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Alternative Titles

English: GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
Synonyms: GTO: Tomoko's Big Adventures
Japanese: GTO


Type: Manga
Volumes: 25
Chapters: 208
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 11, 1996 to Jan 30, 2002
Authors: Fujisawa, Tohru (Story & Art)


Score: 8.881 (scored by 34872 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #192
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #58
Members: 72,846
Favorites: 6,998


Denpa Kyoushi is like GTO for the 21. century. Both Onizuka and Kagami help students in their own way, Kagami using that brilliant brain of his and Onizuka pulling through with sheer strength and willpower. 
reportRecommended by Deifyer
If you like Kamen Teacher, then you must read the legendary Great Teacher Onizuka, and shame on you if you haven't already. Created also by Tohru Fujisawa, GTO offers the same humour and obscure teaching methods used in Kamen Teacher.  
reportRecommended by BusterMachine0
More in-line with plagiarism than a show of respect, the beginnings of The Breaker cannot but help one think of GTO/Onizuka. A new badarse teacher starts teaching at a school, bumps into a bullied kid, has to save him from jumping off the school roof and - of course - tries to get it on with a hot female teacher. If not for the art being so fantastic and GTO being equally fantastic, I'm sure this issue would be touched upon more than it has been. Awhile after its GTO-theft introduction period, it does go off in its own martial arts / The Karate Kid direction.  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
GTO and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu not only feature a teacher as a major main character but also what goes inside the classroom can be quite humorous with the amount of gags and themes. The main male protagonist teacher their students with some unusual methods although they are genuine about their roles. There is a large amount of focus on characterization in both series when we find out about the students as well. Do note that Ansatsu Kyoushitsu portrays supernatural elements by adding unnatural events with assassination as a theme as well. GTO on the other hand has more realism. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
In these two publications, delinquents are subjected to teachers who are determined to change their lives for the better. Both teachers teach their students important life lessons. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both series involve teachers who provide their students with life lessons through unorthodox means. The two series are fun reads full of comedy and drama. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both are likeable, manly, rebellious and funny series of the school-comedy-slice of life genre, and both involve delinquents, students, gangs, fights, rivalry, friendship. The main characters in GTO are older than the ones in Kyou Kara Ore Wa, but the style and hilarity level are overall the same. 
reportRecommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both deal with a spirited teacher going to teach and the issues that they have with their students. 
reportRecommended by ladyshiny
Hotman is a slice-of-life master's take on GTO. Enzo is pretty much Onizuka with a daughter & four younger siblings. Where as Oni made his class his 'family', Enzo sacrifices himself for his real family as he deals with the mistakes of his past. Along the way, he finds himself becoming romantically involved with another teacher at the school he teaches at... but, of course, he never seems to get around to sealing the deal. There are differences between the characters, such as Enzo trying to atone for his past by being a health freak and Onizuka being a complete pervert, but both kick arse... and  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
Both GTO and AIKI have a teacher who is evil, crazy and perverse. even the general feel of both mangas are the same.  
reportRecommended by h4ff
The main character wants to improve his life. Some days are good, others are horrible and are hilarious. Mr. Kurosawa is sort of a "what if" older version of Eikichi Onizuka. Both men are extremely tough and the type of character you want to root for. The main turning point in both manga is that the main character has to deal with some troublesome middle school students. Sometimes it's frustrating to see the main character get punished but there are many rewarding chapters too. If you like a manga with drama, comedy and a meaningful message you won't be disappointed. 
reportRecommended by Jackson_H
A male delinquent takes on a leadership roll and becomes responsible for the well being of his class and his school. Tho he means well people still see him as a delinquent and try to get in his way... lifes not so simple even when you dont fallow the rules 
reportRecommended by patrat
Created by the same author, GTO and Shonan Seven involves fighting and delinquents with a tough main protagonist. They have different goals but both of them lands them in a school that proves to be a challenge for their life. There is an adequate amount of realism that especially pertains to a more rough culture in school. Both series' main male protagonist also has similar personalities.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both of them are some of the best comedies you can find in manga. Both of them have similar over the top facial expressions/reactions that are absolutely priceless. Both of them also have some really genuine heartwarming moments thanks to the great characters. 
reportRecommended by alpha_shadow
Are you looking for a moderately long manga to read? Are you a person that also judges an manga by its drawing? Did you enjoy the jokes Air Gear had? Immerse yourself in a story about an abnormal teacher that doesn't teach kids like your common teacher would. Read as he, Onizuka, teaches his special bunch of students a bit about life that they wouldn't have been able to learn in class. How does it relate to Air Gear? Art GTO has is very similar to that if Air Gear. GTO has similar ridiculous jokes that will crack you up!  
reportRecommended by zedwardzenyz
Both main protagonist help people when they look like they need it they even involve in dangerous situation to keep them happy. 
reportRecommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
The Main male character is like Onizuka, ex delinquent that turns into a teacher to help kids.  
reportRecommended by Tobuay
First, sorry for my bad english. So, the story take place with the arrival from a new primary teacher who must take care of the class of the high school: "the second class of high school B" (I don't know how to say it well) The high school in which the story takes place is a private high school. The headmaster asks to pay attention to his car. There is a pervert sport teacher, a horny school nurse, etc. The only major difference is that, unlike Onizuka who is a really nice guy, the guy here is pure evil.  
reportRecommended by LeSingeSavant
Both are comedic shonen manga with a bit of fanservice and pop culture humor, though GTO is more realistic and has no sci-fi element. 
reportRecommended by CatSoul
Both have protagonists who were once ex-delinquents and part of a biker gang in high school. They become teachers with the hopes of boosting their own career and becoming the world's greatest. Because of their rebellious state in the past, they are able to conform with the students' own problems and solve them. They both break society's norm of a typical teacher. They use their own methods of teaching. Onizuka does so in a more violent and comedic way, while Kenji follows a more logical and intellectual approach. 
reportRecommended by PirateKingz
They bout are interesting,funny have fights and are about hight school  
reportRecommended by valia12341
Oh surprise its pretty similiar both in comedy, character design and art. Could be because of the same author but hey. 
reportRecommended by MrMiyamura
Two strong male protagonists. Their actions influence the people around them and teach them life lessons. GTO is highly regarded as a masterpiece but Hareluya also shines in its own way.  
reportRecommended by PirateKingz
Both stories - comic manga about new teachers who teach their problematic students more real life than school subjects.  
reportRecommended by fischermori
definitely the funniest mangas out there 
reportRecommended by edroxel
Both are good examples about how every theme could be turned into an successful and award-winning shounen. Yakitate!! Japan and Great Teacher Onizuka both feature an amazing and likeable main character as well as good and well-written side characters and a hilarious plot - in a good way, of course ;). 
reportRecommended by Nidhoeggr
Funny and perverted antics of Onizuka.. Moreover, Onizuka and Makito looks similar in a way actually...  
reportRecommended by resha37
Both mangas have a main character that is, shall we say, eccentric, bold, and impulsive. The main character has to fight against a corrupt sort of system and the people the people that are trying to "protect it". Both main characters have a sort of essence to them that saves the people around them from being "sucked" into the system. 
reportRecommended by Jasonbear
Both are high school comedies featuring a blond main character named Onizuka who is a reformed delinquent. With the series Sket Dance we have Onizuka Himeko, formerly known as Onihime, who is now a proud member of the Sket Dan, an extracurricular club that takes on students' requests for help. With the series Great Teacher Onizuka we have Onizuka Eikichi, formerly known as Eikichi the Oni, who is now striving toward becoming a good teacher now that he's finished a student teaching position successfully. Both shows are mostly comedies with some serious overtimes from time to time, although Sket Dance has a lot more slapstick  read more 
reportRecommended by Numi
Both these serialisations revolve around teachers who use unorthodox methods to teach problematic students. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
It is about high school life and the teachers that judge the persons by appearances. Not totally the same but the comedic value is totally the same. And, GTO is more than perverted than Angel Densetsu. The main character also have same personality, they can sacrifice for the one they eager to protect and no hypocrite personality. 
reportRecommended by h0riz0nLine
Like in Medaka Box, the main character of GTO starts his career at school having to prove himself but slowly wins over the hearts of, well anyone, through unconventional methods. It's a bit hard to explain, so it's just best if you just check it out yourself. 
reportRecommended by Toost_Inc
Sun-Ken Rock is pretty much Onizuka moving to Korea and starting a gang in an M rated manga. The humor is pretty similar, and although Ken isn't as much of a loser as Onizuka, they both share some character traits, such as being virtuous fighting machines, with a perverted side. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
Badass with mad fighting skills becomes a teacher and through his unconventional methods, he reaches the students. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
There were times while I was reading Shibatora that I thought I was reading a new chapter of GTO - and that is among the highest praise I can give a manga. Unlike most manga that are considered "similar" to GTO, Shibatora is not another rehashed teacher-delinquent student story. Instead of an unusual teacher, it's an unusual detective. However, the underlying themes, motifs, humor and, ultimately, uplifting nature of GTO are all present in Shibatora. If you liked one, I have absolutely no doubt that you will like the other. 
reportRecommended by armani661
I'd say the main characters really resemble each-other quite a bit. And they're both in a school setting revolving around delinquents. They're both tough guys, who're really very stupid, but always have their eyes set on doing what's right. Being nosy and involving themselves when they see something's not right. I'd say they're remarkably similar. 
reportRecommended by JoeSchulz
Both manga's protagonists tends to teach a lesson, but in a very different way. While Onizuka will let a person to reflect on his actions, Akumetsu will kill them. 
reportRecommended by Wilio
Both share the same type of naive, eccentric and perverted protagonists. Though they seem to mess everything up they always end up being liked by everybody in the end. oh, and the comedy is pretty much the same. 
reportRecommended by lillmarcus
The main dudes in both help solve the problems of others presented in arc-format. Plus I guess you could mention both are school related comedies with some romance.......but then again isn't everything?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! 
reportRecommended by simo000
Probably not for the same age groups. But the concepts of each are relatively the same. In that a new person at school is put at odds against a group of students, merely for taking up a position of power. But the protagonist of both manage to turn the hearts of those against them. 
reportRecommended by JoeSchulz