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This is a club dedicated towards webtoons (aka Asian webcomics). We have most English translated webtoons listed here for you to browse through. Listed on the right are the licensed (or published) webtoons that are on MyAnimeList's (aka MAL's) database. The rest of the webtoons, that are not on MAL's database, are listed under Non-licensed Webtoons form post, in alphabetical order.

If you notice that a webtoon isn't on our lists, please let us know about it by commenting below.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment. Although, please read through our guidelines and F.A.Q. before asking, as they can hopefully answer your questions.

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Sticky: NON-LICENSED WEBTOONS (not on MyAnimeList)
CawaSnow - Sep 7, 2016
11 replies by CawaSnow »»
Jun 13, 6:25 PM
Which Webtoon brought you here? :3 ( 1 2 3 )
pennyiscute - Sep 9, 2012
105 replies by Hanged_Sparrow »»
Jun 5, 11:19 AM
Underrated manhwa recommendations!!
ironace - Jan 5
7 replies by iheartgreentea »»
May 12, 1:42 PM
God of Highschool Animated Trailer
Laugasts - Jun 11, 2016
9 replies by darkvenom »»
Feb 21, 9:12 PM
Kaka 79%
Nunnally03 - Dec 29, 2016
1 replies by Ridley-Laforet »»
Feb 3, 2:55 PM

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TomDay | Jun 2, 10:40 AM
just found this.
Tooneed is also standing out in the global market. The company is now aggressively carrying out webtoon book publishing and IP publication rights businesses in North America and Southeast Asia as well as China and Japan. It also believes that it has already gained ground in the Chinese and Japanese markets. Its major works – “The Girl Who Sees Smells” and “Trivial for Telling” – are becoming popular. Webtoons are considered exportable contents since they can increase the immersion level of readers, though they are translated into local languages.

looks like MAL will get their precious publishing rules to follow through once this deal follows through.

TomDay | May 26, 10:47 PM
@ironace yeah adapted into anime, what else do i mean lol

Babunime | May 22, 2:38 AM
Hey, the links on the information tab are broken

CawaSnow | May 19, 6:15 PM
Got it all, thank you so much!!

Ridley-Laforet | May 19, 5:23 PM
Something about Us, Imitation, My Secret Brother and Cat and Dog are missing in the manga relations.

CawaSnow | May 15, 3:09 PM
Just added Wind Breaker.

Thank you!!!! :3

ironace | May 15, 9:44 AM
I WILL probably start wind breaker when im in the mood after exams. However not now. Im surprised about it being in the database though.
However to add it in the club relations you gotta contact @cawasnow here. Im not an admin so i cannot edit club details.

In other news, the ToG subreddit has people saying that its confirmed that ToG is getting tankobons but the release date is unconfirmed. If this is true then we can FINALLY add that masterpiece here.

what do you mean when you say ''adapted''?As in adapted to anime?
Ill get back to you later as i dont have much time rn

logic340 | May 15, 8:11 AM
@ironace can you add Wind Breaker to the manga relations list. Also start reading it if you haven't yet.

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