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Feb 6, 2017 10:32 AM

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Jack n Jill went up on a hill to fill up Granny's well
They fell down & tumbled down n ended up on top of each other
Jack blushed like a wimpy harem protagonist while Jill immediately gave him 'fuck me' eyes
Jack blushed harder as Jill noticed something poking at her from down below
Jill proceeded to poke at it and made Jack start to moan
Now quite aroused, Jill started removing his clothes
Jack said "No we can’t.... We're siblings. This isn't Yosuga no Sora"
Jill lightly slapped him and then put a finger on his lips
"Don't worry. Granny will never find out."
Jill started toying with jack penis & it starts to make him twitch
"No, no, I won't!" Jack protested once again
As soon as he said that a hot liquid shoots from his penis & he moans

Then suddenly a lightning bolt came from the sky and hit Jill, knocking the pair unconscious
When Jack eventually awoke, he noticed something different about Jill
and crawled over to investigate the weird bulge in her skirt
As he went to remove her shirt something rips away and smacks him in the face
As he looks back at Jill he sees it
"Ah hell... not that thing again," Jack says
Jill wakes up with a different personality then she started with
It’s more aggressive & manly, something he's too use to
Jill lifted her skirt, revealing her new, erect appendage to the world
At first, Jack was alarmed until he noticed something bizarre about it
In place of the opening of the urethra was a pair of giant lips
which said in a Southern drawl, "Oh, you 'bout to get fucked boy."
Jack tries to run away but Jill was ready for this & trips him with her massive penis
Jack hits the ground hard as is stunned for a couple secs
Jill then proceeds to stick his dick into hers
"Bet you never got a blowjob from a dick before, have you?"
Jack isn't used to this new type of pleasure & he cums instantly
But Jill doesn’t stop
"This isn't over till I say it’s over," Jill says
Jack swallowed a large gulp and firmly grasped the grass on the hill as he prepared for an evening of bizarre pleasure
and they had odd, vigorous sex well into the next morning
Jack has passed out countless times & Jill doesn't seem to be slowing down
Jack wakes up to see that Jill has grown penises overnight where her nipples use to be
Now nearly out of breath, Jack sputtered, "Please... please no more."
Jill then shoves her penis nipples into Jack’s mouth
Unwillingly, Jack sucked on the lemony-tasting appendages
until Jill released a huge load into his mouth
Jill then stops and looks at jack
releases there penis to penis blowjob
& proceeds to shove her fat cock into jack's tight anus
After a few minutes of back-and-forth shoving, Jill unleashes another huge load into Jack
inflating his stomach
This causes jack to release a load
which lands on a nearby skunk
and pisses it off
The skunk screams at them like a grown man
& outta nowhere a bear comes & eats the skunk
The bear sees Jack & Jill
and gives them a thumbs up
The bear then grabs a lawn chair and some popcorn
"This is more exciting than the occasional sexy times I get from my wife!"
Jill then shoves her penis into Jack all the way to the base
which causes Jack to involuntary release a cloud of gas
who then also gives them a thumbs up
The cloud of gas then makes itself a lawn chair out of itself & popcorn
N sits next to the beat to enjoy
and starts talking with the bear
"You ever see some shit like this before," the Fart said
The bear rocks his hand "Nah, most internet porn is too vanilla."
"But there was this one time in law school but that was close to a decade ago"
In the midst of their conversation, Jill had removed her head to reveal a dick where her neck should be
Jack had started puking
"Lick my new pussy while I fuck myself," Jill said
Tears has started to form in Jacks eyes as he knew he was never going to get away from this
But then Granny showed up and a look of horror crossed her face
Jill waved profusely and grinned at her
"Hiya, Granny!"
Granny looks at the bear & grows angry
Granny knows that’s the bear that killed her husband
and ignoring the children's perverted display, she marches over to the bear and starts bitchin
"Why did you kill my husband? Just because we had a thing back in law school doesn’t give you the right to murder my husbando" the Granny said
The bear just shows upturned palms and sheepishly grins
"He was an abusive preppy, and I didn't think you would want a man like that."
"He was holding you back sexually, you know I'm the only one who can match your skill in the bed"
Granny stares at the bar for what feels like forever
Granny bitch slapped the bear and shot back, "But I wasn't going to have a bunch of furry children and grandchildren. That's why I left you for a human."
The bear grows & growls with anger
"Did you think about what I wanted?"
But then Granny is suddenly knocked unconscious by Jill's dick necked head
which Jack threw away out of disgust
The bear pauses for a moment and then wipes a paw across his brow. "At least I don't have to hear that old crone's whining now."
While we get back to the main story

With Jill's body now free from the control of her head, Jack is able to escape from her grasp
and runs away without any clothes on
But the bear catches up to jack and knocks him down
"I came for a show"
While Jack lies there, terrified, the bear pulls back his animal foreskin
"Guess I got to make one now."
Granny wakes up 20mins later to a site she never thought she'd see in her old ass life
Jill & The Bear tag teaming Jack
But the bear is soon interrupted by a lamia who drops down from a tree
and grabs hold of Jack with her long snake lower half
The lamia then leaps back into the trees like a ninja
with Jack in tow
"This day just keeps getting worse...” Jack says
The lamia looks down at Jack and says
"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe -- for a special price that is..."
The lamia takes jack to her secret base
But Jack soon realizes that she wasn't going to keep him safe but to give him as a sacrifice
Jack struggles to get free
But sadly for him, lamias have immense strength.
And as Jack prepares to meet his Maker, a voice suddenly shouts
"Wait! This man will not be a sacrifice, for he has tasted the dick!"
As the crowd of lamias gasps in surprise, the leader continues
The leader is a 6ft tall Minotaur with 2 penis
"He must be a descendant of one of our gods' Yaoipenessucka!"
"Come, everyone! Bow to the god!"
Seeing all of this, Jack felt like his mind was going to explode
Then jack was hit upside the head rendering him unconscious
Jack awoke to something new
Something different
His penis was gone
& had now a vagina
the lamia leader who is a 6ft tall fucking minotaur with 2 dicks says
"You are the child of a god which has done us wrong & will be punished"
But before the 2 dick Minotaur could say what Jack’s punishment was going to be something weird & crazy happened again
the lamia necks started to stretch and deform into the shape of penises
The lamia grows as big as their leader & the shape of their head turns more n more into a penis until
The lamia leader cuts off the growing lamias head penis
killing it
The Minotaur curse Jack saying this is his doing
Viewing the horrible scene from a ledge high up in the cave, Jack's gas cloud started planning out a way to save Jack from the fiendish vixens
The gas cloud forces its way into the nose of the 2 dick Minotaur
making it choke & gag
But the minotaur already had a scat fetish and started orgasming
this left the other monster girls at a standstill as they watched their leader turn into a giggling child
who cummed and squirted all over the cave
The Minotaur finally decided to he was done with this & sneezed the fart to nothingness
which made Jack scream "NNNNOOOOOOOO"
The minotaur looks at a covered in semen jack
N slowly walks toward him
penis's ready
But then, the bear showed up with Granny in tow.
"I was enjoying myself until you bitches showed up and took him away."
The monster girls engaged in collective hissing, growling, groaning and all sorts of animalistic sounds at the presence
Naruto filler flashback
The granny had just woken up to see Jill & the bear fucking jack then seeing a lamia just take his bitch ass
Jill still in heat goes after the bear
But the bear swats her like a fly leaving her nipple dick ass unconscious
and the bear then proceeded to stick Jill's dick necked head into Granny's cooch
The granny’s old cooch takes it just like it’s taken an entire football in the past
And before Granny could even complain, the bear then suggested a temporary truce. "We must go and save your grandson first. After that, I promise that we'll sort things out."
The grandma agrees but after they must make sweet nasty bear on grandma love
End Naruto filler flashback
We now come back to Jack with a vagina a 2 dick Minotaur & granny n the bear who have come to save jack
The Minotaur looks at granny
"Helen is that really you"
The granny is stunned that the Minotaur even knew her name
"It’s me, John, your husband after that bear killed me, I was reborn as this thing & became these monster girls leader"
Their conversation abruptly ended when Jack psychically blinded the Minotaur with an image
The Minotaur found itself distracted by the pixels and low-resolution, which gave the bear sometime too...
The bear charged the Minotaur who is the late husband of granny who he killed out of jealousy and Granny just stood there and didn't give a fuck
Jack who is the smartest one there runs and jumps off a cliff but is caught by JILL and her penis monkey tail
Jack screams like a Lil bitch and starts biting off all of Jill's dicks
Jill is nonetheless aroused by all this and eventually lets go of Jack
who falls to this death...
Or at least he hoped...
because below, there was an unaware slime girl relaxing on the ground
listening to the Rolling Stones album, "Their Satanic Majesties Request"
Jack lands on the slime girl as is saved but then starts gasping for air
The slime spits him out and starts bitching at him for ruining her relaxation
Jack exhales a weary sigh and responds, "Alright, fine. If I'm destined to be with a monster girl, then I choose you."
The Slime girl was going the reject him since she's a lesbian but see's jacks vagina
The slime girl becomes enamored at the sight of it and starts sliding into Jack's pussy
But then, Jack is suddenly shot in the head and dies.
By Granny
who pats the bear on the back and says "Let's say we go back to my little house and fuck?"
But when they returned to the house it was burning down!
Granny's dumbass had left the stove on
As for Jill, some say she is lying somewhere, continuously bleeding from all orifices and hallucinating about Jack biting her dicks off
The Minotaur offers his cave to the granny only if he can rekt the 80yo pussy
The bear goes back to his family that hasn't seen his for the past 4hrs
The granny slaps the minotaur and says "I ain't sleeping with no dykes."
which makes the minotaur start bawling and kill off the other monster girls in a frenzy
As for the well, it remains dry...
or is it?
Because now, another pair of children are walking up that same hill...
A nekomimi girl and Ash Ketchum.
The clouds begin to darken as lightning begins to strike again
And thus the story continues again with new characters

~Made by me & A Friend~
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You don't know when to stop do you? I had already finished up and was ready to move on when the Lamias came in.
"I'd take rampant lesbianism over nuclear armageddon or a supervolcano any day." ~nikiforova

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