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Poll: Dragon Ball Episode 83 Discussion

Jan 23, 2010 5:43 AM
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That's silly... Why did he have to take the plane when he has a magical flying cloud? :P

Feb 12, 2011 9:22 AM

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Because Roshi told him not to rely on his Cloud, Goku took that as a sincere order. Even though Roshi didn't expect him to take that by heart.

But that's who Goku is.

Dec 13, 2011 3:26 PM

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Lmao well there you go.
Dragon Ball was the first to do the three year time skip before Naruto or One Piece xD
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Feb 8, 2012 10:20 PM

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If I were that little boy's mother, I would have been hesitant to befriend a green ex-con fox who is old enough to drive his own car!

May 13, 2013 1:18 PM

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Well that was a quick 3 years, I love how Goku is still wearing that same outfit he stole from Pilafs henchmen ( forgot his name) haha. I'm looking forward to this next tournament and praying Krillin actually doesn't completely get his butt kicked for once >_<.
Oct 31, 2013 2:34 PM

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Konkichi says that the Tenkaichi tournament is tbe day after tomorrow at 05:13, but in the end narrator says that there are three days left
Nov 12, 2013 5:25 AM

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Oh boy a nice 3 year skip and lolwut Bulma's hair sucks like hell... why did she cut it? Now she looks dumb... oh well lets see if Goku can make it
Nov 29, 2013 3:35 PM

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God damn it Goku why are you so naive...Anyway, finally the end of the Fortuneteller Baba saga (or if you want to go deeper, Solo Training arc). Next up, Tien Shinhan Saga.
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Nov 20, 2014 3:02 AM

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RafaelDeJongh said:
Oh boy a nice 3 year skip and lolwut Bulma's hair sucks like hell... why did she cut it? Now she looks dumb... oh well lets see if Goku can make it

Not a fan of Bulma's new haircut either.
Dec 28, 2014 10:12 PM

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Wow, 3 years already but Goku hasn't really changed... I mean you can tell he has gone a lot faster and stronger but he still looks pretty much the same.
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Mar 20, 2017 11:04 AM

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Another light little filler episode as the tournament looms on the horizon.
Jul 29, 2017 3:55 PM

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yeha bulmas short hair is horrible o.o
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Sep 6, 2017 4:58 AM

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And just like that a 3 year timeskip....Goku looks the same.
Sep 16, 2017 3:24 AM

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Well, it's to be expected but this filler stretch was the worst part of the anime, definitely worse than Muscle Tower. Filler ranged from mediocre(Man Eating Gourd/Tien episodes) to awful (demon world episode), with this final one being alright. I've applauded this anime a lot in the past for having the best training arcs I've ever seen, to paraphrase, because we see just enough of every valuable moment of training, see how long they trained for, and then see the aftermath. All of which makes a training arc feel incredibly real, and of which Dragon Ball excels at. I haven't felt once that a power up was contrived, or cheesy, or anything negative at all, instead they felt like the product of hard work and dedication, all of which the audience saw and experienced. This filler stretch not only had lazy ideas, some of which went against what we know about the universe, and boring one note characters all around, but it 1: didn't feel like 3 years remotely, and 2: didn't give us any indication of the perfected training that I've already mentioned.

I would of either preferred us to go straight from Oopa's dad's revival to the tournament, or I would of preferred for us to have maybe 1 or 2 filler episodes to give a feel of the solitary adventure Goku is on, but also one major arc in which Goku truly powers up in. The other solution would be to have a handful of filler-esque episodes that each tell a story of Goku learning something that he hadn't understood before, ultimately making him a stronger and more intelligent person. There were plenty of ways to do this 3 year training segment correctly, what they did was the opposite. I'm very disappointed because the last arc set up for this so well. At least we can assume what Yamucha and Kururin's training was due to the first tournament, and the scattered clips of Kururin doing 1000 push ups with Roshi on his back.

Here's to hoping that this next arc is so good that we forget about this mess.