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A Great Anime Opening: The OP for No.6

Through varied imagery, a song that builds up, and subtle hints at what's to come, the opening for No.6 is a great example of what an anime OP should be.

by CriticalAndroid
Jan 25, 2016 8:12 PM | 10,130 views

So you're getting ready to watch an anime you've never seen but you've heard some good things about it. You're not entirely sure what you're in for and you're hoping that something about this first episode is going to get you hooked into the show. Maybe it comes at you right from the start, or maybe it appears after a brief introductory scene, but an anime's opening can be the key to bringing you into the world the series has created.

The opening for the 2011 anime series No.6, "Spell" by LAMA, does quite a few things right to try and capture your attention and give you a feel for what you're about to engross yourself in.

No.6 Opening OP Spell by LAMA

As the field of view descends from the sky, the first thing we see is a large, futuristic like circular city.

No.6 OP Opening city

Given that the title "No.6" refers to the city that much of the anime takes place in, it's already giving the viewer something to anticipate about the place and setting. We're then treated to some more images from within the city itself where a young, adolescent character is going through various idyllic scenarios such as a computer cafe, being granted an award, and standing amongst a field of flowers.

No.6 OP Opening flowers, shion

These pictures of happiness don't last very long though as joy quickly turns to anguish. The scene turns to a young, adolescent character that is shouting, being chased, pushed, and even has a gun placed against his head.

No.6 OP Opening Nezumi

The look of panic in his eyes stands in sharp contrast to the happy, content, and occasionally dull expression we see in the eyes of the first character.

The images then begin to get a little less concretely defined as to what's being witnessed. Hexagonal white panels begin to form a towering tunnel up into the sky where both of the people we've seen in the opening so far are brought to face each other in the sky. Parts of them fly away until seemingly older versions of them appear and become highlighted beneath the colors of a rainbow.

No.6 OP Opening rainbow, shion, nezumi

If there's one thing that falls a bit short in terms of helping to establish the world, it's the opening song as performed by Lama. The music's tone fits more with the happy images we see at first, but the lead vocalist's high-pitched singing can be a bit much to handle at first. Repeated listens make the song easier to get into, but it can be an initial challenge.

So what does the opening to No.6 tell us as a whole about what we're going to see? We're going to see a wonderful city with seemingly happy citizens, but there's going to be some sort of a darker side, for some people at least. There's likely to be some sort of advancement in time based on the changes we see to the two characters we're introduced to, who we can also assume are the main characters in this story. Additionally, we can assume that these two men are connected in some way during the course of the series as we see them brought together in the sky.

If you've seen No.6 then you already know that these things are true, but the opening doesn't spoil the many revelations, twists, turns, and changes in tone that the anime has in store for anyone who watches it. And if you've already watched the series and are re-watching it, the OP has a few subtle hints and details that will stand out with the knowledge of hindsight.

A good introduction to move forward with, and a great one to revisit after the fact - No.6 knows how to make a fantastic OP!

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