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Maou: Juvenile Remix

When the organization called Grasshopper and its charismatic leader Inukai move in to Nekota City, the citizens couldn’t be happier. Inukai is fighting against the corrupt government and the Anderson group and violent vagrants who infect the city and making it a better place. But this story isn’t about Grasshopper and their awesome turn around of the city. This is about the only person who seems to have any suspicions about Inukai, high schooler Ando. Ando has a unique ability too, within a 30 step radius, he can make a person say whatever he wants by concentrating hard enough. With his mostly useless ability, dubbed “ventriloquism”, Ando is determined to expose just what Inukai is up to and stop him, even when assassins are sent after him.

What follows is uncovering of conspiracy theories and plenty of action scenes with multiple attempts made on Ando’s life. There are few other people with unique abilities like Ando’s, but that’s ok, because most of the people Ando encounters are badass enough in their own right. Allies will appear, of course, and each piece adds to the stakes present in the series. And, during this time, Ando is also trying to act like a normal high schooler as we see his only other family, his brother Junya, whom he desperately wants to stay out of what he’s gotten into. Those who enjoyed series like Death Note or just enjoy a good conspiracy series should feel right at home here and the series clearly needs more attention (that’s why it’s here!). The awesome character Semi also got his own spinoff, though it hasn’t been licensed for America.

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This month's pick was from FallnKnightFakir. If you have a a series you would like to be the pick of the month please send me a write up and a few pictures and yours can be next!

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Club Discussion
November 2015 - Maou: Juvenile Remix
Brand - Nov 2
0 replies by Brand »»
Nov 2, 4:22 AM
October 2015 - Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu
Brand - Oct 6
0 replies by Brand »»
Oct 6, 6:31 PM
weekly read - oyaji {closed}
Babe - Sep 20
3 replies by tsuyokunaru »»
Sep 27, 6:26 PM
Poll: weekly poll {closed}
Babe - Sep 12
0 replies by Babe »»
Sep 12, 10:04 AM
September 2015 - Kanata kara (From Far Away)
Brand - Sep 1
4 replies by Ashcom »»
Sep 4, 9:27 PM

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Club Comments
Brand | Nov 23, 12:56 PM
Right stuf has a bundle for "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" Really great slice of life series about a gay couple who like to cook (not a yaoi or boys love title).


Babe | Nov 8, 12:43 PM
i haven't lost interest in this "job" just didn't read as much manga as i used to.

ShadowGentleman | Nov 7, 5:46 PM
Well, if you've lost interest, shouldn't someone else take on the job?

Babe | Nov 7, 7:37 AM
l'm not dead ;__; sorry guys for the lack of weekly reads but tbh i lost my interest with manga but next week i swear l'll have a poll and read open.

Brand | Nov 2, 4:28 AM
I meant to update yesterday but got busy working on my house. LOL. Here is the monthly pick for November, Maou: Juvenile Remix.

Again this pick is from FallnKnightFakir. If you have a title you would like to see as a monthly pick, please send me a short write up and yours could be next!

FallnKnightFakir | Oct 27, 1:42 PM
Good news, Fantagraphics will be publishing Moto Hagio's Otherworld Barbara starting in August of 2016 (tentatively) in two hardcover volumes!


ReaperCreeper | Oct 7, 2:52 AM
I'd like for Junji to do more comedy series, the contrast with the art style works so well.

Brand | Oct 6, 6:35 PM
Sorry, about the delay! (Darn I was doing so good too!) But here is this month's new pick. Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu, perfect for the Halloween season?!

This month's pick was from FallnKnightFakir. If you have a a series you would like to be the pick of the month please send me a write up and a few pictures and yours can be next!

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