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This is a club dedicated towards webtoons (aka Asian webcomics). We have most English translated webtoons listed here for you to browse through. Listed on the right are the licensed (or published) webtoons that are on MyAnimeList's (aka MAL's) database. The rest of the webtoons, that are not on MAL's database, are listed under Non-licensed Webtoons form post, in alphabetical order.

If you notice that a webtoon isn't on our lists, please let us know about it by commenting below.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment. Although, please read through our guidelines and F.A.Q. before asking, as they can hopefully answer your questions.

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Sticky: NON-LICENSED WEBTOONS (not on MyAnimeList)
CawaSnow - Sep 7, 2016
7 replies by CawaSnow »»
Mar 15, 7:12 PM
God of Highschool Animated Trailer
Laugasts - Jun 11, 2016
9 replies by darkvenom »»
Feb 21, 9:12 PM
Underrated manhwa recommendations!!
ironace - Jan 5
5 replies by Ridley-Laforet »»
Feb 3, 2:56 PM
Kaka 79%
Nunnally03 - Dec 29, 2016
1 replies by Ridley-Laforet »»
Feb 3, 2:55 PM
What to read after Legendary Moonlight Sculptor? o:
roby666 - Jan 26
3 replies by CawaSnow »»
Feb 1, 6:00 PM

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Club Comments
ironace | Mar 25, 9:45 AM

I have heard of it but the artstyle put me of from watching it. What is it about?

JcqIsHere | Mar 25, 8:37 AM
Is there anyone here who has heard of Hellper
I did a review on it because the series is seriously underrated

CawaSnow | Feb 3, 9:34 PM
@Ridley-Laforet Yeah, really disappointing that it will be ending. However its better to end on a high note, then become repetitive and boring.

Ridley-Laforet | Feb 3, 2:54 PM
@CawaSnow Bastard is really dark and disturbing but I love it 😂
It seems like it's nearing the end tho

CawaSnow | Feb 1, 5:55 PM
Have you guys been reading Bastard or Wind breaker.

If you are into fanfiction, I can give you some to read.

Are any of you into Webfiction? or even Wuxia novels?

ezlord | Jan 30, 11:03 AM
The game as in the gamer? I dropped that shit since it was so repetitive,mfo u think I should pick it up? I def didn't like his persona, he had nothing to offer, but in the least was a million to,Es better than the faggots from dice. Oh my fucks, those charecters are unbearable pathetic shits. Enju is like the direct distant relative of Rachel tho the hate for either charecter is old as my grandmothers wort.

I need a new webtoon
How's trump
Or dead sorcerers city
I am doing all the main ones already like hive and the ones u listed below

logic340 | Jan 30, 10:24 AM
ezlord I have been MIA for a while sorry about that.

Noblesse art and battle are amazing but the story has taken a backseat to the action of late. I think this arc could be much stronger (though I do enjoy it) if they would focus on the story surrounding Muzaka and the Werewolves more than the action.

Tower of God has been on another level. While this weeks chapter wasn't as good as the previous ones it was still a very good setup chapter that really highlighted the growth and the peril that our mc's are facing. SIU's art is amazing and his story has been so good for so long

Gepetto came back with two chapters after a long hiatus. I really enjoy Gepetto and I am glad it was recommended to me. It starts off kind of slow but man is it good right now.

The Game is getting really deep but man it is still slow. It could have used this type of development in season 2 if you ask me but the questions and mysteries are still enough to make me keep reading and the story is just good enough o keep me engaged. I would like to see the battle get much better but so long as the characters and their development is there I think I will stick it out.

DICE has been so good of late I originally though it would be around the same quality as the game but this author has really steeped his game up over the last 40 or so chapters.

Uncrowned_King | Jan 21, 8:08 AM
Nothing to talk about

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