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Mar 9, 2019
Buddy Go is about a girl named Ai who is painfully shy, but loves dancing, so she posts video of herself dancing in disguise online, and gets noticed by a popular dance idol, Hayate.

This manga feels a whole lot to me like shoujo trope bingo. In just the first three chapters:

- Ai has a secret identity as an idol
- Ai's idol identity is also male
- Hayate has no idea of her true identity so she can be mysterious
- Hayate also has no idea that she's female, to add an extra wrench into their getting together
- Hayate also befriends her while she presents her actual read more
Feb 28, 2019
Ashita no Ousama is a josei manga about an unfashionable country girl discovering her passion for theater.

A little about the title, it means Tomorrow's King. It's most likely a reference to the Japanese party game The King's Game, similar to Truth or Dare, in which the king of each round gets to order the other players to do something. This is relevant because despite the first couple chapters, this is not an acting manga; it's about Sasaya Yuu learning to direct. This isn't necessarily clear to English readers, but Japanese readers would possibly catch on from the title.

I love that this manga is read more
Feb 26, 2019
Bye-bye Liberty is about Rina's gradual growing friendship and romance with school prince Hibiki. They start as a classic rivalry / bickering "enemies", somehow evolving into a "makeover" story, where the guy helps her be more attractive so she can chase after her crush.

At first, Rina has no interest in romance, and no attraction at all to the three hottest guys in the school, which of course include Hibiki. Though I've seen that done before in shoujo before, it's still a less common character type, and so I was disappointed when it turned out to all be a facade, and really Rina is as read more
Feb 22, 2019
Colette Wants to Die is a romance set in ancient Greece, between the titular Colette and the Greek God Hades. Despite its title, is a very heartwarming manga, that possibly fits into the "healing" genre, for having very little conflict despite the fact that as one of the protagonists is in fact the mythological Hades, it of course also deals with death. Colette is a doctor so overworked she jumps into a well out of misplaced desperation, and ends up in the underworld, where she discovers that Hades himself needs a doctor's care.

I like this manga a lot. Hades and the underworld is not at read more
Feb 12, 2019
Takane no Hana nara Ochitekoi is about a popular boy named Shirashi that fits the "prince" type attractive boy trope falling for a girl named Kurokawa who also fits the "prince" trope despite being a girl. It's a 4-koma romantic comedy manga.

Romantic comedy manga that rely on concepts involving the inversion of gender roles can be extremely hit or miss for me. Many of these rely on the gag that one or both of the characters is extremely anxious to maintain their totally straight persona that it comes off as quite homophobic to me. However, I enjoy ones that don't have this problem, because I read more
Feb 12, 2019
Watashitachi wa Koi wo Shiranai is a simple romantic comedy manga of the 4 koma format. The main concept is of a bit mismatched couple that are a bit dense about their growing mutual crush. Yuki writes web light novels and is very serious, Hayato is kind of an airhead.
This manga is seinen, but mostly reads like a cute, innocent shoujo, save for the large breasted rival, and the occasional mention of porn.

I'd say it's kind of an average manga of its type. The concept isn't inherently funny, unlike the really good 4 koma manga I've read like Tomo-chan is a Girl or read more
Feb 4, 2019
A group of friends are reunited at their high school reunion, and are transported back in time to relive their high school days.

The first half was strong for feeling mysterious for why they had been transported back in time, and also a secondary mystery of who is sending them threatening texts. It's also strong for having adults that very much behave like adults even if they are in teenage bodies, and for the characters all having realistically conflicting motivations.

Unfortunately, the story feels much weaker once the mystery is revealed, and as a result the story evolves into a character drama. I feel like it also read more
Feb 4, 2019
Arisa (Manga) add (All reviews)
Arisa is one of the very rare shoujo that is not a romance, rather it is a mystery thriller. The very fact that exists makes me happy, because there should be more variety in the types of manga targeted at women. Even better, this manga is also pretty well executed.

The premise is that a girl named Tsubasa has been separated from her twin Arisa for three years. When they are reunited, Arisa attempts suicide and ends up in a coma. Tsubasa decides to pose as her sister to unravel the mystery of why Arisa would attempt to kill herself.

While the manga isn't read more
Feb 3, 2019
This manga is really, really bugging me. It's written as if it's a typical cute shoujo romance. Nothing special, girl meets boy, they start dating even though Hotaru isn't sure if she likes Hananoi yet.

The problem I have with it is that Hananoi is continually giving me stalker vibes. He literally knows nothing of Hotaru, yet he's immediately so obsessed with her that he'll do anything for her, such as search for her barrette in a snowy field all night. When they're alone, he throws her against the floor and looms over her threateningly, because he's just so into her he can't control himself. He'll read more
Feb 2, 2019
A romance? manga about a very shy nerdy boy who gets bullied by a girl whom he might have a crush on?

I imagine this manga will be extremely divisive. It is definitely not cute, unlike some other "bullying" manga, where the bullying seems innocent, more like the classic kid teasing their crush type. Here, the bullying is very much bullying, and the protagonist is agonizingly unhappy through the entire thing.

I get the impression that this is a fetish manga, playing to those particular people who have a kink for humiliation. The rest of us aren't bound to like it much. Nagatoro is cruel. This read more