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violity Aug 9, 6:47 PM
Yeah thank you.. so many things happened. There's delta covid variant, ph covid cases increasing again, too much corruption in the philippines which made me quite hesitant to go home. I happen to apply for a french visa, and was luckily approved. Maybe I will work in France or I will work (and continue to study language) here in Brussels. I will take it, depends on which job offers higher wage that will enable me to support myself and my study. I found a job I could temporarily do while I try to look for ways to make myself permanent here. I don't want to go back to ph right now. If I stay here in eu, I will most probably suffer. If I go back to ph, it will be the same. It's just a matter of choosing which suffering is better and much more worth it lol. How are you doing these days?
violity Apr 25, 2:41 AM
Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, family is very important for us. We could spend hours talking on videocall with family lol because we feel homesick abroad. Tbh, I don't know how to go with job-searching. I finished a tourism degree in ph, and when covid hit.. it was a shock for me, travel and hospitality sector is huge not just in the ph but to other countries too. I left ph without covid that time, and when I return, almost everybody are working from home. If I stayed here, it is even difficult to integrate not knowing the language and not knowing other people. There have been times I feel that locals are hostile towards me, because I don't speak their language and I'm different.

Since everybody are teleworking now, I think I have to change careers and learn computer skills so I can work online too. Problem is, in the ph we live quite far from the city, we tried contacting several internet companies to survey our home and see the possibility of installing internet.. It was impossible for them because the wirings could not reach our home. -sigh- When I go home it will take a while to get a job.

Meusnier Mar 25, 11:46 AM
Thank you for your friends request!
Meusnier Feb 20, 3:06 PM
I am sorry that I never replied, I stopped using much MAL this last month, and later on, just forgot about this comment that had gotten buried under other comments... I can imagine how unpleasant reading this thread can be; it took me some time to stop taking things at heart too much.

Yes, this proof requires one to go every where, but this should be very easy considering that we have satellites today... I think that the Flat Earthers see the Antarctic as the wall of ice that you can not cross.

Indeed, this would be very easy to search, and this is why I do not give too personal information like birth date. Differential forms are well-explained in books of Élie Cartan for example, but those are in French and probably not translated. You may have a look of Differential Forms of his son Henri Cartan. Do Carmo is also a great reference, and I like the rather formal but clear Berger-Gostiaux Differential Geometry: Manifolds, Curves, and Surfaces. Even in R², once you understand that df=\partial_{x_1}f dx_1+\partial_{x_2}f dx_2, the idea behind differential forms becomes quite clear. Also, the link between measure theory and volume forms.

I wish you all the best in your career choice! Perhaps you may need of some money before you start in this industry, and working a few years in finance might give you the financial and mental security for that. Mathematicians are quite appreciated in this industry, but a Masters of mathematical finance could be recommendable for that. At least in France, the Masters degree is the minimal requirement, but the British system probably differs.
lolatusenpai Feb 2, 2:29 PM
Yep, I am fully caught up on all the seasons in AoT. The last season is absolutely insanely epic.
Nyarlathothep Jan 28, 3:24 PM
I never went inside the city of Toulouse. Why did you prefer Paris? Did you go to other cities?
Yeah, that story was not as interesting. I was still with my ex when I read that and I would tell him about it but he wouldn't comment on this, since he already knew well how unhappy I was in that relationship. I also hope that Lol Well, I saw that from the videogame, people were debating which one between Yennefer and Triss was a better fit for Geralt, and personally, from the book I can say Yennefer is easily the best one: I think Triss is a false person and a follower (She annoys me a lot at moments, Yennefer gets much better as the story goes). Both are manipulative, but despite all of that, Yennefer loves deeply Geralt and Ciri, and would do anything for them, even giving up her own life. As long as he keeps saying "Fuck", I don't mind Lol Nope, I don't have that reference.

It's interesting, but I find something is lacking: this book doesn't make me think as much as The Witcher for instance in that there are no philosophical thoughts, no real stake. When reading it, I can see it's for a general public. When reading that book, I want to know mysteries of this writer, why he got such a shitty mindset. I hope that book will at least show me how being a writer is: there are comments on that subject, but I want more, I find it rather shallow. Also, in the story the island goes in lockdown due to a murder, so this adds another mystery.

Thank you. Dem cuties :3 Nice photos indeed :)

The advantage with tourist season being over is that it's not as crowdy. This summer, my parents also went to Carcassone, and bought me a bottle of hydromel. Did you try it?
For designing the city, I used my own city mixed with Singapore (Since that city impressed me when I traveled there). I do agree but I am sure my partners thought about exerything :) Thank you, I also hope we can get back to it soon!
Is it what you are majoring in in university? That reminds me of Alfred Hichcock's movie Rear Window. Maybe you can check some Sherlock Holmes stories to find inspiration? When I went to London, I bought a book titled How to think like Sherlock: although I have not taken the time to read it yet, perhaps you can look up some of it on internet to get some ideas. Or read some Detective novels like for instance ones by Fred Vargas
Nyarlathothep Jan 24, 3:08 PM
His love story is.. Unique Hahaha I didn't know about his poetry. I actually now live in a city, despite growing up in the countryside: my parents live there and would have enough space to raise alpacas, but personally I prefer living in cities. Thank you! And it's also my best painting :D

Hm.. When I began reading The Witcher book, at first I also had bits of anger about Yennefer's behaviour with Geralt, which kinda reminded me of my relationship with my ex (Except genders were reversed) in the sense that I could see some lack of respect towards the other's feelings: in the book, Yennefer & Geralt aren't exclusive but Geralt "only" sleeps around, while Yennefer has another serious relationship with a magician, who goes as far as proposing to her, which almost ends up with a death fight between him and Geralt, and Yennefer running away from both. In this, I related so much to Geralt's feelings.. Anyway, Yennefer has a harsh personality, she's smart and ambitious, but she's also very protective of the ones she holds dear and is a strong woman. I think she has a very interesting personality, and I generally don't care about female characters, but I grew up into liking her a lot. Tbh, I do even see common points between us both ^^ I think she's the love interest because Geralt needed a strong woman on par with him.
I'm not very motivated into getting in this again
No, it's a book from an author named Guillaume Musso: it's about a popular author who decided to stop writing and retired on an island, but people come bother him anyway. For now, I am rather bothered by characters than anything else Lol
You can see his fluffiness there: Not finding them must be a bit stressful at times.
Never went to that place. Did you like it, despite the lack of internet?
What I have in mind are not stories per say for now, but still only a bunch of ideas
What was it about? It's about superheroes living in a city supposed to be an utopia and having to protect it. Thank you, I also hope it'll work, I'm not sure why it's on hold for now
Any idea for a more serious work?
Nyarlathothep Jan 23, 12:44 PM
To be honest, that story left me speechless Lol Did you know that Lovecraft also wrote a love story? That one is priceless Hahaha I don't know this at all. It seems like it! No, Nic Cage raises them in the movie Lol After watching that, I actually checked prices of alpacas, so for weeks I ended up with alpaca advertisings Dem plushies were so cute O///O My last painting was a Napoléon Bonaparte portrait (One by David, on his horse: the version with the red cape) for a stupid pun: At the entrance of our flat, I put that painting to say "Bienvenue dans notre bon appart' (Bonaparte)" I am actually very proud of this

Never seen Cloud Atlas o:
Hahaha Don't forget the tight pants. On a side note, I was disappointed with Yennefer's appearance since I don't find the actress to be beautiful, but she plays well the role. Oh yes, I also read Eragon when I was younger, but I never finished the last volume, Brisingr, despite enjoying the serie a lot. I have never read The Brothers Karamazov. At the moment, I am reading a book my mom lent me from a popular actual French author: she insisted I borrow it, before continuing Witcher since I told her I wanted to read small stuff before beginning that big volume.
My cat is a cuddly princess (Even if it's a male Lol), but he seems to appreciate me a lot. He's half Maine Coon apparently and has half the size of one, but he's still big for a cat, and since I am tiny for a human, I look like a kid when carrying him Hahaha What about your?
I went into books because I grew up in the countryside, with none of my friends living near me, so I always had to ask my parents if I wanted to see them (Which mostly ended as a refusal so I didn't insist). But I don't mind, books are better than most people :p I do enjoy the analysis and finding different meanings of texts, and thinking about them. I see it as enrichment of my inner life. It's in my plans, I have many ideas, but I am being ambitious in those, so I need to learn a lot before doing so. What about you? I had began a web comic project with a friend (I was drawing) but it's on hold for now
Crow_Black Jan 22, 12:51 PM
I haven't thought about it but i may consider it in the future thanks for the tip.
Crow_Black Jan 22, 11:43 AM
website heres the link
Crow_Black Jan 22, 11:25 AM
I am self employed yes i do video game,anime and manga reviews.
Crow_Black Jan 22, 10:45 AM
Ah i see my dad has a similar background to that as well as he's a database admin i think i mentioned before for the ministry of finance. Best of luck with your applications then.
Nyarlathothep Jan 21, 4:49 PM
OMFG, YES! Have you read the Arthur Jermyn story?! It's the story of a very very ugly man who becomes an archeologist to research about some mysteries in his family, related to one of his ancestors who was a researcher in Africa. Long story short, he commits sudoku when he discovers he's of African descent, with an ancestor looking like a monkey, which explains his ugliness. What a beautiful story, ain't it.. Oh, checking back my book, I saw that the next story was The Pickman's Model so I will read it asap. Well, I have not read the novel, but I did enjoy the movie (I laughed when seeing alpagas in it, tho). Now, I am curious about that one Lol I prefer using watercolour: it's prettier and won't stain my clothes.

True that, but at least they kept the message from the Comic. I have bought some Asimov books, but the only story from him I read for now was The Last Question, which I really liked (And heard so much about how good Asimov's books are in general) so I need to read more of him.
The Witcher TV show was very enjoyable Henry Cavill is the main reason for that, but I still prefer the books. I'll soon begin the 7th volume of it. At first I intended to read all the poems like I'd read any other book, but I am not fond enough of poetry to read everything. I do enjoy reading them tho sometimes some depress me Lol My cat looks happy whenever I read something to him, or sing something to him or simply talk to him :3 Since I have a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and have taught that in middle schools, I have competences to analyse poems, see details or check its musics, but I am being a lazy ass there. I do think it's pretty awesome indeed, and suiting with the image we can get out of his stories
Crow_Black Jan 21, 4:12 PM
What kind of job would you like to have when you do leave college? even with internet its not really that easy to find work so you have to be creative on getting a job.
Nyarlathothep Jan 20, 3:04 PM
I haven't read that one either, yet. Well, I heard that Lovecraft was pretty much scared of everything, so that probably helped giving an unique feel about New England. I actually have bought Lovecraft stories through small books, so I need to buy the whole collection to have everything. The original version is generally the best anyway. Have you seen the Colour Out of Space movie, with Nicolas Cage? Another one of which I haven't read the original novel, but I read the manga adaptation before watching it and I enjoyed both. Yes, I agree: some would say he was lazy, but I actually liked his describing little enough so that we can imagine the rest. Yes, I think I'm rather good at it but I don't draw very often lately, I also paint sometimes.

I already have so many books I need to read Haha I thought the V for Vendetta movie adaptation was rather close to the original comic (Except for V's relationship with Evey). In the DC universe? Like Watchmen, that's nice. Talking about Asimov, Foundation is the next serie I plan on reading once I finish reading Witcher :)
Poetry in general is a genre I have more difficulties concentrating on, so for Les Fleurs du Mal, I read some poems out loud to my cat, which he seems to love listening to Lol This way, I can concentrate more and hear musicalities of verses. I didn't know that :o Perhaps he had some disease, or was drunk, or.. Possessed? xD