Oct 7, 2007
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I can only use one word to describe this manga, OUTSTANDING! This is definitely must-read manga for all shounen manga lovers!

The story is nevertheless to say, more than great. I didn't talk this blindly, though. This manga can describes what is going wrong with the education system in this era. The story can makes you more mature by understanding the society more deeply than ever. If you are thinking 'manga should not be too realistic' right now, then you are definitely wrong. While it describes how serious the problem is, it also slips many sense of humor (most of it is perverted one :P) and many reckless acts in it (The main character is ex-biker anyway, so nothing to be freaked out). Its not like what you will get sleepy while read this manga though. Takes some example, Onizuka saved his student from suicide attempt by jumping off the building. While it is seems awkward at start, but if it seen at another view, would it great if we got teacher like that? I'll describe the characters lately, so we jumped to artwork for now first.

The most appealing art styles in this manga is the unique face expression of the characters itself. I can say it is unique because no other mangaka (as i know) 1used the style before. Their excessive expression will make some of readers laugh (myself too) even in some sort of serious situation. While it is unique, it is also, you know, realistic. (go and grab a copy of GTO and you will know what i mean)

I can't deny that this manga have many well done character. The reason I can't give a high score to the characters design is THEY HAVE DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE BUT SAME FACED CHARACTER IN IT especially male character. It bothers me when I see Murai and Kikuchi have same faces and the only things that differentiate them are glasses, skin colour and hairstyle! The problem in characters is just appearance, though. But good things is all the characters has their very own personality.

The enjoyment level is really high. You can read this manga all the day without getting bored even once. For my case, I've been read this manga in front of my monitor (I downloaded it) for nearly 6 hours non stop for 2 days. All the arc are not repetitive, and the most outstanding is you can't predict what will Onizuka do. You can predict the plot but not action by the Onizuka, so it may make you laugh until drops under the floor!

My overall rating is 10 out of 10! You can download this manga at This is where i download the manga episodes. The server is a bit lag though but guess you have to be patient with it. If you know a better website, share it with me!

This is my second reviews for manga, so it is not really good. But I will do better jobs next time! And thanks for reading my review!