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Poll: Revisions Episode 8 Discussion

Jan 13, 8:12 PM
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Woah! The scene towards the end was intense. Keisaku, you're a true hero unlike certain someone...
Jan 15, 5:54 PM

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Looking back, this turn of events wasn't unexpected, but I didn't think Nicholas would take things quite that far.
Jan 20, 11:01 PM
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Looks like the pep talk helped Daisuke be a little more cooperative this time. I don't expect their plan to go smoothly though..

Holy crap a lot of crap happened...gravity is just no fair...Chiharu is dead, but so is Keisaku, and it took that much to finally get Daisuke to face reality. So what happens now? Shibuya won't return to the present since the bomb didn't work. And with Chiharu gone, what will the Revisions do now? Nico could just walk into Shibuya and slaughter everyone, but what will Mukyu do?
Jan 21, 11:55 AM

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wow that was brutal and sad, Keisaku saw his mom get killed so insanely right in front of him... and damn, he also died.
Mar 2, 11:16 AM

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Wow, this episode was so tense!
I liked the fact that they showed that Daisuke had a bit of character development and that know he understands that he is in a team, and he is not the only one affected by his actions.
When they saved the hostages, I thought Keisaku's mom would be in there, but they decided to go through the tragic path. Seeing his own mother dying in front of him and not be able to do anything to save must be so frustating and sad for Keisaku, I really felt bad for him! I also think that that scene was very well executed!
Seems that Keisaku is totally hopeless and desperate, he only wants to kill the person that killed his mother, and make justice by his own hands. Just thinking in how Keisaku was feeling in the beggining of the episode (confident, hopeful) just makes me feel so bad =(.
That final scene... What just happened? It seems that Nico planned to kill Chiharu since the beggining, by enfuriating Keisaku and Daisuke (I think it was more about Daisuke, but things turned out in another way), and that scene with Keisaku smashing the head of Chiharu is just ... wow. It really shows how he was suffering, by letting that suffer "transform" into violence.
NO KEISAKU! NO! I can't believe I had a favourite amongst the 5, and he is the one who gets to die. He sacrificed himself for his mother, but also to save his friends and his city, he's indeed a true hero. I hope he rests in peace. But I do want to know how he died, because it was a bit confusing, I'm hoping that they'll explain that in the next episode.
R.I.P Keisaku - Best Character of the show
Mar 2, 9:01 PM

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Keisaku, the true hero in this mess. Now, I feel bad for not being able to remember his name until this episode.

The plan being a failure was quite expectable but it sure gave us some really intense moments. Keisaku witnessing how his mom was "dissolved" to death was quite cruel and sad to see. I actually liked how well that scene was handled, I could almost feel his sorrow, being honest. Not to mention that seeing him killing Chiharu with such violence in his eyes was something satisfying beyond belief.

On a side note, Nicholas's true body sure looks dope as hell.
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May 22, 5:49 AM

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Really good episode, Keisaku's mom death was pretty brutal, i hope Keisaku survives this somehow he deserves better and Chiharu's death was great.
It was expected for doggie to be against the sisters, but i didn't expect it to be like this, nonchalantly throwing a mech on her newborn body, Nic has no chill.

It's a shame this show is so inconsistent, because when it's good is really good.
May 26, 12:08 PM
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yazan has still done nothing wrong
Jun 14, 10:20 AM

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Finally, a -somehow- good episode after 6 bad ones.

Keisaku's mom is killed and he too but I didn't expect that Chiharu is killed by Keisaku lol. Nicholas seems the main bad guy. Also, I think that he planned to kill Chiharu all the time.
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