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New Short Anime of 'Kemono Friends' Franchise in Production

by tsubasalover
Jan 16, 4:18 AM | 0 Comment

On Wednesday, the goal of reaching 10,000 pre-registrations for the newly announced Kemono Friends 3 mobile game was met, resulting in the decision of a new Kemono Friends short anime. On Saturday, the goal was confirmed during the Kemono Friends 2 TV anime pre-screening event. More information will be announced at a later time.

Kemono Friends is an smartphone game series by Nexon, which originally ended in December 2016 with a second installment the game launching in Summer 2017. The first TV anime series premiered in Winter 2017 with Tatsuki as the director. It has also spawned an ONA series titled Youkoso Japari Park that has been available for streaming via the aniteleto service since August 2018, with a different cast member voicing the role of Serval. A total of 11 episodes were out as of January 1 and the 12th episode is planned to be released on April 15. The second TV series is currently airing with a new set of staff members and an addition of a human character. Aside from the release of the new app game, it was announced on Saturday that there will be an arcade game based on the series, which will be titled Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours.

Source: animate Times

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