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Poll: Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 30 Discussion

May 20, 8:17 PM

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Nurguburu said:
Everything bad from Fairy Tail in one episode. I can't believe: 68 5/5 for this episode lmao. We have accepted mediocrity.

This isn't meant to provoke you in any way (that'd just be childish). I actually understand what you're saying, too. It makes me want to share my own point of view, though. (As for accepting mediocrity, I do so as well, but I certainly don't accept just any kind of mediocrity when it comes to anime series. There's a certain range (defined by what makes me like a series or not). Shows that end up within it are 'safe'. Shows that don't manage to fall within it are dropped, I delete them from my list and stop watching them.) With that being said, moving on to what I wanted to share.

I think of it this way: I have no sound proof of this, but there's a good chance that those who can enjoy mediocre series (to an extend), probably also appreciate the truly outstanding shows more. Again, I don't know if this is actually true or not. But if it is, wouldn't that mean that if you're less likely to enjoy the mediocre series, even the best series out there often disappoint you in the end?

Purely speaking for myself here; it's partially because I can enjoy certain mediocre series that I'm genuinely happy when I find a show that's downright awesome.
May 28, 6:16 PM

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Best part of episode was the cute Juvia flashbacks feelsbadman. No surprise that she didn't die.
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