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Kiss Me At the Stroke of Midnight

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Jan 6, 2019
Leyren (All reviews)
Overall a typical but still quite solid shoujo manga. Not overly clichee, but nothing really new either. If you like shoujo, and early romance, give it a try.

Well, the main plot really isn't that exciting. High school girl meets celebrity and they start dating. What I disliked:
- Nearly all the drama so far was solely revolving around the fact that he's a celebrity and thus they have to keep their relationship a secret. Somehow, they don't have any real problems or insecurities between them, so all drama initiates from outside influences.
- Most of the drama got resolved in like no time, to the point where read more
Dec 16, 2018
LadyAxeFace (All reviews)
Kiss me at the Stroke of Midnight is yet another take on the shoujo trope of a girl ends up dating a celebrity. I think this one is a reasonably high quality one of this type. This is also one of those shoujo manga where the characters start dating early in, which is the fashion these days. This particular take is more of a realistic drama in tone.

Good points:

The art is mostly pretty decent and clean. There are some minor issues with human anatomy, and the dog is rather questionable.

The main pairing feel like unique individuals with discernible personalities rather than cardboard cutouts read more

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