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August 24, 1994
Essex, United Kingdom
November 29, 2012
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I am a humble 19 year old who loves anime and manga. I am currently teaching myself Japanese for my own personal gain. However, I do want to be translator. I also intend to move to Japan eventually since I simply can't stand living in the U.K.

I love an anime which has comedic feel to it but can still throw a dramatic curve-ball which really gets your emotions going (I do shed man tears when something especially gets to me). My main anime genre I like is the Romantic-comedy genre, however I do love a good serious anime as well. I like to think my taste in anime is quite diverse.

Lets just say, I like most things :)

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Haganai, best Harem?
03-15-13, 8:28 AM

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Alice_Evans | 6 hours ago
Thank you! I'm very glad you like them ^^
This is my first review on MAL

Krushvarock | 04-14-14, 6:10 AM
I see you're watching Seikoku no Dragonar . Is it worth ?

Krushvarock | 04-14-14, 6:07 AM
Yeah, if we don't win that it'll be EPIC FAILURE, but I don't see that happening :) Good thing is that we're having a game against Hull away midway so we'll see how well boys can handle them :)

Krushvarock | 04-12-14, 1:23 AM
Actually I'm not, despite every failures we've had this season, the FA cup was the one competition we had under control, we even got revenge on liverpool after that trashing that wenger claimed to be the only match we've been outclassed, and rumours are that ramsey is starting, so I hope it'll be ok.

Krushvarock | 04-11-14, 1:47 AM
Yup :), I found you through arsenal club :)

Krushvarock | 04-10-14, 2:59 AM
Yes it is. But the main reason was that you're a fellow gunner :)

SakurasouBusters | 02-20-14, 12:51 PM

Arka_otaku | 01-26-14, 9:31 PM
Nice review of Refrain. Will watch Little Busters! series soon :)

Ayumuzz | 12-30-13, 7:45 PM
Nice Little Busters review. Keep the good work.

Veronin | 12-25-13, 10:34 PM
Glad you liked it! And yeah, Rin is definitely my favourite girl. So cute.

zeroyuki92 | 03-19-13, 7:23 AM
Thank you, I hope you like my first attempt at that :)

Actually, I was motivated by the lack of "fair" reviews about Little Busters!, which always falls to super-praise-by-vn-fans or another hate review, but never into somewhere between that. I guess people who stand in the middle usually don't really want to review early, while avid fans tried desperately to defend the series and haters sometimes really want to express their disliking to series which they don't like.

Well, for now let's just hope the Refrain adaptation will do justice to the original material :p

Taku33 | 03-13-13, 4:59 PM
Ah, thank you. I actually downloaded the VN back in November, but decided to watch the anime instead. Not my best decision.

I have heard great things about the VN though, so I'll play it eventually one day. Your thoughts on the VN?

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