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Sep 26, 2009
wahahaha...the funniest i've ever far! a series of the girl's stupidity that lead her to misunderstand everything..(maybe its because she really is perverted)... her sole goal is to keep her virginity. the poor guy...he may act rude and all but he doesnt mean no harm,he's actually protecting Makino(the stupid girl) from all the dangers during their "test of courage" night.

this manga is so funny, i can't even stop laughing while writing this review. even upon reading only the first already cracked me up. i mean, can there really be a girl this crazy!!! wahahaha can't wait to finish this's seriously K-R-E-I-Z-E-E!!! wahaha
Aug 23, 2009
WOW!!! that can sum it up. i mean, it's so great i kind'a made it my basis on how good a manga is. okay i'll make this review more personal.i wont do the summarizing but i'll tell you the feelings it gave me.

the story is so great and well developed. the flow is just right, from the meeting to the parting and starting once more.the manga envelops all emotions that will really get you carried away.i was like totally crazy;i'll just laugh out loud and then cry "unstoppably?" in an's never forgettable,up till now i can only think of moe kare every time i read more
Jul 27, 2009
There is nothing special about this one. sorry for saying it frankly but there sure is nothing special about it; no magic, murders nor mysteries to solve, not even a love triangle.

the story foretells the fortunes and misfortunes of a workaholic but what makes it different is that our protagonist is in fact a girl. Conflicts of being a rose amongst the thorns in the magazine company were shown in this anime....How do you handle your work and personal life at the same time? which one will you prioritize? how much are you willing to sacrifice? these questions were obvious here thus, this anime read more
Jul 19, 2009
Ga Rei Zero is very consistent. it has a WOW beginning and a WOW ending. i never got bored watching this anime. I've never seen such beautiful yet sad battles.

the story revolves around families with the duty to exorcise all evil. they inherited each of the families' techinques. the strongest of them is the family who controls the great beast byako (yeah, i dont know how to spell it sorry), wherein kagura, our protagonist belongs. after having her mother killed during one of their battles the Isayama family took care of her while her father is very busy fullfilling his duty. that is the time read more
Jul 18, 2009
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Warning: This is not something for the weak- hearted(?!). It has too much sadness that even the hardest heartl will melt into a's heavy drama!

it surely lived up to its genre. it's definitely drama. i cant even count how many times i cried. for the story, i gave it an 8. it has a lot of lessons in it. something like, "u'll never know what u got till it's "almost" gone", and "live ur life to the fullest". it tells us to appreciate what we have at the moment and just be thankful. it shows true friendship and love of/ for the family. read more
Jul 13, 2009
i'm giving this anime a 10. it does sound ridiculous coz it's just another fantasy story but this anime made me the fanatic that i am now. for me, this one started it all. Everything about this anime is just right- right amount of comedy, romance, fantasy, underwear exposure, drama, has everything. i first seen this anime years ago but i just cant help re-watching it over and over again. i even got some of my friends to watch it and i'm not even surprised that they loved it too.

the characters are amazing. making it different from one another, having those skills and each read more
Jul 13, 2009
They tried...Just another basketball-based anime. Though unlike slam dunk and dear boys which leaves a huge impact on the audience, it is somehow entertaining. i read some reviews about this anime and saying that it suck is totally unfair. It is not as exciting as those i have mentioned earlier but it's entertaining or maybe i'm just a huge fan of basketball. hehe i'm not a fan of its art but it has some attratctive guys or gorans there.

The story obviously revolves around a blue-haired kid (hideyoshi) with extraordinary talent he always bad mouth his opponents saying he'll win and he makes sure read more
Jul 10, 2009
The story is so good it made me write this review. maybe i'm overstating but it really captured the story i'm looking for.Full of reality, love and drama.

A typical story wherein a guy(Makoto) got a crush on this girl(Kotonoha), his schoolmate, who rides the same train he rides every morning. he was fine just stealing glances at her every morning but not until her seatmate (Sekai) made an effort to introduce them to each other. With this, their love triangle begins. it's a story that reflects our every love story. Though this is not your usual high schooler's story. it only has very few comedy read more