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Jun 10, 4:25 PM
Apr 2023
Do you guys rewatch a anime that you love or brings nostalgia?
Jun 10, 5:18 PM

Jan 2021
the only anime i rewatched was naruto shippuden, and that was years ago. the reason i rewatched it was for the reasons you said, but also cause i wanted to see if will still liked it as much as i did. i don't usually rewatch as there are still many interesting stuff i didn't watched/read. the closest thing will be when i read the parts the anime adapted in the manga, but that's more to refresh my mind about it.

even when i'm interested in revisiting a series who had complete adaptation such as death note or fmab i prefer to just read the manga instead.
the only anime i see myself rewatching one day is fate/zero i didn't liked it back then which demotivated me from watching the rest of the series, but i want to give it a 2nd chance.
CielordJun 11, 8:53 AM
spiritual successor of lord rothchild.
Jun 10, 5:23 PM

Jun 2024
It's rare for me to rewatch a whole series.
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Jun 10, 5:26 PM

Jul 2015
I do. Only short ones though. Can't bring myself to go through something long again.
Jun 10, 5:29 PM
Sep 2013
Not really. There's just so much anime out there that you can easily find something that piques your interest. Gives less reason to rewatch for me, even the really good stuff.
Only time I really go back to rewatch is when new seasons of a show come out and it's been a sufficiently long time.

Jun 10, 5:37 PM

May 2024
Not really?
If I am truly interested in an Anime, I put my phone down with my tabs and give it my full attention.
After the last episode ends and I'm satisfied, I don't feel the need to rewatch since I have given up a decent amount of my life to commit.
I'm new!
Jun 10, 5:42 PM

Apr 2014
I used to rewatch a few series many times, but I haven't done it in a long time. I would gladly rewatch a series with a friend. I'm trying so hard to get people into Nana.

I think my most rewatched series are Mermaid Melody, Fruits Basket, Ouran, and possibly Black Butler. There are also some boys love series I've rewatched a ton of times, but I don't think anyone would be interested in me listing those lol.

I've also rewatched tons of Ghibli movies, but I wouldn't count them since they're movies.
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Jun 10, 6:11 PM

Nov 2019
Yes, I rewatch a lot of series, but I don't have the energy and time right now to rewatch longer shows. Maybe next year I'll rewatch the Gundam Universal Century timeline.
Jun 10, 6:15 PM

Sep 2022
Very rarely I'll rewatch an anime I really liked, or at least some of the nostalgic or memorable parts. But overall, I don't rewatch anime often.
Jun 10, 6:19 PM

Oct 2022
I've rewatch a few anime but I'd prefer to just see something new. Same thing for stuff like books and even food to a certain extent.
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Jun 10, 6:27 PM

Jan 2009
in the internet age i do not rewatch shows just rewatching some scenes or an episode or two
Jun 10, 6:28 PM

Apr 2018
Both of these reasons, but also if I'm curious if my opinion on it changed.

If I do rewatch something, it's more likely that I watch something I liked before.
Jun 10, 6:55 PM

Mar 2019
Sometimes I'll rewatch shows before bed but generally I'm looking to watch new things as I have a planned schedule to stick to.
Jun 10, 7:18 PM

Aug 2010
Yes, I've rewatched shows that I love before. There are some shows I want to rewatch because of nostalgia, but haven't got the time to do that yet since I prioritize watching something new.
Jun 10, 7:38 PM

Feb 2020
I re-watch my favorite shows all the time. :3
Jun 10, 7:59 PM

Aug 2014
I do not do much rewatching, though it's not because I don't want to revisit things, but because there is so much that I do want to see.
Jun 10, 10:23 PM

Mar 2020
The only times I've rewatched an anime was AoT until the 3rd season back when the 4th season was announced but I didn't foresee it'd become the multi-part season we see today lol. That and when I watched Your Name and Silent Voice on a bus during a school field trip.
Jun 10, 10:27 PM
Apr 2023
Reply to Stomiks
The only times I've rewatched an anime was AoT until the 3rd season back when the 4th season was announced but I didn't foresee it'd become the multi-part season we see today lol. That and when I watched Your Name and Silent Voice on a bus during a school field trip.
@Stomiks Did you watch Your Name and Silent Voice on phone?
Jun 10, 10:28 PM

Apr 2021
Normally if i rewatch it's just 1 or 2 episodes. If i rewatch a whole series, it's either a comedy or I'm watching it together with someone else
Jun 10, 10:33 PM

Nov 2013
It's rare that I rewatch an anime.

However, I am nostalgic for older animation styles, which I definitely feel when I'm watching an older series.
Jun 10, 10:33 PM

Mar 2020
Reply to Vapor_AU
@Stomiks Did you watch Your Name and Silent Voice on phone?
@Vapor_AU It was on an old ipad that I used to own.
Jun 10, 11:40 PM
Oct 2019
I rewatch various shows for different reasons. I have my annual rewatch and then what I am currently watching. I rewatch sometimes to confirm my score if I watched it long ago and my annual rewatch are because I love them.
Jun 10, 11:57 PM

Jul 2017
I rewatch some of my favorite animes every other year, some every year
Jun 10, 11:59 PM

Jan 2023
Yes, I do rewatch the series I liked very frequently :)
Jun 11, 12:11 AM

Oct 2021
Ofc I'm going to rewatch my favorite anime after some time, either if I don't have something else to watch or my memory is fading about it. I'm currently rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho and it shows again, why it's one of my favorite shows of all time. I've also rewatched K-ON and some other anime so far and I'll keep doing this.
Jun 11, 1:03 AM

Sep 2016
Vapor_AU said:
Do you guys rewatch a anime that you love or brings nostalgia?

Only certain episodes or scenes, but not entire Anime unless they are really short (movie length or less)
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Jun 11, 1:19 AM
Oct 2023
Till now only one anime I have rewatched and not for nostalgia, just to see detailing and foreshadowing,, the one and only Attack on Titan

Jun 11, 2:42 AM
Jul 2016
I've never rewatched a show, because I'm afraid it won't be as good as i remember
Jun 11, 3:53 AM
Jun 2022
Yes, Steins;Gate and Re:Zero for example
Jun 11, 4:07 AM
Apr 2024
I do rewatch some old anime sometimes, specially after trying a few new animes that are garbage I just say to myself just go and see what you like and missed. There are also anime that I watched more than 10 years ago so I don't really remember everything.
Jun 11, 4:12 AM

Feb 2024
I don't rewatch anything at will, only if someone wants to watch something together.
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Jun 11, 4:18 AM

Feb 2023
I rewatch anime mainly to see if my opinion on them will change, especially for shows I used to hate, but I also rewatch some favorites sometimes. If I rewatch something, I'll try to rewatch the entire series
Jun 11, 4:21 AM

Sep 2018
Most of my favorites are up there precisely because they were even better on a rewatch. Taste changes over time so rewatching after a few years can make you see things in a different light.
Jun 11, 4:49 AM

Jan 2023
Not today, because there is no time. I can hardly see anything new. Depends on the day.
But yes, in another time, especially when the Internet did not exist, one watched and rewatched the same series.

Series that I saw more than once? CardCaptor Sakura, Slayers, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Evangelion...
Jun 11, 8:53 AM

Apr 2021
I am absolutely a rewatch guy. I rewatch any show that is dear to my heart, or at least I keep rewatching my favorite scenes from time to time. I would actually love to rewatch so many shoujo romance anime but I'm afraid of having to sit through the bitter parts of those shows (they are ultra-mentally scarring). I also gladly rewatch any anime if want to get my friend to watch it.
Jun 11, 9:07 AM

Jul 2022
I pretty much only rewatch my favorites or things I’m showing to a friend who’s never seen it before. On occasion I’ll watch something I disliked and haven’t watched in a long while to give it another shot though, even if it doesn’t change my opinion all that often.


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Jun 11, 9:09 AM

Jan 2022
I think I should rewatch some of the stuff that I forgot about due to cannabis-related memory loss.

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