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Jun 19, 2018
This anime is mediocre at best, and that's a damn shame.

I've rewatched Granblue Fantasy and tried my damndest to like it, I really did. There's something in it that's drew me in. I like the art design. I liked the promise of adventure and seeing new sights, which it fulfilled to some degree. I liked the few moments of action in between the long - and I mean long - transition of exposition between scenes.

And that's where GBF:TA falls flat. In spite of its surface beauty and promise of adventure, it just kind of drags along from point A to point B with read more
Mar 11, 2016
While it's not the progenitor of tsundere harem anime (I consider Ranma 1/2 to hold that honor), Love Hina is without a doubt one of the most popular and successful series ever in its respective genre, and no doubt had a lasting influence on many series that followed it afterwards.

It all starts with a childhood promise. Keitaro and his Promise Girl both vow at a very young age that they would find happiness together in Tokyo University. Fast forward 15 years later, and the poor guy is struggling with re-tests to get in. And his problems are all downhill from there: He's also the manager read more
Mar 11, 2016
I had a LOT of high expectations for Love Hina's anime adaptation once I was about four volumes into the manga. Unfortunately, as a BIG fan of the manga, the anime left much to be desired.

Story-wise, you get enthralled the moment you realize how much Keitaro has struggled to get into Tokyo University, especially to keep a 15 year old promise to the love of his life. However, there are many plot holes and re-written story arcs that drive this wonderful story through the wall. For instance, Motoko's dream sequence when she's sick and she gets a look into Keitaro's past - it's originally Keitaro read more
Apr 17, 2015
How often do you see an anime that revolves around a married couple? (And no, don't get me started on that SAO teenage marriage nonsense.) "ICUWMHIS" is one of the funniest, most refreshing anime I've seen in a long time, even if the episodes are only around three minutes in length.

The protagonists, Kaoru and Hajime, are worlds apart personality and lifestyle wise, but they find a way to make it work regardless. As the theme of the show is love and tolerance, each episode chronicles how they get through the hurdles of life together. There's a surprising amount of character development, despite of the shows read more
Apr 17, 2015
The protagonist is a 28 year old, unemployed, alcoholic hottie named Narumi Kawase. For reasons unknown (no spoilers here, you'll have to find out yourself!), she's out of a job and is now scraping by as the assistant of an established manga artist. At first glance, this manga is seemingly another take on the harem genre, especially if you consider the amount of attention the deuteragonist Jun Yoshikawa gets. However, as the series progresses, you'll see a lot of the other characters being fleshed out and having their share in the spotlight, as well as see how their personal and romantic lives advance, which is read more
Apr 8, 2015
Overall Synopsis: "My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san" is a pretty cliched series with some flaws (lack of characterization being one of them), but the laughs and unpredictable moments in the time slips makes it enjoyable.

Assuming you've already read a summary of what the story's about, I'll just cut to the chase.

The various sight gags, accompanied with the series unique art style, make for some very enjoyable reading. The flash forward style time skips (think Family Guy combined with Butterfly Effect.... yeah that sounded awkward), which you would think are predictable, are surprisingly not in some cases. Because as the protagonist Aoshima learns, the future isn't read more
Aug 2, 2014
As of this review, I am 18 episodes in. And I must say, Stardust Crusaders exceeded many of my expectations. The art style has a subtle, yet noticeable change in color palette and tone, opting for a more horror inspired look. This art style is also the closest to the manga by far, so many long time JoJo fans will be very happy with that.

And as if that wasn't enough to be happy about, Stardust Crusaders boasts an excellent soundtrack. The opening theme, "Stand Proud," is not my personal favorite JoJo theme ("Bloody Stream" is the clear winner there), but it definitely fits the read more
Jul 21, 2014
As a long time Street Fighter fan, I had high hopes for this anime revolving around the teenage life of Ryu and Ken. I also eagerly awaited certain episodes where they interacted with other Street Fighter characters in a new light (ie. Ryu being friendly with Sagat, Ken sparring with Fei Long).

Unfortunately, this series ultimately failed to live up to my hopes all because of one major flaw: PAINFULLY SLOW PACING. It's almost as if after every sentence is uttered, there's a dramatic pause in between to lengthen the show. It also takes an entire episode for a hadouken that Ryu is charging to read more
Jul 21, 2014
Story: 7
Ranma has one of the most interesting premise of any series I've ever seen. The main character is cursed to transform into a girl whenever he's doused with cold water. He is not the only one: His father turns into a panda, and his rivals/suitors also turn into various different creatures in cold water; and cold water, being more plentiful than hot water (rain, lakes, pools, you name it), this makes for interesting and enjoyable plot points. Although the character's ultimate goals are to transform back to their normal selves, there less sense of it being an overarching storyline, allowing Ranma's creative writing team read more
Jun 12, 2014
Akira (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story: 5
Akira packs a LOT into a very small package, creating a grand, yet easily confusing narrative. In the end, it feels incomplete and almost requires a part II to sort everything out. Nevertheless, the theme of human suffering as the cost of tyranny and greed (and in Tetsuo's case, wrath) is profound, even if the rest of the plot is convoluted.

Art: ∞
Sure, I gave it a 10 on the rating scale, but truth be told, there is no number here that could truly justify the quality of art and animation in Akira. The level of detail in the characters and the ultra smooth, read more