Fushigi Yuugi
Mysterious Play
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Alternative Titles

English: Mysterious Play
Synonyms: Fushigi Yugi, Curious Play
Japanese: ふしぎ遊戯


Type: TV
Episodes: 52
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 1995 to Mar 28, 1996
Premiered: Spring 1995
Broadcast: Thursdays at 18:00 (JST)
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy, MagicMagic, Martial ArtsMartial Arts, ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, HistoricalHistorical, DramaDrama, ShoujoShoujo
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.671 (scored by 3772337,723 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #11332
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Popularity: #1319
Members: 85,696
Favorites: 2,148


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Oct 11, 2008
ParaParaJMo (All reviews)
Though by some standards today, the story may seem a bit cliché, but for its time in the mid-1990s, it wasn’t really that much of the norm. So the Alice in Wonderland concept may not be something that will appeal to everyone since you’ve already seen it in more semi-mainstream animes in comparison to this one such as 12 Kingdoms, Inuyasha, and Escaflowne which came out after Fushigi Yuugi though this was the anime that did it before it became something semi-common. Even though this is primarily shoujo, the well diverse but archetypical cast do have mass appeal.

Each character for the most part has read more
Jun 19, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
After seeing so much anime in my time, I can say that Fushigi Yuugi might have inspired a lot of anime that came in when it ended. These days there are so much anime that are about the main character/s sucked into another dimension and they are the chosen ones to fix the problems of this so-called dimension (Kyo Kara maoh, Escaflowne, Izumo. etc)

Although it is one of my favorite series, there are some parts that to me are considered unsatisfactory. I feel a bit sorry for Chiriko because he was one of the lesser important seishis (the other would be Mitsukake). I am not read more
Mar 17, 2007
cutepiku (All reviews)
Fushigi Yuugi, originally a manga written by Yuu Watase, is a classic anime, that became so popular, it inspired 3 OAV series', and encouraged Watase to write the prequel to the series, more than 10 years later.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play, is about a 15 year old girl Miaka Yuuki, and her best friend Yui Hongo. Miaka and Yui are in the library when Miaka sees a mysterious bird lead her to the restricted room of the library. There, Miaka finds a mysterious book, and her and Yui are pulled into the world. Miaka and Yui meet a mysterious man who saves them from slave read more
Jun 14, 2007
Kieli_Heart (All reviews)
Before this series, I've only seen harem anime like Tenchi Muyo and things like that. But it was suggested to me that I watch this series by Yuu Watase. I'm so glad I listened.

The main character, Miaka, got a little annoying at times but I thought she was cute with Tamahome. Many watchers, at least the ones I know got sick over how much they were all over each other. But what do you expect? This girl was in a time she wasn't from. She was always attacked or in danger and she had no one else to really turn to. He was the one read more
Aug 17, 2010
Arw (All reviews)
I see this anime has quite good notes, so i think I should add my opinion.

I've seen some anime by now, and I have to tell that they aren't a lot of series that were such a pain to watch like this one. I mean I'm not a big fan of shoujo or romance, but to be honest: it's not the point.

Story isn't bad. I like fantasy, magic, alternative worlds etc. Maybe it's not super duper complicated but I don't have too high expectations either.

Well, let's say Pierrot.
But not Naruto-like, a little bit better than usually. Drawing was like you should expect from read more
May 2, 2010
indi135 (All reviews)
The most redeeming part of this story is that it does not end with the realization of the protagonists' love of each other. Miaka and Tamahome become involved in a relationship and continue to evolve in that relationship over time. The concept that all interesting life experiences don’t end with falling in love is clearly presented and that is a worthy message.

While this may have been an early form of the 'priestess stolen from another world to save an ancient city' theme, it was by no means the best I have seen. The characters were interesting and had potential, however, the read more
Oct 13, 2008
Bishounen_Hunter (All reviews)
Fushigi Yuugi is a lukewarm anime series. Obviously compared to the shows of today...but even back then, I can't say that I was as enthralled by it as everyone else. Sure it has it's high points: Lots of action, dramatic tension and bishounen galore...but with all the cheesy canned romantic dialog and all the ill-timed [Sailor Moon-ish] humor seriously detracts from the show's dramatic intensity not to mention, total enjoyment from this show.

I would say say this is the typical 90's style animation...nothing too impressive but it wasn't boring or hideously drawn either. There are a bunch or errors read more
May 26, 2009
Goldeneyeuro (All reviews)
I’ll start out by saying this: Fushigi Yuugi is not for everyone. It is perhaps the shojoest of the shojo anime series and rivals Nana and Revolutionary Girl Utena. So if you’re female, there’s an 85% chance that the series will appeal to you in some way, shape, or form. If you’re male, there’s an 85% chance that you’ll find the series either boring, slow, redundant, or stupid. If you are male and are in the minority, there’s a chance that you’ll get mocked. I did at Anime Detour.

But honestly, there are worse things that you can admit to read more
Jan 5, 2018
Jennpocalypse (All reviews)
First off, I'm going to start with the fact that I finished this anime, all 52 episodes and I'm still not sure why. I couldn't stand most of the characters, the art is outdated, the story is decent but there are so many stupid tropes and situations that I stopped watching it several times throughout the series.

But I returned to finish it. Why? Because despite the annoying characters, painful voice acting, and dumb tropes, it has a weird sort of charm. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for shows I watched in my childhood (mainly Inuyasha, actually) but I actually enjoyed it.
Oct 21, 2011
Moonflowerer (All reviews)
So i started watching this anime and at first i thought "what an interesting show!" i like the story line and season one was pretty decent despite some dragging bits. After season two i almost killed myself, the main characters who seemed to have so much power in the first season suddenly are at the mercy of the over-powerful baddies. The love story really f'd up too they really just needed one reason to not be together instead of all sorts of useless side reasons that are solved so quick. I also hate how one sequence, going from spot A to B takes 4 read more
Jul 13, 2009
lyza (All reviews)
i'm giving this anime a 10. it does sound ridiculous coz it's just another fantasy story but this anime made me the fanatic that i am now. for me, this one started it all. Everything about this anime is just right- right amount of comedy, romance, fantasy, underwear exposure, drama, harem...it has everything. i first seen this anime years ago but i just cant help re-watching it over and over again. i even got some of my friends to watch it and i'm not even surprised that they loved it too.

the characters are amazing. making it different from one another, having those skills and each read more
Jan 16, 2010
curiousplayfan (All reviews)
This anime is a bit old but it rivals (is as good as) any romance anime I've watched till now.

Miaka, main character- attractive, cute, honest, caring but annoying, is sucked into an ancient book and found herself in plenty of trouble. Well first, she falls in love with Tamahome. Somehow, Miaka is so hot that even the Emperor is in love with her LOL:) There are some love triangles going on, adding spice to the story.

The (Suzaku) warriors are slowly revealed in an interesting manner. Each has their own tale and attractive personalities. I would say my favourite is Tatsuki- because he adds a lot read more
Feb 10, 2015
middleground4471 (All reviews)
You'll notice I rated this anime a 6/10 which I know is lower than what most other people rated it, but that's only because I don't think Fushigi Yuugi is that special of an anime. The story isn't original, the characters are simple, and by the end I was bored of watching.

Story: Miaka was just an ordinary girl until she got sucked into a book and became the priestess of the beast-god Suzaku. Now, in order to fulfill the prophecy, she has to gather the seven warriors of Suzaku in order to save the world and "make all her dreams come true." So the read more
Oct 14, 2019
mouthpiece (All reviews)
Brought to us by the same guy who made Ayashi no Ceres, and basically following the same formula to the point I will reuse text from the review I made for it. It another one of those sappy melodramatic shows that made some impression at their time but were otherwise forgotten fast after several other better shows came about.

Romance is a very specific genre. There is not much variation to how “boy and girl meet” and usually everyone expects the exact same thing to happen in the conclusion. That is why to spice things up, the conditions under which the boy and the girl meet read more
Oct 22, 2008
Sexymika-chan (All reviews)
I found this anime to be very romantic and adventureous at the same time. Not many anime could pull this off but Fushigi Yuugi did. The Main character Miaka Yuuki seems annoying but this made the stroy more enjoyable in a strange way. Thamahome and Hotohori is the guys Miaka loves, They both are eye cany for those girl that like anime men.The story also tells the bond between two childfriend miaka and yui Hongo.

I love this anime becuase of the well develop characters and the love that develop between both people from two different world.I would recommend this anime to both romantic and adventure read more
Mar 22, 2011
YUUKIMAN01 (All reviews)
My opinion on fushigi yuugi is that it was a very good anime to watch. The plot was a very good plot with a good romance triangle between miaka, tamahome, and hotohori. Personally I think that miaka could have been given a better power and actually do a little more fighting and defending her self a little bit more because the suzaku seven where always fighting for her even saving her. but that is just my opinion. Overall I loved this anime it must be one of my most favourite animes off all off the ones i have seen so far (and i can tell read more
May 23, 2018
Eaglenix11940 (All reviews)
In a way this Anime reminds me of InuYasha, falling in to a ancient artefact of some sort and then ending up in a historical world. One episode wasn't enough I wanted to watch more, there were moments when I was on the edge of my seat, there were times that I was on the ground laughing and sometimes I was in tears of joy and sadness. Just finished all of the episode and OVA and now it's over. If you like action comedy with dramatic moments that you would think "Oh My God!" with a huge smear of romance, then this is the show read more
May 23, 2013
mercury1980 (All reviews)
Fushigi Yuugi was one of the cartoon shows I watched in AXN when I was a kid. It was fun to watch but now I'm older, I have a different perspective. The art and animation was ok. The fighting scenes are ok as well but the problem lies within the main character of the show.

Miaka Yuki:

She is greedy, stupid, coward, crybaby. Everytime when she wants to rescue Yui, she always thinks of Tamahome. She keeps saying "Tamahome! Tamahome!" many times until I got tired of it. Just like characters keep saying the name of a person who he or she loves like Yuka Minase from read more
Sep 16, 2009
Yonatay (All reviews)
If you like bishounen, romance, love triangles and humour then Fushigi Yuugi has it all.
It has plenty of characters all different and with their own goals but all share one common goal.
Once I began watching this anime, it easily had me hooked.
Both dubbs are good in my opinion :).
Miaka can at times be a bit dense but her character makes up with the silly but amusing humour.
I would recommend if you like romantic endings. :)
Nov 15, 2015
MTKN9068 (All reviews)
I watched this anime when I was still in Elementary. It was one of the best shoujo anime that time and almost every girl in my school loved it.

Story: 8/10
The plot is good and unique (especially during that time). It was something that most of us are dreaming about - Going on a different world, meet cool friends and go on a journey with them. The start of this anime was good but at the middle of the series it became annoying because of Miaka.

Art: 9/10
For an anime of that time, the art is good.
The characters are good looking. Although sometimes they look read more