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Mahou Sensei Negima! (Manga)

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Alternative Titles

English: Negima! Magister Negi Magi
Synonyms: Magical Teacher Negima!
Japanese: 魔法先生ネギま!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 38
Chapters: 355
Status: Finished
Published: Feb 26, 2003 to Mar 14, 2012
Authors: Akamatsu, Ken (Story & Art)


Score: 8.131 (scored by 21050 users)
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Popularity: #45
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After graduated from a magic academy, 10-year-old genius boy Negi Springfield was assigned to a huge Japanese school as an English teacher for practical training. To his surprise, the 8th grade class assigned for him is all-girl. In addition to teaching (and being teased by) those 31 pretty girls while trying to keep his magic capability in secret, he's also looking for clues about his father, who was once known as "Thousand Master" but mysteriously disappeared years ago.

(Source: ANN)

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Alternative setting: Negiho (Ito) Bun
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Side story: Mahou Sensei Negima! Volume 0
Sequel: UQ Holder!


Ayase, Yue
Chamomile, Albert
Hasegawa, Chisame
Kagurazaka, Asuna
Konoe, Konoka
 Evangeline Athanasia Katherine
McDowell, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine
Miyazaki, Nodoka

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Nov 9, 2014
I FINALLY FINISHED IT!. Wow, its hard to believe that this manga started in 2003 and now over 10 years later i'm here writing a review wondering why the hell i didn't start reading manga at 4 years old instead of playing on my dreamcast or whatever.

I saw this manga catching my eye not long ago and since then i have marathoned it from start to finish and I am telling you now, its worth it.

Now I'm not personally good at writing reviews so I'll just drop a few things here:
> Give it time for the story to start - at the beginning it's a read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Dec 26, 2007
I watched Love Hina a bit and liked it (I sadly do not own any of the manga series) then I heard all about this series being written by the same author so I ventured into this series with an open mind and hoped for the best. 16 volumes later and I'm lovin' all of it!


The reason the story isn't ranked higher because it takes a few volumes before you get into the good stuff. But either way, this series has a nice story that is constantly evolving into something better.


Man, what a series. All the characters are perfectly designed and never read more
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Apr 5, 2009
After reading love hina i decided that i would try another manga from Ken Akamatsu.
Although at first glace this manga does seem to resemble the harem romantic comedy type genre of love hina, this manga brings new and exciting elements to the table.

Although i was a bit reluctant about reading this at first, surely this manga changed my mind once i started. Ken Akamatsu was able to switch genre focuses for the most part from Romantic comedy to a more action based/sliceoflife romance style which isnt really much of a change but surely u will see for yourself. Although the ages of all the read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Jun 14, 2008
When my friend showed me Magister Magi Negima!? I was certain that it was going to be my favourite manga. This manga has a great storyline and also great artwork.

Art Work:
The artwork in Negima is oustanding as the artist can show the many emotions of characters very clearly. Also the clothes that the Charachters wears are drawn exceptionally. The Artist shading is great and makes the characters hair look natural.

The Story line in Negima is an interesting one as it is set with a 10 year old Teacher in an all girls School. The storyline always builds up the suspense which then turns into the read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful

User Recommendations

Both are created by Akamatsu Ken. Negima and Love Hina both start off with the harem phase but Negima quickly turns into something else while still maintaining that Love Hina feel. Some characters look strikingly similar to each other as well. 
reportRecommended by Karura
If you like magic and adventure, I think these two manga are for you. The two can really feel like epic fairy tales at times. Mahou Sensei Negima! has a magic teacher in a normal school (normal?) whereas Mx0 has a normal guy in a magic school.  
reportRecommended by disturbed_gregg
Both harem/ecchi mangas, they both have action. Although Negima focuses much more on action later on. If I had to recommend a really good harem manga to someone who has read Sora no Otoshimono I would recommend Negima; vice versa.  
reportRecommended by Fullmetal89
Teacher meets students.
*cough Teacher meets ridiculous students

both manga contains good humor and although the characters seem stereotypey, all of they're stereotype characteristics are completely twisted, check it out!  
reportRecommended by Anasa
Taking place in a world where there are supernatural forces at work, Negima and Zettai Karen Children adapts their premises with such elements. The main male protagonist serves as both a mentor and friend for the girls from both series. There is a great deal of focus on the relationship development between them that progresses on with complex sub-plots. At the same time, mysterious origins can be traced in both series that are unrivaled as their stories progresses. With decent comedy and action packed scenarios, I recommend both series for those who wants a bite out of supernatural/magic/action. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both manga invovle magic on it as well as romance fantasy and comedy, both story line are interesting (in their own ways) that will make you want to read on.  
reportRecommended by escaflowne080

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