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Oct 25, 2020
Preliminary (6/? chp)
So far, I would say it's good, but nothing extraordinary. Though with only a few chapters that's rather difficult to judge.

The story focuses on Sumioka and Azuma, a newlywed couple and their inexperience with romance. Completely ordinary so far. There are however a few things I would like to point out:
- Instead of just throwing a married couple at you and expecting you to now be emotionally invested into the characters, the author actually takes some time going back and shedding some light on how they met, and how their relationship developed.
- There is an age gap between them. Nothing too special, if I remember ...
Oct 25, 2020
Shoujo Ai? Cute? Lighthearted? If that sounds for you, read it.

Hairdresser x Client lesbian romance, where nearly the entire focus lies on their development and interaction. The story itself is very lighthearted, the characters are adorable in their behaviour and art style. Overall it's a typical feel-good manga.

The story is told and paced quite well for a one-shot. It didn't feel boring and stagnant, as there is some development to the characters and their relationship, with a slight sprinkle of drama, but at the same time it also didn't feel rushed.

Can somebody tell MAL to not require a long review for a one-shot? What use ...
Sep 26, 2020
Preliminary (9/? chp)
Kijima is able to hear the inner voices of people. If you think about it, that is probably a horrible ability to have, with all the things people might be thinking about. But along comes his co-worker Yamada, a young woman with a completely pure and adorable mindset through and through, and as such Kijima finds himself completely infatuated by her. And so the office romance begins.

It is a relatively new manga, so there isn't too much to read, but it seems to keep a rather light-hearted tone. Typical romcom, focusing mainly on the two lead characters and their interactions, mostly cute with lots of ...
Sep 26, 2020
Preliminary (12/? chp)
Tateishi and Mitsuya are dating. There's just one issue: They work at the same company, and have to keep their relationship a secret.

Since it's a romcom, there's no need to say that they're hilariously bad at hiding their relationship, and often act quite suspicious. At work, Mitsuya is mostly cold and insulting, which is the exact opposite to her real self. When they are alone, she's completely lovey-dovey instead.

The manga has a nice balance of both, showing some of their interaction at work, but then also sprinkling a bunch of cuteness in between. Their romance does have some decent progress and also some more ...
Sep 26, 2020
You pretty much get what you should expect.

It's a series of yuri one-shots. Overall, they follow a pretty light-hearted theme, and obviously (since we're talking about one-shots), you won't see too much character depth or dramatic story development. That being said, most of them were actually pretty good, and managed to tell and wrap up the story nicely within the given time.

I feel that some collections of one-shots have an issue where the different stories or characters just feel like re-skins of one another. However this is not the case here. The characters, visually as well as from their behaviour, are all across the ...
Sep 26, 2020
Preliminary (604/? chp)
Otome Danshi is about Mayu, a shy girl who is scared of men and Yuki, a boy who is into cross-dressing (how convenient!).

One thing you should be aware of; cross-dressing plays a big part in this, at least visually. For a vast majority of the time, the male lead Yuki is dressed up as a girl. Together with his mannerisms the manga often gives off some Yuri vibes. However, he is still very much a boy, and shows that on many occasions as well, especially since his female mannerisms are just a part of the whole cross-dressing getup in a way.

The general story-telling reminded me ...
Sep 26, 2020
Preliminary (10/45 chp)
A couple, arranged for marriage by their parents. Unfortunately, they don't get along at all... or do they?

Overall, you won't find anything revolutionary. It's a typical romcom setting, focusing nearly entirely on the couple and their interactions, in relatively short and in pretty episodic feeling chapters. But personally, I don't think you need to reinvent the wheel for something to be enjoyed.

The characters are both somewhat tsundere. Already in the first chapter it's made clear that they both have in interest in the other, however both unable to either notice or approach it properly. But, pretty much in every chapter their facade starts to crumble ...
Sep 25, 2020
For the most part, I think it's a pretty sweet story. It's relatively short, with 24 chapters in total, so it's a rather quick read.

The story follows the two young adults, Daisuke and Matsuri. They were very close childhood friends in the past, but got separated and are now reunited at university. And as you'd expect, love is blooming between them.

Character-wise they're nothing out of the ordinary. Daisuke is pretty much your typical nice guy, Matsuriis more of a tsundere, although nothing extreme.

Slight spoiler ahead.

The only thing I really didn't enjoy was the female Senpai love-rival. She just came across as overly pushy, ...
Sep 25, 2020
Preliminary (9/46 chp)
Pretty much what you would expect from a typical romcom in that genre. High-school, an unusual boy x girl coupling, light-hearted with funny interactions between them. It mostly feels episodic, although the manga makes it already very clear early on that there is some romantic interest involved too, so there may also be a chance for actual development further down the line.

The characters should be no surprise, considering the title. A boy (Oobayashi) with a ridiculously loud voice, so that he's basically screaming all the time, paired up with a girl (Komori) with a practically non-existent voice. Apart from those aspects I would consider both ...
Sep 25, 2020
Preliminary (54/60 chp)
TL;DR: You like wholesome, cute fluff? This is definitely one of the single most wholesome manga you will ever find. Honestly, if you just need something chill to feel good, this.

The low average rating honestly surprised me a bit. Of course, this type of manga is not for everybody, but really, just read the first few chapters and you'll know how it's going to be for the rest of it. There are no surprises, plot twists, drama or anything, just a whole truckload of cuteness.

Now, the basic gist is nothing new; high-school, girl x boy romance. However, two things made this really enjoyable for me:
1) ...