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Poll: Fate/Zero 2nd Season Episode 6 Discussion

Aug 7, 8:42 AM

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Ever since it was mentioned that he took down a whole plane on his own, I knew it had to be sth. like these. And oh was it emotional. They knew how this was going to end when she saw the first ghoul but I still clung to some false hope anyway...
Aug 12, 8:48 AM

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RiP best mom Natalia, was sad to see Kiri breaking like that.
Sep 27, 10:56 PM
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Come to think of it they are so many ways to kill those ghouls. Even he made a big sacrifice. but he still could rescue his mother or Natalia. But he chose to kill Natalia. That is the easy way to stop those ghouls. Kinda sound heartless but he is what he did to prevent dying more people. Make me cry

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