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Feb 26, 2014
The movie reminded me of Devil May Cry but not as good.

Bayonetta a nice action game and all thought the game was good the anime was just normal and dull... started out with a combat scene and went on from there some jokes here and there and so on...

Bayonetta's attitude was priceless her attitude towards the enemies was fun to watch just like in game ... during the movie she tries to remember her past by battling her enemies , encountering some people that turn into her allies with twist and turns bayonetta is just a combat based anime with some minor gore elements.

For those read more
Jan 13, 2014
''I Want To Shine'' says our main protagonist Matsumae, Ohana... But i think most of us want the same deep in our hearts.

Growing up is the moment in life when every single one of your steps or toughs can be a mistake which later in life will teach you or your loved ones on how to live trough those certain moments in life and learning about and accepting your mistakes is one step that leads one to adulthood.

Ohana always wanted to do something with her life something that would make her stand out and shine brighter than anyone else ... She always saw her mother read more
Jan 13, 2014
Kyousou Giga it was something that made me remember a couple of anime that I have seen before this.

Watching Kyousou Giga was a feeling of misunderstanding, I had a dumbfound look on my face and most of all, I wanted to see what happened next... The series started and threw me in a world of misbehavior and mischievous atmosphere, where everything fell into a story that I couldn't predict... Later, it all came to the right places and gets back on track with a story or a fairytail about a world in which everything is possible, with twists and turns. Kyousou Giga takes us trough read more
Sep 16, 2013
Well an type of Anime which i haven't seen in a while.

Story 8: There is not much story behind it but what they got here is quite enough to make you laugh , say wtf and just enjoy the crazy ride.
I mean come on how many animes do you find that involve girls and dogs and their relationship? Plus overall craziness with a depressing girl , masochistic manager and an over the top blonde girl showing up here and there not to talk about some samurai maid running wild making the dogs life even more crazy...
And to top it up many random encounters , challenges read more
Jan 10, 2013
"One day i want to hear these lips say I love You" Considering that i always read the manga and am a big fan of it Anime announcement was something out of this world for me.

The story , the calming atmosphere , the intriguing moments , the bullying , painful experiences and The Friendship is what this anime is all about from the opening song you can feel the warmth coming and starting with 1st episode starts the story of somewhat Lonely and awkward Tachibana Mei ... Our main Protagonist is a girl who is quite antisocial and "Doesn't need Friends because friends only betray read more
Jun 3, 2012
GTO (Manga) add (All reviews)
"Fuyutsuki, sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across." seems not like a line any teaches should say ... But not for our protagonist hes little different if i might say...

So Another manga is in my hands i have read it quite a few times its about School life which is seen trough this one Teacher who is kind of different from what we call a teacher Bad manners , rude and violent is what i would call him but hey he has quite a few sides to him and dealing with all kinds of students calls for having all kinds of read more
Jun 2, 2012
"In our class room, everyone has worries behind their smiles. Parents divorcing, complexes, kissing…" Such worries for us seem like nothing but for kids they are something that change their life.

Still one of my most memorable mangas that i read there are 4 stories all seem such easy and dumb but be it first kiss between new boyfriend and girlfriend , be it parents fighting or just not wanting to lose to someone precious to you ... Seems like nothing much here but feelings still overflow and makes you see how such things can hurt or be sweet how hard can it be to read more
Jun 2, 2012
"I don't have any regrets. I'm glad I met you" Is what our heroine Kaname Chidori has to say seems romantic ? Quite a lot.

So what we have here is an intense Romance and Comedy manga mixed with action and Mechas all over the place making it quite a nice read so looking closer we see a story of clueless guy and strong willed girl trying to survive seems nice but lets add Tons of comedy , deadly battles and drama here and there we would get an story line so Writer Gatoh, Shoji brought us an story with many turns here and there read more
May 31, 2012
Suzuka (Manga) add (All reviews)
"If you stand still nothing changes.... but... if you take even a step forward....I have a feeling something will change, and something good will happen!"

Writer tells us a simple story about a guy coming into Tokyo to live , study and of course finding love is added to just because it's an romance story ... Not long the manga starts we are thrown into "Boy Meets girl" event where he notices a beautiful girl and well is captivated by her Yes it just how it goes in such mangas.
Simple events from the get go it was not the case i guess because later things read more
May 31, 2012
Clannad (Manga) add (All reviews)
“Shall I take you away, to the place where dreams come true” A quote that tells almost everything about this Manga or anime or light novel its all connected to that one dream world where your every wish comes true!

I have gathered every single of my thoughts about these series from Manga , light novel and anime so here it is:

If we are talking about reality and love that is meant to be the writer of this Manga told us a story that makes us literally cry With tears of joy or tears of sadness Adding events one after another he created world of Pain read more