Chisame "Chiu" Hasegawa

Chisame Hasegawa

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Chisame Hasegawa (長谷川 千雨)
Seat Number: 25
Born on: February 2, 1989
Hair: Peach
Eyes: Pinkish red
Likes: Small, powerful devices (e.g. sub-notepad PCs)
Dislikes: Useless people, unexpected events
Clubs: None
Notes: Eyesight 1.2, very good with computers

Chisame Hasegawa is student number twenty-five in the class. She is grumpy, unsocial, and views her classmates as idiots and freaks, citing that it is obvious that Chachamaru and Mana don't belong in the school and that 10-year-old Negi teaching the class does not make any sense. However, as much as Chisame avoids any and all attention in the real world, in the privacy of her own room, she takes on the persona of Chiu, a famous Net Idol, devoted to cosplay. Although she is, fitting with her character, rather disturbed by the idea of other students being openly attracted to and/or in love with 10-year-old Negi, she eventually becomes very close with Negi as he convinces her to interact with the real world. After finding out about the existence of magic, she reluctantly becomes part of Negi's group.

Chisame is an extremely skilled with computers, and she is able to hack into large databases with minimal effort. After forming a pactio with Negi, she gains the artifact, Sceptrum Virtuale, a heart-topped staff that allows her to actually enter cyberspace as a physical realm, upon which she can internally hack into systems. She can allow others to enter with her while their bodies stay in the real world. She is assisted by virtual "spirits", Kincha, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Negi, Daiko, and Shirataki, who can communicate with her while she is nearby an electronic device. They can watch out for any viral attacks, and manipulate data, which allows her to increase the ranking of her site. However, her Pactio ability has the drawback of being near-useless when not connected to the internet, and her spirits disappear when her laptop's batteries are exhausted. Her Pactio has an additional ability which she uses more often, which allows her to transform into various Net-idol cosplay outfits.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Shimura, Yumi
Glass, Caitlin
Winterfeldt, Sabine

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