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LightWorker Feb 25, 2:27 PM
They obviously rewired it wrong after the drug issue. Not doing anything to it myself, but I hope the landlord sorts it for the next tenant (I highly doubt that though), because it's not right, and quite confusing for others (electricity suppliers mostly).

But yahaha...I missed my Daki❤️
LightWorker Feb 24, 12:02 PM
Ah it's actually back on now (the electric). My brother-in-law helped. Pulling every fuse switch to off made it come on lmao.
LightWorker Feb 23, 4:29 AM
Hmm...well an Engineer came out and said that the meter was actually fine so....I don't even know? O.o
LightWorker Feb 22, 2:29 AM
I think I'll definitely need another bookcase, the one I'm currently using in my front room is a window cleverly converted into a four different shelves. Def gonna get a proper wardrobe too.

Spent another day phoning... It sounds like it's my actual meter that's not right? that's something that the landlord needs to arrange (again. It got changed once already but not properly it seems?), also the wind blew down and destroyed my yard's gate :/ but again that's something the landlord needs to arrange.
LightWorker Feb 19, 6:30 AM
It definitely would be much longer though, and there's not much that really needs doing to it. I'm excited though! just hope everything fits in there ok, it doesn't have neat corners inside to put stuff as much as my current one does. Kinda worried about my huge-ass bookcase & armchair fitting in somewhere :( but I think they just might...
LightWorker Feb 19, 4:06 AM
I'm not moving just yet, don't even have the keys yet 😅 and will probably paint it up a bit and change some of the style. We were thinking about that..we will still probably get a van for some of it, because I do have some bulky furniture, even though it's literally just a street up lol
LightWorker Feb 19, 3:33 AM
No problem friendo! ^~^

And yeah...when I switch back it will probably only be for a month or two until I move to the next place, and I definitely don't want either of these suppliers. I'm a little worried about my (current) house though, my area had flood warnings because of the storm (there was also warnings here too) ;/ the storms were pretty bad too.
LightWorker Feb 17, 8:53 AM
Aw that was nice of them ^~^
and here...

And yeah...I phoned my actual supplier and their gonna take back supply beginning of next month but...idk what I'm supposed to do before then? :/ still haven't had anything in the post from them, they said they'd post something last time I phoned them. the other company that I'm with now gave me two codes to go top up, but they didn't work. And every time I try contacting them about my supply still being off, they says it's on (obviously they've still got it mixed up with the woman's info) really annoying '#_#
LightWorker Feb 16, 1:25 AM
Oh god...the male cat sat on me so much the other day, literally every time I sat down 😂 even when I was laying down reading in bed he jumped on and slept next to me for a bit. Yes, their super friendly and seem to remember me lol the male cat perhaps suffers a little from separation anxiety, he yowls if he can't find anyone.

And... well I could do, I'd rather they try to sort out the mess though. I need to go back to the house again today, because this company I don't want to be with now says (in email) that my supply is back on and no errors, but I don't know if they've still got my address mixed up with the woman's, and I'm also expected something in writing from my actual supplier. Definitely don't want either of these clowns to supply my next place though... Fuck...

How's your new job going? Is it any easier? ^w^
LightWorker Feb 14, 2:25 PM
Lol, their both really lovely Cats. The female one is much older than the male one. Sometimes they swipe at eachother, but they just both follow me around and sit on me.

And yeah I went to my house to phone these companies again (and got really wet). I think my original supplier is putting my supply back, but I'm not sure... feel like both of them are messing me around.
LightWorker Feb 13, 11:44 PM
I think my original supplier might take it back over from these other ones, but I'm not sure...? I've heard (both of) them say so many things. My Sis thinks it's better to go with one of the major franchises (for the next house), since both of these are smaller ones that seem to have no clue what their doing.

But yeah I'm otherwise alright thanks :) I'm Cat & House sitting for my Sis while she on Holiday. I'm just glad I've got somewhere to stay & put my frozen food for now :/

[Edit] Oh jeez it's pissing it down rn... really don't wanna go to my house in this... I don't think it'll result in anything either...
LightWorker Feb 12, 6:10 AM
Ah no worries ^~^

But yeah...I'm kinda pissed off. I told them about this more than a week ago... spend pretty much half a day speaking to them the other day.

Basically I'm with this stupid woman's supplier now instead of mine v_v but both of them are totally useless.
Did some of their useless chores today, but their phone lines are closed and they ignored my last email to them.
LightWorker Feb 12, 12:13 AM
I think my energy company were telling porkies about working on my issue... because I got cutoff, bunch of dumbfucks. I spent the night at my sister's...
LightWorker Feb 10, 1:23 AM
Ahaha...😅 well, hope you get some happy customers on occasion lol
LightWorker Feb 8, 11:53 PM
Ohhh phone stuff?! man I don't envy you at all😂 I hate talking to anyone on the phone. Is it customers or your team that you talk to? (On phone I mean).
And yeah, I'm a bit like that. I actually really want to try to break my record for Anime episodes watched in a day, but already got interrupted by my friend wanting to play PS4, had fun tho.