Mahou Sensei Negima!
Negima! Magister Negi Magi
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Mahou Sensei Negima!

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Magical Teacher Negima!
Japanese: 魔法先生ネギま!
English: Negima! Magister Negi Magi
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 38
Chapters: 355
Status: Finished
Published: Feb 26, 2003 to Mar 14, 2012
Genres: Action Action, Adventure Adventure, Comedy Comedy, Fantasy Fantasy, Romance Romance, Supernatural Supernatural, Ecchi Ecchi
Themes: Harem Harem, Martial Arts Martial Arts, School School
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Authors: Akamatsu, Ken (Story & Art)


Score: 7.951 (scored by 3417734,177 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7792
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Popularity: #170
Members: 70,178
Favorites: 4,977

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Preliminary Show Spoilers
Dec 26, 2007
InformationGeek (All reviews)
I watched Love Hina a bit and liked it (I sadly do not own any of the manga series) then I heard all about this series being written by the same author so I ventured into this series with an open mind and hoped for the best. 16 volumes later and I'm lovin' all of it!


The reason the story isn't ranked higher because it takes a few volumes before you get into the good stuff. But either way, this series has a nice story that is constantly evolving into something better.


Man, what a series. All the characters are perfectly designed and never read more
Mar 11, 2012
WrysOfTalys (All reviews)
After 9 years, 38 volumes, and 355 chapters, Mahou Sensei Negima finally ends. Hereafter shortened to Negima!, this series is close to my heart because it's one of the very first titles I've ever read. I spend my first chapters of Negima! figuring out how the heck do non-Japanese readers manage to read from right to left. And now, nine years later, I've read several other titles. Every week or so, I eagerly await the coming of the next chapter of this series. I get impatient when Ken Akamatsu takes "research breaks," or when it's a holiday in Japan (but I don't hold it against read more
Apr 5, 2009
setvenx (All reviews)
After reading love hina i decided that i would try another manga from Ken Akamatsu.
Although at first glace this manga does seem to resemble the harem romantic comedy type genre of love hina, this manga brings new and exciting elements to the table.

Although i was a bit reluctant about reading this at first, surely this manga changed my mind once i started. Ken Akamatsu was able to switch genre focuses for the most part from Romantic comedy to a more action based/sliceoflife romance style which isnt really much of a change but surely u will see for yourself. Although the ages of all the read more
Mar 12, 2012
Alpharon (All reviews)
Esta review también está en español.

Mahou Sensei Negima! (MSN) is over. After more than nine years of serialization, the manga created by Ken Akamatsu came to an end. So many mixed feelings come to head when something that you follow for so much time ends! But hey, I'm starting to sound like a pansy (or dramatic... yeah, dramatic is better), and that's not the idea.
Now that the manga is officially finished, it's time to do a review, to invite new people to this peculiar story, and to remind the veterans (that are quite "sensible" at these moments...) why we expend almost a decade of our read more
Nov 9, 2014
LemonSyrup (All reviews)
I FINALLY FINISHED IT!. Wow, its hard to believe that this manga started in 2003 and now over 10 years later i'm here writing a review wondering why the hell i didn't start reading manga at 4 years old instead of playing on my dreamcast or whatever.

I saw this manga catching my eye not long ago and since then i have marathoned it from start to finish and I am telling you now, its worth it.

Now I'm not personally good at writing reviews so I'll just drop a few things here:
> Give it time for the story to start - at the beginning it's a read more
Apr 2, 2011
Uriel1988 (All reviews)
Ken Akamatsu’s Negima is widely regarded as one of the best (currently ongoing) fighting shounen. This is usually attributed to its many cool characters, great fights and large amounts of fanservice.

But that’s a lie.

The series starts off as a harem manga revolving around a young Welsh boy named Negi Springfield. He’s an apprentice wizard of a mage guild sent on a mission: he is to travel to Japan and become a teacher in an all-girls high school. What all of this has to do with wizardry is never really made clear. Though he is told that he will be punished (by being transformed into read more
Jun 14, 2008
Dark_Evangel (All reviews)
A superb series about a Welsh boy who is sent to teach in a Japanese school.The story at times moves a bit fast and can be confusing to those who haven't followed it from the beginning, but the characters ooze personality, the art is great, and the villains quite entertaining. Only downside is the very perverted Ku'nel Sanders, who is stated in the manga as being both a lolicon and a shotacon. Other than that, all characters are well-rounded and interesting, from the vampire sorceress Evangeline A K McDowell to the enigmatic Fate Averruncus. Series tend to suffer from excessive fan service, but it makes read more
Jun 14, 2008
Johnny-Jon (All reviews)
When my friend showed me Magister Magi Negima!? I was certain that it was going to be my favourite manga. This manga has a great storyline and also great artwork.

Art Work:
The artwork in Negima is oustanding as the artist can show the many emotions of characters very clearly. Also the clothes that the Charachters wears are drawn exceptionally. The Artist shading is great and makes the characters hair look natural.

The Story line in Negima is an interesting one as it is set with a 10 year old Teacher in an all girls School. The storyline always builds up the suspense which then turns into the read more
Nov 22, 2016
GenesisAria (All reviews)
I've read this manga numerous times and it still holds the spot of my favourite story of all time in any medium.
...Maybe i'm a bit biased, but so far as i can tell it is also one of the most intelligent stories i've ever read or seen.

Do not be fooled by this manga's apparent nature, or how it starts off. This manga makes the biggest 180 you will ever see in a story. Once you're in the latter half of the series you'll hardly recognize it or the characters anymore, as so much has changed. There's an even bigger change once you read more
Mar 19, 2010
LewsTherin (All reviews)
Last year, I randomly started reading the first volume of Negima while I was at my local library. I wasn't all that impressed, it seemed to me like Harem Potter. However, I kept reading, and I am glad I did. This series has turned into something far more epic than could be expected of a manga that starts off as a romantic comedy.

Unfortunately, it starts slowly, with generic character archetypes, deviating only slightly from the typical harem plot progression. Thankfully, this does not last. It morphs from a rom com into a battle shonen, which is a smart move, and I have a feeling read more
Jun 26, 2008
Dimhearted (All reviews)
I personally think this is one of the best mangas I have read.It has a variety of different characters that after a while just grow on you.Not to mention a story that, after a while, pulls you in and keeps you wanting more.Of course it is also drawn beautifully and even makes you want to go back and reread the old chapters.10/10 in everything from me.
Nov 11, 2008
last-alliance (All reviews)
Alright, where should I start? Introduction? Lets go.

Mahou Sensei Negima is about a 10 year old boy who becomes a teacher in an all girl class. Not only that, but he's a mage!? Now that is something worthwhile....So I thought.

Negima is your typical harem mixed in with a supposed twist of 'adventure'. As people say it is a good series, but not as well thought of I say. Why? Well, honestly, it feels lacking the spirit of shonen despite being a harem. Ken Akamatsu just went "Here! A group of girls and a 10 year old read more
Feb 20, 2009
Negimoreno (All reviews)
This manga was a bit slow at first, but later on, it got way better. I liked the background for each of the characters and it was a refreshing to read.
Jul 11, 2013
Dhooparty (All reviews)
Now, this is a good manga right here. Perfect.

Story ~ 9 ~ Overall, the story was pretty fantastic. It started out a little shabby, but I was able to really delve into the story later on. While it may not be as good as Steins;Gate, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or Trigun, the story in this was so well developed and elaborate that I had to read it through a couple of times to understand all of it. The story was very deep, and there many elements of it. I feel like if I say much it will be a spoiler, but... It's definitely worth reading because read more
Jun 11, 2009
Animelover5454 (All reviews)
I just love this story. The characters are great. I hope Ken Akamatsu makes more ch. in the future. This story gets better and better!!!
Oct 1, 2010
TrisTops (All reviews)
I noticed I haven't done a manga review in a while. So I'm going to make a review for the manga Negima. If you're a big fan of ecchi, (I mean a LOT of ecchi) than this is the manga for you. You got school girls of every kind of characteristics and can bring a lot of great story to the manga. All though the manga isn't finished yet, it is actually a great manga to read. If you seen the anime version, than you'll notice a lot of chapters that weren't in the anime. The one huge difference is that the manga has tons read more
Jun 9, 2014
Flexicute (All reviews)
Negima is a series that had a very clear identity crisis. It starts off as a cutesy adolescent harem, then slowly transforms into a shonen action-fantasy.

Story: 7
I'm torn between a 6 and 7, because the story starts off as a usual fanservice harem with a tsundere female lead. Then the fantasy action begins around volume 3 or so, and starts to ramp up towards the middle and later parts of the series. And amidst it all, it still has time for middle school fanservice. How odd is this?

The story has quite some genuinely surprising twists that definitely caught me off guard, and I read more
Aug 19, 2012
azurekim1 (All reviews)
I personally don't really like mainstream manga but this was terrific... I just love how the protagonist of this anime would gradually grow stronger and stronger, then give such a happy ending by such an unexpected turn of events... The story ended where it had to and it didn't drag on like other mainstream manga...I am thinking of buying the whole series for this manga :D
May 19, 2011
SevenKnights (All reviews)
This isn't a "review". It's more of an opinion or a tie-breaker for those who are iffy about this series.

At first I saw Negi was a 10 year old child. 10 year old + 30+ teenage girls is a no no for me. What kind of BS harem is that -____-

But after a while they story really kicks in (probably towards the end of the Kyoto arc when Negi gets saved by some of the "special" girls. That really got me excited".

The story gets better later on when all the girls start to get immersed in the magical world, rather then just a few of read more
Jun 6, 2011
DemiserofD (All reviews)
The manga starts slowly, but it only does so because that's necessary to properly create both the characters and the universe they live in. Don't skip that part, its necessary.

Thats part of the genius of Negima; its amazing timing. Fights flow in a way that always catches your interest somehow, and make it so just as you thought you were getting bored, something catches your attention. At that, he's a genius; as long as you continue just a few panels after you think you're getting bored, something will snatch your attention again.

Another great thing is the artifact system he created; he essentially make it so read more