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Voynich Hotel

Welcome to The Voynich Hotel, where at first glance it would seem like a normal run down resort. But linger long enough and you'll notice it's not quite as normal, with it's mystery histories and active residents with their own stories.

Working there are two maids, a small energetic girl and a calmer and taller girl. The chef, who is a depressed woman and a large man who is the manager. The guests have a variation from a simple manga artists to drug dealers and assassins, and a few ghosts as well. The locals have a group of children called the Sleuth Brigade, who are investigating a untraceable murder. And the police with their very own android robot(?).

The story is told from the perspective of several people. The guests, the workers and the locals. All with their own path crossing stories within this southern island.

As the story progress, all will be revealed in due time...

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Poll: Pick May 2016 Hidden Gem
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April 2016 - 2001 Nights
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March 2016 - Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
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Brand | May 16, 11:23 AM
Vote for June's Hidden Gem now! We had a ton of great suggestions this time!

Brand | May 10, 5:56 AM
The 15th will be the last day to suggest a title for June. Voting will start the 16th. Suggest a title here.

And don't forget about this month's pick Voynich Hotel. Discuss it here.

Brand | May 1, 8:58 AM
New pick for May is Voynich Hotel. Discuss it here.

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Last day to vote for May's pick. Come on and join in.


Brand | Apr 26, 8:25 AM
Last few days to vote for May's pick. Come on and join in.


Brand | Apr 12, 8:23 PM
Because this is crazy month for me I have set up the poll to pick May's Hidden Gem in the forum. If you don't see your pick it was excluded for having to many members. (Sorry.)

You can vote here.

Brand | Apr 4, 7:58 PM
Sorry, about the delay. I was at a con this weekend. Here is the new pick. Again if anyone want to do a write up for a title and have it featured they can.

The voting for a new pick is still on, it is just for May's pick. And of course Submit your choice for May's Hidden Gem.

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