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Days: 64.3
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Mar 2, 10:04 PM
Re-watching 11/22 · Scored 10
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Jun 7, 2020 10:54 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 10
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
May 20, 2020 7:22 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 10
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Days: 3.2
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  • Chapters566
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May 23, 2017 1:48 AM
Reading 6/78 · Scored -
Joukamachi no Dandelion
Joukamachi no Dandelion
May 23, 2017 1:48 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
May 23, 2017 1:48 AM
Reading 62/411 · Scored -


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ViolinistGirl Yesterday, 10:08 AM
When comes to tatsumaki, there are a couple of things: for example, we have a voting system now. When we vote, we can get items that doesn't have in the shop every month. There are new badges, there are new pets and we can get items like pet food for free. I don't know if existed before you left, but we have daycare and fieldtrip for pets. And seems possible to visit people's pets. These things are what I remember. Not sure if is there anything else.
Protaku Oct 19, 1:15 AM
I miss being 26 already xD Give me your youth lol. I think I’m closer to middle age than I am my childhood now. F.
Oh yeah, I finished that synopsis a long time ago now. I had fun writing it. But I don’t like writing for that program much these days. It’s basically just free labor. Not only am I not paid, I’m also not given public credit even though I do 90% of the total work. Editors put a few commas in and coordinators copy and paste my work to the website, yet it’s a “team” effort so I’m not allowed distinction lmao. Guess there’s a metaphor for life somewhere in all of that.
I’m mostly on this website these days to talk with close friends or inquire advice about the web novel I’m writing. Other than that yeah, I’m just like you where I’m only on and off these days. Though I still watch a good amount of anime lol.
ViolinistGirl Aug 20, 8:07 PM
Sorry for late reply, I wanted to reply before but I forgot to write.
About the discord: fair enough hahaha
Believe it or not I joined the tatsu server yesterday (20) because of some items and stuff.
Protaku Aug 7, 11:02 PM
Ughhhh I wanna imagine it was a small hiatus at least, I hate the idea of getting older xD 3 years past by in like a flash smh. And dang, didn't know I hated the job even all the way back then lol. But yeah I'm out of it, living off money I saved from it for now until I can get a new job.
But yeah I'm back here on MAL for now, been logging in almost every day but not really doing much. I mostly came back because I wanted to give this funny manga a synopsis since it didn't have one. Other than that yeah, seems a bunch of my friends have been AFK for years now too. f. good to hear you're doing fine though. Stay strong in these tough times ~
ViolinistGirl Jul 10, 9:59 AM
My health issues are getting better, little by little. Any chance of you visiting MAL discord one day?
Protaku Jun 26, 1:03 AM
"What hours do you usually work?"

Shit I left there now fam xD That's why I'm back after a small hiatus. Now Im looking for new work but I felt bad about leaving a lot people hanging so came back. Hope you been doing alright tho
AcidRainForever May 21, 7:32 PM
Yeah, and my sister has to go to the office every day. At least she's gotten both vaccine doses. I'm just waiting to get my second one still, since I had to postpone my first one due to other medical issues. We both got Moderna, since we've heard that it's 100% effective for Asians. The side effects weren't too bad for us.

I got myself a new mechanical keyboard pretty recently; I don't remember if I told you yet. But it has G keys all the way on the leftmost side, and most of them I'd have to strain so hard to hit them. So I really only use the bottom-most G key because that's practically the only one I can hit smoothly.

Yeah, I know how to build one from scratch. The gaming hardware economy is so shit right now, though. Lots of scalpers and cryptominers using bots to snag all the good GPUs and CPUs so that the actual gamers can't get them at normal price. My sister has been participating in Newegg shuffles (kind'a like daily sweepstakes by Newegg, where they offer gaming hardware bundles that include the good GPUs/CPUs/mobos with budget hardware that they're trying to clear), and we've even been using multiple sources to tell us when stock drops and hope that we can beat the bots to the checkout (very hard, stock is out within seconds). My sister has been doing this for months and finally miraculously managed to buy a good CPU at MSRP from Amazon before the bots got to it. There are still plenty of them in stock, but they're being sold by scalpers for more than double or triple their MSRP, so we don't buy them (and neither do the bots). We did, however, reluctantly buy one for myself from an official business, even though they were selling it higher than MSRP as well. But as long as it's not from the individual asshole scalpers, I guess it's OK... Anyway, we've also ordered new limited edition Corsair tower cases and all-in-one liquid coolers. All we need now are GPUs and motherboards. Sorry, this stuff might be going over your head. x) It's just now is a really bad time to be upgrading PCs... We're going for high-end PCs so that we can futureproof ourselves; not sure what kind of setup you're going for.

Well, technically my co-workers and I are forced to buy presents for each other for the Secret Santa they have every year. xD
ViolinistGirl Apr 28, 5:18 PM
No problem. It wasn't a lot of issues but I think it was related to my health. Good to know you are doing well. :)
ViolinistGirl Mar 10, 1:05 PM
I'm kinda doing good now and you?
hydro Mar 7, 11:03 PM
Hey it's had a nice rise since then, you still holding on?

The only anime I've watched in ages was the Broly movie on Netflix and then the Demon Slayer movie in the cinemas (which was only the 2nd time in 10-12 years I even went to the Cinemas, the other being Avengers Endgame). But I am planning a big catch up binge of the actual shows at some point, maybe when this seasons stuff finishes airing. Been playing more games than watching things over the past few months.

My "time management" isn't the best either, my friend is a beast in this regard, 100%s a bunch of games in the time I leisurely finish 1. But Danganronpa is good shit, definately up there with Grisaia for me in terms of fav VN style things.
ViolinistGirl Feb 22, 11:45 AM
Hello, long time no see :)
AcidRainForever Feb 4, 9:04 AM
Yeah, they've at least been able to work full-time again. My mother is still working fully from home, though, and my father works at home only about once or twice a week, going to the office for the rest. I'm still working at home as well, but I don't have any complaints, lol.

I guess that's true; I type by touch typing, which is just having my fingers hover above the keyboard and knowing where the keys are instead of needing my fingers on the keyboard to be able to feel where every key is. Speaking of, when I was very young, and we had computer classes that taught the kids how to type on computer keyboards, by that time, I was already touch-typing, but the teacher was strict and would sometimes hover over you to see if you were typing like how the class was being taught--keeping your fingers on the keyboard at the exact starting locations and using the appropriate fingers to reach the designated keys. It was such a pain, though, because every time the teacher passed by, I had to pretend I was typing using that standard method, which actually makes me type slower, lol. But he was impressed because I was so much faster than the other kids anyway, so I was able to finish lessons early and just play games, lol (even if they were only like online math games or something). I don't like the standard method where the fingers are responsible for specific keys because my hands are small, so I can't reach certain keys easily, but touch-typing is freestyle, so I have no issues there.

Nah, I don't have an ultra-wide monitor. I've seen and heard about them, but I'd need more desk space and a better graphics card to use those, lol. I'd probably need to get used to looking at a screen like that, too. For the most part, it's not something I'm looking to invest in anyway; I want to build my computer from scratch, lol. Like everything needs to be replaced; they're all decent, and my games still run pretty smoothly, but my CPU is bottlenecking, and I do want a better graphics card for better frames. I also want a new chassis because there's not a lot of space in my current one, and I always joke how it looks like a prison (the design is pretty boring, ha-ha).

She orders usually when we have a coupon or deal, though. And obviously we didn't order very much before the pandemic. Even though we don't need to order because we still get groceries, its' just nice to get a tasty drink once in a while, ha-ha.

A little late, but Happy New Year! My Christmas was pretty much the same as usual, except that we didn't have to set up a Christmas tree this year because it's not like we were getting presents from our co-workers this year if we've been working from home, so there was no need for a tree to leave presents under. :P Although, my sister did get some gifts, since she has to go the office to work every day. But I hate setting up the tree; it takes like maybe two hours because we have so many ornaments, and even though I know it's not necessary to put a bunch of stuff on it, my parents always like how pretty my sis' and I make it, so we just do it for them, ha-ha. I didn't get anything for Christmas, but I believe I spent money on gifts for myself, lol. Well, I can't remember now what I bought, though, if I did at all. x) I've been buying a bunch of new tech stuff lately, so it's all blending together, ha-ha.

Hope you've been safe and healthy, too!
hydro Jan 28, 1:02 AM
I think most people under 40 who know what the internet is will side with you guys over the crusty old boomers whining on TV lol. If you don't mind saying what price did you buy in at for GME? If I bought in I prolly would have cashed/pussied out by now lol, godspeed to your diamond hands. Hopefully the salty hedge fund companies don't get a taxpayer funded bailout for their own incompetence, and hopefully retail investors liked yourself aren't screwed over by some dodgy, abrupt, lobbied for new law.

At a glance I'll get to all of AoT/Neverland/Dr Stone/Slime/Rezero/Horimiya/Non Non Biyori at some point, though for Rezero I haven't even seen S2 much less S3. Might be next year before I finish watching them, at the very least these days I wait until stuff has finished airing most of the time.

I read all 3 Danganropa VNs, played the weird shooting game spinoff thing set between 1 and 2 (Ultra Despair Girls), and watched the canon anime set between 2 and 3 (not an adaption like the old anime of Danganronpa 1, but two anime with unique content that act as a sort of epilogue to 2, if you ever get that far I'll give you the rundown on them as it's quite confusing lol).
hydro Jan 23, 6:55 AM
You a wallstreetbets guy? I just read about what they did with the Gamestop stock, fucking mental lol.

In terms of covid we've got some funny business going on as we try and host the Australian Open tennis tournament, with a bunch of international players/staff having covid and being brats about the quarantine and such, but hopefully we keep it under control.

For anime I haven't watched anything from the current season or the 2 before it, most recent thing was Kaguya S2 from 3 seasons ago. But I just checked the current Winter 2021 season when I logged on now and holy shit, easily most stacked season ever. Pretty much any of the top 10 would have a chance at being the No. 1 hyped show in another random season, I guess it's some good motivation to get back into it. Like you I've barely watched any anime over the past year, checked out the DBZ Broly movie as it was on Netflix before I let my membership expire. But otherwise not much. There anything form the current season you plan to watch?

With long visual novel type games like Danganronpa I guess they feel faster for me as I'm a fast reader and just run through it. When I see people on YT play these games they take ages which can make it feel more dragged out, I think all 3 main Danganronpa games have fine pacing for solo play. I still haven't really played or even watched anything else with its blend of death games and constant intriguing murder mysteries. Though funny you mention Danganronpa spoilers, long before I played the first game I randomly watched the anime adaption, which was rushed and shit. So I had spoiled myself on some things, but thankfully the years in between, my shit memory and the rushed nature of the adaption meant I was still surprised by some things when I played it for myself.

Anyways I hope you're well and have managed to avoid getting swept up in your countries bullshit.
AcidRainForever Nov 27, 2020 9:28 PM
I think COVID was the cause for my mother's side. It probably had an impact on my father's, too, but the company not getting enough funding was already happening before the pandemic, I think.

Oh, yeah, I meant the paint, sorry, lol. Obviously it would get rubbed off the most if I play with the WASD keys, but the W literally faded way too early on. Yeah, I know it's really popular; not that it's a bad thing, but it would be nice if they could've been customized. But as long it's a mechanical keyboard with reasonable pricing and good reputation, then I'm fine with that.

The good news is that it looks like the driver problems have stopped. I haven't had to get into contact with any more drivers for the past several deliveries, which is nice. Not sure what happened at that time, lol. I order through an app. Well, specifically, my sister does, and she uses several different ones, depending on which one she's got a nice deal/discount with at the time. There were a few deliveries that were directly from the stores themselves, but my sister was the one who ordered from those, too, lol.

Yeah, the most important thing that's keeping me playing FFXIV are the good-looking cat boys. xD Well, specifically mine and my sister's. xD That's not to say there aren't other reasons, though.