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This is a club dedicated towards webtoons (aka Asian webcomics). We have most English translated webtoons listed here for you to browse through. Listed on the right are the licensed (or published) webtoons that are on MyAnimeList's (aka MAL's) database. The rest of the webtoons, that are not on MAL's database, are listed under Non-licensed Webtoons form post, in alphabetical order.

If you notice that a webtoon isn't on our lists, please let us know about it by commenting below.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment. Although, please read through our guidelines and F.A.Q. before asking, as they can hopefully answer your questions.

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God of Highschool Animated Trailer
Laugasts - Jun 11
6 replies by Yudapramana111 »»
Nov 30, 10:32 AM
[Game] Speak The First Word.
CawaSnow - Nov 2
1 replies by CawaSnow »»
Nov 2, 1:17 PM
[Game]Ban The User Above You. ( 1 2 3 )
CawaSnow - Sep 1
139 replies by CawaSnow »»
Oct 28, 8:26 PM
[Game]This or That? ( 1 2 )
CawaSnow - Sep 1
80 replies by CawaSnow »»
Oct 28, 8:25 PM
Sticky: GUIDELINES - MyAnimeList's Guidelines to Adding Webtoons
CawaSnow - Sep 7
0 replies by CawaSnow »»
Sep 7, 8:56 AM

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Club Comments
CawaSnow | Nov 21, 8:33 PM
@karmerl2 That's awesome :3

kamerl2 | Nov 20, 2:44 AM
I found interesting video
Airplane safety video with webtoon characters

Ridley-Laforet | Nov 5, 5:17 AM
I'm into Trump and Cheese in the Trap these days although a week's wait seems so long XD

CawaSnow | Nov 2, 1:22 PM
Has anyone read the recent Tower of God or Windbreaker chapters?

If you did, are you enjoying the series?

Was there anything you did not like?

What other Webtoons, Anime, Manga, Wuxia or even books are you enjoying.

Uncrowned_King | Oct 24, 9:29 PM
It had potential but then author decided to shove the romance down our throats at every chance

PrevE | Oct 24, 8:00 PM
Well i hope the author is able to at least end it semi decently

ironace | Oct 24, 10:36 AM
Im actually glad that it was finished. That thing had been going on for far too long.

Seepos | Oct 24, 5:18 AM
Prolly just got axed. Ratings for last 20chapter or so were around 2.2-5. It went full shit after author changed main plot to romance. Everyone can aggree on that.

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