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Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!
Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!
Jun 19, 12:08 AM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2
Jun 13, 4:15 PM
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Grand Blue
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Houkago Shounen Hanako-kun
Jul 23, 1:18 PM
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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jul 22, 3:06 PM
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Number Call
Jul 18, 2:18 PM
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Benkyo Jul 10, 2:33 AM
It's always good to show support for things you like. I'd do the same but besides me not being into very many things, I'm very picky and want to make sure it's worth the money and/or something I really like for sure so I don't blow my money since making good money this day and age is :'). The main thing I've really bought is just some songs and DVDs from this one idol-ish group I listen to but that's about it. That's good you got some stuff you like even if quite a bit of it was because of a impulse phase haha.
Ooh nice! Good luck getting through the rest of the PTW stuff, one day lol.

Thank you. I've been safe for the most part and as far as I'm aware I haven't contracted any symptoms and I don't feel odd or whatever. Main thing I've noticed is that my temperature has been cutting it close to 100 at times since I'll get to 97-99.. Idk if it's because of the weather since it's hella hot here in Cali or what. Oof jeez that's such a long wait but you gotta do what you gotta do I suppose. As long as nothing bad happens to your packages then that's all that matters.

That's always the tough part. It's good that you're getting paid despite all that overtime but overworking yourself isn't always worth the money at times and ofc, your precious free time is on the line! I'm feeling like that with my job where the workload is excessive and it doesn't help that I'm a hard worker so I don't like going slow and making everyone get behind but the pay ain't worth the BS that can go on so I need to get a new job but I need to plan it out since there's a few things I need to take into consideration.

That's definitely a good opportunity to hang out with your sister and get some games out of your backlog. BotW sounds like it'd be a good game to play too (even though I haven't really seen much of it, I just hear it's good lol) so have fun with that! The struggles of wanting to be a pro at something without practicing it lol.

Haha well that's good to hear regardless! It really does get stressful figuring out what to say with conversations. I've experienced that many times with a bunch of different people and it's a hassle but nowadays I don't really force it unless I vibe well with someone.
Xhoru Jun 28, 7:56 PM
Uhh, do you still have the same number? I mean I still have you number if you still have mine lol.

Ahh I see, I haven't even gotten the DLC yet. That seems fun. Final Fantasy online is still so popular today. I still need to buy FF7... I think I'm just gonna wait and grab it later. I just haven't been in the mood to play video games.

Haha, I know right. It's funny because everything you buy basically there is a delay. I just bought a bunch of clothes and I want them to come now, but it's going to take a while. I actually plan on buying a new bed too. I need something more comfortable... I feel like the beds now are really good compared to 10 years ago obviously, so I'm just looking for something better.

Omg, twice?! Why am I not surprised X_X You're always the person who loved to stay home. I mean we're both introverted. Except I go out more often and hang out with my friends and usually drink and whatnot. My lifestyle is impacted by a lot just because I used to wake up, eat, gym and then work and then go home and relax. Now I'm just.... doing literally nothing lol. I'll like walk and run just to maintain my weight, but no lifting sucks. So most of my hobbies are down the drain. I tried playing games, but that's only temporary. That's why I was happy when Animal Crossing was around, because it took up the first two months.

Lol, I replied back so quickly because I did not have much of a productive day, so I'm like eh I'll just reply back now xD
Xhoru Jun 9, 10:02 AM
I'm way too inconsistent when it comes to MAL >_< It's just not the same for me as it used to be since I don't watch anime as much as I used to, but still nice to keep in touch with people and whatnot.

I see, I'll probably get Pokemon Bank when the DLC comes out for Pokemon Sword/Shield ^^ I really enjoyed playing that game, but only to beat the game and that's probably it lmao. I don't have the same level of competitive passion for Pokemon as much as I used to.

I'm glad you're doing well with your job. It's crazy how it's been like what 7 years since the last time we talked? I felt like you've grown a lot, but so have I.

This year has been a disaster, I don't know what else to expect in this crazy world. This is why I don't really like people that much and prefer to keep my friend circle small. It's so hard to trust people >_< I haven't been doing all that much but play games. From March through May I've been mostly playing Animal Crossing, which I spent like 500 hours playing and finally finished completing my island that I'm proud of lol. Now I just play Overwatch from time to time with my friends.

The last few days I've just been going out despite the whole COVID situation because I'm getting sick of staying home and missed a lot of my friends. I mostly miss the gym like crazy. My routine has just fallen off and I've been a little bored because of it. I'm pretty sure once the gym opens up, I'll be going again and taking it slowly lol. I miss seeing my progress. xD

I mostly jog in the morning now to stay somewhat in shape and healthy for the rest of the day since I spend more of my time indoors.
Anyway, it's nice to catch-up once in a while. I should be on here more often because of the pandemic, but I'm not good with MAL anymore and forget to log back in lmao.
Benkyo May 21, 1:16 AM
Lol, well enjoy the anime binging while you can and hopefully you find some really good ones while you're in the groove. You tend to buy some merch/manga if you finish watching something you really like?
Haha, that's definitely lenient if you managed to get 1.4k if your PTW. xD

I've been good for the most part. I have a good immune system thankfully, and I've been keeping my distance from people for the most part so I don't have any symptoms and I don't notice anything odd with me, but thank you for the concern! Its times like these where I can easily see why the U.S. is the country with the most deaths. :/ And then they wonder quarantine got extended and stuff like that. Aww, hopefully transportation among other countries resumes soon, but it may take awhile sadly.

All of that sounds rough. Hopefully things chill out and get better in the near future and that you don't get too stressed from all of this. :( Last thing you need is to get sick as a result of overworking and less sleep, and then worst, having to go to a doctor for whatever reason at a time like this.

That's the worst, forcing yourself to sit through anime that felt like a waste of time; at least you broke out of that habit though. I've thought about it a little and I'm not too sure what kind of shots I'd do besides photography and stuff I think looks nice and interesting. Like, unless I decided to make photography a career or something big like that, then there's no reason to get too hardcore with photography even though it'd give me an excuse to get out of the house and see what's around lol. I've done some decent research for the most part so I gotta a good beginners camera which is a Nikon D3500. It's pretty beginner friendly and has a lot of useful functions.
I feel like I'm going through the exact same process you went through with your drawing tablet. I really wanna learn more photography shit, but there's so much to learn and get good with and I just don't really have the patience and dedication for that; I just wanna be a pro at using a camera just like that. :P Hopefully I'll get more serious and patient in the near future since I don't want hundreds of dollars to go to waste.

Awww, well I'm glad to know that you reached out to me despite you never reaching out to people! :) You might've saw me post in the "Post a comment in the above user's profile" thread in Forum Games since I know I would post there a lot and since I've done practically nothing on MAL otherwise. I think I was active on one club at that time but I don't remember coz that's long ago. But regardless, it's interesting to hear your side and I'm curious on what I might've said or talked about that was interesting haha. Hopefully you've been fine with talking with me since I ain't the best talker sometimes.
Psychedelicious May 15, 2:49 AM
yoooo what up
Benkyo Apr 28, 2:43 AM
Haha oh jeez. It's always tough trying to keep up with a schedule when it all falls into the free time category but as long as you're managing to knock a bit off your backlog then that's always good. I'm sure you'll be back to gaming in a week or few since you know your anime watching motivation good enough. Man I can't imagine having 1.4k in my PTW list. I only have 17 right now and even I feel like that's too much for me LOL xD. That's quite impressive to drop it down to as much as you have right now though. How come you had so many in your PTW?

I'm glad that you didn't end up catching the virus despite one of your coworkers having it; that's scary! It's good that you get to work safe and sound at home though.
I'm stuck having to go to work at shitty ol' Walmart and it wouldn't be a big deal if the company did a LOT of things that they should really do. To keep it short, we don't even get hazard pay and there's no occupation limit with how many people can be at the store at one time so there's so many people in the store. It doesn't help that we're #3 in the region as far as sales go (and we got a shitty bonus despite that) and that people get bored and decide to bring their family/friends. >_> People really don't take this shit seriously and it's such a huge risk; and some people lack basic hygiene and decency too.. I've been staying safe for the most part. Luckily my immune system is really good as I barely get sick, and I've been trying not to get too close to people and I've been wearing masks/gloves so I'm fine for the most part. I don't notice anything weird with me thankfully.
Awww, hopefully you don't get too overworked with how much work you've been having to do. :( Ouch, that sucks that your parents aren't getting as much income right now. Are the companies your parents work for taking safety measures for their employees or something like that? It sucks when companies are kinda money hungry and they just claim to be "essential" even though they really aren't, so it endangers the employees; at least you're making some money though, I suppose.

That's true, I guess I'm just one that wants to seem busy at all times and I kinda wanna experience a bunch of different things, especially while I'm still young. I have some "completionist complex" where I feel like I must complete things as soon as I can so I'd lose my mind having to do that many things since I like to do things at my own pace lol. I used to really be like that with anime but of course, I don't watch anime as much so my PTW list piled up a little. I love looking at the interesting shots photographers can accomplished. I'm really into scenic things so most of the shots I wanna take is nature type shots! I get what you mean with the Let's Play comparison. I did buy a camera about 2 weeks ago and I've done some shots (in my house though) and learned a liiiiittle bit with my camera. Haven't been able to practice as much as I'd like to since I keep gaming and watching videos so the big challenge is dedicating the time to learning lol. ^^;;

Also, just a random question but how did you end up finding me if you remember? I was curious how long we've been talking for so I looked and its been almost a whole 5 years which is crazy when you think about it! But I remember when you first commented I looked at your profile and you weren't in any clubs I was in at the time so I was always curious how you found me haha.
Benkyo Apr 4, 1:30 AM
I really do wanna get back into watching more anime, I just suck at using my free time productively and my standards for anime changed a lot over the years. But with how little I've been watching for a good while, I may be able to enjoy some anime better now.

Eww jeez, that's such a hassle. It's always annoying when you got that worker who's more of a hassle than anything. I deal with people like that at my job and it drives me crazy with how some people don't learn or have a sense of urgency. Hopefully you guys managed to fix her work ethic or that you managed to replace her if she didn't end up improving in the end.
And hopefully you haven't been having to work and that you and your family is safe with the coronavirus being a huge deal and all!

Haha damn, but at least you're still using the soundbar into good use! You don't really use the TV as much? You and your sister have so much in your backlog haha, but at least it sounds like you two have fun because of it then.

Yeeeaaahhh.. I don't do very much on my free time sadly lol. It's really hard for me to gain interest and pick up stuff but it's something I'm trying to do. I'll literally just watch youtube or play one game mainly, it's pretty bad. My attention span is pretty low and my drive to do things sucks too which makes things difficult. I really want to get into photography though but I need to look up cameras to buy and figure out how much I'd be willing to use it and get good with it and some other stuff. That's about all I'm interested in trying to do for the most part for now :P
Xhoru Mar 19, 8:54 AM
I just finished Three Houses Cinder Shadows DLC.

Oh boy, that was a fun DLC lol. It was far more difficult than the main story. Now I'm debating if I want to play the main story again or save it for next time.

I also beat Astral Chain too, but after beating the story there isn't much replay value IMO, so I stopped playing >_<
Xhoru Mar 3, 12:05 PM
Lmao, I remember those days as a kid. Where you would sleep late and try to be quiet when you hear your parents are up and make them think you are asleep with your lights off. I'm deciding which game to play after I beat Xenoblade game mode plus... but I'm kind of just like steamrolling it right now because my characters are at level 93 lol. I might just play Astral Chain because I'm getting bored with Xeno. The problem with Astral Chain for me is that you have to play constantly. I think when you take breaks and stop playing for a long period of time, you end up forgetting how to play lol. Oh yeah, speaking of Pokemon, did you transfer all your Pokemon from your Pokebank? I know Pokebank gives up a 30 day trial on the 3DS, but how often do you use Pokemon Home? I'm gonna purchase Pokemon Home, but not sure if I'm getting 1 month 3 months or 1 year lmao.

Oh I see, I just use my earbuds specifically for my phone since I go to the gym and what not, but pairing is pretty easy to I don't have much issues. I guess it depends on your product. I plan on returning my Jabra 65ts and going for an upgrade on the 75s. I can still return my 65s to get my money back and just get 75s instead which is better in terms of comfort, sound quality and USB Type C port since everything is moving towards Type C. I ended up getting my dual wall charger online, but now I kinda regret getting a Type C & USB A duo combo, but that's ok. USB-A port are still viable for charging I guess. But now I've decided any new product I'm getting I'll make sure it's future proof lol. There's no point of going backwards because technology is always going to evolve and things get outdated.

Oh god, lol. You're burnt out of work and I'm here working and going to the gym at the same time. I took 5 days off from the Gym because I was so stressed and worn out to the point my body was just giving up mentally and physically. But ever since I came back to the gym on Monday, I'm back at 100 percent with way more power, energy and less stress. Speaking of days off, my flight got canceled, but I think I might hold back on going back to Vietnam. Asia is just too dangerous right now with the whole virus going on. Plus it's too risky and if I go back to the USA, they might have to keep me around 14 days, which is even worse. I don't want to go through that. Chinatown has been pretty slow lately too because of the virus too which sucks for them. Everyone is just being cautious.

Haha, I still have Pokemon Moon and still never touched it. Black 2 and White 2 were great though, I'm thinking of selling it. I own so many Pokemon games that I no longer touch anymore and it's just collecting dust. At this point, I'm just better off selling because they don't have much collection value to me sadly and I don't see myself replaying it in the near future.

Xhoru Feb 26, 4:18 PM
Oh yeah, I'm also waiting for the expansion pass. I've enjoyed Pokemon since I was a kid so it's fun to play this version. Right now I'm playing Xenoblade New Game Plus and just getting that out of the way before I play Torna. I wish the battle system was a bit better even though I enjoy the game. It's too much autobattle oriented. Speaking of Three Houses I plan on buying the DLC. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite games, so getting that DLC and replying it all over again is a must lol. I was playing Astral Chain that I borrowed from my friend, but I've decided to play it when I go back on the plane. That game is super intense and fun and interesting battle system.

Ah ok, I just never got into wired earbuds because it got annoying at the gym lol. Once I went free wireless, it was so much better and more comfortable for me. Now I want a wireless headset for my PC, but my headset still works so well, so I don't want to waste money. Also, I wanted a Bluetooth adapter for the switch, but realized it costs about 40-50 dollars for a good one. I'm just like... uhh no thanks lol. I barely use bluetooth, but thought it would be nice to use wireless on the plane. Instead I'm just gonna use wired headphones instead. I've been looking for a charger for the Switch though. The one that comes in stock is just good for the dock, but if you're using the TYPE-C cable with it, it charges pretty slow, plus its inconvenient to keep unplugging the cable out of the dock since it stays on desk really lol. But I plan on buying this

It's like small and compact. It's super powerful for how small it is. Can charge the Switch, Phones and Tablets at max speed and charge laptops at a decent rate too. I think what I like about it is that it's small and fits well in the bag, but I dislike how you can't fold the prongs. Type C cables will be universal eventually anyway, so maybe it's a good time to upgrade. I just dislike that it's one port only. I prefer Dual, but the dual ones are heavy for traveling, so I'm not sure >_> Or maybe I should not buy one and not waste my money haha. I mean I already have a PowerBank, so i should be all set anyway >_>

I've been on a spending spree as of late, just buying new clothes and what not for myself. Then I took a break from the gym for the time being because I'm feeling so burnt out. Work is stressing me out and I'm glad vacation is near because I really need it. I spend most of my Saturday with my friends, so that's usually my getaway to have fun.

Oh god, that's so many games lol. I'm still waiting for FF7 when it comes out in April. The remake should be really good and updated combat system. I haven't been keeping myself updating with videogames ever since I took a break from playing the Nintendo Switch, but I'm getting back into it again. Speaking of Xenoblade, how far are you into the game right now? I was planning on going crazy on New Game Plus getting rare blades and whatnot, but I'm not sure if I can. Once you beat the game the first time I feel like New Game Plus is pretty difficult once you know the story >_>
Benkyo Feb 21, 2:21 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I'm definitely drifting more and more away from this site at this point especially since I don't watch much anime.

A loan servicer does sound pretty cool! Hopefully the workload hasn't been as bad on you considering a few months has passed now. That sucks that your sister's job is more on the shitty side, but at least she don't have to drive far. What job does she have?

Hopefully you managed to make some progress with your backlog! A new tv and soundbar is always nice so hopefully you've been putting that into good use. Sounds like a classic case of someone not bothering to understand people and accept them for what they like. If you're enjoying yourself and you're not doing anything crazy for the most part, then there's no harm in doing what you like even if it's not much or it's different. I'm not really into western media, though I'm not into much in general too so lol.
Xhoru Feb 6, 11:34 AM
Ahh I see, that makes perfect sense. I saw you playing Pokemon Sword for a while too. What are you currently doing on that game right now? I'm just waiting for the expansion pass. I doubt I'm going to go with all the competitive battling, but I might play the game again even though I beat it. I finished Fire Emblem, Pokemon Shield and Xenoblade lol. I had so much fun playing Xenoblade and I will buy the expansion pass which is only 30 dollars on digital, physical copy only comes with the game... but digital comes with extra features and everything for 30. I ended up getting switching the color of my joycons, and now it looks like this

I've decided that all the electronics I will purchase in the near future is going to be basic. It's either Black/White or Gray. It's just that it keeps that sleek look and me being a guy, when you get older. You just don't go for those colorful colors anymore lol. There were colors that I regret purchasing and wished I just stick with a more basic color. It just matches better overall for my room theme. Like my phone now I wish I got black instead of the blue even though the blue looks beautiful.

That's insane. hopefully your epilepsy doesn't happen again. One thing I learned in life is to appreciate and love all your family and friends as much as you can and keep in touch. Life is so short and you can die tomorrow. You never know what can happen to enjoy what vacation or fun time you can have. Speaking of fun. I'm going on vacation again back to Vietnam in March for 3 weeks. If it was little longer than that then I wouldn't have stayed, but 3 weeks is fine for me. This time I got a Nintendo Switch to play with, so I wouldn't get bored on the plane xD

I recently bought new Wireless Earbuds, I'm pretty sure you have Airpods, but I'm not a huge fan of Apple, so I ended up buying Jabras and they sound great! Crazy how technology is changing so much, so wireless is the way to go now.

Anyway, I've been working so much lately and haven't much time off. But next week I should finally get some days off again.
I recently quit Legend of Zelda BotW. It was fun at first, but I really got sick and tired of it because exploring got too annoying for me lol. I can see why that game was GOTY, but I rather play something else like Xenoblade lmao. I think I'm gonna play Astral Chain next though.

What games are you looking forward to in the near future?
Xhoru Dec 20, 2019 7:37 AM
Yeah, I'm pretty much the same way. I spent majority of my time on my hobbies lol. Now I got a Switch it's even worse. But Pokemon Shield is good for me so far, I'm still playing, but taking breaks here and there. Speaking of the switch, I got tired of the Neon Joycons, so I just bought the white shell for my switch. Going to replace the shells and learn how to do them when I get them on Monday :D I'll take pictures lol.
After a while, I just got annoyed and my OCD kicked in and I'm like... I just rather have the Joycons the same color lol. Even though I do like Neon. I just like customization.

No you never told me about your epilepsy diagnosis. It's been years since we had a conversation lmao. I just left MAL behind because I don't watch anime as much as I used too and this site does get old after a while. Well, now your migraine makes completely sense when you used to get it at times. Sigh that's a bummer.

Yeah Triangle attack is the best. Also I feel like Ingrid is underrated, she's has low strength, but super high resistance and defense making her a great Pegasus knight. End game I ended up marrying Lysithea lol, I thought she was better after the timeskip. I was going to pick Shamir, but maybe I'll do that on my next run. I need a break from that game though, I played too much of it. Already got 90 hours of it and most of it was restarting the fight and on my first run, I decided to restart the game to fix my mistakes not learning how to recruit people correctly lmao.

Yeah Octopath Travelers has that Final Fantasy 1-6 feel. I normally don't get digital games, but this might be the one game I will probably get digital for.
Xhoru Dec 18, 2019 6:50 AM
Haha, treadmill is better than nothing. I do both. But treadmill is mostly my warm up. I have one at home too, but I don't use it all that much because I just end up going to the gym entirely. I love lifting and being active. Every two months I have to take a week to recover my body since it goes through wear and tear. My body now is pretty lean and muscular so I'm happy. But I'm still learning a lot as I'm going along. Abs are not so hard to get, but that's probably because I wasn't fat or anything to begin with lol, but for skinnier people the best way to get abs is diet and lifting heavy weights will burn out the most fat.

I just ended up finishing Black Eagles route on Fire Emblem, I did hard on my first play through, but felt like it wasn't so difficult except the last chapter because I kept getting hit by the Falcon Knights from all angles lmao. That's why I believe Wyvern Lord is so broken. High mobility class with tons of damage especially giving the class to somebody like Edelgard and Petra who has high speed and crit ability. I think at the end of the game it's important to have at least 3 fliers, but that's just me. Well, time for me to take a break on it lol. I'm playing maddening on my next playthrough now that I understand how to train everyone and recruit early game. Every Fire Emblem is different after all.

Ah I see, well I do have a lot of friends who ordered Pokemon so, I can trade locally. I wonder if I'll decide to do competitive battling, it seems like too much work lmao. I would have to go back to learning again. I'm super excited to play Shield and Xenoblade now.

I think I might get Octopath Travelers, it's only 36 for digital, but I might look for a Physical copy instead. ^^
Xhoru Dec 17, 2019 10:52 AM
Haha, I've been playing too much games lately. I'm staying away from the cold here on the east coast. I just finished my Christmas shopping today, avoiding the weekend shopping because it will most likely be very busy. I'm keeping it simple this year and not spending too much money on presents only spending about 200 or a little more than that.

Ah I see, blue lions isn't a bad choice either. I really like Golden Deer though. Black Eagle characters looked really appealing to me at first and I still like them. I have yet to play all routes, so I plan on playing all of them. It's just that once I finish Edelgard's route I will probably take a break from Fire Emblem. I think I'm on the last chapter though. Also, I bought Pokemon Shield as well just recently lol, I got a discount on it and was able to pick it up for 38 bucks. I've been getting really good deals on video games lately. 38 for Shield and 30 for Xenoblade 2 :D I'm almost done with the game though

I also picked up the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for 55 and I'm loving it so far. Worth every penny xD I was lucky enough to get it on sale too.

That's cool, good thing you're doing well on your new job. Let me know when the new system is implemented xD

Shaved Ice Cream?!! I haven't had that in so long lmao.

Oh that makes sense, I was like there is a Rain 1 and Rain 2 lmao. Did you even purchase the one year Switch Online? Does it even come in handy? >_> I don't see a point of using it for now.