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New 'Keroro Gunsou' Anime Project Announced

by DatRandomDude
Mar 31, 8:47 PM | 11 Comments

A new anime project for the Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) anime series was announced by Bandai Namco Pictures on Monday. The animation studio also opened an official website, commemorating the television anime's 20th anniversary.

Keroro Gunsou adapts Mine Yoshizaki's sci-fi comedy manga, which began in Shounen Ace magazine in November 1999. The manga transferred to Kero-kero Ace in October 2007 before returning to Shounen Ace in September 2013. Kadokawa released the 33rd volume in May 2023.

Tokyopop licensed the manga in English and released 21 volumes from 2004 to 2011. VIZ Media has been publishing the manga digitally under their VIZ Select imprint since December 2014.

A 358-episode anime series produced by Sunrise aired from April 2004 to April 2011. The series also inspired multiple anime movies and a short television anime in 2014.

Discotek Media licensed the television anime series in North America in March 2021.

It is the year 2004 AD, and pandemonium breaks as a mysterious frog-like alien race fills the sky with UFOs—or so 12-year-old Fuyuki Hinata dreams. Coincidentally, Sergeant Keroro, leader of a preliminary squad for the Keronian invasion of Pekopon—the alien name for Earth—begins his mission by invading Fuyuki's home. After subduing the boy and his sister, Keroro plans to reunite with his comrades and return to the mothership to repair his invaluable invasion device, the Kero Ball. Unfortunately, he receives word that headquarters has abandoned his unit's retrieval due to an unprecedented issue that forced the rest of the Keronians to flee.

Consequently, Keroro is forced to stay at the Hinata residence together with the friendly, starry-eyed Fuyuki; his athletic, short-tempered sister Natsumi; and their hardworking, attractive mother Aki. Now stuck until further notice, Keroro and his platoon spend each day plotting world domination, but are thwarted each and every time by various unexpected factors. Nevertheless, as they live alongside humans, they learn to treat them as friends and allies, forming comedic yet meaningful connections that make their lives on Earth worthwhile. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @keroro_anime

Source: PR Times

11 Comments Recent Comments

I need this for Reborn! (assuming this is a legit sequel, of course)

Apr 5, 10:01 PM by malvarez1

yesss!! finally !!

Apr 2, 9:28 AM by mokkocchi

The og anime has been in my to watch list ever since I've seen it on some magazine.

Apr 2, 8:55 AM by Ahkrin

WOW! Sgt. Frog is a childhood favorite of mine, and I never really expected to see it again, so this is the most excited I've been for an anime announcement in a long time. Can't wait!

Apr 1, 8:40 PM by Meisbob

@Yonaga Judging by the Keroro wiki, you're far from the only one who doesn't like this character, to put it mildly lmao.

Apr 1, 10:15 AM by RobertBobert

This doesn't surprise me so much considering that Keroro is still doing well in Japan. I just hope they don't introduce Shin-Keroro here like in the 2014 remake, I really don't like his character and he was the main reason why I stopped liking the manga as much over time. Anyway, I'm just really happy that we're getting new Keroro content even after all these years, I can't wait!

Apr 1, 7:01 AM by Yonaga

OMG! Seriously? After all these years?

Apr 1, 6:44 AM by Papa_Scorch


Apr 1, 5:48 AM by Lixirixi

Honestly it surprised me that it took them THIS long to announce new Keroro anime considering the manga is still ongoing after all these years unlike Bleach lol

Apr 1, 5:37 AM by MahiaErebeaNegi

i've been running into images/gifs from both this and Arcade Gamer Fubuki lately lol

if this is a yet another remake i might watch it

Apr 1, 3:00 AM by EcchiGodMamster

I've waited for this.

Mar 31, 9:44 PM by KeroResonance99

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