10x summon, but I don't know anyone who's gotten Artoria Lancer. I'm really starting to think they've reduced rates or something. :-/ I don't plan to do much if anything for the swimsuit pickup, so now I will be holding out for Illya and the Babylonia chapter. xD
kyoudai Jul 6, 12:21 PM
Very true about Illya + Kuro = Illya (FSN).

That's one reason I'm playing in browser on my Mac: nothing to download. Plus it doesn't involve creating a Jpn Apple ID, etc.

That's the biggest problem with the DanMachi game for sure. They did a Kino's Journey crossover event a couple months ago, so Kino, Shizu/Riku, Photo/Sou, Hermes/Hermes, and Ti were available during that, but they've not had any non-DanMachi summons since then. They are extending the story, though, so we're seeing new characters now. In addition to Bell's, Ais', and Lefiya's episodess, they have also added Ryu's. Still nothing like the scores of characters in the Fate world, of course, but it's growing.

Mmm, Unicorn. :-) It's good to see more mobile/browser games being officially offered in North America. Still a lot I want that they haven't (and likely won't). Just glad they decided to bring F/GO over.
kyoudai Jul 6, 8:43 AM
Good to know. I hope the anime does the LN right.

Ah, gotcha. I'm slightly more partial to Kuro, as I like darker skinned characters (Emiya, Ozy, etc, as well). Yeah, it really feels like they changed their algorithms or something a couple months ago. But one FGO friend has actually pulled 2 Ozy's. I have to wonder how much cash they put into it.

Oh, I also started playing DanMachi and Granblue. DanMachi's got a much better gacha system than FGO (which is better than GBF), and it's easy to get a premium summon. Very easy to amass iris for rolls too. Since the franchise isn't as vast though, there are a lot of varieties of the same characters -- Goddess of Purity Hestia, Goddess of Hearth Hestia, Argonaut Bell, Honor Succession Bell, etc. But it's worth playing. As for GBF, I didn't even realize until recently I could play an English version in my browser, but I'm enjoying it even though I've decided to never purchase crystals. I've gotten a few nice draws, but only one so far that I really wanted (Veight). Have you played either of them?
kyoudai Jul 6, 8:14 AM
Yeah that makes sense. I'm usually waiting around for more eps because I watch them all as soon as I can. The loli in Island is really cute, best girl so far of course. Then there's Isekai Maou, and the first ep was pretty nice with the kemomimi girl. (Don't have a lot of hopes for the plot, though...) For sure. I don't participate a lot in the forums, but people who do are probably livid that they can't talk about the eps as they watch them.

Have any luck with the Camelot pickup? My string of fabulous luck ended about 2 months ago and I couldn't get anything anymore. After dumping something like 180 quartz, I got 1 Nitocris, but was really hoping for Ozy. Pretty disappointed about that.
kyoudai Jul 3, 1:35 AM
Hey Aiko-san! Started watching the new season yet? Island looks promising. "Just so you know, I'm fine with flat chests." …Yeah, me too. xD
TheImmortalOne50 Mar 19, 7:56 PM
Greetings. I'm watching Fate/Zero now but the 1st episode was... confusing. It was difficult following what was going on but I pieced it together and understand what is going on, I think. One tends to forget.
TheImmortalOne50 Mar 2, 10:08 AM
Also, funny thing is, the package shipped on Wednesday when Dragon Cry is set to release March 6th. This is because on rightstuf, the website I ordered the DVD from, replied to an email I sent which explained when they receive an item earlier than when it's supposed to release, they ship it early. Now how amazing is this? :)
TheImmortalOne50 Feb 26, 6:30 PM
Excellent, I loved it as well!! I watched it twice at the theaters, back in August. Just this morning, I pre-ordered Dragon Cry and decided to order an extra item. I'm sooo hyped to watch it again!!!!!!!!!!! :)
TheImmortalOne50 Feb 25, 1:26 PM
Greetings. I am curious. Are you going to pre-order/already pre-ordered Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry soon?
TheImmortalOne50 Feb 20, 12:30 PM
Still, crazy it is. Half-tempted to rewatch Overlord, I am. Say, is the Fate series any good?
TheImmortalOne50 Feb 18, 9:08 PM
Well ya know, the ceiling, sky, many things. Heh. I re-watched season 1 of Overlord 5 times. Crazy, isn't it? Usually it's rare for me to rewatch an anime although I did rewatch School Live last December and the OVA for Future Diary but only after receiving the DVDs for Christmas.