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mdo7 1 hour ago
you said:
i can see that SK really is behind on the "anime" type appeal when compared to china. they're probably more focused on the more marketable industry that is k-drama right now.

Mainland China has also been making a lot of TV drama too like for example: Legend of Fuyao, The Eternal Love 2, The Fox's Summer, etc....

I've been seeing a lot of Chinese TV dramas on both Viki and Netflix. So as I said, it's not only animation they're churning out but also TV dramas too. And the Chinese animation industry and TV drama industry could team up and maybe collaborate like for example, Ice Fantasy:

China may try to remake some of their TV drama into C-anime. I could see Ice Fantasy getting a C-anime remake if you watch this scene:

A lot of these stuff done in live-action, they could benefit from a animation remake. It's not only Ice Fantasy, I could see Legend of Fuyao getting a animation remake in Mainland China. Any fantasy-based Chinese TV drama based on Chinese novel or Chinese comic could get a animation remake.

So that could motivate South Korea to take animation more seriously. If China can produce a lot of animation and TV dramas, then so can South Korea.

that's probably a good idea to use k-idols to promote aeni. k-idols have already been used to promote webtoon, as i'm sure you know about bigbang's webtoon on tapas. i just don't want any takeover, because the kpop industry works very differently from webtoon, as it is more of a business that focuses on quality marrying with quantity. kpop is more on quantity before quality. one of the biggest reasons why webtoon is popular is because of the very diverse and excellent writing that are published by the official sites.

Well there are K-pop idols that can act, and do musical. But I would love to see a K-pop idol that can do voice-acting like maybe on the same level as Seiyus in Japan. I know singing idols in Japan that have become voice actors/actresses in Japan and I know seiyus that also serve as singing idols like Nana Mizuki. If a K-pop idol can have a talent for voice acting. That alone can help aeni/K-anime find audiences amongst K-pop fanbases and probably get new fan in anime fandom.

i'm thinking that maybe them or other korean animation studios like DR movie could have a chance to adapt a webtoon, and with the right marketing it could be on the race that china and japan are currently in. there are plenty of korean animation studios to choose from i believe.

As I said above, what China is doing will motivate South Korea to do the same. South Korea has major advantage:

-Chinese animation hasn't gotten any major license outside of China or in the west yet. So South Korea could do that.

-K-pop and K-drama has big advantage in the west given that they're popular. Webtoon too, so that can help aeni/K-anime.

-Since Chinese government control the censorship on everything including animation. That give South Korea more advantage, South Korean government will relax censorship in order for aeni/K-anime to compete with Chinese and Japanese animation.

it is a good idea to have an aeni channel as a sub brand of CN. in addition it could also attract koreans to look at a channel that has their on native people's content on it since they have a lot of patriotic pride. and i do agree that it should be marketed to asia first before the west/US, seeing asia has more people and you really need a strong hold on it before you want to go further than that.

As I said, Tooniverse need to create a 2nd channel for aeni/K-anime with more mature content. Also about showcasing K-anime in East and Southeast Asia. Well are you familiar with Oh!K (Wikipedia information)? Oh!K show K-dramas from MBC in East and Southeast Asia, but maybe with MBC and Turner Broadcasting Asia's help, maybe Oh! K can create a dedicated block of K-anime. Same thing for KBS World, if KBS and MBC can help K-anime on their worldwide channel, that could help aeni/K-anime to expand their international audiences.

Tom, do you remember when Mnet America broadcasted Japanese anime few years ago:

Yes, I think Oh! K and KBS World should do the same for Aeni/K-anime. They should create a 1 or 2 hour block for aeni/K-anime to not only showcase but to see how Korean animation fare well with non-Korean and non-Asian audiences. If it does well, then aeni/K-anime has big potential to become big in the US and around the world.

I hope these help.
mdo7 9 hours ago
Ah OK, when you're done. Go look at my comment post on your profile about Chinese and Korean animation. Also TomDay, I think you may have heard what happened to BTS and Japan? Here's the video from Billboard:

BTS is not the only one, go watch these video:

mdo7 Today, 8:53 AM
Tom, were you trying to say something. Some of the replies on the thread we talked about have been deleted. What is it you wanted to tell me?
mdo7 Yesterday, 9:07 PM
TomDay said:

thanks for those links. and it is pretty convincing that those are from japan instead! it makes sense they would look alike since china is involved with the 80 to 90% of animating for japan. but still, it's really surprising how alike they are. at least korea's own style is clearer to see. i don't believe i would be able to tell it was donghua save for the very chinese clothing.

and it is a pretty tragic thing that ANN doesn't list anything outside of japan, especially since it supports a dying industry. in a while it won't even be relevant anymore. i had thought of an ANN for china and korea and have had serious thought on developing a site for that.

Well when I saw these Chinese animation, I was so blown away by the detail of the animation and the story/plotline. This is a Japanese anime industry's worse nightmare, a neighboring country that can make animation that can rival and surpass anime. And it won't be China alone, enter South Korea and you know the rest.

It's unfortunate that ANN or any anime website hasn't set up an area dedicated for Korean and Chinese animation. At least Hobby Japan has a South Korean spin-off, and yes they do talk about Korean animation on there.

TomDay said:
But back on topic, it's possible that the South Korean government and Korean animation industry are already aware of Mainland China's booming animation industry. In order for Korean animation to compete with Chinese animation on a global scale, the Korean government will have to give money to Korean animation studio which will include giving Korean animation industry the freedom to turn anything into K-anime/Aeni. As I said, both Mainland China and South Korea know that Japan's animation industry is aging and may not be able to compete with their animation, so that's why I believe Korean animation could in the future rival Chinese animation.

this could very well be happening, but as you said, we are missing very crucial news on what direction this is taking since we don't have a lot on it. i haven't seen much of aeni besides their CGI.

i guess you could

Well Tom, I think you need to look at these Chinese animation:

What and how do you think South Korean's animation industry are going to react when they see these? That's going to motivate South Korean animation industry to create animation that can hold candle to their Chinese counterpart. If the South Korean government saw what Chinese animation industry has been producing, that's going to make South Korean government want to increase animation production in South Korea. South Korean animation industry are probably going to team up with K-pop idols to make Aeni/K-anime marketable and gain publicity.

TomDay said:
I said:
You want to get a fan of any slice of life anime to watch a K-drama, all you have to do is adapt Orange Marmalade, and Cheese in the Trap into K-anime and there you go, that anime fan watch it and found out about the K-drama adaptation, they end watching up the K-drama adaptation.

How do you get K-drama fan that never watch anime to branch out to anime. If Orange Marmalade become a K-anime/aeni, then that K-drama fan who love the live-action K-drama adaptation may end up watching the K-anime adaptation of it. In the end, that fan was introduced to Japanese equivalent genre similar to Orange Marmalade like that K-drama fan may end up watching Vampire Knight probably because of a recommendation, or was told by a friend about that anime. Also if a magical girl webtoon become a aeni/K-anime, then that fan of that Korean magical girl can end up watching Sailor Moon and Shugo Chara.

i don't know much about k drama, i must admit, mostly because of my hatred of it. so i don't know about the fans not knowing about anime. but the small bit i do know is that they do read webtoon, with the k-pop/drama fans i have been around. so if they market a webtoon story in general, it could appeal to them either way.

Well, I always thought there is a way to bridge anime fans and K-drama fans, and Aeni/K-anime could act as a bridge for Anime and K-drama fans. Now you see how you can lure anime fans into K-drama fans and how you can lure and bait K-drama fans into becoming anime fans.

TomDay said:

china and korea have way worse censorship than japan (but especially china), so they will probably be forced to go online than it being more of a choice. of the dongua you linked, i don't believe any of them would be controversial like the manhua i have read that were in danger of being cancelled. i would like to see some good manhua/c-wentoon be adapted, or are any dongua in that list are adaptions?

It's true that South Korea does have censorship more strict then Japan. But however, because of what's coming out of China, that may lead to the Korean government to relax censorship for animation in order for Aeni/K-anime to be more competitive on a worldwide scale. Censorship hamper creativity and I believe the Korean government are willing to tone down their censorship in order for Aeni/K-anime to gain an audiences outside of South Korea and beyond.

Also it's possible that CJ E&M may create a 2nd Tooniverse channel (let say they called it Tooniverse+. Tooniverse Xtreme) for Aeni/K-anime with more mature content to be broadcasted. Don't forget Cartoon Network has a channel in South Korea. So maybe they could make Adult Swim/Toonami for those mature K-anime. Also it's possible South Korea could create a "Animax"-like channel for Aeni/K-anime in Korea and probably in East and Southeast Asia (they could expand to North and South America).

So yeah, the censorship will be relaxed, but you and I are both agree they could stream the series and episodes online if they want to bypass any censorship. That's why I could see Netflix may team up with South Korea. And if there is a market, it's possible Crunchyroll could make their presence in South Korea and help give K-anime a platform.

There's one thing I don't want South Korea to do: I don't want aeni/K-anime to be shown late night just like anime do in Japan. Late night does not help K-anime.

I can't say much about Chinese animation because I don't have enough knowledge and facts about how they're going to be shown (either on TV or on streaming sites).

TomDay said:
i watch a show by tooniverse, wara store (the closest aeni i have ever seen being like anime)! i was thinking of checking out more of their content. thanks for the link, i will ask KA to upload it to the site.

Tom, it goes beyond that. I found other Korean animation that show the huge potential for Korean animation. I forgot to show you the trailer for this Korean animated film, Bad Boss:

And I'm not sure if you're familiar with Elsword. They did an aeni adaptation of that game franchise:

Click on "CC" to turn on English subtitle

It does look like a stereotypical anime adaptation of a RPG game. But this show how far Korean animation has gotten. Elsword: El Lady was not the only "anime" like aeni that Korea has been doing. It looks like South Korea has done a magical girl genre aeni called Flowering heart. Have a look:

Again, turn on CC for English Subtitle. Speaking of English, this same YT channel has a English dub too:

Yes, as you can this aeni does remind of Pretty Cure/PreCure with some element of Shugo Chara being thrown in. So yes, this show how far aeni has gone when it comes to making a potential medium.

So I do predict aeni will evolve and probably can hold candle to Chinese animation.

The only thing I don't want South Korea to do with aeni is create lolicon and moe fanservice. I don't want Korea's aeni to create their own version of Eromanga Sensei. That's what I don't want to see.
ConnectionError Yesterday, 4:11 PM
I see. OK!
ConnectionError Yesterday, 4:09 PM
hello you should read about the forum game before playing it
i_stan_exo Nov 2, 9:11 AM
Because you seem like an avid reader of webtoons :)
i_stan_exo Nov 1, 4:14 PM
Have you read the webtoon Hooky?
nDroae Aug 21, 10:56 AM
The answer is in the original links I shared, which you dismissed as irrelevant.
KalfKaneda Jun 22, 3:33 AM
Mal is back
mdo7 May 25, 4:24 PM
Hi, Tom.

It's been a while since we last spoke on MAL. Can I talk to you via PM.
ironace May 25, 9:21 AM
lol, i know nobless was in a game as well, but cant recall which one was it. Also, just what id seven knights anyway?
ironace May 24, 9:47 AM
some news you may know more about?
collaboration between something called 7 knights and toG
Botan-Chan45 May 6, 12:04 PM
Yeah I forget what I was reading.
Botan-Chan45 May 6, 11:56 AM
Ahh that. I like responding to interesting stuff everywhere I go.