GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
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Alternative Titles

English: GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
Synonyms: GTO: Tomoko's Big Adventures
Japanese: GTO


Type: Manga
Volumes: 25
Chapters: 208
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 11, 1996 to Jan 30, 2002
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, EcchiEcchi, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen
Authors: Fujisawa, Tohru (Story & Art)


Score: 8.901 (scored by 4630946,309 users)
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Ranked: #152
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Popularity: #56
Members: 105,449
Favorites: 9,118


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Nov 15, 2008
Noir (All reviews)
I've hunted this manga for quite a while but there were always problems with the order. The translation was poorly done because it had a lot of spelling mistakes in it and failed to use proper use of the English language in some scenes.

That aside, this is by far the best manga I have ever read. I am stunned, the concept is so simple but so well thought out.

Well let’s start with a quick introduction to the story. Eikichi Onizuka is a 22 year old virgin and ex-gang leader of the dreaded motorcycle gang “Oni-Baku”. He’s a street punk with piercings and bleached hair, a read more
Oct 7, 2007
h0riz0nLine (All reviews)
I can only use one word to describe this manga, OUTSTANDING! This is definitely must-read manga for all shounen manga lovers!

The story is nevertheless to say, more than great. I didn't talk this blindly, though. This manga can describes what is going wrong with the education system in this era. The story can makes you more mature by understanding the society more deeply than ever. If you are thinking 'manga should not be too realistic' right now, then you are definitely wrong. While it describes how serious the problem is, it also slips many sense of humor (most of it is perverted one :P) and read more
May 18, 2013
alzhu11 (All reviews)
This manga, I can safely say, needs to be on everyone's "must read" list. I've been recommended this manga by a friend, and I tried it out. This was a refreshing change of pace from other popular manga out there. Maybe it was the more realistic setting, or it could have been the great arcs in each plot development. Whatever it was, I fell in love with this manga.

To begin, let's start with the story. To be honest, I personally thought it was a bit slow in the beginning. The "teacher" portion of GTO doesn't actually happen until a bit later on. However, once Eikichi read more
Jul 27, 2009
AironicallyHuman (All reviews)
Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO): one of the most loved and inspirational manga in existence. Some even pursued a career in teaching after reading it! A story about a man with little in the way of education finding a place for himself in the world as a teacher; teaching kids with more education than himself lessons about life. A wonderful combination of hard-hitting drama, complete with characters with realistic, easy to relate to problems and plenty of over the top comedy. As well as being meaningful, it can inject warmth into even the coldest of hearts. Like mine.

Story: 8/10

The story is centered around a man read more
Feb 9, 2015
lakers61409 (All reviews)
I have never written a review for anything before, and I have a decent amount of anime/manga under my belt. But god damn, that is going to change right now. GTO is just calling for it.

As someone who's watched the anime first then the manga, I'd say both are equally as good and are must watch/reads. The only way either can get any better is if they were longer, because this series just keeps you craving for more. The anime has great voice acting and its overall ambiance does the manga justice.

Never have I laughed my ass off so hard before. Onizuka is outright hilarious, read more
Feb 27, 2018
jjssyy (All reviews)
This series was a waste of time. I have to give myself a pat on the shoulder for actually sitting through the entire bullshit. Man, what was I even doing? I dropped this series halfway few years ago, so I thought I'd give it a chance again to see if I had a different opinion of it now. I was wrong.

In a sea of positive 10/10 reviews, I find it hard to believe if we are all reading the very same GTO. Ecchi has never been my favorite genre but sometimes I do come across certain series where the fan-service was done tastefully (and this read more
Jun 20, 2011
FullMetalTroopa (All reviews)
This Review contains MINOR spoilers. But they dont matter, trust me.

Onizuka is a Ex biker gang member, a virgin and a 5th rate university drop out. His goal. To be the greatest teacher in all of japan. And that is precisely what he becomes in this 200 chapter masterpiece. Let me start by saying this is the greatest manga i have ever read. Do not watch it, read it and i promise you it will be one of the read more
Jul 30, 2020
puhfyubdr2 (All reviews)
I read many reviews praising this manga and speaking on how it changed them, well, I'm very sorry then, but as an adult reading this it was too flawed to enjoy any of it.

I guess I'll start by talking about what, I guess, most people find appealing about GTO, the messages. Now, some of them are nice, not all of them, some of them. "Face up to your past mistakes." Great! "Everyone has their own problems." Very true. "If somebody sexually attacks someone, sexually assault them in return." Uuuuuuuuuuuum, no.

About the art, it's not good. It's not so bad (for the time), but it's also read more
Nov 4, 2020
Bao_GG (All reviews)
This......Is......The......One......Best......Shit, I ever read in my entire life!!! I can just say that GTO is F**cking amazing.

The story is just amazing how it's about a gangster who wants to be a teacher, and not long would be Thee savior of the educational system. I love how it tackles the very problems in life like, family, friends, trust, bullying, attempted suicides, sexual harassment, rape and much more. The way how each student has their own problems and the way how Onizuka (our MC) gives his inspiring and VERY emotional talks about how these problems.... read more
Nov 8, 2013
Blacklightcore (All reviews)
When I started reading this manga, it was mainly for the comedy. I did not expect to be so "touched" by the story and yet Eikichi Onizuka pulls of another feat!

Story (8)

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is a single story broken down into several arcs. Most arcs fit together neatly to form a neat and coherent story line. This seems to me to be the most effective method of narrating the story as if it was episodic the whole manga would have seemed messy.

Overall, the story is simple, but there is a constant undercurrent of mystery and drama running through the background. By setting read more
Aug 6, 2009
Sveznajko (All reviews)
At first i thought that this is another try-to-be-fun manga , with panty-shots and stuff , but as the story develops it tends to get more "serious" .
The story is concentrated around Onizuka but , other people get center stage sometimes.
I liked the level of realism of the problems the people are faced in the series , and though Onizuka`s problem-solving is somewhat exaggarated , it`s only to ilustrate a point , and this manga does that in great fashion.
Story is fun stuff (maybe since i encounter this kinda story for the first time)
Art .. i`m no critist to judge art, but it was read more
Jun 3, 2012
Poeticas (All reviews)
"Fuyutsuki, sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across." seems not like a line any teaches should say ... But not for our protagonist hes little different if i might say...

So Another manga is in my hands i have read it quite a few times its about School life which is seen trough this one Teacher who is kind of different from what we call a teacher Bad manners , rude and violent is what i would call him but hey he has quite a few sides to him and dealing with all kinds of students calls for having all kinds of read more
May 1, 2010
Mr_Spammer (All reviews)
Great Teacher Onizuka is one of the best Mangas there is. Why? Because it's very simple and it relates to other peoples lives. (Spoilers maybe included)

GTO's doesn't really have a straight story on it apart from stories of other peoples lives divided into each part in the Manga itself. There are stories of Betrayal, hurt, distrust, and many more things that have happened to peoples lives but what's so brilliant about this is how GTO changed people's views on how to live. For example: Urumi, she distrust teachers because she has been betrayed before. But then after knowing Onizuka and Onizuka teaching her one of read more
Apr 3, 2013
gabunomi (All reviews)
Did you hate school growing up? Of course you did, doesn't everyone for different reasons? Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is one of the great manga classics. It follows Onizuka Eikichi who is a ex-motorcycle gangster turned homeroom teacher, which basically means he is the most awesome teacher of all time! Sure you won't do well on the SATs with him as a teacher, but as you may find out from this manga, there is more to school than just studying.

Great Teacher Onizuka is a hilarious comedy that you won't be able to resist. But what will really hook you are the moving stories of each read more
Jan 20, 2021
nerosmith9090 (All reviews)
Emotions are a powerful thing; they have the capability to override any modicum of rationality and force even the ficklest of beings to succumb to their emotional disposition. Due to this, often times, those of us who claim ourselves to be critics of various mediums fall short of our own expectations. “Clannad After Story”, a series described as “life-changing” by many is the perfect suspect; a production that captured the hearts of the majority that viewed it while instantly becoming a classic within its genre. Littered with subpar designed moe characters, irrelevant arcs, contradictory elements, forced plot devices, and a plethora of other obvious issues.
Sep 20, 2020
wolfang135 (All reviews)
I first found out about GTO by going through all the top rated manga on MAL, as you do. If you listen to anyone online, you'd think that GTO is one of the best manga ever written, with no doubts. I went and specifically tried to find bad reviews, and it was hard to find any. So I went in with sky high expectations, only to find myself...a little disappointed. That isn't to say GTO is a horrible manga, however. If you manage to stick through it and deal with its problems, I do think that it is a read that is worth your time.

My read more
Jul 25, 2020
Maaavco (All reviews)
Premise before starting: read Shonan Junai Gumi before starting to read GTO, or I will come to your house with a knife, many things of GTO, including the ending, are less powerful without having read Shonan Junai Gumi.

Having said that, however, GTO is a manga that if it is read in the right period (for example adolescence) can really change your life.
Obviously this manga has many logical flaws, but they are overshadowed by the fantastic character who is Onizuka Eikichi and his life lessons.
This manga raises several criticisms of Japan and its school system, which, according to the mangaka Tooru Fujisawa, produces water from all read more
May 6, 2010
Gwilthyunman (All reviews)
This is one of those mangas that you will hear everyone praise as one of the greats, but do not be fooled by the masses. Its a stereotypical teacher drama with crude humor and a plot that repeats itself over and over. For example, student has a problem and dislikes the main character or one of the main characters friend. Student than is taught a lesson by main character through tough love, rinse and repeat. The art in many cases isn't as bad as people think, its just different and we all know people hate change. The boys don't look like girls instead they look read more
Mar 11, 2013
xlrb (All reviews)
Where should i even start

The story is good, it had a slow start, if you compare it with the action that comes packed in the later chapters of the manga.Then it picked up the pace when the students and other teachers started plotting against onizuka then it ends with a happy ending for everyone.

The art is good. the backgrounds had a lot of detail into it, although the one major down point is the character's faces overall it's fine.

Character, whew don't get me started on this one. The characters are perfect. Most, if not all had very intense characteristics. Now i don't wanna give off read more
Jun 7, 2014
Flexicute (All reviews)
Ah, Great Teacher Onizuka. The manga that changed my life. I remember being 17 years old with the latest volume of the manga, walking home as I'm reading it and laughing like a maniac while doing so. Since I left for the military and returned 4 years later, my 25 volume collection has pretty much disappeared. Now my only chance of reminiscing Onizuka's adventures involves me picking up a volume at the nearest Barnes and Noble, while trying not to distract other readers and shoppers with my guffaws.

Story: 8
The plot in Onizuka starts off very strong and continues throughout. It shows no signs of read more