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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
Sep 22, 10:23 PM
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Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
Sep 3, 4:20 PM
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Made in Abyss 2nd Season
Jun 9, 5:03 PM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Jun 9, 5:02 PM
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Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze
Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze
Jul 24, 2017 8:30 PM
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Jun 26, 2016 9:25 PM
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San-Diego Dec 1, 11:52 AM
Darknesser Oct 23, 12:22 PM
Working while having an overcharged college semester is harder than I thought, what even is free time anymore UwUwUwUwUwUwUwU

What do you mean you're being a NEET for 6 months? Weren't you starting college at the start of Fall?

Wasn't the first 1/4th of Made in Abyss' first episode basically just shots of scenery with music in the background? It takes a lot of confidence in your directing to pull that off, because if it's not 10/10 breathtaking masterpiece it'll get boring after 30 seconds.

Oh no, I didn't mean the shitty rollable plastic ones. But still, ~200$ for a quality platform is a lot less than I thought it would be. I was expecting that to go in the 700$ and above, considering how pricey all of your other rhythm game accessories are.

There certainly are a lot of quality communities on there, but I'm at the point where I feel like it's not worth the effort of constantly making a new account because Big Brother didn't like the string of ASCII characters I fed him.

At the very least, the OG NieR certainly isn't the most graphically demanding PS3 gaymu, and from what I've heard, the emulator has become pretty stable performance-wise.

Wow Sithis, that's a lot baka tsundere that you unironically like. I didn't expect such a public display of your horrible tastes in waifus

""""Cheap"""". I didn't think it was this bad, holy cow. And yeah, I'm looking forward to university for that reason. The CompSci stuff is mostly fun, but everything else just feels like such a waste of time, especially with how busy I am (well, except philosophy, that's pretty interesting too).

I shall do just that, but some other time. Right now really isn't the ideal moment to play VNs, since I'd only be able to play ~1-2 hours a day, and then I wouldn't have time to play anything else. Maybe this Winter?

Im actually surprised that GDQ hasn't crashed and burned yet, they've alienated their target audience to the point less and less big names in the community show up each year because they don't want to risk dealing with that mess, it's utterly pathetic. I feel bad for the few runners that still try to put on an interesting show to this massive audience.

Talking about shitshows, have you been following Hiroshima's vtuber project? Probably not, since he segregated all threads to the barren wasteland that is /qa/. Unlike GDQ controversies though, this one is at least interesting. Can't wait until video production starts

Pretty much, though unlike Souls it's less about lore told directly through item descriptions and more about observing the direct and indirect impact that their influence leave on the world and its denizens

Dark Souls doesn't count at all, it's a slow action RPG based around survival and exploration that rewards patience and strategy. I certainly wouldn't put it in the same genre as something like Bayonetta, which rewards you for dodging at the very last second and going crazy with combos on the onslaught of enemies and overly aggressive bosses due to a lack of stamina or any similar mechanic.

Really? I'm surprised, in my cohort there's a pretty strong anti-Apple sentiment, though almost all of them are still Windows fags. But yeah, once you get comfy with i3 there's really no going back. I tried using XFCE for a while but I just missed it's simplicity too much.

Glad you realize it at the very least. It would be unbefitting of a king like me to use any form of 「plebeianOS」!

MacOS is a direct descendant of UNIX though, which mean good filesystems and great command line which means BASH. Just this alone puts it miles ahead of Windows with the garbage fire that is DOS in my book. Apple can go fuck itself in terms of hardware though.

>He doesn't use a phone client to go on the chans
Imagine being this cucked
Glorious non-hypocritical monarchy when?

But Sithis, you'd don't understand, there's no problem
It just works
But yeah, those corporations having this much power of Linux despite those questionable choices isn't reassuring. Especially now that Linus is on forced leave from kernel development. It doesn't bode well for the future of freedom...

But unlike AMD, they have 「RAYTRACING」, don't you feel the 2000 shekels just loosening out of your pocket?

I don't even hang around the communities anymore, so at this point I really don't care which animu list website I use, as long as the database is up to date.

The amount of software that uses Systemd as a dependency even though it shouldn't theoretically need it is terrifying, it goes completely against the UNIX philosophy. I hope the autistic distros will keep fighting against integration with that botnet. I'm actually surprised that GNOME doesn't force you to use it. Which is nice, because that would be the finishing blow for a lot of forks.
You can make some amazing stuff with C, and it really did revolutionize the computer world, but damn is it not a fun language to use. If I can avoid it, you better bet I'll do like its the fucking plague. Then again that's coming from a Python fag, it's not like I really know all the inner workings of the language to make wizard-tier stuff.

I'm doing a lot of web development right now, so having a server to host my glorified shitposts pages is really appreciated. Also access to reaction pic collection on any device. That's cool too.

Nice rice, you're definitely less lazy than me when it comes to customization. Also nice Black Bullet OP.

40MB, wat? What did they package with GRUB to make it so fat? Does it come bundled with a DE?? It's definitely easier due to the installer completely holding your hands from start to finish, based on the Discord conversations, I'm pretty sure the problems came from your autistic drive to encrypt your drives ;3. Runit is God, I don't want to ever manage services in any other way.

I cannot even put into word my love for BASH. I never imagined making your own script to manage your computer would be so fun and satisfying. There's nothing you cannot do. Finally having power over a computer is the best feeling there is.

B-But the puzzle sections are the best part of Zero Escape DDDD:::::

Kaiki is best girl, no questions asked. God I miss that show. Can't wait for Zoku Owari to air so I can finally marathon the whole thing again.
Zetsubou Sensei is less comedy and more social satire, with Shaft's amazing visual style. It's some A-tier good shit too, despite being noticeably lower budget.

But would you still rather watch 20 very good animu than 1 timeless, unrivalled masterpiece?
As I'm sure you can figure out by my favourites list, I ended up liking it even more than I thought.

You hinted at the Holy Rebellion Wall of Text existing before, but no, I never did get to witness it. And yeah, pretty much. Few shows, if any, can claim about having this level of quality, even Kajiura's other works. I swear I'm not still listening to the soundtracks even 6 months after rewatching it.
>Implying I would ever mind walls about Madoka
Sithis please. You're underestimating my power level

I'm surprised you didn't give them ye olde 10000 word novel about your love for bullet hell games. That seems like quite a lot to talk about to me~
I get what you mean though

>I cried watching Steins;Gate
Oh boyo you're not ready for the VN feels. And I do speak from experience ;-;

Y-Yeah... About that... I really need to get better at replying consistently and starting conversations in chats. It didn't take me long to kill our PMs. I'll try to fix that >.>

Ohhh, nice to hear! Fortunately one us isn't letting his gaming skills stagnate to normalfag levels. I finally started Bayonetta 2 yesterday, and I'm having trouble playing on hard. Which is painful since I full platinum'ed the first game back in the day I can't believe how trash I've gotten at everything. I know I'll be back in business by the end of it, but damn does it hurt to be this rusty. Crazy good game though. The prologue level alone deserves to be in a fucking museum for how over the top and well choreographed it is.

I've never been so slow to reply before, I'll try to fix this for next time T^T
Fidelium Sep 7, 10:48 AM

I watched your Morrowind video so you owm me one :D
Fidelium Sep 6, 6:20 PM
That was straight foward haahahha

I requesting to watch the video I sent you, not fair
Fidelium Sep 6, 5:19 AM
What about the Dragon's Dogma? :D
Glorious_Showoff Sep 3, 9:57 PM
True that. In order to master Japanese you need two very key things; time and dedication. While I have one of those things; I do not have the other. I have all the time in the world, but it's just that I lack dedication. I've studied Japanese in high school for about two years, and even enlisted into a Lingualift course for a temporary amount of time, but even as I am learning from said courses; I always have trouble maintaining the fact that I can't just always stay devoted, my mind likes to travel to different places, so I kinda just accepted, and maintained the fact that I'm fine enough right now with my limited knowledge of Japanese.
Calal-Chan Sep 2, 3:55 AM
Oh, hi. It is pretty rare for sure. Most people either write it off as overly melodramatic or a madoka "clone". Which while I do think it can be overly dramatic quite often I kind of quite like that feeling it goes for. One of the few shows that caught me with plot twists too.
I see, that's pretty good. I don't think much when it comes to skills tbh, except leader skills, so I've mostly just focused on building units of one type to get those sweet bonus 60% vocal points and such.
>10 months later

Are you talking about the Aurora Melody Anastasia SSR? She doesn't seem all that broken, unless I missed something, or maybe you're talking about someone else? I'm currently hoping for my girl Anzu to come home this Cinfes BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY STAR GEMS ;(
Glorious_Showoff Aug 18, 3:24 AM
Rance X isn't bad
Gonzo-lewd Aug 7, 6:21 AM
That's nice to hear, and nice to meet you. ^^
Darknesser Aug 5, 9:40 PM
My my, those 3 short messages that I forgot to reply to sure got emotional~. But I did miss talking to you too, so I'll forgive your laziness yet again ;3. I'm quite used to it too. Case in point; another friend of mine who hadn't sent me a message in months also replied just 2 days after you did so it doesn't really shock me at this point, especially not considering how large our messages are getting

As for the Discord proposition, that's actually a pretty good idea, we could have shorter, more frequent discussions that don't take hours to write. But... Eh... I don't do very well in larger groups. I usually barely talk and eventually stop after a week or so. Don't know why, I've never felt comfortable in them. Oh well, I'll leave it up to your judgement~
Darknesser Aug 5, 9:05 PM
Sorry for late reply, lots of work work work this summer

That still leaves you half a year to achieve your goal though., so I don't think taking a break is that wrong.

Oh oh, the 「Wallet Slayer」has arrived at last! Glad for you, it must definitely be a lot more fun than with a keyboard. Those positions though... All 3 of them seem so unconfortable for extended periods of play. And boi is that controller a lot bigger than I thought it would be, now the price makes slightly more sense

H-He... Lost the source code? I really hope that just a shitty excuse to abandon the project because if not, that's just pitiful. I can't even begin to fathom how one can magically lose all of his code in 2012+6. Open source games are quite rare though so that's great. It makes it so much easier for the community to add and share their own content, and don't get me started on how much it facilitates the whole bug fixing process. If only more projects went down that route...

Hmm... What could you be talking about?

If you had looked at my beautiful broken list you would've seen that I've already watched Made in Abyss bbbbbaka. That sound design. That directing. Them character/environment designs. Everything about that show is so polished, I can't even. That's kinda why I don't want to read the manga though; with a quality adaptation like this. I'd rather not spoil myself and wait for the eventual continuation. Especially since I've heard so many good things about the part where the animu left off.

Just for curiosity, how much does a good DDR pad cost?

Twitter has been increasingly oppressive with their censorship for the past year, even more so than things like YouTube and Facebook so I try to stay as far away from it as I can. It's a shame too, it's a great platform. But with things in the state that they currently are, I'd much rather support an alternative like Gab

Well you're in for some good news, because a few months back, RPCS3 released a video showcasing the original NieR running on their emulator, essentially confirming that it is now 100% stable! So no longer is that masterpiece locked behind elusive physical copies on dead consoles. If my PC could run such a thing you can believe I'd have replayed it at least 3 times by now.

Garbage argument if you don't have evidence to back it up. Show me a single good tsundere. I dare you. And I do mean a character that is good because she's a tsundere, not in spite of it. I do hope you prove me wrong though. Having more waifu material is always nice.

It'll probably be harder for you since you guys have private colleges unlike us, and I'm assuming you got into a nice one which means harder requirements, but talking from experience of someone who already has a full year of Computer Science degree under his belt, including university-grade optional math classes so that I can easily transition into Game Design further down the line, it really isn't that hard. More abstract stuff like linguistics/maths/science/whatever side stuff your course requires you to take can be more difficult depending on your strengths, but the main meat of it all? As long as you have passion towards whatever you're learning, ingesting large amounts of information becomes surprisingly easy, especially if you enjoy self studying outside of classes for fun (which you seem to be doing). It's more work than high school, sure, but it's also much more satisfying work, and not as intense as most people make it out to be.

If we're talking purely about convenience, then yeah, digital definitely win. But man, some stuff is just way too satisfying to have as physical copies. Thats pretty easy to do with games, but the lack of Madoka/Steins;Gate/JoJo physical box sets on my shelf physically hurt me everyday of my life. Such treasures shouldn't be confined to torrents on my hard drive. Why is physical animu so absurdly expensive ;-;

You didn't enjoy Stardew Valley? I never really played it since I don't enjoy that kind of game that much, but it seemed incredibly well made and polished

I was actually looking for VNs to buy during the summer sale and remembered you recommending that one A LOT, but it was still over 20$ so I decided to wait. I'm keeping a close eye on it though, don't worry~

Valid points. I pretty much only play portable consoles while laying on my bed anyway, which I find more comfortable than my computer chair, so for me VNs are pretty nice to have there. But yeah, those are pretty damn easy to emulate so it's not really an issue.

Huh... They are, I didn't know. 0 is already out, and Kiwami (Yakuza 1 & 2 remake) is coming out soon on steam, so that's great. Seems the PC port either works perfectly fine or doesn't at all though, so that's a shame. I'd try a cracked version of 0 before buying if I were you just to see if the game works though. But yeah, I definitely recommend. And it's not really that the games themselves are dated, but rather the design philosophy. Whether you see that as a bad or good thing is up to you. I for one loves that they're keeping that old early 6th gen charm alive.

It's gotten to the point where it's so bad that it's not even fun to laugh at it. It's basically nothing but sob stories, controlled clapping, couch commentators being scared of being banned for absolutely nothing, and protomagicalgirl and his other trans lackeys whining their way up the ranks so much that it has pretty much become their event. It's absolutely depressing

Oh, SpikeVegeta doesn't run much. He does get invited on the couch pretty often though, and he's definitely one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable people affiliated with the event. He livens up the other commentators too, so it always ends up great. He somehow managed to avoid getting kicked out so far, but as the main monolith of the old GDQ left in the community, I honestly feel like it's only a matter of time

It definitely is, but it can wait until you play the first one if that's possible. I feel like there's some stuff you'll appreciate more that way. Automata, as a sequel, naturally spoils more about NieR Gestalt/Replicant than vice versa, but in both cases it's rather minimal since they're centuries apart from each other in the timeline so it's not like your experience would be ruined either way, so I guess just go with whichever interests you more first.

Oh no no no, I'm not saying that the antagonists aren't nice. We ARE talking about Yoko Taro here, it's just how he does stuff. He's the kind of guy that'll give 2 minutes of screentime to a major antagonist in a 40 hours game. His games are about the protagonists, everything directly linked to them and nothing more. Everything else is secondary. The man is a master at character development , so that's exactly where the focus should be. That's not to say that there isn't good world building and stories for the other characters though oh no no, if you like deep lore you're in for a treat

If I had to compare it to something... You've played a Zelda game right? Even if you aren't getting shoved a cutscene with Ganon in your face every 5 seconds, he's still a really strong villain because the entire world is built around him, same for the story. So even if he doesn't appear you still learn a lot about him through observation of the game's world. That's kinda how Taro designs his game for the most part, but cranked up to eleven. A lot of things aren't told to you, but a mildly observant person will learn quite a lot.

Oh I'm quite peculiar about spoilers too, so I get that. I even consider any piece of music spoiler, though I can tolerate screenshots as long as it doesn't spoil environments

>Never played a high budget hack and slash in his life
Wew lad, you've been missing out. Especially for someone who enjoys mastering games as much as you do

Voice acting in Taro's games is always 13/10, and that includes the English dubs. Also 6 months later and I'm still listening to both soundtracks even as I'm writing this

I've finished Phenogram since then, and it's absolutely amazing. I've played lots of average spin offs in my life that obviously only exist for the money and boy, that one is not included. It's not a self contained story per se like the original Steins;Gate and 0 are, instead opting for small short, completely independent chapters, but man, if you want to learn more about the characters, that's a pure goldmine. I'd recommend playing it before 0 since it's obviously not based on that one, but if you can shift your mind to ignore the 0 stuff and focus on the original, then playing it after would work too. Get ready for a 30-40 hour novel though. It's just as long as the other ones. And of course if you don't care that much about the characters and the side stuff you can obviously ignore my rec and skip it~ (though that would make you trash).

Steins Gate assets are god tier though, so I really don't care about reusing almost all of them. Of course that's fine since this is a spin off. If 0 did the same then I'd be pretty disappointed
Destroyed midterms and same for the finals. I'm honestly looking forward to my classes restarting this month (well, the CS related ones at least)

Ohhhhh there's several arcades near you, lucky~! Haven't seen one in a looooong time, but they are pretty fun. The few time I had the occasion to go to one they were pretty small and either empty or filled with families, so I'm glad yours have a nice community.

Goddammit, why'd you have to call it GNU/Linux from the start, now I won't have an occasion to use that one shitty copypasta. This is so sad. Otherworldly disappointment aside, I'm glad you were enlightened and decided to go down the route of freedom. Especially so since you're planning on going into CS, having started early will give you a definitive advantage

I probably never mentioned it before since people usually don't care but I've been running Linux distros exclusively on all of my computers for years now, so you explaining all of those things was kinda... redundant. Sorry, I knew it took time to write ;-;

Ah yes, the famous WinBot 10 updates that destroy everything without leaving you with the ability to try to fix it. My favourites. If you've never looked into it, I recommend you read a bit on Micro$oft's filesystems and why they're all utter garbage. There's a reason why Windows is the only OS that requires frequent defragmentation to keep it from becoming a total mess. Also corruptions. Not rare. Windows 7 suffers from this, but is A LOT more stable and doesn't spy on you as much. For once I actually wish that Apple had a bigger share of the market so we wouldn't have to deal with that steaming pile of poo

With all that talk about privacy and botnets you'd fit right in with the crowd at /g/ (me included). Well, the usual crowd anyway. It's nothing but trash now, like all discussion chan board during the summer. I don't have to live in fear of 3 letters agencies as much as you guys do since I'm not a Burger, but at the same time LeafLand also has much stricter laws on a lot of stuff like lolis, so I do agree that even if you exclude all the other things that make it great, Linux is a godsend for privacy alone.

Ah, sound bugs. My favourites kind of problem on Linux. Missing dependencies? 2 seconds to fix. Display issues? 2 minutes. Driver incompatibility? 2 hours. Stuttering audio? 2 fucking weeks if you're lucky. It's sad because it wasn't always like that. A few years ago, ALSA was the absolute king of audio interface software, and man is that little guy stable. It's simple and just works. Then Holy Messiah himself, Lennart Poettering came out and released Pulseaudio which, obviously, was instantly adopted as the default sound system for everything. Even Firefox completely dropped ALSA compatibility unless you build it from source code yourself, which is just ridiculous considering all the useless shit that's pre included in this browser. That software is an absolute mess and it breaks every single time you look at it. And good luck fixing it without breaking something else, especially if you use an init that isn't systemd. But it "just werks" on Ubuntu and Fedora, so I guess that's all that matters, right :^)? So yeah, it's definitely possible to make Rabi-Ribi run with sound, but good luck.

Yeah... Objectively speaking, Nvidia definitely makes the superior products, but they obviously have exclusivity deals with Micro$oft. Compatibility with other OS's is absolute garbage, so unlike with Windows, having an AMD GPU is pretty nice.

Oh yeah, Cinnamon is pretty nice. But if we're talking about GNOME 2 forks, I think I like Mate slightly more. Haven't touched either of them in a while though. I still can't believe what happened with GNOME 3 though, that thing is nothing but bloat, both visually and functionally, even more so than KDE's Plasma.

You can't...uninstall the file manager? B-But there's no such thing on Linux, you can uninstall the kernel itself if you want. Unless if you mean that for some reason the default file manager is a hard dependency of the cinnamon package itself, but even then that seems pretty easy to circumvent

Ah yes, I did hear that a lot of people have switched to either anilist or kitsu when the website was down. Apparently the forums will finally be back Wednesday though, so that 2.5 months ordeal will finally be over

Doesn't Mint have an unstable branch? It's a fork of Ubuntu, which itself is a fork of Debian, and they both have rolling releases repositories, so that'd be pretty weird if Mint didn't. Then again maybe they have a weird "stability only" philosophy.

Don't forget the US army itself, which is spending fortunes on funding for Red Hat. It's really no surprise at this point that the whole thing is one giant honeypot, but since all of their software is still technically open source, nobody can really do anything about their growing influence. Oh god nonono, get this out of your head at once. C != security breach, far from it. In fact, systemd being written in C is one of the best thing about it. It's a FANTASTIC low level language, and is used for almost everything in GNU/Linux systems. Hell, even the kernel itself is almost entirely C code. It's very fast and resource efficient, and I recommend any programmer that has any interest in low level software to learn it at some point. (Side note to avoid potential misunderstandings, when referring to CS, low-level shouldn't be interpreted as meaning trash, but rather something that interacts with the computer at a lower level than the user itself, such as the OS, drivers or physical material itself.)
But systemd really is a mess due to spaghetti code and its growing rate. It recently reached the 1 million lines of code benchmark and it's still going. There's no way something like that can be well documented and free of critical bugs.

Systemdless forks are great. I have a server at home that runs Devuan, which is obviously a fork of Debian, and man is that thing a beast. Nothing can take it down, as Debian is almost unmatched in terms of stability, and it benefits from the largest repositories in the Linux world, all while being free of Canonical and Red Hat's botnets.

Oh definitely, I don't even run Arch but you can bet that I always have the wiki open on a tab somewhere. No other distro even comes close to having documentation this good, even the overly casual friendly ones, which is surprising coming from such an autistic distro. i3 is god tier and I'm glad you're using it, because that saves me the trouble of forcing you to try it out. Man that thing is powerful, FAST and practical beyond belief. So aestheticc too. I haven't used another DE in a year now. Also I see you're a good boi who's using the i3-gaps fork for added flashiness

At this point we might as well exchange rice, so there you go
And yes I'm too lazy to customize/replace i3bar so I killed it, fight me. In case you're wondering, this is my Void setup, on my main computer. Out of all of the minimalist distros I've tried, Void is probably my favourite so far. It's maintained surprisingly well despite the small team and userbase, and while the installation is in CLI (which is a good thing for me), unlike more autistic minimalist linux distributions like Arch or Gentoo which requires great patience and knowledge to install (the latter even requiring you to compile your kernel yourself among other shit), it actually comes with an optional installer. I mean, it's fun to do everything manually for the experience, but after the first install it just gets tedious so I'm happy they went that route. Void uses runit as its init, and even offers ISOs with either musl or glibc, which more distributions should really do. Sadly because Valve is retarded and decided that making a 64 bit client was useless, I had to go with glibc as musl doesn't support 32 bit applications, but other than that, my setup is pretty much perfect. Void's main selling point is it's very own package manager, xbps, which can handle both binaries and source, making it almost an hybrid between a BSD and Linux OS. I wouldn't be able to explain well what makes xbps so complex and powerful though, so if it interests you I'd suggest reading up on it.

It yeah, I'm impressed that you're already this far in your free as in freedom ascension. Have you started learning BASH yet? Being able to make scripts is what truly makes you the God of your own PC. (Also fun fact, if you've never played around with it, take a look at the "alias" command, that little guy makes any CLI operation so much faster)

OH GOD ITS 40$ THATS WORSE THAN SUBAHIBI. I'll keep it in my wishlist and hope for a sale. And we've already talked about VNs before, which pretty much 100% guarantees that I wrote long ass paragraphs about how much I absolutely adore Zero Escape and that the first game, 999, is my favourite novel, second only to Steins;Gate, and the other two are pretty damn great too. So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't craving more games like this. Since you compared Root Double to it though, I do hope that there are actually playable puzzle segments because otherwise you'll have hyped me up for nothing ;-;

That's nice to hear. A bland protagonist can really lessen the experience, so having the two main characters being the best ones raises my expectations quite a lot~

Don't wanna spoil myself the soundtrack so won't look it up sorry uwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

Oh man, so you're in the arc of best girl Kaiki. Enjoy it while it lasts~ (even though you've probably finished Hana by now)
But yeah, Monogatari is god tier , and I'll definitely be rewatching all of it once Zoku Owari ends later this year. Shaft creativity really shines throughout that show, I never get tired of it.
And if you're craving more by the end of it, I'd suggest taking a look at Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which was Shaft's flagship before they took in the Monogatari series, so expect the same style of visual weirdness and sound design. It's a really nice episodic comedy, and definitely one of the best thing I've watched this year

Not the best though, as that honour goes to what I'm currently finishing up; Legend of the Galactic Heroes (the original series of course). Don't be put off by how old it is or those 110 episodes, because that show does NOT disappoint. No filler whatsoever and a fast moving storyline that somehow manages to never retread the same grounds twice. If you ever want to watch something with a very strong and complex political/military focus, which also manages to have shitloads of characters without ever feeling like they don't have enough screentime, then that's the animu for you. Each episode follows one of the two main characters, Yang Wenli of the Free Planets Alliance and Reinhard Von Lohengramm of the Galactic Empire, two brilliant tacticians and military commanders as they struggle and ascend through the ranks of their respective countries, allowing the viewer to completely see both side of the war that rages on. Anything else would probably fall into the spoiler category. It has some of the best characters and writing I've seen in quite a while, and it definitely deserves its #5 spot on MAL

Other than that... I've recently played VA-11 HALL-A which you may or may not be familiar with. Assuming you're not, it's a cyberpunk visual novel with extremely beautiful pixelized graphics were you play as a bartender waifu. The way the plot is presented is really unusual, but it's also what makes it so interesting. It is linear, but nothing is ever shown directly to you, and nothing is really linked to the main character herself, instead you learn everything about the story and the world you're in through the conversations you have with the many customers and regulars who visit your bar. Conversations changes based on the drinks you serve, so that keeps the game kinda interactive and repayable. It's really hard to describe the atmosphere of the game because I have nothing else to compare it to, but if you're looking for an unusual, more light VN to relax (that still has serious elements of course, but not much intensity) it's absolutely lots of fun

And for the last gaming news, I'm currently finishing up the extra stuff in The End Is Nigh, the latest game by Edmund McMillen, developer of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. It's pretty similar to the former, in that it's a super hard but very precise and fair platformer, but unlike this one, TEIN doesn't allow you do wall jump (other than on ledges or hooks), and has instant acceleration, which means that while the physics are 100 times more simple than Meat Boy's, the game also ends up feeling a lot less chaotic, and each screen almost feels like a puzzle to get through an obstacle course, which I am liking a lot more. A lot of the time in Meat Boy you could complete a level out of sheer luck because the wacky physics made you bounce everywhere and you just happened to avoid all the death traps after a 100 attempts without it being due to your skills, but due to how TEIN's controls work, it's pretty much impossible to complete a screen in an unintended way, which I personally prefer. Also the whole OST is classical remixes. My ears likey very much~~

Over the past 8 months I've managed to transform my weeb shit hating best friend into pure animu trash, and along the road I rewatched some shows with him. One of those was Madoka, as well as Rebellion. I expected to be disappointed, since it's one of the first series I've ever watched. I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as I remembered it being. But goddammit, I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more, ESPECIALLY the movie. Rewatching them while knowing the story is a totally different experience, I was simply speechless. Now that I knew what to look for, I ended up appreciating Homura's character A LOT more, and I'll say it now; the ending of Rebellion is absolutely perfect and couldn't have been better. It's messed up yet so beautiful in so many way, and I don't think I've ever seen anything with as much little details and symbolism packed in as that very last scene with Hameru and the rest of the cast. Also that 23/10 soundtrack. Rewatching Madoka as a whole is probably the best decision I've made all year

Ohhhhh, was it the first time you went back to your hometown? Either way it definitely must have been great to see all of those people again after such a long time, I'm happy for you ^^ ! It's nice that you enjoyed your trip~
Gonzo-lewd Aug 5, 8:59 AM
How are you? :)
Gonzo-lewd Aug 4, 10:42 AM
Nyaa Nyaa~ ^^