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-Ouro- May 23, 10:44 PM
I agree!
GCNessIsAWeeb May 19, 6:08 PM

Oh god, La Vaswald... I wish you luck. Also, if this is your first playthrough, I'd recommend just heading strait to fighting Kay-Chan, since you can only get the true end on your second playthrough.
My favorite Rance character is Rick Addison, though I also REALLY like Am Issuel. Out of all of AliceSoft's characters, Rouga and Senna are my favorite.
GCNessIsAWeeb May 17, 2:18 PM

Yeah, Kichikuou is one of my favorite Rance games, along with VI, IX, Magnum, and III. How far have you gotten into it? I've gotten the normal ending and one of the alternative ones (won't say which just for spoilers)

I recently made a compilation of my favorite AliceSoft characters:
SH4kun May 16, 5:22 PM
I personally like Rance X, Sengoku Rance and Rance 03 the most out of the entire series. My only problem with Kichikuou is that, while I think event/conversations/character wise is really good and I like how is a conquest of the entire continent, I already played Sengoku first before trying this one out and the gameplay seems like a less polished, prototype versión of it. They're remaking the older Rance games, so who knows, maybe they will end up remaking Kichikuou as well. I don't even want a full-blown remake either, keep the dialog/script entirely the same with added graphics and improved gameplay (or at least a better interface for the battles) and I would be happy.

Y si soy español. ¿Lo eres tu también o solo lo hablas? Me da la sensación de que como has dicho "mas personas" denotas como que tu también lo eres, pero no estoy seguro.
GCNessIsAWeeb May 13, 9:48 PM
It is, as Emperor Mateus would say, utter drivel. Possibly the worst game I've ever played (not counting doujin/indie games or old games), and the worst game AliceSoft's ever made. It's a stain on such a great company. If you want a good AliceSoft game, then go play Daibanchou or Toushin Toshi II.
Gridley May 13, 8:42 PM
Oh i see.

If you want some cool PC game that was set in japan and it had cute waifus?
You should try playing Tokyo Xanadu, you can find the game on steam.
Gridley May 13, 8:02 PM
I finished those 3, i played it on my Vita.

Can't play Megadimension Neptunia VII because i don't have PS4 and my PC is shit.
Gridley May 13, 7:37 PM
Ok there you go.

How many nepnep games you played?
Gridley May 13, 6:56 PM
post on profile comments, not in inbox.
Gridley May 13, 6:51 PM
Uni is love, Uni is life
SH4kun May 13, 5:04 PM
Thanks. Is from Rance X, the last entry in the Rance series (Eroge with RPG elements) in case you were wondering or you wanted to check it out. It has some really great character designers in general.

I looked at the link (Riuchi) in your profile because that image game me Black Rock Shooter/Neptunia vibes. Is an original character made from the artist, by any chances?

Tommeow May 9, 7:49 PM
How are yah
Tommeow May 9, 6:12 PM
davidgvidal May 5, 8:04 AM
Thank you! :)
PureBlueSF May 2, 9:18 PM
You're making good progress dude. You'll be passing 15's in no time