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Dec 13, 2019
Kaze no Stigma is the perfect example of what happens when a show plays it as safe as possible and follows the formula to the letter. It will be deemed boring and be forgotten very fast. Nothing in this anime compels you to keep watching as you have already watched everything in it already a hundred times in other shows, with far more exciting presentation and characters.

The story is as typical as stories of this type can get. “Supernatural girl unwillingly teams up with supernatural boy and go to fight baddies while having a growing attraction for each other” is all you need to know ...
Dec 13, 2019
Review up to episode 77. Will edit as I watch more.

This is the remake of a cult shonen show from 1999, which still remains as a top favourite for thousands of people who followed it through the years. It was taken out of the spotlight as soon as Naruto and Bleach came around because its merits were always hinted, the artwork was very weak (manga included), and the story was left incomplete. But for many it is still a much superior show for its kind, since it is not direct in its themes and definitely not one of the same shonen stuff. Let’s start ...
Dec 13, 2019
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
Notice: This review covers both seasons. They are part of the same story so they don’t need separate reviews.

Fate/Zero is the adaptation of the prequel light novel to the all famous Fate/Stay Night visual novel. And no, it is not the prequel of the homonymous anime, nor do you need to watch that first in order to understand what is going on in the story. The storyline there was mixed up in a way that is different from the game.

I have very little to say about the story, since in all honesty there isn’t much of a plot to talk about. The first season was ...
Dec 13, 2019
Review up to episode 11. Will edit it as I watch more.

Mirai Nikki is a supernatural mystery / horror / survival regarding an antisocial boy named Yukiteru (Yuki henceforth) receiving from his imaginary friend a magic cell phone that has a diary with all his future actions. Thus in effect he knows the future and can be prepared for anything. At first he adores how he knows all the answers in the tests at school, or how he can avoid meeting the school bullies since he knows where they will be waiting for him. Things get soon out of hand, when he realizes there are ...
Dec 13, 2019
Preliminary (3/13 eps)
Review up to episode 3. Will edit as I watch more.

“Premise” is the word used for the basic idea of a show. It is used to describe the basic concept, the setting, the initial situation, as well as the main objective of the main characters. In this case, Horizon is a show with a premise about a hundred different things that appear at first to be hard science fiction, mystery, action, suspense, and has a cast of over thirty characters, most of which are warriors with superpowers. Meaning that one who reads the description of the story and looks at the character roster will immediately ...
Nov 26, 2019
Review up to episode 5. Will edit as I watch more.

Game adaptations were never successful in capturing the mood of the original. They were always messing something up, like making the characters feel like robots, presenting events as dull as possible, or just stopping in the middle of nowhere. No matter how many times I tried to enjoy them, they felt like an Eternal Punishment.

“That’s sad-kuma.”

Yes Teddie, I agree, BEAR with it. But guess what, so far Persona 4 appears to have broken the circle of bad karma and as an exception it looks GORGEOUS!


The thing is, there have been lots of bad rumours considering ...
Nov 26, 2019
Preliminary (6/21 eps)
Review up to episode 6. Will edit as I watch more.

The first Last Exile (LE) is considered one of the best anime GONZO ever made. Which doesn’t mean anything since it never made many great shows to begin with. In fact, for me the only great shows it even made are NHK and Kaleido Star. Anyways, the years passed, GONZO went almost bankrupt because of the shitty shows it was making, and now all of a sudden tries to make a comeback with a follow up to LE. Impressions? IT’S SHIT!

The first LE wasn’t ever super great but at least retained a basic feeling of ...
Nov 26, 2019
Ben-To (Anime) add
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
Review up to episode 3. Will edit as I watch more.

Just like there is junk food, there is also junk anime, and Ben Tou is a fine example.

Anime regarding food usually have to do with cooking contests. How to gather the proper ingredients, how to cook them properly, and how to amaze the judges. On a basic level these shows are motivational, as they tell you about the beauty of gastronomy and how cool it is to be a chef. Ben Tou though has nothing to do with cooking, although it is about food. Instead of trying to show or tell something, it is just ...
Nov 24, 2019
Chihayafuru (Anime) add
Review up to episode 5. Will edit as I watch more.

Chihayafuru is an anime about a card game, where the card game is not important. Confused?
Ok, let me explain. Chihayafuru is, like so many others like Hikaru no Go and YuGiOh, a game promoting anime that tries to motivate the viewers into learning of that said game and eventually picking it up as a steady hobby. The problem is that I doubt many will be inspired by it, and it’s not the show’s fault for that. The way it presents Karuta (the name of the game) is fine, but the game mechanics are plain… bad. ...
Nov 24, 2019
Let me give you a description of a show and tell me which one it reminds you of. It is about your average teenage boy making a life pact with a supernatural fighting girl, which is responsible to maintain order in the world, and where there are copies of yourself as replacements in case something goes wrong, and everything is explained with a very weirdly named terminology… BZZZ, and no, it isn’t Shakugan no Shana but its lesser cousin, Kurokami. Sorry dear Kurokami, you do not have a loli tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya so you never stood a chance in succeeding from the very ...

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