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Game CountUp (to 10000!) ( 1 2 3 4 )
KalfKaneda - Apr 29, 2018
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10 hours ago
Sticky: Introductions? New to club? ( 1 2 3 )
KalfKaneda - Apr 29, 2018
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Apr 7, 10:41 AM
Poll: Eleceed!
tiredginseng - May 9, 2019
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Apr 6, 6:13 PM
Game CountDown (to 0!) ( 1 2 3 )
KalfKaneda - Apr 29, 2018
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Apr 5, 1:02 PM
Poll: Webtoon of the month (March 2021)
B-Kiddo - Mar 26
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Mar 31, 11:24 PM

Club Comments
ironace | 1 hour ago
ah my bad
i stopped reading brice's comment as soon as i found out it was about dramas

B-Kiddo | 6 hours ago
The wicked queen added to the relations

B-Kiddo | 6 hours ago
Dudes..seriously?😂 I was talking about the "Navillera"
..at least Brice gets me :tsun:

LetsAllLoveKaoru | Yesterday, 9:23 AM
Don't get her wrong. BK said 'author' not 'artist'. 100% sure she knows about Kayden and Moonyoung sharing the same artist already.

Coaghim | Yesterday, 7:44 AM
That fact even got mentioned in a topic here in the club :D

ironace | Yesterday, 7:22 AM
Your trying me you read eleceed all this time without knowing it was the same artist ?!

B-Kiddo | Yesterday, 7:10 AM
"GotW's artist prefers drawing cute, fat and powerful cats :3" - and that's how it should be ❤️
Didnt know there is something else from this author besides gotw

LetsAllLoveKaoru | Apr 17, 2:16 PM
Nice BK mentionned dramas ! Now or never to post about this then...

So there's currently the Song for the Long March manhwa adaptation airing. It's awesome, like really... they added scenes (maybe they removed some too, didn't check that) and it's even better ! \o/

Now there's also an ongoing webtoon adaptation, because webtoons are what we all live for here : Navillera or Like Butterfly.
I haven't watched many episodes for now... so no idea if i'm recommending anything really good. Not many have aired either so you might wanna wait for more to pile up before starting anything. But well, the webtoon was nice. Real heartwarming (slice of life) story between an old man and a young dancer that'll get to know each other. Basically a webtoon about how should we appreciate and enjoy life.
It has the same author as Girls of the Wild's.But the artist is another person... GotW's artist prefers drawing cute, fat and powerful cats :3

(Navillera isn't on MAL's Database btw.)

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