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Anime Stats
Days: 52.9
Mean Score: 7.41
  • Total Entries322
  • Rewatched16
  • Episodes3,307
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Jun 7, 9:28 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Apr 27, 9:38 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Apr 14, 11:52 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 51.5
Mean Score: 7.42
  • Total Entries469
  • Reread7
  • Chapters7,239
  • Volumes884
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Honnou Switch
Honnou Switch
Jun 1, 12:04 PM
Reading 12/? · Scored 7
Ase to Sekken
Ase to Sekken
Apr 27, 12:55 PM
Reading 50/104 · Scored 9
Kawaii nante Kiitenai!!
Kawaii nante Kiitenai!!
Apr 21, 12:57 PM
Reading 7/? · Scored 8


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WinterknightX Jun 1, 12:40 PM
Well , I'm here to add some fluffy mangas to my list . ( From yours )
Arigato !
WaterDrinker23 Oct 21, 2020 8:52 PM
We got similar tastes in the romance genre
Karasunoo Mar 26, 2020 1:39 AM
OMG hi
sorry for the very late reply lol....
Koshi_Inaba Mar 18, 2020 8:24 PM
Just to give you some update:
Tonari no seki no kobayashi san has ended september last year with 205 chapter.
Saladlegs Nov 19, 2019 11:18 AM
Spotted Flower indeed.
I wasn't planning on reading it, nor do I care about spoilers, if anything your spoiler has actually made me want to read it.
That's not the point though
"Honestly, what the heck.
This turn of events is completely not understandble...

It is a pretty cute and funny manga to read, but only til chapter 22. Just do everything to forget about the very existence of chapter 23. Without that chapter, I would've rated it an 8.

Spoiler warning!
I mean.. they are a lovey dovey married couple and after their child gets born and the mother stays in the hospital, he goes home, invites someone else over and cheats on her? HUUUH? I don't even get where that came from. That didn't make ANY sense whatsoever, on top of ruining the whole atmosphere up until then."

that's the whole review, and just looking at it from a glance, that spoiler is clearly visible.

Reviews and criticism are subjective, but "I don't like how the story goes" isn't very compelling, and isn't worth writing a review over.
There isn't any actual review there, just a complaint.
Not that you can't dislike something because of the way the story develops, but no actual criticism of things that make of the story, just that there is a thing you dislike isn't a review.

A review doesn't need to be 5 paragraphs long. Reviews can be a few line if they can capture the complaints or praise of the show.
But a few sentences explaining that it's "cute and funny" (cunny) and if not for one chapter, you would have given it an 8, then going into explaining the spoiler isn't a review.
Saladlegs Nov 18, 2019 1:12 PM
>write a review
>instead of actually giving valid criticism you talk about one chapter in which you disliked the turn of events
>clearly visible spoiler
>no actual review just 6 short lines of complaint
great review bro
Rogersss Aug 24, 2019 8:31 AM
Heyy! How are you?
Misaaax Aug 11, 2019 1:34 PM
any recommendations on romance anime/manga?
Karasunoo Jun 12, 2019 6:23 PM
sorry for the really late reply.
np thanks for adding me back lol
ac_eren Feb 17, 2019 4:26 PM
okay2 I try to read that there too.. I like the story, I hope they continue making it :)
ac_eren Feb 16, 2019 6:43 PM
Aww ;( where you read the manga?
ac_eren Feb 15, 2019 7:48 PM
really? so the anime is not canon????? T-T
ac_eren Feb 14, 2019 4:27 PM
aww :( they already cover all the manga? but I think there are some details that not cover in Anime, so I will give it a try, there are scence that they skip sometimes..
ac_eren Feb 13, 2019 4:28 PM
is it manga? I want to read it hahahah I like the "destiny" theme on that anime hahaha too cheesy but I like it :D
ac_eren Feb 13, 2019 1:48 AM
Aww.. yeah. Playing games in actual world. Hahah but there are so many similar concept with SAO. Like log horizon. I haven't watched it, but they said it's good.
Yeah! I finished Net-juu no susume! I like it!!! Hahaha it's so cute and sweet ;) the ending is so hanging, i hope they have season 2.
I'm not into yuri and yaoi hahah but bromance is good, just for the comedy ;)