Jan 6, 2019
Leyren (All reviews)
Overall a typical but still quite solid shoujo manga. Not overly clichee, but nothing really new either. If you like shoujo, and early romance, give it a try.

Well, the main plot really isn't that exciting. High school girl meets celebrity and they start dating. What I disliked:
- Nearly all the drama so far was solely revolving around the fact that he's a celebrity and thus they have to keep their relationship a secret. Somehow, they don't have any real problems or insecurities between them, so all drama initiates from outside influences.
- Most of the drama got resolved in like no time, to the point where it is ridiculous. Love-rival appears, gets to know female MC, gives up and instead befriends her. Some of the drama really felt unnecessary, I mean there's no point in having it when it doesn't even give them the slightest push.

What I liked:
- They start dating very early on, so you get to see a lot of moments between them, and they also aren't as 'pure' as many other shoujo characters are.

I think the characters really are a strong point about this manga. At first, I wasn't convinced by either of the two main characters. She seemed like a completely ordinary student who wanted to date a hot dude, and he like a random hot celeb. But as the story progresses you'll see that there's more to them that it seems, it explains quite well how they became the people they are. Although there is still that tragic (?) background of her which is going to be revealed in the next volume.
I especially liked that both are in some way pervy, making for some funny situations.