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Time (Days) 425.6
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Plan to Watch 564
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Time (Days) 438.5
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About Stark700

No random friend requests. I'd love to be friends with people on this site but I have to talk to you before or have seen you around in the community. You don't just get friends, you earn them. Talk to me and I'll likely accept. Hell, I might even sent you a request.

Anime & Manga Milestones

200 Days of Anime Watched completed - 7/29/2012

300 Days of Anime Watched completed - sometimes during July (damn MAL's stats glitch)

400 Days of Aniime Watched completed - 9/20/2014

300 Days of Manga/LN completed - 8/23/2014

500th Anime Completed: Saikano!

600th Anime Completed: Dennou Coil!

666th Anime Completed: Chrono Crusade (ironic much?)

700th Anime Completed: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2

800th Anime Competed: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead OVA (on Halloween lul)

900th Anime Completed: Hellsing Ultimate

1000th Anime Completed: Momo e no Tegami

100th Manga Completed: Shinobi Life
200th Manga Completed: Arisa
300th Manga Completed: Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de
1000th Manga Completed: 6 no trigger


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Tyrel | 04-16-15, 6:15 PM
Fuck that show rofl. It's 1/10 for me.

Othinus-chan | 04-15-15, 12:34 PM
sorry...really sorry u-u

AiCon | 04-15-15, 2:17 AM
You're welcome, though your MAL Graph seems a little messed up for some reason, so I'd just copy those images for their github site instead. :3

AiCon | 04-15-15, 2:06 AM
You should probably save all those achievement images while you still have the chance.

AiCon | 04-15-15, 12:46 AM
You won't be able to update anything starting May 1st and everything will be shut down on June 1st. Everything will be gone by then.

AiCon | 04-15-15, 12:29 AM
I was shocked when I saw the banner saying that MALGraph is shutting down for good since I use it a lot for achievements and to record my history. It's a shame to see that part of MAL go away forever. :(

Sigh... I was worried about that, but I thought I might as well see anyway.
And no problem.

AiCon | 04-14-15, 11:41 PM
Hi Stark

Have you heard about MALGraph shutting down on June 1st?

I know that MALGraph is not really anime or manga industry related, but it is a big part of MAL for so many years, so I was wondering if this would be something for the News Section.

Vindstot | 04-14-15, 9:15 PM
That's nice to hear! Do you plan to watch the anime adaptation sometime in future too? If you have the time, it's totally worth it.

Vindstot | 04-14-15, 1:48 PM
Hi Stark! Long time no talk. How've you been? How's this season going for you?

I was reading a spin-off of one of my favorite manga (Rurouni Kenshin) and as I was checking the page of the main series, noticed that you're reading it currently. How're you liking it so far?

Tyrel | 04-12-15, 3:30 PM
Nice. +7 this week.

Vexper | 04-12-15, 5:32 AM
Oooh, I'm enjoying those shows the most too! Ore Monogatari in particular is my favourite, I'm so happy Madhouse is handling it, and 24 episodes at that! I wish I kinda read into what Punchline was going to be about... very unexpected when I watched the first episode :D

huh, you haven't got Triage X pegged as your AOTS yet? you disappoint me! (*ノ・ω・)

Vexper | 04-11-15, 4:41 AM
How is spring shaping up for you then fella? Enjoying anything in particular? or not enjoying? :D

trebmeg | 04-11-15, 12:33 AM

Hello, dear chillers. I know it's been a while since you get a newsletter from the club (I'm sorry for being lazy) but I have good news to make up for it. Our Chill Club already has 1000+ members o/

Now, without further hindrance here's news about the club

Sign up here if you want to get more newsletters.

Tyrel | 04-10-15, 5:40 PM
Read it. Eren got characterization... Miracle. As for the OVA... Will need to watch that as soon as I catch up on the others shows that aired. That sales threads was just dominated lol.

Studied | 04-09-15, 4:46 AM
GEAR FOURTH DAMN! Snap some serious shit about to go down..

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