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Poll: One Piece Episode 604 Discussion

Jul 26, 2016 11:05 PM

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LOL I loved how Usopp enjoyed seeing Luffy's UFO move xDD
Aug 3, 2016 5:39 PM

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Highlight of the episode has to be whenever Caesar laughs, it's the only thing that makes me want to look at the screen to pay attention


Eiichiro Oda insults my intelligence as a lover of anime and as a viewer with a brain. Fuck you, Eiichiro Oda and Toei.
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Nov 24, 2016 2:01 PM

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Luffy Kick "UFO" xD

Hello, my litte boy!

Nov 3, 2017 3:18 PM

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Sanji's dream is over.
Lol, Zoro is telling Luffy to get serious, but he uses a really cool and funny UFO attack.
Jul 2, 5:41 AM

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Nice new move from Luffy. Nami and Sanji switched back finally! Yay things aren't confusing anymore!
Oct 9, 3:19 AM

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Punk Hazard has become an absolute blast recently. Every episode has been amazing and full of great content. Firstly though, I want to speak about the remnants of Punk Hazard. The musical choice and montage of the frozen outside was beautiful. It evoked memories of the Kiln of the First Flame in Dark Souls. A land covered in ash. There is beauty in the ashy and empty state it was left in despite how cruel it is out there. Only Caesar’s men died and even if they can be unparalyzed, there were a few poisoned by Smiley and they didn’t deserve that. Either way as soon as we got a look inside of the laboratory it was a showing of how many great character moments can be in one single scene, I’ve never seen close to it in other anime/manga.

First, the G-5 blocked the door at the last second as Brook showed off his utility with soul form. After that Zoro continued one of my favorite gags in One Piece. He looks over to the door that he cut open, to the men who barely saved all of them and says “okay!”, “IT’S NOT OKAY YOU NEARLY KILLED US!”. Zoro’s ability to be reckless as hell yet maintain this stoic mentality of “what happened, happened” as long as everything turns out okay is hysterical. He can’t conceive of the amount of stress and fear he puts other people through. Then when all the G-5 aimed at them, Zoro gave the most villainous smile I’ve seen him do, ready to tear through these marines. To contrast the sheer insanity on his face was the adorable Brownbeard who couldn’t hide his happiness that the marines knew his name, something the Straw Hats rejected earlier. He has made a name for himself after all!!! Then we had Sanji and Nami finally change their bodies back while Sanji hilariously tried to keep them swapped but the part here that got to me was how Sanji was so happy that he cried when he learned that Nami got hurt in his body rather than hers. That’s so sweet, Usopp was right, you’re so noble Sanji-kun!!! Awwww…. So many endearing back to back character moments that say so much about the cast.

Then Law made the tone serious once more, “I’d rather not have to create a massacre” as if he’ll do what he has to do. What he’s going to do will put everyone at risk in the laboratory and he told everyone where the exit was and how to get through the building. We had Luffy ask a secret favor of Robin and from there everyone went off onto their missions. Luffy to kidnap Caesar for the second time, the other Straw Hats and the G-5/Tashigi to find the kids, although I’m sure Zoro would like to stick with Kin’emon and check out his skills. Kin’emon to find Momonosuke, Brownbeard to get his boys back and potentially get revenge, Smoker to take out Vergo, and Law to continue his plan. I think One Piece is excellent at giving each character personal and believable motivation like this, and further, Vergo, Monet, and Caesar are all at play here. Vergo will want all of G-5 and Smoker dead, they saw him. He may also want Law dead depending on Law’s actions here. Monet is still mysterious but she’s probably going to help Vergo with what he wants. Caesar will need to defend himself from the advancing rubber boy. I particularly love Vergo’s connection to both Law and Smoker. THERE ARE SO MANY CHARACTERS AT PLAY HERE THAT COULD ALL INTERACT IN INTERESTING WAYS!! And we mustn’t forget Chopper is here with information on the drugs that could save these kids!! Woo!! I think these moments of intersection are some of my favorite in One Piece, when so many characters I enjoy are at play and interacting in a way that could go in many directions.

And finally, Zoro is insane. He is more resolved than he has ever been. After giving his life and dream up and surrendering for his crew against Kuma. After losing brutally and futilely against Kizaru. After prostrating and begging his enemy to train him and giving his all for two years. It’s all added up, he was serious since day one but the pain and ferocity on his face as he shouted at Luffy walking through a crowd of enemies like they are nothing to him was a freaking standout moment. Of course he feels this way. They lost, they spent 2 years training, and here in Punk Hazard at the beginning of the New World they were already knocked out. They lost round 1, all of them had a chance to have been killed in their sleep. Literally, if Caesar wasn’t such a showoff and was more practical about it then they’d all be dead. “Being caught off guard could cost us our lives from now on!” is damn true and the captain and second in command both were caught completely off guard. The air of “things will turn out okay no matter what” is completely dead now, a mistake can mean death. Also being a Usopp/Zoro stan seeing Usopp guard Zoro from behind as he walked through the crowd and laugh at Luffy’s UFO as Zoro was flustered was fantastic.
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