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Loyal_Sheepling Mar 16, 11:52 AM
Ah, sounds good, might check some out.

No never done dating apps before, not quite brave enough eheheh😅

Hope it goes well for you 😊
Loyal_Sheepling Mar 10, 2:33 PM
Oh wow that's cool.

Ah haven't really found anything from the current season that I really wanna watch. Usually though I just pick something completely random to watch.
Loyal_Sheepling Mar 9, 4:47 AM
Sounds good 😊 have always been pretty fascinated by Hong Kong, definitely would be something I would like to visit myself.

Oh just Amazing Nurse Nanako at the moment. I'm only 1 episode in and already not really enjoying it lol, it is only 6 episodes in total though.
Loyal_Sheepling Mar 6, 9:13 AM
Heyyy welcome back 😊 how was HK?

Ah been fine thanks 😊 finally (I think) getting someone into our rented house, and looks I'll be getting new neighbours next to me, as the previous ones (the lady I had hassles with the dogs/fence with) left under pretty mysterious circumstances lol
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 21, 1:21 AM
I've watched it on phones before when I didn't have a home network and it wasn't too bad.

Oh nice :) safe & happy travels
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 17, 11:05 AM
Oh yeah no doubt, don't really like spending much on phones though, I'm too clumsy and forgetful. I just have a crappy Motorola lol.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 15, 2:44 PM
I take it with me everywhere lol.
Just feels good to have a decent picture & video taking device for once, had so many crap ones for years.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 14, 12:10 PM
Wish I had an instruction manual with it, but like with most things it's online lol.

Ah it just seems to cut down on motion blurring in that setting, worked well like that when I used it to take snaps of wrestling matches, only thing is i can't make any further adjustments, so i get what i get :/
There's a few different default settings on it, but that's the most useful one I've discovered so far.

Probably should get a better camera eventually, but I'm a noob to cameras and it's still better than using my phone lol.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 10, 2:20 AM
Ah I prolly just need to play with the settings more. It is a decent camera, but does struggle with poor indoor lighting and movement, and I was trying to take snaps of the cosplay competition, and everyone was moving around too much lol, also my view was obscured by speakers :(
My cam has a sports setting which greatly decreases ghosting, but also makes the pictures darker for some reason? and my flash is arse and can't add an extra light unfortunately.

Oh...was that Junko Furuta? yeah heard of that, terrible :(
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 6, 9:57 AM
It was for the most part. It was spread over many floors, ground floor was Anime and other Japanese merch (samurai swords etc), they even had Dakimakura which everyone squealed about XD
Second floor was half-merch and artists displaying their works. Next floor was like more like customised anime merch (like Etsy shops I guess?). Next floor was a gaming room with dozens of consoles set up. Also there was an anime screening room & a stage for singers and cosplay competition.

There was dozens of cosplayers, even saw a girl cosplaying Rizu-kyun, she must have been freezing XD

I bought another Miku figure, but was sad that many of the pics I took with my cam turned out so horrendous :(
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 5, 1:05 PM
Thanks ^^
I was just about well enough to go the other Anime/Gaming con last Sunday, and it was amazing... so much bigger and better than the other ones I've been to.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 4, 3:27 AM
Yeah I'd heard about it going around also. Ah about 2 days ago I think?
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 3, 8:57 AM
Actually yeah, coughing, dry throat & mucus. Although I don't feel quite as bad today.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 2, 12:46 PM
Thanks 😊 and ...not really sure to be honest? just a random bug, doesn't feel like a full cold.
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 2, 12:00 PM
I mean it wasn't terrible, but just had nothing that I was interested in, or had things I could gift someone.
I'm hopefully going to a more Anime-focused Con on Sunday... only I'm feeling a bit unwell, so we'll see😅

Ah nice! hope he brings something nice back for you.
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