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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Mar 4, 1:27 AM
Re-watching 5/25 · Scored 10
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Mar 4, 1:27 AM
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Feb 10, 2:44 PM
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Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze
Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze
Jul 24, 2017 8:30 PM
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Jun 26, 2016 9:25 PM
On-Hold 1/21 · Scored -
Jun 11, 2016 9:02 AM
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Victini-san Mar 12, 1:35 AM
im dumb to not even think of that omg thanks
Victini-san Mar 12, 1:27 AM
lol rip
do you use your pc to play sdvx using a sound voltex controller?
because i use that for sdvx and ive seen a little bit of input lag, idk if you play sdvx on pc though
Victini-san Mar 12, 1:19 AM
yeah i get where youre coming from, im good at both sdvx and osu!mania and some of the maps are sooooo off-sync in mania it hurts x-x
i can pass up to like 5.5* and i have like 2,200pp but i dont really prefer either or, because sdvx is much more professional and stuff, but mania has some good maps and more selection
i also like stepmania which is good too
Victini-san Mar 12, 1:12 AM
so i find you in ZUN's mal comment section and i click and see we share a fuck ton of interests and i'm like "woah"
i play osu!mania more than most bemani games but i still have fun playing them all, also your taste in anime is g o o d
Fpt_leyenda1105 Mar 11, 6:24 PM
¡12 de Marzo! ¡El cumpleaños de ZUN-sama!
Espero que pueda tomar tantas cervezas pueda, y que se anime en uno de esos "momentos de inspiración" a traernos a Mima en el proximo Touhou <3

Oh Sithis, hace tanto que no te hablaba ¿Como te va?
Oie, sabes... Al fin conseguí descargar el TH7 <3 Es realmente buenisimo, y ha valido la pena realmente ^^
Está más complicado que EoSD pero realmente es fantastico.
No he podido aun vencer a Remilia en Normal TwT pero está bien... Quizá lo mio no sea ser un pro jugando Touhou XD Pero realmente me hace ilusión lograrlo algun día; pero seguro será un día más que especial cuando finalmente lo haga ;D
vegeta8639 Mar 10, 8:45 AM
I guess I never had a problem with those books since I can't really remember them. I've only played on normal and hard though. I never did any score runs. My goal is usually to 1CC normal with every shot type and then I move on to the next game (I've beaten the main ones up to 12 not counting 1 and 3). Although I'm not even attempting all shot types anymore after that SA bullshit.
I only did the EoSD extra stage because that's the first game I've played and I really wanted to beat Flan. I'm sure I'll get back to trying harder difficulties and extra stages after I've beaten all the main games. Is the SA extra stage also broken as fuck? I kinda want to beat Koishi if it's reasonable.

I've known about Saya no Uta for years but I never bothered to play it. I might check it out eventually but probably not any time soon. And yes I know it's by Urobuchi.

" If you want some advice on how to improve efficiently at shmups, tell me. I usually take a while to reply, but I'll reply as soon as I can to that. I feel most people take the wrong approach to them."

Well there's nothing in particular I'm stuck at right now unless you're talking about improving in general? Usually what I do is I scout the game out first to see what I'm dealing with (until they took away my continues) and then I keep resetting until I can beat the first 3 stages without dying or bombing (sometimes I'll allow a bomb if something really annoying keeps killing me) and then I usually die once to the 4th boss (at first, now I certainly don't on EoSD and PCB), then spam bombs against the 5th and final bosses. I hate losing bombs so I generally use them whenever I'm not sure I can clear something so that way I can just focus on dodging when I'm out. In theory at least, sometimes I fuck up.

Unfamiliar (and hard looking) spell cards, I'll try clearing while I'm scouting the game out or when I'm out of bombs. This is another reason why SA fucks me so hard because bombing reduces my power so I pretty much have to time out every difficult spell card later on since I don't deal enough damage to capture them. Absolutely garbage mechanics. At least in MoF the bombs did some damage so 1 was usually enough to clear the spell card. Here they do almost nothing or literally nothing.
Anyway, that's my general strategy but I obviously adapt to the unique game mechanics like with the UFOs and stuff. It's gotten me this far but now I'm pretty comfortable with PCB and EoSD so I often just reach the 5th stage boss with max lives and 0 deaths and I might dick around since the win is guaranteed at that point. I'm good with the shots that rely on your reflexes to dodge like fast moving ones and terrible at ones that follow you around, especially in the middle of a fucking stage when I'm not ready for them. And of course SA has like 50 of those.

I do have replays saved of most of my 1CCs (I usually overwrite the previous one with that shot type if I do a better one) and of course the EoSD extra clear but I have no idea how to put those up anywhere. I've been considering putting them on YouTube but I'd have to figure out how this works first.
Glad you decided to pick up Nier;Automata after all. I'm sure you'll enjoy it whenever you get around to playing it. The story is actually very good too in addition to the amazing gameplay. Oh and it's not over after you beat it the first time. Just start from the beginning again and you'll be in the second story line. The 3rd playthrough is the continuation and the final one.

" And finally, congrats on the SA clear! SA is definitely the hardest Touhou to Normal 1cc. "

Thanks. Fuck that 3rd stage and fuck that 5th stage. The bosses are tolerable except the 5th stage one. I repeat that this would be super easy if I had the EoSD or PCB mechanics. Master Spark the fuck out of that cat and the final boss' 2nd to last spell card. I'd save 3 lives each run just by doing that. UFO was a lot easier but it's good to know the rest won't be that stupid either. Difficult is one thing, stupid and annoying is another.
PureBlueSF Mar 4, 7:41 PM
Pop'n is a lot of fun, but much like pretty much every other Bemani game, I suck at it. I'm actually starting to get the hang of Museca though. I drove to a Round One yesterday and played it for a while heh
Darknesser Mar 3, 7:16 PM
At last! I was wondering when my fated rival would once again emerge from his slumber. Could be worse though; I definitely haven't been waiting for as long as Violet. Though it just had to be past midnight, as usual, eh? Oh, how I wonder how you even manage to get up in the mornings with a sleep schedule like that.

Tbh even just reaching 400 is seriously impressive. I'm glad to see that at least one of us didn't let his skill deteriorate past the point of no return~

I see, so you're finally breaking down the wall that is Level 10. Congratulations!
Understandable. Playing a rhythm game in which you don't event enjoy the music is... ehh... Not as fun as a rhythm game should be. If LR2 has better mechanics on top of that, then it's even more great!

See what I meant when I said that being a cough slime isn't always very convenient (; ^-^)?
Don't point it out like that, you'll make me feel even worse ;-;

Oh yeah.., I still need to watch those two. One day™. Unfortunately, my animu PTW list is in an even worse state than my gaming backlog, and that's saying a lot. The fact that I'm skipping this season of currently airings for the first time in 4 years isn't helping. Though my trusty Kouhai-chan, xyenne, has been getting me to read a whole bunch of mangoes, so I'm at least making good progress on that front, compared to before where I only had three entries on my list.
I hope your dad has good taste in Madoka waifus~~~

So... You're saying SDVX's wasn't even the priciest? Oh my... I hope that you're not like me and that you have a job, or that you don't plan on getting any more of those controllers because otherwise I seriously fear for your wallet...
I didn't know what jubeat was before, but damn, 8000$ per machine...? That's a joke price, right?

I problem is more with the Steam page being in jap rather than the game itself. For a series which is known for being a massive gateway into the bullet hell genre, it sure seems like a missed opportunity to gain more western players into the fanbase, especially considering that it would take what, 10 minutes to translate all the text?

Objectively speaking, it was incredibly easy here as well. Doesn't mean that I didnt manage to still fail to get a passing grade on several of them. It was kinda fun at times though. I wish I wasn't so horrendously trash at art, as I actually think it's a fantastic hobby, and I really don't say that about a lot of things.

And you probably won't ever get to play it because apparently Squeenix doesn't see that worth in distributing their games digitally. You could always watch a playthrough I guess. Sure, it'll lose some impact, but it really isn't the kind of game you play for the gameplay (Not that I expect you to actually do that, I really ain't the biggest fan of watching playthroughs myself, especially of a game that is being forced onto me by some weird internet dude~)

Sounds like me trying to recommend really old JRPGs to people then. It's just really not motivating most of the time to go into a series knowing full well that pretty much everything about it is really dated and probably doesn't hold out so well by today's standards. I myself am hesitating of diving into Devil May Cry for that very reason right now.

Which in turns mean that you have time to read half as many VNs... Yeah, reading like that isn't always fun ;-;

Tsunderes are the tumours of the waifu species. Few things make me want to commit sudoku as much as they do

Well it's not just that. I kinda tend to purposefully avoid fangames, so I wouldn't even be able to name you a single English one, let alone a French one

Yeah... That seems quite stressful. You're far from the only person who has told me about such issues. American education pricing doesn't seem like the most... Well, organized thing out there... I hope you won't have too much problem

But then you don't get to stare at the (sometimes) amazing box art for a few hours D: ! Digital sales really are godlike though

Eh, it goes on sale pretty often. You'll get your chance

Sometimes I wonder if you ever stop being so optimistic towards your gaming skills' improvement. It truly is... Impressive

Hmm... I normally don't follow recommendation blindly, but I do hold your opinion in rather high esteem, so I'll try to play that Kamige of yours when I have the time this summer!

Skating? What? What skating?

Really? I always thought that portable consoles were absolutely perfect for visual novels. Anyway, it's a pretty unusual game, series, so don't go into it like you would for a regular novel. If you're in the mindset for weird, incredibly charming, over the top, yet sometime surprisingly serious murder mysteries, then go right ahead. I guess you could always just play the first case of the first game on an emulator to decide if you like it or not. It's only one trial session, without any field investigation, so if I remember correctly, you can finish it sub 1 hour, and it's its own story, independent from the rest of the game. Sure, being so short, it ain't the most interesting case in the series by a long shot,, but it doesn't waste any time getting to the good stuff and it's rather fun in its simplicity. (The Wii port probably has slightly better visuals so maybe look into that)

Do try to play either Yakuza 1, 2 or 0 if you ever get the chance (the others aren't exactly the best entry points). The first two are kinda dated brawlers, but in a way, that contributes to their overwhelming charm.
Are you saying that your headphones aren't a part of your body at this point? How do you even live!? D-Don't tell me that... You're not the kind of lowlife who listen to stuff on speakers... Are you?

Well, you said you would, so you better have listened to the entire 2 hours soundtrack and have appreciated every single second of it ;D

Good thing you didn't (though I did notice you hosted most of it), it was absolutely horrendous. Even worse than I thought it would be. Surely you have heard about the chat being sub-only? Because apparently they weren't scamming you nearly enough, now they need a cute little 5$ up front. Sure, Trihex hosted the whole thing, so everyone who didn't pay could gather there, but still, I never imagined that they would stoop that low.

Then you got what you expect from a GDQ: greetings from Germany, cancer sob stories every 10 seconds to be sure to ruin the mood and the flow of the run, a crowd practically held at gunpoint, locking popular runs behind paywalls and runners who barely even say a word. I literally fell asleep during the DS3 one, and you know how much I adore runs of that series. Don't get me started on the absolute cringe fest that was Metroid Prime 3, though the whole chat going wild from all the brain damage was kinda entertaining. We even got a very sincere, non scripted interview with Uyama after years of disappearance /s

That's not to say that it didn't have good moments though. Most of the races were really cool, as usual, SpikeVegeta was on couch for a bunch of different runs, which is always a blast, and some runners were just great at doing commentary to keep their own runs interesting. Sadly, I can't really say that the BoTW one fell in that any of those categories, but it certainly was far from being the worst, and it still managed to be way more entertaining than SGDQ's despite being 3 hours longer

A follow up? Which follow up :3?

Since the last message I sent, I have beaten NieR Automata, and... Wow. It... Was even better than I thought it would be. don't think there's any spoilers, but then again I don't know your definition of spoiler, so go at your own risk. I'll still share some of my thoughts because I feel like it though:

Sure, the story and the themes that it touches didn't feel as interesting as NieR's, but I never expected it to, and it got closer than I thought it would. Surpassing a masterpiece isn't exactly an easy thing to do, and it still go miles beyond and above what most games do. Definitely recommend it for that alone, though it's FAR from it's only strength.

The main cast was probably the biggest turnoff for me. After all the sarcastic and sharp back and forth banter that was thrown in your face for the entire duration of NieR thanks to two exceptionally interesting party members, Automata's cast felt a lot more... bland in comparison. Though I only really felt that problem for about half of the game, because in certain parts of the story, especially later on, they get quite interesting. I even got particularly attached to a character I initially didn't like very much. Can't say the same about the majority of the villains though. One of them even has a "You and I, we're the same!" moment, but then again, Yoko Taro's games never focus on the antagonists

The OST, while I don't like as much as the original's, is absolutely stellar. The only real exception is the final boss theme, which is just shameful when compared to the absolute magnum opus that was Shadowlord. Other than that, it's absolute sugar for the ears, both in and out of battles

Gameplay is insanely fun, fluid and flashy, and while it isn't as deep as Bayonetta's, still feels very satisfying. Plus there's that definitive Platinum Studio trademark of switching up genres constantly within the same game which keep things interesting. One thing's sure though, I haven't seen such cool bosses in a while.

Stellar voice acting for the most part too, which is pretty much the last thing that I can say without taking away from your experience. All that to say; it's an amazing game and it has a PC port, so go for it

I also have started Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram, the canon spin off whose fan translation's release I was waiting all fall. I expected it to be only slice of life stuff, like the first act of original, which I was looking forward to, but oh... Oh am I happy to be wrong. It's much, much more. I'd even say that's it rivals the main game at times in terms of plot points. Hell, I'm still really early into it and it already got to me with all those feels. I hope that I can keep that up until the end~

Probably the coolest thing about it is that instead of being a huge linear story, it's divided into 11 chapters all independent from each other, as they happen in different timelines. What's great about that is that only a few of those 11 are told from Kyouma's perspective, so it's character development heaven if you enjoy the cast (which I obviously do). Even pic related as one, which is surprisingly EXTREMELY good. It mostly reuses assets from the original, except for CGs obviously, which I don't kind because I absolutely adore the original sprites/soundtrack, and when there is new stuff, it doesn't feel any less good. Voice acting is as stellar as usual, and I get to see godly best girl Mayushii again, which is obviously fantastic. More thoughts on it once I'm finished

Other than that... personal prog projects have taken over my life. And let's not forget about Monster Hunter, who's release I've been waiting for since E3. So I'll have a really busy midterm break~

Soo... That took quite a bit of time. I'm not used to writing such walls anymore, so that feels kinda weird :P
also nice new profile picture, I really like the artstyle
PureBlueSF Mar 2, 9:15 PM
Likewise dude. DDR is the only one I'm any good at, though I do enjoy IIDX (even though I suck balls at it) and actually really enjoyed Museca when I tried it out at a Round One
TahmehBoy491 Feb 25, 1:57 PM
Also, I know who you are, Hail Sithis :P
TahmehBoy491 Feb 25, 1:56 PM
No real reason tbh, if the compatibility gives higher than 50% I’ll consider sending a request generally though. Honestly I kinda just do things if I feel like it. Sorry for the boring answer btw
vegeta8639 Feb 23, 5:54 PM
False alarm, I beat SA normally with Nitori as my partner. With a life to spare too. Hardest Touhou game I've played BY FAR.
vegeta8639 Feb 22, 12:14 PM
Don't worry about it, my post was pretty long anyway.

Stage 4 books? I don't know exactly what those are but I can clear all the stages in EoSD without bombing/dying except that one barrage in stage 6 that resembles Flan's final spell card. I managed to get through that recently but I usually just bomb it. I like EoSD but I don't really do score runs so meh.

Haven't even played Saya no Uta. I'll definitely play Subarashiki Hibi soon though.

Regarding the rebuilds, it's pretty much the exact opposite of what you're describing with Re;Birth 2. Here, he originally wanted to make a happy ending but decided to change it into whatever the fuck 3.0 is because of criticism that it wasn't as deep/good as the original series.
Then I guess people hated 3.0 so he scrapped that as well. Just a mess if I've ever seen on.

"You can buy Touhou 14 on Playism, and Touhou 16 and 15.5 on Steam."

I can't even beat fucking SA. It's pissing me off so much that I'm probably going to cheat so I can skip the first 3 stages because it takes me around 30 minutes to clear them without dying, then I just die twice in a row to something stupid and have to reset. I've been playing it all day with ZERO progress. I'm doing worse than yesterday if anything. EVERYTHING is aimed at me, the bombs are shit and everything reduces my power so I can't capture any spells cards. Fuck. This. Game. I could beat that final boss with 1 life and 2 bombs if I could use Illusion Laser Marisa from EoSD, PCB or IN. But not with these shitty mechanics.
I just want to play 13 so I can use Youmu again.

" TL;DR: I play rhythm games 24/7 "

Ahhh, that makes a lot more sense. I haven't played any rhythm games other than Guitar hero if that counts.
Make sure you check out that Nier;Automata OST when you get a chance. Especially if you don't intend to play the game any time soon.

Unionsphere Feb 21, 4:46 PM
Hey there o/ Nice to see another Bemani person as well!
Neonoia Feb 16, 7:50 PM
I'm assuming you started with Root After and I have to say it has a really strong start. Just gonna warn you that it may slow down a lot in Root Before but I think it was essential for world building. My favorite feature of the game is the extensive tips/encyclopedia section, there was a lot of info that offers detailed explanations on different terminologies used in the story.

I still got to start G-senjou soon, been rotting in my library since last winter. Thanks for the heads-up on the pacing, hopefully I can bear with it when I do read it.