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'Tokyo Revengers' Gets Anime Sequel

by DatRandomDude
Jun 16, 10:27 AM | 28 Comments
The Matsudo Training event celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Tokyo Revengers television anime announced an anime sequel on Sunday, revealing a key visual (pictured).

Produced by LIDENFILMS, the first season aired in 24 episodes in Spring 2021, followed by the 13-episode second season in Winter 2023. The third season premiered in Fall of that year. Crunchyroll simulcast the first season with subtitles worldwide, excluding Asia. Disney+ streamed the second and third seasons worldwide.

The event also announced a mini-anime titled Douwa Revenger (Fairy Tale Revengers), which will adapt various fairy tale stories with the characters from Tokyo Revengers. The first installment is titled Momotaro.

The anime adapts Ken Wakui's delinquent action manga, which ran in Weekly Shounen Magazine from March 2017 to November 2022. Kodansha published the 31st and final volume in January 2023. The manga has a cumulative 80 million copies of its volumes in circulation.

Kodansha USA began releasing the manga digitally in English in 2018. The 31th and final volume went on sale in June 2023. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga in English for physical release in November 2021. The 11th omnibus volume is scheduled to be released on June 18.


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Tokyo Revengers (Zoku-hen) and Douwa Revenger on MAL

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Can't wait! Wish this one has 24 episodes!!

Jun 20, 12:30 AM by Victor_vk


yeah no problem 😁😁

Jun 18, 8:34 AM by eli_shmeli

@eli_shmeli haha, well thanks for the help.

Jun 18, 8:06 AM by DaveyCrocket55

@matte_urusai, I agree, they chose this art for the visual.

Jun 18, 1:00 AM by Memore

@Memore like no, the visuals are not gay. It really referenceS who takemichi is as a person and HOW he can't give up on those important to him. It's a testament to his persona, the only thing I can say is they could have chosen a better visual, this one isn't my favorite. There are so many others with him and Mikey that were more impactful.

Jun 17, 5:40 PM by matte_urusai

I'm excited too, I loved the manga!

Jun 17, 5:38 PM by matte_urusai

I’m excited! You guys are just mean.

Jun 17, 3:32 PM by ShiranuiHatake


i would assume so, but also i dropped this show forever ago so who knows, maybe it's a spinoff where Takemichi and Mikey are gay lovers, or maybe it's an adaptation of the author's newest series Astro Royale and they're just pretending it's Tokyo Revengers.

Jun 17, 9:33 AM by eli_shmeli

This anime is very violent. The animation is nice, but blood blood blood is not my thing.

Jun 17, 9:12 AM by DigimonSommelier

@eli_shmeli oh ok, so will this new anime continue with the next arc following S3?

Jun 17, 7:27 AM by DaveyCrocket55

I've been waiting for this moment forever <3

Jun 17, 3:59 AM by Entity72

@Za_Warudio, there are no such hints in TR, you are wrong.

Jun 17, 2:28 AM by Memore

Good manga! The story of this manga is amazing! Must read and must watch!

Jun 17, 2:18 AM by VZ99Dangky

@Softhenic03 Wasn't the final season and full adaptation previously announced?

@Za_Warudio I don't know what exactly gay you see in this. The second half of the manga is based on him trying to save Mikey from death and the poster clearly conveys this.

Jun 17, 12:02 AM by RobertBobert

I guess this was inevitable.

Jun 16, 9:15 PM by malvarez1

Can we talk about how gay the visual looks?

My partner and I have been dreading this adaption with how much of a trainwreck the last part was.

Jun 16, 7:29 PM by Za_Warudio

oh man, this is gonna be such comedy lmao.

Jun 16, 4:42 PM by ryzxgum

This visual looks really gay.

Jun 16, 3:42 PM by Old_School_Akira

I’m really looking forward to seeing more excellent, memorable scenes animated!

Sure, the manga didn’t have the best ending, but it had me eagerly awaiting the next chapter every week and speculating with others on MAL what was going to happen next. Twist after twist, this series is damn good.

Jun 16, 3:35 PM by LadyMarble

No question this was coming as after all, it is one of the top-selling manga out there. There are two more cours left to bring this series to the end, and I'm hoping that this sequel will be two cours to mark the final season.

Jun 16, 3:04 PM by GridironOtaku

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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