Endless Solitude

After a long hiatus, we are back members and we are now ready to bring more ideas and more fun to this community~! We are super stoked to be back and we hope that our guild can be your safe haven and we can make some great new memories. For all old and new members, welcome to Endless Solitude. Come join us for cards, events and some challenges. We're all a family here at ES and we'll always welcome you all with open arms. Now come join us on a new adventure in this new year for we are rising from the ashes and look forward to embrace this new dawn with you all. -γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€- β—‡ β—‡ -γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€-γ€€- Are you a new member? Did you happen to just randomly come across our lovely little club? Well, then what are you waiting for? We don't bite! Why not go πˆππ“π‘πŽπƒπ”π‚π„ yourselves and maybe make a new friend or two! Want to become a part of our crew? The, please head on over to our π‘π„π‚π‘π”πˆπ“πŒπ„ππ“ thread and fill out an application. We're always hiring unless stated otherwise. Want to earn some sweet prizes? Head on over to the π‚π€πŒπ„π‘π€ ππŽπ— where you can collect portraits and turn them into beautiful scrapbooks; And turn those scrapbooks into rewards! Already signed up? Go redeem your collection for your choice of prizes at the ππ‘πˆπ™π„ π‚πŽπ‘ππ„π‘. Is there a specific edition you want to see or you just want to share your idea with your our editors? Go leave them a π’π”π†π†π„π’π“πˆπŽπ and they'll eventually get around to it! That's all for now. Be sure to stay friendly and respectful to your fellow members and staff, and enjoy your time here at Endless Solitude!~ -γ€€-γ€€- -γ€€-γ€€- -γ€€-γ€€- -γ€€-γ€€- -γ€€-γ€€-
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