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Manga 'Tensei Akujo no Kuro Rekishi' Receives TV Anime

by Vindstot
Feb 16, 5:00 PM | 13 Comments

A television anime adaptation of Akiharu Touka's Tensei Akujo no Kuro Rekishi (The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess) was announced by publishing company Hakusensha on Saturday. Touka drew an illustration to commemorate the announcement (pictured above).

The manga was originally planned to run in LaLa for three issues from August to October in 2018. Following positive responses from the readers, Touka began regular serialization in January 2019. Hakusensha published the 12th volume on October 5 last year, with the 13th volume scheduled for a March 5 release (pictured right). Tensei Akujo no Kuro Rekishi has a cumulative 1.7 million copies of its volumes in circulation.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English in August 2020 and released the eighth volume last October. The ninth volume will go on sale on February 20.

Konoha Satou has a dark history. After all, she spent her teen years writing self-indulgent fantasy romance fics-like her Dark History. But since she's become its most despicable villainess, remembering every last detail is now a matter of life-and-death. Having avoided the first couple of death flags, Satou's suddenly left in the dark when a mysterious stranger returns from the Lily Kingdom-a character she doesn't recall writing in the original script. Although Yomi claims to be her ally, can Satou really trust a character she knows nothing about in such a dangerous world? (Source: Yen Press)

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Official X (Twitter): @tenkuro_PR

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13 Comments Recent Comments

More villainess anime lol

Mar 23, 11:18 PM by MegamiRem

I had anticipated that this work would eventually be adapted into an anime, so when I heard the news that it was going to be animated, I wondered if it was finally going to be animated.

I had read and enjoyed the manga up to volume 9. Since the work is not yet complete, I'm not sure what part of it will be adapted to anime... I am curious.

Feb 18, 9:38 PM by kihel

@Kaikaidou Works receive adaptations primarily for commercial potential and public interest, rather than for subjective “quality.” Not to mention that with an ever-increasing market, the belief that works prevent each other from getting adaptation loses even more meaning. Just last year, the idea of ​​having 4-5 shoujo in one season would have seemed surprising.

Feb 18, 5:50 PM by RobertBobert

i just know there are so many great unadapted shoujo manga that will never be animated in favor of some of the blandest villainous stories put to paper, destined to be consumed and forgotten the second it finishes airing.

anyway, looking forward to this one!

Feb 18, 3:33 PM by Kaikaidou

@TheSekiryuutei Dont, worry, standard harems with JRPG generic settings and a OP Kirito-clones are not going anywhere...

And you can allways just...not watch it when it airs, since you dont like the premisse?

Feb 18, 12:02 PM by Fabris

Looks fresh. Looking forward to watching it.

Feb 18, 2:32 AM by stacje

Please no more villainesses anime and fucking reverse harems ;(

Feb 17, 10:48 PM by TheSekiryuutei

Please, no… no more villainesses. Where my good girls at?

Feb 17, 10:16 AM by 0arche

@perseii They partially satisfy the demand for shoujo and action/fantasy anime for female audiences, plus they allow those ejilords whose dislike of the genre mainly exists solely out of salty hatred of male protagonists to get their dose of isekai. I don’t know about “temporariness”, but if you judge it from the most popular representative (in anime), that is, Otome Game, then it is already about 3-4 years old.

Feb 17, 9:12 AM by RobertBobert

I still like the villainess/reincarnating girl concept, but I feel most of them are just pleasant and pretty forgettable.

It looks like we're getting more and more of these now (I count 3 in Winter 2024). The beginning of a new era? Or a temporary trend that just hit its peak?

Feb 17, 8:31 AM by perseii

Another one.... Sigh

Feb 17, 4:09 AM by RedChrome

I like Villainess isekai so looking forward to it

Feb 17, 3:05 AM by Maou_heika

okay this one sounds really interesting

Feb 16, 6:23 PM by daddymahitowo

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