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Manga, 2013Finished7 vol, 47 chp

"This game is impossible to clear. It's just a matter of when, where and how you die." Kayaba Akihiko's death game has been up for one month. This incredibly difficult VRMMO has already claimed 2000 victims. It's the day of the 1st floor boss strategy meeting. The solo player Kirito, who's decided to only strengthen himself, meets a rare female player on the current front lines, while heading to the meeting around noon. Fighting alone against the strong monsters, she was like a meteor cutting the night sky.

Manga, 2009Finished4 vol, 26 chp

Kyousuke Kousaka, a normal seventeen-year-old high school student, hasn't gotten along with his younger sister, Kirino, in years. For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Kyousuke and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever. One day, however, Kyousuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime entitled 'Hoshikuzu Witch Merle' (Stardust Witch Merle), which had fallen into the entranceway of his house. To Kyousuke's surprise, inside the case is a hidden adult video game titled 'Imouto to Koishiyo!' (Love with Little Sister!). Kyousuke attempts to fish out the culprit who dropped the case by bringing up the topic of magical girl anime at the family dinner table. All that comes out is a strong negative reaction from his parents, especially his anti-otaku policeman father. That night, Kirino bursts into Kyousuke's room and, in perhaps the first conversation she has initiated with him in years, says they "have things to talk about." Kirino brings Kyousuke to her room and shows him an extensive collection of moe anime and lolicon bishoujo games she has been collecting in secret. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manga, 2005Finished2 vol, 14 chp

The setting is lush Astraea Hill, where three famous all-girls schools are built. It's the first day of school, and the cherry blossoms are scattering to the ground. Nagisa meets Hanazono Shizuma, the top student in the school, and her breath is taken away by her beauty. But when Shizuma takes a liking to Nagisa, love and chaos soon follow... (Source: Seven Seas)

Light Novel, 2009Finished1 vol, 9 chp

The light novel is the official prequel to the anime series. It tells the story of how Yuri and Hinata meet, how they find out about "Tenshi" and the other characters and how the SSS was founded.

Light Novel, 2015Finished2 vol, 21 chp

The world is on the verge of collapse as bizarre monsters called Vertexes fall from the heavens wreaking havoc. Sent by the heavenly gods, these creatures seek humanity's destruction and ravage the land in the effort to do so. However, the Shikoku and Nagano regions miraculously persist amid all the attacks. In response to the invasion, girls with high aptitude known as Heroes soon awaken and are granted divine powers by the earthly gods. Assisted by shrine maidens who can hear the voices of gods, Heroes are the only beings able to fight back against the Vertexes. Among the chosen protectors is the strong-willed Wakaba Nogi, who is driven by her steadfast desire to avenge the countless innocent lives lost. With her natural charisma, Wakaba leads the first-generation Hero Team in the Shikoku region. Defending what remains of mankind, Wakaba and her friends brave the battle with the Vertexes head-on—testing the bonds between them as they overcome the many challenges in this cruel reality. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2010Finished4 vol, 31 chp

The story revolves around a highschool boy named Niwa Makoto. He lives with his aunt's family since his parents are away on business. It is there where he meets his mysterious cousin of the same age Touwa Erio—who happens to tie a futon mattress around her upper body and is a self-proclaimed alien. Her staple food is pizza. Erio had been missing for half a year and was found floating in the sea. She doesn't remember anything about what happened during that period of time, but she began to think that it was the act of an alien and wanders the neighbourhood wrapped in the futon. (Source: AniDB)


Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Love, Election & Chocolate.

Manga, 2010Finished6 vol, 38 chp

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate follows the protagonist Yuuki Oojima, who attends Private Takafuji Academy, a large school with over 6,000 students. Yuuki is a member of the food research club, along with seven others, including his childhood friend Chisato Sumiyoshi. The members leisurely spend their time in the club not doing much activities. When the election of the next student council president comes up, the front runner Satsuki Shinonome proposes that clubs that have no merit should be sorted out and abolished. The food research club seeks advice from the current student council president Yakumo Mori, who suggests Yuuki run in the election as an opposing candidate. Yuuki learns about the issues facing the school and decides to run in the election. (Source: Wikipedia)

Light Novel, 2014Finished1 vol, 9 chp

In the year 298 from the era of the gods, elementary school girls Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi, and Gin Minowa are tasked with an important mission. They are to become heroes and fight Vertex, a mysterious enemy that is attacking Shinju-sama, the god tree that protects Shikoku, the only area in the world that is still habitable. What they don't know, is that this fight will cost them more than they could have ever imagined.

Manga, 2016Finished4 vol, 20 chp

The story of Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru takes place 300 years in the past, in 2018, the first days of the Divine Era. The six main characters form the first ever Hero Team: Nogi Wakaba, Nogi Sonoko's ancestor; Uesato Hinata, Takashima Yuna, Koori Chikage, Doi Tamako and Iyojima Anzu.

Manga, 2011Finished3 vol, 27 chp

A high school senior named Yotaro thought he was an only child — until he met his real mother and discovered that she has 19 daughters, from 0 to 18 years old. He ends up living with his "true family." (Source: MU)

Manga, 2006Finished4 vol, 52 chp

Little Busters!' story revolves around the main protagonist Riki Naoe, a young male high school student. When Riki was a child, his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of his friends who referred to themselves as the Little Busters; they took Riki out and played together with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed playing with them, and his grief gradually faded away. When the story begins, they are in their second year of the high school they attend. They still hang out together, and enjoy their school life. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manga, 2005Finished2 vol, 14 chp

The main character, after succumbing to serious injuries, faints in the forest, only to be found and helped later on by a young woman named Eruruu. He has no memories of who he is, and furthermore he has a mask stuck to his face that cannot be removed. The elder of the village he is taken to gives him clothes, and a new name: Hakuoro. He is adopted as one of the villages own members, and is also adopted into Eruruu's family, which consists of herself, her younger sister Aruruu, and the village elder, their grandmother, Tuskuruu. (Source: MU)

Manga, 2016Publishing? vol, ? chp

Uranohoshi Girls' High School, a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture. A small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay, it is home to nine teens, led by second-year student Chika Takami, driven by one seriously big dream: To become the next generation of bright, sparkling "school idols"! As long as we don't give up, any dream can come true... All we have to do now is keep pushing hard for fame and glory! Now their "School Idol Project" begins to make their dreams come true! (Source: Official site)


After story chapter to the anime Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru.

Manga, 2007Finished7 vol, 57 chp

Marriage Royale's story revolves around the male protagonist, a high school student named Tsukasa Hinomoto, who is told one day by his parents that he was adopted. Furthermore, they tell him that his real father is a manager of a large company, meaning he is very rich and holds a lot of power. Tsukasa's real father wants his son to marry a good woman, so he sets up an event known as Marriage Royale where beautiful girls from all over Japan will come together at a school built especially for the event and vie to become Tsukasa's fiancée. The school is located on an isolated island near Japan, and Tsukasa himself is taken there to live in a mansion in the care of two twin maids: Miku, the elder sister, and Miu, the younger sister. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manga, 2010Finished6 vol, 41 chp

This manga adapts Key's visual novel Kud Wafter, which follows the romantic relationship between Riki Naoe and Kudryavka Noumi from the game Little Busters!

SerializationDengeki G's magazine

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd

Manga, 2012Finished4 vol, 33 chp

The story is set at Shiomi Academy, a vast, prestigious academy with a Daitoshokan (literally, "great library") that rivals Japan's national library. As a member of the Library Club, Kyoutarou Kakei goes to Daitoshokan to enjoy reading by himself. He then meets a second-year girl named Tsugumi Shirasaki through the efforts of a so-called "shepherd" who fulfills people's wishes. Eventually, more girls join the club thanks to the "shepherd." (Source: ANN)

Light Novel, 2017Finished1 vol, 7 chp

Having lost her chance to become the successor of a retired Hero, the passionate Mebuki Kusunoki is left bitter with envy. Sometime later, she and former Hero candidates are gathered once more by Taisha for a new duty. Unexpectedly, it is not another Hero selection. Instead, Mebuki and the others must assist the Heroes as Sentinels by investigating the treacherous outside world in preparation for humanity's desired comeback. However, their powers are reduced versions of the ones used by the Heroes, which Mebuki feels is making a mockery of her efforts. Nevertheless, she still puts in her all, hoping that one day she will be recognized by Taisha as someone worthy of becoming a Hero. Despite the dangers that lie ahead, the Sentinels unify under Mebuki's command, completing their challenging duties as they discover the horrific state of their world. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, 10 chp

On his deathbed, the famous composer, Chopin, drifts between this life and the next. In his final hours, he experiences a fantastical dream where he encounters a young girl named Polka facing a terrible destiny and the boy named Allegretto who will fight to save her. On the border between dreams and reality, Chopin discovers the light that shines in all of us in this enduring tale of good, evil, love, and betrayal. (Source : MU)

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, 9 chp

Fortune Arterial's story revolves around the male protagonist Kohei Hasekura, who transfers into a prestigious public school—an English style six-year school, serving junior high and high school students. The school, named Shuchikan Academy, is on an island, Tamatsu Island, off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. This is a series of characters' introductions to prelude the main story. (Source: MU)

Manga, 2012Finished3 vol, ? chp

Spin-off featuring Shinomiya Ayase as the main character.

Manga, 2006Finished6 vol, ? chp

Tsuwabaki, a normal school boy, accidentally switches his drink with that of a man with dog ears. It turns him into a small sheep at night, and his only hope for a normal life again is from a chosen girl who will find and catch the 7 Stardrops. The catch is that he can not tell her who he really is.

Manga, 2010Finished4 vol, 48 chp

Little Busters! EX: The 4-koma, continues after the prequel and still feature the original character from Little Busters! and a new character from Little Busters! Ecstasy: Tokido Saya.

Light Novel, 2016Finished3 vol, 14 chp

College student Chitose Karasuma is determined not to do boring things as she enters the adult world. To this end, this bad-mannered beauty barges into a facility that trains would-be voice actors and actresses, somehow landing a job at "Number One Produce," a seiyuu agency managed by her older brother, Gojou. In Chitose's mind, she's poised for greatness, but finds herself at a loss when she continues to only get minor roles. As she clashes with other girls in the agency, including a cunning airhead and a girl with a Kansai accent, Chitose is about to learn that there's more to succeeding in this competitive industry than she imagined. (Source: ANN)


The story takes place in the era of the gods, year 300. Yuuna Yuuki lives an ordinary life as a second year middle school student, but she's also a member of the "Hero Club," where club activities involve dealing with a mysterious being called "Vertex." (Source: ANN)

Manga, 2010Finished3 vol, 21 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 2013Finished2 vol, 12 chp

The story is set in a futuristic and peaceful world made possible thanks to the invention of the Manifestation Engine, which solved an energy crisis five years prior. On the island of Izu Oshima, Akane Isshiki lives a peaceful life with her family. When the world is threatened by an alien force known as the Alone, Akane is given a special key by her grandfather, Kenjirou, which allows her to access the Vivid System, which grants her special powers. Joined by her friends Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari, Akane fights to protect the world from the Alone.


Riki and his friends have been managing to form a complete team for the Little Busters baseball team and after overcoming some of its new members' internal conflicts, Riki and Rin slowly approach the "secret of this world." Will they be ready for the truth? In this world devoid of logic, something has started to move and soon will come the time when the lives of the Little Busters will change forever. (Source: Koi-nya, edited)

SerializationDengeki G's magazine
Manga, 2007Finished5 vol, 31 chp

Due to family issues, Nanaka starts to stay in the Yoshino household, living together with Yoshiyuki and Sakura. In the same setting as the original D.C.II with a different story that revolves mainly around Nanaka and Koko.


Kamisama ni Natta Hi

The Day I Became a God

Manga, 2020Finished2 vol, 16 chp

At the end of the last summer vacation of high school, Youta Narukami spends his days preparing for the university entrance exams, when a young girl named Hina suddenly appears, proclaiming herself as the "god of omniscience." Youta is confused and does not believe Hina when she tells him "The world will end in 30 days." After witnessing Hina's God-like predictive ability, Youta begins to believe her powers are real. Hina, who is innocent and childlike despite her supernatural powers, decides for some reason to stay at Youta's home. Thus begins the start of their lively summer before the end of the world. (Source: MAL News)

SerializationDengeki G's magazine

Manga adaption of iDOLM@STER 2 following Haruka, Yukiho, and Hibiki in the unit Sprout.

SerializationDengeki G's magazine
Light Novel, 2007Finished? vol, 6 chp

The novel is written as a prologue to the game by Takumi Nakazawa, who has also written scenarios for Ever17, and Memories Off 2nd, and is illustrated by Wadapen. Each chapter centers on one of the six heroines; chapters one through six are arranged as follow: Nanaka, Aoi, Syuri, Yuzuki, Hinako, and Asami. (Source: Wikipedia)

Light Novel, 1999Finished12 vol, 54 chp

Wataru Minakami is a top student who failed his high school entrence exam because of a computer glitch . He later discovered that he was accepted to Stargazer Hill Academy, which is located at a mysterious place called Promised Island. At the request of his father, Wataru is whisked away to the island, and before he can settle in, a dozen of cute and charming girls start to flock him and claim to be his younger sisters. As Wataru gets closer to his newfound siblings, a deeper mystery as to why they were sent to the island comes to play. (Source: ANN)


A gag manga featuring anthropomorphized versions of kaiju from the long-running tokusatsu series Ultraman.

SerializationDengeki G's magazine

In the year 298 from the era of the gods, elementary school girls Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi, and Gin Minowa are tasked with an important mission. They are to become heroes and fight Vertex, a mysterious enemy that is attacking Shinju-sama, the god tree that protects Shikoku, the only area in the world that is still habitable. What they don't know, is that this fight will cost them more than they could have ever imagined.


1-6. Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Gaiden: Yuusha Koushinkyoku 7-9. Kaettekita Washio Sumi wa Yuusha Radio 10-11. Yuusha GP

SerializationDengeki G's magazine

2/3 Ai no Kyoukaisen

The Boundary Line of Love Between Two and Three

Manga, -Finished3 vol, 15 chp

2/3 Ai no Kyoukaisen revolves around a young man who is a hikikomori, NEET, and 2D-girls otaku. Instead of going to school, he spends his time playing bishōjo games. His childhood friend Hime Takanayagi, and his family, attempt to try to bring the young man back to normal society. The protagonist is torn between his love of the girls in his games, or the girls in reality, which results in a struggle within himself to decide which girls he loves the most: those from the digital world, or from the real world. (Source: MU)

SerializationDengeki G's magazine

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuushashi Gaiten

Yuki Yuna Is a Hero: Hero History Apocrypha

Light Novel, 2020Finished2 vol, 16 chp

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuushashi Gaiten is a 2-volume spinoff, which is split into three distinct parts.

Manga, 2008Finished3 vol, 17 chp

Ohimesama Navigation revolves around three young girls enrolled at a fortune-telling school named Kaisen Academy. Each is learning different forms of fortune-telling at the school, though they are in the same class and have the same homeroom teacher. (Source: Wikipedia)

SerializationDengeki G's magazine
Light Novel, 2015Finished1 vol, 9 chp

Hadori Kento is a normal high school student whom can be found anywhere in the world, but "he" actually is not so normal. Kento holds a certain secret—he has the ability to accelerate himself to extraordinary speeds. Why he has this ability and for what he should use it, he himself does not know yet. Without finding the answer, he spends his life very peacefully...that is until he meets a person with the same ability. The person he meets is a serial slasher called "Silent Killer." (Source: Dengeki G's magazine Web)

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, ? chp

A 4-koma version of the visual novel HoneyComing by Hooksoft.

Manga, 2005Finished? vol, 4 chp

Finalist's story takes place in a college town somewhere in Japan. The protagonist of the story, Yoshiki Shirasagi, is a male high school student. When he entered high school, he was mistakenly given a room in the girl's dormitory due to his feminine name. This did not bode well with Yoshiki, but he eventually ended up taking the room in the end since there was no more room left in the boy's dormitory. Yoshiki meets many of the girls who live in the same dormitory.

Light Novel, 2015Finished1 vol, 7 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Light Novel, 2016Publishing? vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Light Novel, 2005Finished1 vol, ? chp

Dream Knocker's story revolves around Choco, a first year female high school student in the drama club. Her club is planning to put on the musical play Toy Box for the upcoming school culture festival, with Choco taking the lead role, and the entire club is in the process of rehearsing the play. One day during rehearsal, Choco gets a mysterious phone call on her cell phone from an unknown woman. It turns out this phone call is a prank call taking advantage of a mysterious string of events that occurred five years previous that were related to the same Toy Box play. Before the culture festival begins, Choco and her friends want to solve the mystery of the events of five years before. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manga, 2012Finished3 vol, 23 chp

Tells the official story of "Kazamidori-hen" that corresponds to the main part of the original game.

Light Novel, 2018Finished1 vol, 11 chp

A prequel to Release the Spyce focusing on Yuki Hanzoumon.