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Highschool DxD has a Game or Two for Frustrated Fans

Highschool DxD is one of the most talked about anime ever! Its popularity is undeniable, leaving fans worldwide yearning for more. Their prayers have been answered with the birth of two very special game adaptations! Let's take a closer look at both of their "exciting" features!

by Kvasir369
Nov 25, 2015 8:38 PM | 61,237 views

Highschool DxD is a story about a high school student named Issei Hyoudou. He’s an unashamedly perverted teenage boy whose ambitions lead him to strive towards becoming a Harem King, after being killed and brought back to life as a devil. Upon being resurrected, he gains a powerful Sacred Gear, a tool that grants its user powerful abilities, and ends up becoming a skilled combatant in his own right. The story’s combination of action, plot, and harem elements have made it a hit anime in Japan and has also secured the series two video games... so far!

Keep in mind that, because of the highly risque nature of Highschool DxD, both of the games place a high priority on the sexual appeal of the female characters rather than the depth of the story. The games are also exclusive to Japan (as of now).

Highschool DxD: The Game for Nintendo 3DS

High School DxD - Issei
The first game released in 2013, Highschool DxD, is a single-player adaption of the anime series. The player is placed into the role of the protagonist and goes through the events and battles of the first season. The story-telling is done through a combination of a visual novel style medium and a turn-based combat system.

High School DxD - Battle Menu

Combat in Highschool DxD is simple. You use a simple menu to unleash attacks against enemies, and for the final impact you can enact the iconic “Dress Break” ability, which strips female opponents of their garments. There is also the “Dress Change” ability exclusive to the game. This unique ability allows for Issei to switch up the outfits of female characters during battle.

Highschool DxD: New Fight for Playstaytion Vita

High School DxD - New Fight Battle

The second game, Highschool DxD: New Fight, is a Playstation Vita game centered around a completely new story by the creator of the series, Ichiei Ishibumi. Unlike the first game, this one is an online free-to-play card battle game where the premise is that you need to get stronger by defeating various enemies using “Dress Break” and collecting cards. This is done through a series of button combinations before the timer runs out and, depending on the quest or difficulty, you may receive different cards. Through micro-transactions, it becomes possible to obtain super-rare cards or items to boost your character's abilities.

High School DxD - New Fight Navigator

Highschool DxD: New Fight boasts over 50 characters to face-off against and possesses online playing capabilities to fight against others over a network. The game is constantly being updated and has also had crossover events with Senran Kagura and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II, two other games featuring attractive women who can be subjected to the player’s “Dress Break” ability.

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