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Sticky: NON-LICENSED WEBTOONS (not on MyAnimeList)
Kaku-Kaku - Sep 7, 2016
27 replies by AbrarMalik »»
May 15, 8:04 AM
TomDay - Jul 7, 2016
13 replies by AbrarMalik »»
May 15, 8:01 AM
Sticky: Introductions? New to club? ( 1 2 3 )
KalfKaneda - Apr 29, 2018
144 replies by zenviolet »»
May 10, 2:58 AM
Please stop nominating webtoons
AbrarMalik - Mar 18
1 replies by lyss666 »»
May 2, 8:09 PM
Poll: Webtoon of the month (April 2022)
LetsAllLoveKaoru - Apr 30
5 replies by m0e9i8 »»
May 1, 9:23 AM

Club Comments
ironace | May 6, 9:04 AM
Whale Star is the winner for April folks!
Havent read it but seems interesting.

TasfiaK | Apr 11, 9:29 AM
Seasons of Blossom is also on mal now :)

xxri | Apr 11, 5:57 AM
swimming lessons for a mermaid was just added to mal ^^

B-Kiddo | Apr 7, 8:39 AM
@Coaghim yeah, it's easy on Line. that's the one I use when reading webtoons. I'm reading thru app and all you have to do there is to go to "Originals" section and "completed" is the last tab after Sunday.
Ofc, this covers only the originals portion of the webtoons there

Coaghim | Apr 7, 5:59 AM
@B-Kiddo Oh ok I see, thx 4 the tip. I'll check the search option of Line webtoon next time then.

B-Kiddo | Apr 7, 1:35 AM
@Coaghim that would be hard to execute I think as we would need to check every platform since MAL is not so good at tracing them. Easiest way to search for completed series is filtering those directly on the reading platform. Meaning Line webtoon, Tapas, Lezhin (smirk) etc.
There are many good completed series on Line webtoon

Coaghim | Apr 1, 2:11 PM
You know what I miss in this club? A topic containing all manhwa etc. that are fully completed with an official 'THE END'. I just found 2 of them and I F love it. Better then facing all these cliffhangers and weekly/monthly (sometimes even worse) queue times. Skeleton Soldier was amazing to read, but by the time I can continue reading another good chunk of it... chances are high, I'll probably have to reread everything to not miss out on those subtle details.

LetsAllLoveKaoru | Feb 28, 7:16 AM
Late Webtoon of the Month thread... 12 Nominations this time
Thread will be open a bit longer than usual.

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