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04-20-14, 11:06 AM
September 12, 2012
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About symbv
So MAL finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old?

I wonder where was the announcement of this change? Or we are seeing yet another case of changes made that impacted users but not communicated to them?

I wonder how long people would put up with this.

As much as I have a bunch of information to share about anime announced recently I cannot share it in news board, and the anime series is too disorganized and chaotic to share information except with people already interested in the particular series.


Currently watching:

Sakura Trick
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Witchcraft Works
ImoCho (Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga chotto Okashiinda ga.)
Saki zenkokuhen
SYD2 (Seitokai Yakuindomo 2)
Chu2byo2 (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga shitai 2)
Sekai Seifuku Zvezda
Nobunaga the Fool
Inari, Konkon, Koi iroha..
Wizard Barristers
Silver Spoon 2
Super Sonico the Animation
Wake Up Girls!
Maken-ki! Tsuu
Mahou Sensou
Buddy Complex
Tesagure encore
Go! Go! 575
Oneesan ga Kita
Tonari no Seki-kun
Toei Robot Girls
Hamatora x
Toaru Hikoushi e no Koiuta x
Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Pupa x
(Nagi no Asukara)
(Kill la Kill)
(Strike the Blood)
(Tokyo Ravens)
(Log Horizon)
(Samurai Flemenco)

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Angel | Yesterday, 12:32 PM
what happened to you :(

tingy | 09-24-14, 11:01 PM
I miss your inputs in the discussion threads :( I was just in the Koitabi: True Tours Nanto discussions and remembered how much I liked reading your insights and informational posts.

beavis2323 | 08-25-14, 1:38 AM

rajin90 | 07-22-14, 7:52 AM
hey i created a topic in MY TEEN ROMANTIC COMEDY SNAFU and wish to have your views.
hope to see your thoughts/views there .
topic is about YUKING CHAN LYING and HACHIMAN disappointment

TragicRomance | 06-16-14, 11:53 AM
Where did you go?

tsudecimo | 04-18-14, 8:01 AM
Please come back ;_;

Shizora | 02-14-14, 8:00 AM
Hi! Happy V-Day Symbv, my best wishes for you..

link9us | 02-10-14, 5:19 PM
If a topic derails into something else i don't see any reason why it shouldn't be locked. Or if it turns into a flame, war, etc. But news topics, everyone wants to place their views and opinions on the news articles, but when the topic is locked with in a few weeks, i guess thats impossible now.

Who's dumb ass idea was it to create this rule on MAL.

Setsuna | 02-10-14, 11:07 AM
Thanks for your website recommendation , i will check it :p

"> How long did it take you to learn Japanese ?

Learning Japanese is an ongoing thing. I am still learning. So not quite sure what you mean here."

What were your knowledge when you went for the first time in japan?

I will more think about my question because i am too generalistic , sorry for that !

Hahalollawl | 02-10-14, 12:03 AM
Hey symbv,

I have a few questions about Anime production/studios. So one anime studio is often most strongly associated with a specific show right? But in reality, does that one studio really do most of the animation, or is it split up between a number of studios?

For example, if you look at Code Geass ( It's typically associated with Sunrise right? But there are Gonzo, Shaft, etc. in the credits as well aren't they? Did they not benefit from its success as well? Perhaps they were not as invested in the show as Sunrise?

Setsuna | 02-08-14, 9:59 AM
Oh okay , i think that i understood.

In fact , after your answer , i realized that my question was exactly the same if i ask you 'why the sky is blue?' , shonen is just shonen.(who means youg man) no more no less.

=>Not really understand what you say but at the end each magazine has its own editor board.

Never mind , i have tried to use french expression , but english can't do it ahah.

=>I read Japanese website everyday so I have tons of websites on everything. Your question is too general so it is difficult for me to give you recommendation.

hmm , let me think...
-Website about general news in japan? (e.g. today there is a strong snowstorm)
-Website about new upcoming anime , and BD/dvd released (in japan of course)

i will ask you more if something comes in my mind !

=>Well, even English otaku not all visit ANN every day I am sure.... And in terms of source, there are a lot more choices in Japan. To be honest, I do not like a lot of things in ANN and I know there are quite a number of people who dislike their bias in review and news reporting style, but those people do not have much choices - even though English is a major language internationally, English news on anime and manga seems to be still rare to come by.

my thoughts about japanese otaku is maybe wrong , tell me about things japanese otaku do ?(if you know)

they spend their time only on 2chan? lol

I dont know if you consider this like "personal" , but can you tell me more about your travel in japan?

Are there some websites (in english i guess) , that have helped you to prepare your travel?

How long did it take you to learn Japanese ?

Which level of japanese speak is necessary to go japan? (i mean , i have to know all kanji? or i can just know to read katakana and hiragana?)

Setsuna | 02-08-14, 8:29 AM
And what's the meaning of shonen in japan? (not the usage)

why a manga like Seitokai Yakuindomo is in a shonen magazine?(i mean 'why Seitokai Yakuindomo was choosen to be published in a shonen manga?')

I understand that a shonen manga is just a shonen because he was published in a shonen magazine , but are there some specifics caracteristic that the fact a shonen is a shonen?
i would like to know what shonen is?

I don't understand how they choose 'okay one piece ; you will be published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump and you become a shonen and k-on ; you will published in the Manga Time Kirara and you will become a seinen ect,' , sorry if i confuse you with my shitty explaination xD

oh and for the second question , do you have some favorites japanese website who speak about japanese stuff? (japan news , anime news , manga ect)

plus , are there some popular otaku website that japanese otaku visites each day? (e.g. for english otaku there is ANN)

oh and is there a MAL-like in japanese?

Setsuna | 02-08-14, 6:55 AM
Thanks for the answer !

One question for the beginning , how japanese otaku use the term 'shonen/shojo'? (like a genre , a certain audience?)

(i think it will look like a Q/A lol)

Sebastian333 | 02-06-14, 7:08 AM
I support you , no worries! :D

Hahalollawl | 02-05-14, 9:55 PM
I'm glad to hear that you've recovered from whatever sickness you had.

I had not seen your response, so I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I am interested in hearing the perspective of people with knowledge I may not have or, perhaps, a more inside perspective. I don't mind hearing a counter argument. I do, however, mind if I am treated in a condescending manner (as I was in that thread) like I'm just some idiot who hates KyoAni or who needs pictures because I can’t read.

I want to make something clear. I don't see KyoAni as the root of all evil in anime or whatever. I don't have some irrational deep hatred of them.

And honestly I'm not interested in judging or arguing about whether or not KyoAni "deserves" a special reputation based on the quality of its past shows. That's subjective in my opinion. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

My point is that the evidence seems to suggest that underneath his exaggeration there is a kernel of truth to what Kaioshin_Sama claims. KyoAni does seem to get special treatment. A significant number of people get excited about some shows for no other reason than that KyoAni is making them. You don’t have to call them “fanboys” if that’s derogatory, how about just “fans”? And they don’t have to buy everything KyoAni makes. But rather, if just the fact that KyoAni makes something means they are more LIKELY to buy it on that basis alone, then why not consider them “fans”?

And regarding the storefront heavy thing, you seem to be suggesting that people are buying KyoAni discs at stores because of extras that come with buying it at the store. Then perhaps the question is, is KyoAni the only studio that offers extras at the store? Or does KyoAni offer special extras that other studios do not? If either of these are true, then I was unaware of that and perhaps you are right. If, however, the other studios also offer similar extras at stores, then my argument still stands. Why aren’t any of the other studios storefront heavy? Why just KyoAni? That would seem to suggest KyoAni has a special fanbase that other studios do not.

On a different note, I hope things work out for you guys, even if I’m not a part of it. I think your goal is a worthwhile one. I just refuse to be disrespected like that by an admin, especially when I tried not to offend anyone.

By the way, do you mind if I ask you if I have questions in the future? I find your perspective very interesting. Are you returning to the News forum? If so, maybe I’ll see you there…

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