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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
The same kind of spin on magical girls. Yuuki Yuuna is much more uneven when it comes to quality, but it has enough to give for someone looking for something Madoka-esque.
report Recommended by Volbla
If you want a happy ending after watching Madoka, Go Yuuki Yuuna. If you loved the sad, tragic parts of Yuuki Yuuna and wanted more of that, go Madoka.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
They say no good deed goes unpunished, thus saving the world comes at a severe cost. Both stories tell the tales of a group of girls fighting to save the world from certain invaders, only to find out just how true those words are. While Yuuki Yuuna doesn't immediately grab your attention like Madoka does, in the long run it will certainly be worth your time if you enjoyed the later.
report Recommended by samonus
Both shows deal with a difficult aspect of being a Magical Girl. Both main characters are idealistic and cute.
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
Four magical girls -- and they even look a bit similar. Moreover, there is a 'selector' who chooses these girls to fight 'enemies'. Madoka has aliens and witches, Yuuna has a God and Vertexes. Moreover, while I was watching it, I couldn't help but feel reminded of Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by Sorghaghtani
They both have similar concepts.
report Recommended by Rance-sama
Yuuki Yuuna gives off huge Madoka Magica-type vibes. The world that the YYWYDA girls fight in looks like the witch labyrinths in PMMM, but with brighter colors. The Vertexes in Yuuki Yuuna also remind me of the witches in Madoka Magica. Karin from YYWYDA has a very similar personality to Kyouko from Madoka Magica. Even the background music is similar at times.
report Recommended by teenqueen69
Bunch of Girls fighting some monsters to save the world with some dark story in it. Rather being a Magical Girl, Yuuki Yuuna use the Hero term. Has better character development, better soundtrack, and better feels and heartbreaking moments. Hidden diamond in 2014.
report Recommended by Vanschia
-Both are dark, violent magical girl anime that little girls should probably avoid watching. Yuuki Yuuna is more lighthearted while Madoka is darker. -Both series have characters that have the same personalities, for example, Madoka = Yuuki Yuuna - Homura = Togo Mimori - Witches = Vertexes --Except the companion in Yuyuyu is more of a good guy, while in Madoka, the companion may look like one of the good guys but he turns out to be somewhat evil. -Yuuki Yuuna has a bit of slice of life, while Madoka is more tragedy and mindscrew moments -Madoka is more popular (and one of the most overrated anime ever), while   read more
report Recommended by Markdoka
Both animes are surprisingly dark magical girl animes, although yuki yuuna is a bit more lighthearted.
report Recommended by ShoujoHeroine
While both may look like just your average show that involves Girls, Magic, and School Life, there's something much darker lurking below the surface. When the girls are using their magic to fight against enemy, some of them begin to wonder, Why us? What can I do to protect the people I hold dear to me? What must I sacrifice to keep those near to me safe? Am I doing the right thing? The show may start slow unlike Madoka but give it time at it will eventually catch your attention. It definitely caught mine.
report Recommended by ZephaCe
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is probably the closest anime to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica there is. Both starts as innocent mahou-shoujo anime about a group of girls, being cute and slice of life-y. Buth then, stuff happends and here we go, pain, suffering, evil plot-twist and so on. If you liked Madoka, check out Yuuki Yuuna, you will love it.
report Recommended by abystoma2
In both shows, young(ish) girls enter an alternate world, transform into magical girls, and fight enemies that threaten the well being of society. Both shows start off lightheartedly, but as the series progress, they become darker, and the characters suffer.
report Recommended by Noodle070
Both anime Contains magic with "Cute girls doing cute things" and turn to be Psychologically dark
report Recommended by Accelerator10
both animes are really dark and they have got the sorprise factor that makes you believes that this is gonna be a cute anime
report Recommended by darknight23451
booth have school girls tranforming into "heroes" and fighting the "evil" and booth have a tragic twist to it... they are sinular in a lot of aspects.
report Recommended by SushinekoChan
The main similarity between these series is that both are claiming to be a typical mahō-shōjo anime. And both are not typical at all, with Madoka being the darker one of these two. While in Yuki Yuna girls fight as a team and are friendly to each other, in Madoka they mostly fight on their own and rarely are friendly to each other. Yūki Yūna wa yūsha de aru is probably the first post-Madoka mahō-shōjo anime which managed to withstand the comparison against it.
report Recommended by mozgow
Both shows are about magical girls who get more than they bargained for. Despite the primary cast of characters being middle-schoolers, each show deals with important topics of love, loss, and sacrifice. The witch worlds of Madoka and the Vertex of Yuki Yuna are of different designs, but are both unique in their own way, so that they don't look like standard animated villains.
report Recommended by -Michelle
It looks really adorable, but it has a dark side. They are both wonderful, so if you liked Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, then Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru is probably a good anime for you~
report Recommended by LishHeichou
If you liked Madoka Magica and you like the genre of magical girls this is your anime. Yuuki yuuna its the story of a group of girls that become magical girls to defend the world of creatures coming from another world but after many episodes they discover there is a secret behind "the magical girls that protect the world". The first episodes are much better than Madoka and the final is pretty good as madoka. This anime it's so underated but i think it's as good as Madoka Magica. Very Recommended 9/10
report Recommended by UltimateK
Both anime feature a group of magical girls who have to fight enemies to protect the world, at the cost of their abilities having some form of corrupt power.
report Recommended by Backin2020
* Both are magical girl themed anime. * Both have two of the best OSTs in anime industry. * Both have epic fighting scenes. * Both will (should) make you cry.
report Recommended by Jacob194
Similar magical girl transformations, sound tracks sound the same? and also has that same twist into the story line...
report Recommended by Kanei
There's a lot of similarities among the stories and the characters personalities but with less complexity. Things aren't as they seem and you'll see awesome fight scenes combined with very cute and also very sad moments. If you liked PMMM you'll like YYWYDA. Grab your box of tissues and enjoy!
report Recommended by Chireon
Yuuki Yuuna is the complete opposite of Madoca. But however that's what makes them similar. The setting is a "Magical Girl"-one in both. In Both there is a fatal plot twist. Basically, Yuuki Yuuna tells the storys of a Magical Girl from a different perspective, that isn't covered in Madoca. But the way how they describe their story is quiete similar. (It's hard not to spoil here, go watch it yourself) Some of the characters of Yuuki Yuuna are the opposite of Madoca's, and other characters are very equal.
report Recommended by Kevsama
They both are magical girl anime with a dark twist - but Yuuki Yuuna has a happier ending. The main characters are similar in both shows - the relationship between Yuuna and Mimori resembles the one between Madoka and Homura; both Fuu from Yuuki Yuuna and Mami from Madoka are "older sister" characters, who take care of other girls (but with Fuu being an actual older sister). Also, if you enjoyed the music and beautiful backgrounds in Madoka, you'll be happy to also find them in Yuuki Yuuna.
report Recommended by klannie
Dark fantasy setting magical girls, gorgeous and evocative soundtrack, and colorful but somewhat surrealist landscape artwork.
report Recommended by illivinni
Similarities: A group of females battling creatures that threaten the stability of the world A Main character who fought the creatures before Seemingly hopeless battle at the end Transform into extremely powerful girls to battle the creatures Chosen by a God or a God-like creature Harmful side effects Similar moods throughout the whole series Same number of main characters with partially similar relations
report Recommended by Meriths
Yuki Yuna is a Hero is another dark MG anime. Seems like Madoka at first but the show differentiates it self from PMMM. Recommended if you want to see feels, cause the feels in this show impacted me more than Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by pospopipelopelo
Five girls transform into magic girls or "heroes" to fight against mysterious enemies, which turn to a horrible conspiracy as the storyline progresses. Both have yuri service of a black-hair girl and a pink-hair girl. Character design, background art and soundtrack of both anime are terrific!!!!!! The endings of both stories are totally different. The issue "which one is better" depends on your own taste.
report Recommended by lee960707
Magical girls, yes... who doesn't love a lovely and cute magical girl? But what happen if the producer combine moe characters with brutality or cruelty? Are you sure still love this both anime? Yes you can, because this magical girls we talk about is not an ordinary magical girl. They take all pain, sadness, and other negative emotion to save the world. Watch and support them to save the world they love...
report Recommended by Ranseurs
They are both magical girl anime that has some very dark twist to it. They both start off as regular cute magical girl anime but as you go deeper into the world they made you realize everything is NOT what it seems.
report Recommended by NiniAlex
These animes show how being a mahou shoujo can be something difficult and sometimes quite tragic.
report Recommended by SeireiTenshi
These two are SUPER similar. They both showcase a darker twist on the magical girl genre, and have important values such as friendship and fighting for what you believe in. Yuki Yuna is a bit lighter than PMMM, so if you're looking for a similar anime that's a little more light hearted, you'll love Yuki Yuna is a Hero.
report Recommended by makashii
These two shows are both part of the magical girl genre, but are different from the typical magical girl anime, as they contain darker themes that aren't very cheerful. The somewhat small cast of characters have rather similar personalities and bonds too. Both also have good music and art, and of course, a well-structured and intriguing plotline. If either of them was enjoyable to you, then you should give the other a shot if you haven't already.
report Recommended by hyunjins
Cute, brightly coloured magical girls! A fairly similar concept, with young girls needing to fight monsters to save the Earth. The only main difference would be through season size; Yuuki Yuuna only has about 12-13 episodes, while Madoka Magica has much more content in general. Either way, they're both two very cute and interesting series, well worth the watch.
report Recommended by EchoGumdrops
Both shows are very similar anime in more than just a simple few ways. One of the most obvious similarities are that they are both magical girl shows, and both have tragic, almost depressing themes thrown into the mix. Yuki Yuna and Madoka Magica also have characters with similar personalities, and while they are not direct copies of each other, the similarities are there. However while Yuki Yuna is a bit of a tragic take of a magical girl show, it is not nearly as dark or as hopeless as Madoka Magica, which is a show that takes it a lot further. Yuki Yuna is   read more
report Recommended by Manpig
These are similar because the main characters of both series are a group of young girls with magical powers who work together to save the world. They also both seem like they are going to be cute and fluffy at the beginning, but later turn darker with the reveal of a secret to do with their powers.
report Recommended by Celeste-sama
Both are Magical Girl shows with a sharp contrast between the loss, despair, and suffering of being a Magical Girl in their setting, as opposed to hope for something better. Yuuki Yuuna is more optimistic, with lighter slice of life elements, while Madoka is darker with a stronger focus on (and stronger) conflict.
report Recommended by TevishSzat
Both shows deal with magical girls but in dark and twisted ways
report Recommended by Aerri17
Magical girl series where things aren't quite as cheerful as they seem. I personally feel that Madoka did it better, but Yuuki Yuuna is still very enjoyable.
report Recommended by Aliulo
Both are magical girl shows that add a dash of misery. If you liked one, check out the other. Madoka is absolutely amazing while Yuuna is just good, but I enjoyed both. I'm not throwing the word deconstruction in here, no way no how. Yuuki Yuuna isn't a ripoff, either, just clearly inspired by it. If you want some emotion in your mahou shoujo, these two will do. One you've watched Yuuna, you can watch the prequel, which is even more similar tonally.
report Recommended by Noradora