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There once was a girl who only wore red & loved to visit her granny
She jumped and skipped through the woods, involuntarily smacking every animal in the face with her wildly swinging basket
The animals soon got tired of her shit n all decided to plan to do something about her
So they gathered around and asked a weird moeblob in a wolf furry suit to take care of the menace.
Now this particular girl was delusional as fuck, frequently shouting out the infamous 'awoo' meme that only Touhou fans like Rabi-Ribi Worshipper know
She also thought she was Holo from Spice and wolf and can be seen out in the nude
Only wearing a red hood type shit
The first animal to speak was a skunk (who previously appeared in the Jack n Jill story).
"Now I'll tell ya something from my own personal experience. I once was walking through the forest one day doing skunk shit when I saw these two weird humans going at it...
And you know what happened next? One of them crackers squirts a huge load of cum on me!"
"Pissed me off enough that I suddenly gained the ability to scream like a grown ass man!"
The rest of the animals started to ignore the skunk since he told this story a shit load of times
and eventually told him to feck off
The town animals pled to the furry to do something about lil red crazy bitch
and the furry said
"Awoo, I will do if one of you promises that I will become a real wolf!"
"P.S. Make me a male wolf with a big dick"
"So I can fuck all of y'alls after every meal."
Of course, this didn't work since the fur suit covered her genitals
The animals started freaking the fuck out because they saw a big ass spider
which brought the attention of miss lil naked crazy hood
who brought out her futanari dick and started shooting out sperm like a gangsta's Tommy gun
The furry wolf was amazed that someone's dick could be so big
and started swooning over Lil' Red
Lil red didn't take that shit tho
And started raping the furry through his suit
Because she also had a split personality
called 'Little Red Raping Hood'
Soon, the crazy furry's suit ripped open, revealing a loli
named Rabi-Ribi Worshipper
Now LRRH had a particular like for lolis
LRRH paused and looked Rabi-Ribi Worshipper with such passion
That her penis grew 3 sizes that day
But Rabi-Ribi Worshipper started yelling
But LRRH wasn't hearing any of that bs
& started fucking the living shit out of Rabi-Ribi Worshipper
which terrified every town animal except for the Bernstein Bears who
sat in lawn chairs and ate popcorn
Papa bear & Mama bear are making fun of LRRH for her lack of force into the rape
While There young were trying to copy what LRRH was doing to the furry
But even while LRRH skull-fucked Rabi-Ribi Worshipper, the little loli still kept crying for her deity, the mysterious 'Rabi Ribi'
"Aye, shut the fuck ya weeb. Your animu gaymes can't save you now"
LRRH said to Rabi-Ribi Worshipper
And upon hearing that voice, Papa Bear suddenly started having flashbacks of Vietnam
Naruto filler Flashback
"Goddamn it, these gooks are killing us! We need a medic ASAP"
a general said into a portable radio communicator
Papa bear screamed out "This is sum bs Ima go find some 12yo to fuk"
and Papa Bear skulked off to a nearby Viet Cong village
during the nighttime to find a victim
Papa found a random Viet Lil girl just begging to be skull fucked
stuck in a little crib of shit & piss
Papa bear then took the lil 12day old child out the crib & then started dicking it down
There were screams coming from the baby & Papa bear
When out of nowhere, her mother shows up
battered and bloodied from the bombings
The mother suddenly falls from using all her energy from running around trying to find her home
N all she can do is watch as papa bear fucks her child until it deed
After Papa Bear fucked the baby to death, he built a fire and proceeds to cook the baby's corpse
The mother is being used as papa bears cum in toy
Soon, the rest of U.S army started hearing screaming and carefully traversed through the jungle for the source of the horrific noises
and when they arrived, they saw Papa Bear fucking the mother's second child
But the 2nd child was a 16yo girl
Who was already dead by the time the US got to her
She died from her stomach exploding from all the semen that was shot into her
Papa was still fucking her lifeless body
Shouting something he heard from his kids before he left
"Shrek is love Shrek Is Life"
End of Naruto Filler Flashback
By the time Papa Bear's flashback ended, he found himself at a horrific scene
LRRH was nowhere to be found and somehow, many of the town animals had gotten rekt
Even his wife & kids have big holes where their assholes should be
Papa hears moaning coming from the loli who was the first to catch the dick
Papa rushes to her to see what she has to say
"Rabi... ribi... please no more lewds"
As the loli says that she dies from having been overdosed with semen
and Papa Bear decides that it is time for LRRH to get rekt
Papa bear takes 82 pills of viagra just so he can match the size of LRRH
Papa bear heads out the house onto his mission to get back LRRH
and sets his phone to play a list of inspirational anime themes like 'DUN LOSE UR WAIY' on repeat
as he walks off into the rising sun like a badass
To Be Continued
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This story was made by me & a friend a long awhile ago

LRRH ~ Little Red Raping Hood
Rabi-Ribi Worshipper ~ Lord_Sithis
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spuukiebuugi said:
tf did you expect
A wolf nutting a loli in red?

"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide.
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
Apr 18, 2017 9:57 PM

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spuukiebuugi said:
This is only the beginning
Apr 19, 2017 2:08 AM

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Sweet buttery Jesus, that was some messed up shit fam.
Apr 19, 2017 4:10 AM

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The red riding hood porn where the wolf turned out to be skeletor > this
Apr 19, 2017 11:07 AM

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Read my other story that I made called Jack & Jill NSFW
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Apr 20, 2017 5:27 AM
Lovely person

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Man, this was fucked up as hell.
Apr 20, 2017 5:37 AM

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There are already hentai doujins with Red Riding Hood, but your story is nice too, it's a nice change of pace to see other animals in it, seeing the wolf rape her over and over again gets boring.
Apr 21, 2017 11:06 AM

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