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Sep 19, 2020
Overall, I would say it is an okay read. Nothing spectacular, but if the genre speaks to you then it's good enough to spend some time on.

The title basically already describes the entire story. It is exactly that, he wakes up, suddenly a high schooler again, and pretty much the first thing he does is to confess to his teacher, who for whatever reason accepts. Now, if you look at the art style of the female lead, it's obviously going to be somewhat ecchi and fanservice, however not over the top in my opinion.

The story in its grand scheme doesn't make too much sense, but read more
Aug 31, 2020
Really loved it.

The manga tells 4 stories in parallel, all happening in the same universe so that they somewhat overlap and interact with each other, but only marginally. (This means that you can also easily read one story after another!)

The basic premise of each story is the same; a romantic story between two people who knew each other in their past lives, but each with their own spin to it. All of them are very light-hearted though, and purely focused on the development of the respective characters with barely any focus on other characters at all.

TL;DR: If you like light-hearted, cute romance, go for it.
Jun 27, 2020
I'm a complete sucker for sweet fluffy romance stories. This, however, is absolutely glorious in my opinion and trumps many others. It's light-hearted, hilarious, and just lovely.

The interaction between their characters is awesome, every time they are with each other is just like a refreshing breeze. They are fun, they are both no pushovers, adorable together but still not cringy. At the same time, they both have their own stories and past to explore, with him about his scary looks and scar, and her about her visual impairment.

There's really nothing negative I can say about it. The progression feels awesome, not hasty nor forceful read more
Jun 25, 2020
Funny, loveable characters, slow-ish development.

Take two polar opposites, an open, outgoing and stylish gyaru, and an easily flustered, shy, old-fashioned outsider who is into doll- and clothes-making. Even though they sound so extremely different, they click so incredibly well with each other, and I just love their interactions throughout the entire manga. The female lead goes against every stereotype of a gyaru, and does not show any restraint when it comes to showing what she likes, thus being able to completely nerd out over some things.

The manga takes some tangents when it comes to clothes and cosplay, so if you are absolutely not interested in read more
Jun 25, 2020
This was really... unsatisfying.

Overall a pretty typical shoujo romance between a bishonen and a complete outsider, much like many other stories in that way (like Kimi ni Todoke for example). However, what makes this story so much worse than most others for me was the fact that the female lead basically did not change, at all. In her core, she is a likeable character, deeply caring about others and accepting basically any risk to help them. But at the same time, she has a self-esteem of absolute zero, to the point of that she constantly doubts her relationship and thus also the feelings her read more
Jun 25, 2020
You like fluff, light-hearted romance while still having some development? Then this is the absolute perfect choice for you.

The main premise of the plot is extremely simple. A story about a couple living their everyday life together. That's it. There is no deeper plot, no drama or severe hidden plot twist. You just follow the main characters (and a few side-characters) interacting with each other in a diabetes-inducing way.

One thing that made this manga more enjoyable than others of this kind was that there is actual progression. Many stories with such a setting adopt a rather episodic nature instead.

The characters fit the overall extreme fluff read more
Apr 19, 2020
It's short, funny, cute.

There isn't too much to say about it yet, as every chapter is only a single page. However, to give a little bit of context: Imagine a setup like Lovely Complex (tall girl x tiny boy), mixed in with some Toradora character traits (the male MC is a badass delinquent, in that way similar to Taiga). Although, even though he is a delinquent, he seems to be an actually nice and caring person.

Like I said, every chapter is only a single page, so the entire thing (so far) can be read in basically no time at all.. so instead of reading a read more
Mar 17, 2020
It's a quick, light-hearted read.

This manga follows the quest of a cute (and extremely assertive) kouhai trying to make her senpai fall for her. It has strong shonen vibes in the way that the male MC has pretty much nothing going for him, but for some reason there is a hot girl chasing after him as if he's the only male in the world. Now, that being said, it's still quite lovely and entertaining in my opinion. He's at least not a total pushover, and manages to make her flustered at times as well.

In terms of characters, there's really not much more than those two, read more
Mar 17, 2020
Nothing revolutionary, but seems promising for any fan of simple, pure shoujo stories.

A smart, silent and cold (but not rude) male MC (Yamaguchi) and an overly enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky, slightly gullible and klutzy female MC (Satou) who are sitting besides each other in class. Initially, Yamaguchi thinks of her as bothersome and would rather just want to be left alone, but as simple-minded as Satou is, she doesn't realise any of that and thus continuously initiates conversations with him.

Those two getting to know each other is literally the entire plot of the manga (so far at least). There are no side-characters introduced and the setting read more
Mar 8, 2020
As of writing this, only 1 chapter has been translated. So I will base the review only on that.

Judging by the tags, you should already be aware what you're getting into: A high-school yuri romance.

The story seems pretty straight-forward and fast paced. The first chapter already covers days, potentially weeks (not really clear). Personality-wise, one of them is the typical small, bubbly and cute kind of person, while the other one has more of a cool and serious (but not cold) persona. Overall I really like the chemistry between both, they seem straightforward and direct in a way which makes me hope that it's not read more