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ZerOne01 | Yesterday, 10:15 AM
Wait, I mean the first one. So far so good lol.

xLitaKinox | Yesterday, 7:35 AM
Your welcome :) I'm Lita btw

ZerOne01 | Yesterday, 6:04 AM
Um, Umaru and last year's Oregairu. Been a while since I picked up more than one anime simultaneously.

ZerOne01 | Sep 2, 10:00 PM
Pretty much, and I just started watching anime again after abandoned it for few months lol

ZerOne01 | Aug 29, 6:59 AM
I can prove you wrong. I'm still the same, minus time allocated for anime. Hahaha.

ZerOne01 | Aug 29, 3:49 AM
Don't you think nowadays anime is more to fanservices and less plot?

WingKing | Aug 28, 9:08 AM
Good writeup on JC Staff, and the fact that they're also currently doing Shimoneta and Food Wars reinforces your point, I think. However, once upon a time in the dim past they were the studio behind Excel Saga, the first season of Ikkitousen (before Arms took over that franchise), and the infamous Eiken OVA. They also used to adapt lots of light novel fantasy comedies, and Danmachi last season was a throwback to the likes of Slayers and Rune Soldier. So this move away from the romcoms might just be them breaking out of a rut, or it might actually signal a shift back towards their roots.

ZerOne01 | Aug 28, 6:24 AM
Speaking about growing up, I watched less and less anime too. But hey I still spent 30 minutes per day for an episode of awesomeness :3

Don't question something that's really obvious. Haha.

ZerOne01 | Aug 28, 3:06 AM
Yeah it is, and most of the people on my comments box are gone. Haha.

ZerOne01 | Aug 27, 3:34 AM
Replying this after 6 years. And Aya's gone too :(

Ichi-chan | Jun 29, 10:28 AM
How are you? ^^

Lightfoot | Jun 29, 4:17 AM

You are welcome!^_^

I am glad to hear!:D
Did you do or saw anything fun?

Ichi-chan | Jun 29, 4:05 AM
Yw ^.^

Lightfoot | Jun 23, 2:55 AM
Happy belated birthday!

How have you been?

Ichi-chan | Jun 20, 10:32 AM
Happy Birthday

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