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2001 Nights

Will humanity ever reach space? Will we ever go beyond our solar system? Our galaxy? Will we ever warp travel out to the edges of the universe? 2001 paints a picture of humanity’s future in space, starting from the moon to the universe. It does this through ten interlinked short stories, which are mostly entirely separate from each other, but maybe an idea or character from another story will show up later. It’s full of hard sci-fi and tear jerking moments. Some stories might be hardcore sci-fi with deadly alien planets, and some might have a more human approach, showing humanity spreading out.

This was actually released in English, by Viz and Cadence. Finding the volumes is hard, but there are also ten mini issues that are a bit easier to find. It’s had two movies made (2001 Nights in 1987 and TO film collection in 2009). The idea behind the name was to evoke the idea of the stories of 1001 Nights, loosely connected stories, although in 2001 Nights, they all take place in the same continuity over the course of several centuries.

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Sticky: Poll: Pick May 2016 Hidden Gem
Brand - Apr 12
8 replies by Haynesarr »»
Apr 17, 8:03 PM
Sticky: April 2016 - 2001 Nights
Brand - Apr 4
0 replies by Brand »»
Apr 4, 7:52 PM
March 2016 - Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
Brand - Mar 1
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Mar 1, 8:48 PM
Poll: Pick March 2016 Hidden Gem
Brand - Feb 14
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Mar 1, 8:35 PM
February 2016 - Satoshi Kon's Opus
Brand - Feb 1
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Feb 2, 8:47 PM

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Club Comments
Brand | Apr 26, 8:25 AM
Last few days to vote for May's pick. Come on and join in.


Brand | Apr 12, 8:23 PM
Because this is crazy month for me I have set up the poll to pick May's Hidden Gem in the forum. If you don't see your pick it was excluded for having to many members. (Sorry.)

You can vote here.

Brand | Apr 4, 7:58 PM
Sorry, about the delay. I was at a con this weekend. Here is the new pick. Again if anyone want to do a write up for a title and have it featured they can.

The voting for a new pick is still on, it is just for May's pick. And of course Submit your choice for May's Hidden Gem.

Haynesarr | Mar 26, 8:38 AM
I feel like I went a bit overboard with suggestions this month, too many series i want to fangirl over

Brand | Mar 25, 3:05 PM
NP. You are always free to send me a write up on a title and I'll use.

I actually have Ningen Shikkaku already written up to use in the future. ~_^

nitrohawk | Mar 24, 9:25 PM
No worries. Just wandering because I had a few titles that I wanted to suggest.

Brand | Mar 23, 10:58 PM
Okay, I set up a form to get suggestions for May.

Please make your May suggestions here.

Brand | Mar 23, 10:44 PM
April is a crazy time month for me (going to two cons, and a Sakura festival). One of the cons starts the 31st of this month. So, I have some picks sitting on the back burner to use.

I'd love to do another poll. So, if you have some suggestions, keep them in mind. I'll try setting up another poll for May.

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